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3 Tips for Making the Ideal Multigenerational Home

In India, most of our homes are multigenerational. Although there is a growing increase in the nuclear family, multigenerational homes are still a majority. Multigenerational homes come with a lot of advantages, where grandparents can be assisted by their adult children, and grandchildren can be babysat by the grandparents. However, in having a thriving multi-generational household, the overall home design should be the right layout, where all personalities and generations can harmoniously live together under one roof without getting in each others way. Below, are 3 tips in creating the ideal multi-generational home.


Defining Communal vs. Private Areas: The first step is defining the private and public areas of the home. The private areas are the spaces where an member can get away from others for some solitude. In a multi-generational home, having the private areas are important to ensure everybody has their own space. Typically private areas are the bedrooms and bathrooms. However, rather than having all bedrooms next to each other, one generation's private space could be on one floor, while the others is on another floor, or one generation's private space could be on one end of the house, while the other's is on the other end of the house. Bedrooms should be seen as private retreats for any household member to retire and relax as and when they need to. The communal or public areas are the family gathers or comes together to share tasks. Areas such has the kitchen, dining room or living room are ideal for socializing and relaxation for every age group in the home.

Defining Communal vs. Private Areas Image Credit: Home Design

Flexible Design: Flexibility in designing a home means that the all rooms should serve a secondary purpose if and when it is required to do so. For example, although a bedroom is a private space, it can have a small sitting area for a quick conversation within the home. Another example is the a home office can be used as a guest bedroom to accommodate any over night guests whenever required.

Flexible Design Image Credit: Iriosi

Final Finish: When it comes to the overall appearance of the home, it is best to go with a timeless and practical approach. Ensure that the materials chosen are high-quality and easy to maintain, yet still reflecting the family's taste within the home. In the public spaces, go for more classic designs, which are suitable to all tastes and preferences, while in the more private spaces, the generation or individuals can decorate their space according to their tastes and needs, to make the room their own.

Final Finish Image Credit: NYC Interior Design

If designed well, multi-generational homes make for great living spaces. With everybody under one room, it definitely adds to the family-like atmosphere within the home.

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