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4 Ways to Visually Expand the Bathroom

Whenever we visit a new hotel, we tend to automatically look at the bathroom to ensure it is nice. The same way, we can only dream of the large, spacious bathrooms we see in the movies or even in celebrity homes. Nevertheless, bathrooms are so much more than functional rooms within a home. They are personal spaces that should look nice and be practically designed. However, the space for a bathroom is often quite small with very limited area. Therefore, after the basic design requirements are complete, there are several ways a homeowner can visually expand the bathroom to make it look larger. Below are 4 easy ways to visually expand the bathroom space.


Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling: No matter what the size of the shower cabin is, taking tiles up to the ceiling gives an illusion of more space. If shower tiles were to stop midway, then it would create a break, and make the shower space look more concentrated. With shower tiles continuing toward the ceiling, it draws the eye line upward to make the space look larger than it actually is.

Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling Image Credit: Pinterest

Use Light Colors/White On White: An interior rule of thumb is that lighter colors are always better for smaller spaces. Light colors look more welcoming, and tend to open up the room. One can add an assortment of lighter colors or go with the white-on-white. Adding a lot of white will make the space look very airy and ethereal. White creates a seamless appearance and it absorbs all the light within the room. Even other softer tones such as beige and grey will give the bathroom a very sophisticated and serene look without making the bathroom space look small.

Use Light Colors/White On White Image Credit: Houzz

Floating Vanity: Having a floating vanity in the bathroom serves a dual purpose. It provides the necessary storage required, and it also visually gives some breathing space to the entire bathroom. With that little bit of extra flooring that shows underneath, the floating vanity gives the illusion of a very open space. If the space for a bathroom vanity is a little tight, then go for a floating vanity to visually expand the area!

Floating Vanity Image Credit: Houzz

Large Mirror: As mentioned in countless blog posts and social media posts, mirrors make any space look much bigger than it actually is. Since every bathroom requires a mirror, a user can really play with the size of the mirror. A very large mirror will reflect light throughout the restroom, and it will give some depth to the smaller bathroom to make it look much bigger than it actually is.

Large Mirror Image Credit: Pinterest

To visually expand a bathroom these are just 4 ways, there are many other interior tricks to make a bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. However, those are to come in future blogs! In designing your bathroom and finalizing your bathroom vanity, consider these simple interior tricks to create a beautiful space.

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