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5 Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes In Your Home

While building or remodeling a home, one of the many questions comes down to whether to go for a fitted wardrobe or a freestanding wardrobe within the bedroom or any other room in the home. Although freestanding wardrobes have their advantages in terms of planning and convenience, the homeowner is often compromising on storage or appearance in order to achieve what is best available to suit their needs. However, with a fitted or bespoke wardrobe, one can easily customize and arrive at a solution to best suit their needs and preferences within the home. Here are some advantages to having your own fitted wardrobe in your space.


Custom-fit, Custom-made: Unlike free-standing wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are customized to the space and storage requirements. Depending on the items and preferences, one can easily customize the storage inside the wardrobe. For example the wardrobe can include the required hanging and pull-outs to fit all the necessary items. In fact, if two people are sharing a wardrobe, such as a married couple, then both sides of the wardrobe can be designed to best suit individual tastes and needs. With a freestanding wardrobe, one has to work with what is available and there is no room for customization.

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Space-Efficient: Bespoke wardrobes use space intelligently and efficiently. They are designed to fit seamlessly into the room without looking too large or too small, and they appear effortless within the the entire space. Freestanding wardrobes can either be too large that they look extremely awkward, or too small leaving significant unused space within a room. However, a fitted wardrobe eliminates the awkward spaces by placing the perfect size for the the designated space. 

Integrated Lighting: On darker days or in the evenings, it can be challenging to see items inside the wardrobe. With a fitted wardrobe, one can customize the lighting required into the design. In fact, lighting is one of the most overlooked factors of a wardrobe design, and is often not included within a freestanding wardrobe, where one will have to rely on external lighting to illuminate the wardrobe items. However, a built-in or fitted wardrobe allows the user to customize where and when they need the lighting in their space to see fully see their items.

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Enhances Interiors: A fitted wardrobe is designed to enhance the interiors. In designing a room within the wardrobe, the appearance of the wardrobe actually becomes a part of the design process. Therefore, a wardrobe can be designed to complement the remaining decor and color scheme of a room. Wardrobes have an infinite number of options in finishes: from glossy acrylic finish to rustic wooden finishes. Any type of finish can make fitted wardrobe exterior complement the interiors beautifully.

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Efficient Cleaning: All freestanding wardrobes have that little bit of dead space right below the ceiling of a room. That space usually collects dust overtime and unnecessarily adds to the cleaning process. A freestanding can only cover so much space between itself and the wall, but may still allow dust to collect, cobwebs to develop, and little critters to creep in! All of this greatly adds to the cleaning process of a wardrobe. A build-in wardrobe, is made to the ceiling, eliminating dust from collecting on top, and all the way towards the walls, leaving no gaps for any smaller creatures toe creep through. These smaller make the entire wardrobe more efficient by eliminating significant hours of unnecessary cleaning.

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A fitted wardrobe becomes a part of the home you love. It will make the home more valuable, and you will enjoy using it on a daily basis. For your bedroom storage, consider these advantages and get your dream wardrobe as per your wants and needs!

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