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5 Ways to Rescue a Rental Bathroom

Renting any type of home comes with its challenges. The home is designed to fulfill the minimum requirements with the most basic designs and layout. With rental, the residents are not able to completely personalize the space and customize to their tastes and desires. However, there are several ways to bring add that little extra something to a rental bathroom design to make it unique to you. Below, check out 5 ways to rescue a rental bathroom within the home!

Add Color-Rental bathrooms are often very drab and boring. Add some color to the space in every possible way. Choose a color palette to match the existing scheme within the bathroom and allow it to camouflage with your colors. Color can be added on the shower curtain, or even in the bathroom towels. Any necessary item that needs to be added to your bathroom, can emphasize and compliment the color scheme you decide for the bathroom.

Add color Image Credit: Pinterest

Create Hanging-Rental bathrooms often come with minimal storage or space for keeping the items. The standard bathroom includes towel rods, which work well for bath towels, but not as much for hand towels. Add some more hanging by hanging some towel rings on the larger rod, or attach some stick-on hooks to the walls to hang any clothes or small towels. Along with adding some storage, this practical solution also adds some texture to the bathroom walls, which can break the monotony.

Create Hanging Image Credit: Happy Hooligans

Make it Pretty!-Display your bathroom items well. Place an attractive soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Add some pretty spray bottles to ensure the bathroom looks attractive. The bathroom display can even be changed from time to time to add some variation and keep things visually interesting.

Make it Pretty Image Credit: Made by Mood

Use Creative Storage-Going along with the hanging point above, be creative with bathroom storage. If there is a shelf or shelving space, add a basket to keep various clothing items, or add a small shelving system within the bathroom or behind the bathroom door to keep more items in a single area.

Use Creative Storage Image Credit: The Inspired Room

Add Bathroom Rugs-Is the bathroom floor ugly? Add a bathroom rug! Whatever color you prefer to hide the ugly floor, add a nice rug for the sink area and the near the shower area. It can be an oversized rug placed and spread throughout the entire bathroom or it can be multiple rugs that can be placed in different areas to add that little extra something to the bathroom floor: camouflaging it or even hiding it totally.

Add Bathroom Rugs Image Credit: Industry Standard Design

The bathroom can be an irritating area to design. However, with a few tricks, you can easily make any bathroom your own! Use these tips above and bring your rental bathroom to life!

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