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  • Tall Units

    The tall units are the final aspect of possible kitchen accessories that you can add to your kitchen. These units are floor to ceiling, and are designed to create more storage in your kitchen space. The two units are pantry pull out unit and the dispensa swing.

    Pantry Pull Out: This accessory employs a new technology, where the shelves automatically move toward the user once the door is opened. The pantry pull out allows for plenty of storage space, and it even includes shelving on the inside of the door.

    Pull out Pantry with shelves along the door, and in front.

    Dispensa Swing: This tall unit is also a variation of a pull-out pantry with a little something extra: the Dispensa Swing. In this unit, the pantry is fully pulled out and is able to turn 90 degrees in either direction. As a result you can view all your items in storage directly in front of you without needing  to move back and forth to reach your items.

    Dispensa Swing

    These two are the ideal tall units for your kitchen. They are perfect for adding storage in the smallest of spaces. They fit conveniently in your kitchen space, and almost out of sight! This blog is the final aspect of the various kitchen accessories available for a kitchen. Check out our previous blogs to see the variety of accessories in midway units, floor units, wall units, and your kitchen drawers!!

  • Midway Units in Kitchens

    Midway units in a kitchen are often neglected or not used properly. kitchens specialize in creating efficient space in all areas. In your kitchen, the midway zones can be optimized to create functional and attractive elements for your kitchen space. The following midway unit accessories add an aesthetic and practical appeal to your kitchen.

    Towel Rail: Finished in stainless steel, this towel rail is a long rod that is placed directly at eye-level. You can access your kitchen towels and wash clothes easily and freely!

    The Towel Rail before it is placed in a Kitchen The Towel Rail before it is placed in a Kitchen

    Hook Rack: The hook rack is available in stainless steel and aluminum finish. The hook rack has multiple uses. You can easily hang out oven mitts, wash cloths, serving spoons and utensils, and every other kitchen item that can simply hang!

    Hook Rack can be used to hang all types of items

    Kitchen Roll/Paper Towel Holder: This accessory is available in two or three tiers, depending on your preference. The roll holders have slots where the rolls can simply be inserted into the rack, and the towel holder consists of a rod that can be removed and reattached with any roll placed on it. The holder is placed at eye level, and you can easily access your paper towels within seconds!

    A 3-tier holder. The top two tiers can have rolls inserted easily, and the third tier the rod can be removed and reattached with any kitchen roll.

    Plate and Chopping Board Rack: This rack is also placed directly at eye level, and it has 12 slots for your to stack your plates and chopping boards.

    Plate and chopping board rack

    Knife Holder: The knife holder comes with a plastic safeguard to prevent any injury while accessing the knives. The knives are to be inserted into each slot, securely holding the knife until it needs to be accessed for use. The knife holder is available with a plastic safeguard or a wooden safeguard.

    Knife holder with a plastic safeguard.

    Dishwashing Utensil Holder: This accessory is available in an aluminum and stainless steel finish. It can be used to easily store your cleaning utensils and dishwashing liquids. The holder includes two different hanging rods, a hook, and a shelf to place all your items.

    Dishwashing utensils holder

    Cookbook/Ipad Holder: The cookbook/ipad holder is placed directly at eye level. The accessory is available in an aluminum or stainless steel finish. It has a holder for your to easily place your cookbook and use while cooking in your kitchen. This will allow you to read your new recipe easily while cooking at the exact same time!

    Cookbook/Ipad holder Cookbook/Ipad holder

    Storage Container Holder: This midway unit can be used to store any item in your kitchen. It is also available in an aluminum or stainless steel finish, and is designed for you to keep any extra items within easy reach.

    Storage Container Holder Storage Container Holder

    2-Tier Spice Rack: This accessory is ideal for storing bottles and tins up to 59 mm. The accessory contains 2 tiers, and is meant for your to access your spices easily during your cooking.

    2-Tier Spice Rack

    These items can easily be added for you to retrieve your items within an arm's reach at midlevel. They add a beautiful stylish element to your kitchen space, and add to the character of your kitchen at home. Just like all of the accessories in a kitchen, they add to the practicality and appearance of your home kitchen!

  • Floor Cabinet Accessories

    The floor cabinets are the base units in your kitchen that are placed below your countertop. These items in these units can be difficult to access, particularly if they are out of reach. The following accessories are designed to ease the accessibility of your items in your floor units.

    Worktop Extension: This accessory is a pull-out table placed right below your countertop. It is concealed and out of site, and it instantly becomes an additional workspace or a quick breakfasting area. When the worktop has two parts, and when it is fully extended, it forms a flat surface for you to use!

    Worktop Extension being used to food

    Parallel Swing Out Mechanism for Food Slicer: This accessory is placed in your floor cabinet, and it easily be pulled out and placed in front of your kitchen counter. The worktop automatically locks in the extended position, allowing you to slice your food easily.

    Food Slicer Pull-out Mechanism

    Built-in Ironing Board: The built-in ironing board is installed in place of your floor unit drawers. The ironing board easily be pulled out and used, then fitted neatly back into the cabinet. This accessory is particularly convenient. and uses your space efficiently.

    Built-in ironing board in kitchen floor unit.

    Bottle Crate Pull-Out: This is perfect for floor units. It contains pull out frames with clip-on baskets to store your bottles and longer containers. This accessory is practical and also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. This accessory is ideal near your cooking to access your necessary cooking ingredients quickly and easily.

    Bottle Pull-out accessory

    Portero Cleaning Utensil Pull-Out: This accessory is often placed underneath the sink next to the waste system. Oftentimes, this space is unused. As a result, this accessory adds efficiency to that particular space, by including one or two pull-out baskets with water-tight shelves that can be easily removed for cleaning. This accessory also includes a removable storage self above the two baskets. The Portero pull out is ideal for organizing kitchen cleaning supplies in the most efficient way possible.

    Portero Pull out system

    These are a few of the many accessories that can be placed in your kitchen floor units. In a kitchen, these accessories can easily be added to your floor units to increase the organization and efficiency of your kitchen space. Be sure to check our previous blogs for more exciting kitchen accessories!!

  • Drawer Accessories

    Our kitchen drawers are used to store a variety of items. Sometimes we use our drawers so much, that we forget where our items are placed! With many drawers, items move around constantly and we are unable to find them. The ModSpace kitchen provides a variety of accessories to organize your drawers and ensure that all your items are placed exactly as you'd like, and  won't move when the drawer opens and closes. A few of the drawer accessories include cutlery trays, drawer peg system,  and  the in-drawer plateholders.

    Cutlery Trays: Cutlery trays provide simple organization for your silverware, and they are customizable to fit your exact drawer size. The cutlery trays are specifically designed to simply be inserted into your drawer space. As a user, you can even move the inserts to create larger and smaller spaces to store your utensils!

    Cutlery Tray with customizable inserts

    Drawer Peg System: This drawer system allows you to customize your drawer by using pegs to organize your plates, bowls, or pots and pans effectively. Posts are mounted into pre-drilled holes at the base plate of a drawer to allow you to systematically place your items. The peg system is customizable to your specific requirements. With this accessory in your drawer, your items won't slide back and forth as you open and close!

    Drawer peg system

    In-Drawer Plateholder: This mechanism allows for storing plates neatly in a drawer without them sliding around. It also makes it easier to pick up an entire stack of plates for serving.

    In-Drawer plateholders are flexible to fit plates of different sizes.

    These are a few of the drawer accessories that can be placed in the ModSpace kitchen. The accessories are designed with you in mind, and are created to convenience you as a user. The accessories add for easier organization, and can easily be added to any of your drawers! Stay tuned for more kitchen accessories!

  • Wall Cabinet Accessories

    Wall cabinets are the upper cabinets in a kitchen. The conventional design includes hinge doors with 2-3 shelves inside. However, with an increase of technology, ModSpace is able to provide you countless accessories to assist the smallest inconveniences when working in the kitchen. Below: are the accessories that are ideal for wall units.

    Center Cosario Kitchen Storage is open, while the two side systems are closed

    Cosario: This accessory is mounted right below your existing wall unit.   Cosario is a storage option that consists of two shelves, that pull down from directly underneath your wall unit. The lower shelf swings down and back towards the wall, while the upper shelf simples moves downward for you the access your items. Cosario is ideal for storing smaller items for daily use, such as your spice jars, coffee mugs, or smaller appliances.



    Aventos Lift System: Aventos lift system is conveniently designed for your cabinet and can easily be placed above a stove or a kitchen sink. In all of the lift systems, you can access all items of your cabinet at once.

    Aventos HF Wall unit
    • HF: This wall cabinet has shutters with a bi-fold lift system. While opening the cabinet, the door folds upward, keeping the handle within each. As a user, the doors stay open at any location, closing silently once you are finished.





    HK Unit
    • HK: Aventos HK has a stay lift system, where the door swings up and stays open where you leave it. In this system, the doors close silently. Aventos HK is ideal for being placed above refrigerators and accent cabinets.


    HL Aventos
    • HL: This wall cabinet has a lift up system, where door lifts parallel to the cabinet. This system is ideal for kitchens with high ceilings, and you access all of your items at once.




    HS Aventos


    • HS: HS lift system opens doors over the top of the cabinet. This system is ideal for larger or heavier doors, and have a soft closing.



    Agilis Wall Unit Lift System


    Agilis Wall-Unit Lift System: This wall unit lift system has four shelves that lower from the cabinet onto the counter, and later gets placed back in the cabinet. This systems makes the hard-to-reach items accessible, and is ideal to be placed over any kitchen countertop.


    These are some of the best accessories for wall units. They are purely designed to convenience your usage in the kitchen, and create a stress-free working environment. Stay tuned for more accessories in later blogs!!

  • Kitchen Corner Unit Accessories

    Kitchen corners can be some of the most challenging areas to design. They take up a significant amount to space in a kitchen, and majority of the storage space is unused or inaccessible. However, with modular kitchens, you have the option of adding accessories to your corner units to maximize your storage and use the space effectively.

    D-Tray used to store pots and pans.

    D-Tray: This kitchen accessory is a free movement corner storage tray, comprised of stainless steel wire shelves. It is in the shape of a "D". The D-tray shelves rotate easily for you to access your times at the farthest areas of your kitchen corner.




    Le Mans in a corner unit

    Le  Mans: A pull out corner unit that is meant for corner floor units. It is an S-tray on a swivel mechanism that extends out completely to access all the items on the tray. After opening the cabinet shutter, the top and bottom shelf can independently turn and swing all the way out of the cabinet, for you to retrieve your items easily and quickly. The mechanism for this accessory is perfectly controlled by an elegant sequence of movements.


    Magic corner in a kitchen


    Magic Corner: An accessory is perfect for floor units. It is a pull out mechanism that allows you to access items in the farthest corner.  New with the magic corner is the Silent System, where the cabinet closes softly and slowly. So you don't hear that THUD! when you close your cabinet!




    Syncromotion Drawer

    Corner Drawer w/Syncromotion: This corner unit maximizes the corner drawer storage in a kitchen. This accessory combines two adjoining drawers to create one large corner drawer. From the exterior, the shutters appear to be two separate shutters, but the interior shows one large drawer that is combined together! This drawer system is the best corner solution for drawer storage. You are provided with abundant space in a challenging kitchen area.

    Mondo Carousel


    Mondo Carousel: The Mondo Carousel unit consists of two carousel trays that can be moved in either direction. Therefore, you can simply shift the tray in whichever direction you'd like to retrieve your items, rather than reaching too far to access them. The




    These are some of the best corner accessories that can add your kitchen. They aid in maximizing your corner space to its full capacity with the convenience of the user. All of the accessories have mechanisms for you the retrieve your items comfortably and conveniently, witho and it doesn't stop here! The kitchen accessories are endless with drawers, floor cabinets, and midway units!! Keep checking the blog for more posts about your kitchen accessories!


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