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  • Client Story: Kitchen in Northwest Delhi

    As we continue to create superior kitchens and wardrobes, we've started a new series, which will include Client Stories to showcase the customized products we are doing right now. This blog features a beautiful medium-sized kitchen in a Pritampura home, which is perfect for the users and the lifestyle.

    Layout & Design: The kitchen space in this home is a separate, individual room room. The room is a private space , making the U-shape the best layout. Entering through an open archway, one can see the U-shape kitchen with continuous counter space, continuous floor cabinetry, and ongoing wall cabinetry on 2/3 of the walls. This kitchen offers plenty of efficient storage with a tall unit, bottle pull-out, and Aventos HF Units. The overall layout of the kitchen is an enclosed design giving privacy to any user operating in the kitchen space. The client opted to see a 3D view of their kitchen before their order was complete:

    02 01

    In this kitchen, the working triangle is very well planned with tasks divided evenly on each side. One side has the kitchen sink, while the opposite size has the hob and cooking area. This gives plenty of preparation and storage space along the back counter. On either side of the hob, there is plenty of counter space which can allow the user to place and prepare their ingredients before cooking them on the hob. This layout allows for multiple kitchen users to access the space at once.

    Finish: The clients opted for a very modern finish in laminate with the wall cabinets as Champagne White High Gloss and the floor cabinets as Slate High Gloss. The balance of the white and grey creates a beautiful and visually pleasing kitchen taking inspiration from modern design. The neutrals of white and grey with the handle-less cabinetry is very sleek and perfect for today's contemporary home. The clients, themselves were are very happy with their kitchen stating:

    "We are very happy with the look and finish of our kitchen. We especially appreciate the tall unit, and will refer Modspace to whoever sees our kitchen!"

    FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4

    Every home has its own character and every client has their own wishes and dreams for their home. We are very happy to have given the client a hassle-free process in delivering a customizable product for them to enjoy. For achieving your dream home, contact us!

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