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  • 7 Creative Ways to Add Black to your Kitchen Design.

    We always hesitate from adding black or dark colors to our home interiors. For whatever reason, we naturally gravitate towards the lighter and brighter colors for a home interior. However, adding bold, dark colors creates an immediate and strong statement that can be so iconic and eye-catching that it will make a home look unique. As mentioned in a previous blog, dark colors with the appropriate balance create distinctive look and feel to the entire space. Below, we take a look at the darkest of the dark: black, and how that can be added beautifully to a kitchen design. Check out these bold design ideas below and see if they should be a part of your kitchen!

    All Black Everything: This kitchen design has all black cabinetry with dark flooring. However, it catches the eye immediately with the light wood countertop right in the center. The dark colors are streamline with the handle-less cabinetry and it is immediately brought to life with the countertop. Image Credit: Pinterest
    Black Balance: In this kitchen the black is all through the cabinetry and is beautifully balanced with the light wood countertops, stainless steel appliances & sink, and white walls. In this kitchen the black is quite prominent, but the other neutrals make the kitchen look more inviting to any user. Image Credit: Home Stratosphere
    Classic Black & White: This classic black and white color combination has a modern twist with its streamline cabinetry and minimalistic look. Just like the first image, this kitchen has all black cabinetry. However it is complemented with the contemporary white flooring and white-lit backdrop . Image Credit: Naturafuls
    Black Gloss: In adding black to a kitchen, one can definitely consider the color in a glossy finish. The reflective nature of the gloss finish allows a mirror-like effect, which adds more light to the entire kitchen space. Therefore, even the dark color is giving some light to the space. The gloss is complemented beautiful with the matt wood countertop and flooring, allowing the reflective gloss to look just right, and not overwhelming. Image Credit: The Kitchen Source Book
    Pop of Color: Add some creativity to the kitchen design by adding black with a pop of color. Usually, red complements black in a variety of ways. The energy and vibrance of red balances out the darkness of the black, creating a dynamic kitchen design. Image Credit: Houzmagz
    Bold Island: If you prefer black on a smaller scale in your kitchen, then a great option is to have a statement center island. Make the island the focal point of the kitchen design but using black cabinetry against the dark flooring and balance it out with the white cabinetry along the walls. Image Credit: In the Creation
    Rustic Appeal: Black is often looked as a modern color option. However it can be added to rustic designs as well. With rustic or traditional designs, one can break the monotony of black cabinetry by adding lighter colors to the groovs and mouldings to create a more eye-catching design. This not only creates a balance but also allows for visual interest in the overall kitchen. Image Credit: Joseph Kitchens
  • 8 Kitchen Color Palettes Worth Trying

    When it comes to choosing colors for your kitchen, the process can be extremely overwhelming. Which color to start with? Which color scheme to choose? Will the colors I choose even work together? These are a couple of the many questions that overwhelm any homeowner's mind when it comes to finalizing in the colors for a kitchen space. As an area of high activity, the kitchen requires special attention in finalizing the overall look and feel of the space. Many previous blogs have been written to ease the color-choosing process. A list of links is referenced below:

    Check out these color palettes below for some design inspiration!

    Brightly Colored Kitchen Design: The kitchen color below is an extremely bright and happy color scheme. The bright colored food bowls and light colored countertop are complemented beautifully by the green cabinetry. 

    Image Credit: Home Tree Atlas

    Soft Neutrals: A very safe bet for any kitchen color scheme are the soft neutrals. The beige and ivory shades add a sophistication to the kitchen with the a touch of color in the soft blues. All of these soft colors create a very serene and calming kitchen design.

    Image Credit: Durasupreme

    Bold, Midtone, & Soft: One trick with choosing a 3-color scheme for a kitchen is to take a shade from each type: a bold, midtone, and a soft. In the kitchen below, the red is the bold, which draws immediate attention; the blue is a midtone; and the pale yellow is the softest shade. By incorporating three types of colors, one easily creates that balanced color scheme within the kitchen. 

    Image Credit: This Old House

    Cool Breeze: The dominating color in the kitchen below is a lighter shade of turquoise with bright-colored accent pieces and decorative elements. The balance of both the soft and the bright is brought together by the muted backsplash and white colored countertop.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Classic: All of us do consider the classic brown-and-white color scheme for the kitchen. The wooden look of the browner shades is always warm and inviting. However, mixing brown and white with grey adds an immediate sophistication to an already-classic color scheme.

    Image Credit: Simplified Bee

    Coastal Cool: As the name says below the kitchen colors below are bright and beach-like. Bringing the clear ocean/beach blue water tones and brightening it with a pop of orange to create that striking appeal.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Apple Green/Jungle Theme: The color palette below can be determined as either the green apple of the forest/jungle. With this scheme, bring in the outdoor-style colors into your home interiors. The contrast of the green and brown flooring with the green cooking zone and brown island is easily balanced by the surrounding white cabinetry, making it striking and attractive to visualize.

    Image Credit: Lauren's Thoughts
  • 5 Creative Ways to Add Dark Colors to Your Kitchen

    We are often hesitant when it comes to adding dark colors to our kitchen. Too much dark color can make a space look much smaller and unwelcoming that it actually is. However, if a touch of dark color in a kitchen design is done right, then it can make a kitchen look absolutely striking. Darker colors require commitment. Contrary to pale colors, which can be re-painted and dressed up with accessories, one has to be smart with how darker shades can complement and add to the kitchen design.

    In all the dark-colored kitchens we've seen, the most prominent design styles in one of two combinations: dark floor cabinets and lighter wall cabinets, and dark cabinets with light colored countertops, flooring, and walls. Although these two ways greatly compliment and balance the entire kitchen design, there are a few creative ways to incorporate the dark colors within your kitchen.

    Image Credit: Waplag

    Flip the Colors: If darkening the kitchen cabinets is considered too much, step away from the cabinets and move towards the walls. Update your kitchen by painting one wall a darker shade. The dark wall can easily be complimented by pastel-colored cabinets and light-colored accessories. The color breaks the up the pale color scheme, adding that extra sophistication.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Choose Warmer Darks: If there is a concern that darker colors may feel too cold and unflattering to a kitchen design, consider the warmer darks. Instead of the typical black, grey, or navy, try adding purple to a kitchen design. Contrary to the other dark colors, purple has hints of red and pink in its overall hue, making it a warmer darker shade, rather than a cooler one. Purple color adds a regal-ness to the kitchen, and is still a part of the dark color family.

    Image Credit: Roenskeep

    Metallic Sophistication: Any dark color can easily be glamorized by metallic. As mentioned above, purple is a great addition as a dark color to a kitchen. Copper accents look beautiful with a dark shade of purple. If a kitchen has a lot of charcoal color in the cabinetry of even the walls, a kitchen can look exceptionally glamorous with warm metals-usually in the golds and bronzes.

    Image Credit: Interiorzine

    Island Focal Point: As mentioned in many previous blogs, a kitchen island can easily be a focal point in any kitchen. Consider darkening the island cabinetry against the lighter colored surroundings. If black is too dark, a softer dark such as grey, blue, or purple, can do the trick. If even that is too much, the color can easily be softened by a some traditional touches.

    Image Credit: Homestratosphere Image Credit: Homestratosphere

    Overall, dark colors can be viewed as an intimidating choice for a kitchen. However, it is a great option for a striking, unique design. It adds an element of sophistication to the entire kitchen. Consider your options for dark colors in your kitchen!

  • Creative Ways to Add Pastel Colors to Your Kitchen

    Several previous blog posts have touched on creative uses of color within the kitchen. Whether one chooses bright colors, dark colors, neutrals, or a custom combination, the look and feel of the kitchen is always different. Each color or combination of colors communicates different vibes and energy to the end-user. However, one area of color we have not touched on is pastels. Having the bright and bold colors in side of the spectrum, while having pastels is the other. Pastels are the ideal way to add subtle color your space. As they are the gentler colors on the color wheel, they bring about a sweet, soft energy to your kitchen space. Add some soul to your kitchen with some pastel. Check out the creative ways to add Pastel to your kitchen design!

    Pastel Green: The stark white kitchen is given some soul with the pastel-green walls bringing some color to the space. With the white streamline cabinetry, white walls, neutral flooring, and neutral countertop, the pastel green brings it all together. The green gives the entire kitchen a relaxing and inviting environment for any user to use.

    Image Credit: Amberth

    Pastel Blue: Pastel blue always gives a rustic feel to any kitchen. The blue against the neutral walls and flooring adds a soft and sophisticated feel to the entire kitchen. The blue is also adding a calming influence to the entire kitchen space, and is beautifully balanced with the beige walls, country-style flooring, and stainless steel appliances. We are also liking the pastel bleu around the kitchen hob.

    Image Credit: Panda's House

    Multi-Pastel-Colored Kitchen: One can get extremely creative by adding multiple pastel colors to their kitchen. The sunny pastel yellow wall warms up the entire kitchen space, giving the brightness of yellow without looking too bold or hurting the eyes. Then the mint island adds a coolness to balance the yellow, and finally the white is used to balance and bring it all together. The white countertop and white cabinetry, add the brightness and subtle sophistication this kitchen requires. Even the brass faucets, lighting, shelves, and chairs balance the bright pastel colors used in this kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Rilane

    Pastel Colors in a  Traditional Kitchen Design: Pastel colors can be added to any traditional design to give it that country-style vibe. With traditional lighting and classic cabinetry, the kitchen design instantly has a vintage appeal. In fact, the pastel color, itself, makes the kitchen look extra unique.

    Image Credit: Home Design Ideas

    Pastel Colors in a Modern Kitchen Design: Just as pastel can compliment a traditional kitchen, it can greatly compliment a modern kitchen as well. The pastel blue against the streamline wooden cabinetry gives the kitchen a clean and sleek appearance. With the cabinetry being straight and minimalistic, the pastel blue brings a softness to the entire kitchen by balancing out all the natural materials and neutral colors used in the kitchen space.  

    Image Credit: Rilane

    As a color palette, pastel colors bring a softness to any space. The softness balances out the kitchen cabinetry and gives the kitchen that unspoken elegance. For that unique touch, consider pastel colors for your kitchen!

  • Top 5 Ways to add Purple to Your Kitchen

    Purple is not a common color you are likely to see in your home interiors. In fact, purple is one the most neglected colors on the color wheel. However, as mentioned in our previous blog,  the use of purple exudes royalty, richness, and luxury; and it should be used tastefully within any space. Nevertheless, if any purple shade were added in a sophisticated manner, a space can appear to be exceptionally stunning. The use of purple in a kitchen design comes in various forms. Whether it is the lighter shades of lilac and lavender to the darker hues of violet and royal purple, this shade ultimately adds a fresh element to your kitchen space. Below are a few purple kitchen ideas that can easily be incorporated in your kitchen space.

    The Lilac Island: This beautiful lilac island draws immediate attention to the entire kitchen. As a focal point it is one of the main points of color, and it makes the kitchen look brighter with a contemporary touch. The lilac shade is greatly complimenting the the white cabinetry and rustic flooring encompassing the entire kitchen. Image Credit: House to Home
    Purple Cabinetry. Purple can also be used in kitchen cabinetry. With this softer, high-gloss tone, the kitchen is appearing exceptionally unique, greatly complimenting the wall and the flooring. The purple shade is balanced with the lighter colored counter top and walls in the kitchen itself. Image Credit: Skull Screamers
    Pale Purple Backsplash. Image Credit: The purple touch in this kitchen is a little more subdued, acting as that soft touch of color amongst the neutral cabinetry and steel appliances. The matt finish of the faded plum-purple tile adds a nice variation to the overall kitchen. Image Credit: Houzz
    A Purple Accent Wall. A kitchen can be enhanced with a bold and striking accent wall. In the image above, the white cabinetry is enhanced perfectly due to the deep purple wall. Image Credit: The Modern Home
    Two Tone & Deep Purple. With a color as rich as purple, don't hesitate to create a statement with a bold kitchen. Along with deep purple, add a second color to balance the visual interest and bring a source of brightness into the entire kitchen. Image Credit: Houzz
  • Acetech 2015: The Saffron Kitchen

    One of the key aspects pays key attention to is the importance of color. As mentioned in several of our previous blogs, colors have a great impact on the overall mood, atmosphere, and appearance. Even in a fully functioning and practically designed kitchen, paying attention to the aesthetics of color can really make or break the kitchen itself. At, we design products with the hope that our customers will enjoy and look forward to using them fully. One such kitchen, where we paid special attention to color was our Saffron kitchen at Acetech Delhi 2015. Placed in the corner of the stall, this kitchen was an instant attraction due to its bright color. The details of this kitchen are given below.

    Color & Finish-The finish of this kitchen is membrane, which are foils that are placed on the shutters and wrapped around the edges, giving the kitchen a contemporary and seamless look. The color for this kitchen is saffron in a matt finish. The saffron color in a matt finish is a softer alternative to the ultra-bright and glossy yellows and oranges, making it easier on the eyes and still brightening up the kitchen space. The saffron is shown through the entire floor cabinetry. To add visual interest, liquid glass is added to the wall cabinetry a saffron border and to the rolling shutter. Others  white and cream colors are added to the countertop to create a unique and modern color combination of yellow and white in this bright kitchen!

     Layout-This kitchen has an L-shaped layout, giving any used a continuous working space and ongoing storage. The layout is an open design, perfect for households where kitchen activities involve all members. This layout allows for users to openly interact with other members of the household. It's open design allows for people to use the kitchen at once.

    Key Features: This kitchen has several space-saving kitchens to ensure the user receives optimum storage and usage while using this space. The key features of this kitchen are shown below.

    • Cutlery Tray: One of the features in this kitchen is cutlery tray. As you pull out the drawer right below the hob, there is a cutlery tray with specific sections for all types of silverware, cooking ladles, and knives; allowing the user to effectively organize their items without them making noise or moving around too much in the drawer itself.  
    • Corner drawer system with Syncromotion: One of the most prominent features of this kitchen is the corner drawer system. In an L-shaped layout, the corner space is often neglected due to fewer storage solutions. This corner drawer system, combines the two side drawers to create one large corner drawer. The cosario increases storage, and uses the corner to its optimum.  
    • Aventos HK: The wall cabinets in this kitchen are Aventos HK, with the shutter lifting upward in front of you. The Aventos HK simply adds variation to the conventional cabinetry and provides extra storage. By lifting the shutters upward, the user is able to access the complete cabinet at once and organize their items more efficiently.
    • Spice Racks & Dish Towel Hooks: This kitchen had a few space-saving features, including the magnetic spice boxes, a rack for liquids, and dish towel hooks. In any kitchen, the wall space between the wall cabinets and counter is often neglected. However, it can easily be used to add smaller space-saving storage features. one can simply hang their dish towels on the hooks, and access their spices and cooking ingredients immediately.
    • Rolling Shutter: The final feature is the rolling shutter. Unlike conventional cabinetry where the shutter opens in front of you, in this the liquid-glass shutter rolls upward, showing several shelves of storage space. The shutter is a tall-unit which provides extra storage for multiple items.      

    This particular kitchen is extremely unique. From its colors to its storage kitchens, this kitchen is distinct both practically and aesthetically. To add any of these elements in your own kitchen, feel free to contact us!

  • Steps for Choosing a Color Scheme for your Kitchen

    Finalizing the colors for your kitchen can be an endless process! There are a variety of colors, color palettes, and combinations to choose from. How do you decide? From a basic black and white kitchen to every other color in the spectrum, follow the step-by-step guide to ease the decision process for finalizing your kitchen colors.

    1. Choosing Cabinet Colors: Kitchen cabinets are generally 50% of your kitchen budget and occupy 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. Therefore, it is best to start with your cabinets. In this step, it is not necessary to finalize the exact color of your cabinet. However, the color family is important. For example, do you want a natural looking kitchen with solid wood cabinets, or you want a bright-colored kitchen with warmer tones (yellow, orange, red, etc.)? It is a great starting point for finalizing the remaining elements of your kitchen.
      Image Credit: Cabin Storage
    2. Choosing Countertop Colors: The next aspect of your kitchen is the countertops. After the cabinets, the countertops take up most of the visual space in your kitchen. The countertop can serve as the focal point to compliment your kitchen. Depending on the color or color family, you've decided, the questions to address are whether you want natural stone or a specific material to serve as a countertop? At, we have a variety of countertop options that complement the kitchen cabinets beautifully.
      Image Credit: Lifestyle Kitchens
    3. Choosing Appliance Colors: Appliance colors are usually neutral-colored items that go in any kitchen. At, the appliances are provided as kitchen add-ons in stainless steel, complimenting any color combination for your kitchen!
      Image Credit:
    4. Choosing Flooring Colors: The kitchen floor color will bring the cabinet, countertop, and appliance colors together. Therefore, it is essential to decide the cabinets, countertops, and appliances before finalizing your floor design. Whether you choose various tiles or wooden flooring, it will greatly impact the look of the kitchen.
      Image Credit:
    5. Choosing a Backsplash Color: A backsplash is meant to enhance the color palette you've finalized for your kitchen. There are a variety of backsplash options, and it is recommended to consult a designer for choosing your kitchen backsplash.
      Image Credit: Home Edit Interior Design & Architecture
      Image Credit: Home Designing
    6. Choosing Wall Colors: We often forget about the backdrop and its impact in the overall color scheme. For the walls surrounding the kitchen space, be sure to pick a color that is balances your colors out well, complementing the overall color scheme of your kitchen.
      Bright Green Kitchen Wall, complementing the neutral cabinetry Image Credit: Lush Home
    7. Choosing Hardware Colors: Color scheme is also impacted with the final details, such as the faucets or cabinet handles. Although these items are installed later, they do impact the overall appearance and theme of your entire kitchen. Often times, it is common to coordinate the faucets and handle colors and finishes together.
      Gold handles and faucet standing out against the blue


    While finalizing your kitchen color scheme, the list above will make your decision process much easier. By doing so, you will be able to check off all items the necessary items needed to create a beautiful kitchen!

  • 9 Ways to Brighten up your Kitchen with Yellow!

    Yellow is a bright and sunny color that is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchens. As a color, it adds light to a space, and makes an area looks larger than it actually is! Below, we've outlined 9 ways you can incorporate yellow into your kitchen!

    Yellow in the Center. What we love: The yellow in the middle adds a pop of color against the neutrals, with the grey flooring, white countertops, classic wood cabinets and table, grey backsplash a,d white walls; the yellow brings all the neutrals together by brightening up the entire kitchen! Image Credit: Houzz
    Yellow Backsplash & Breakfast Counter. What we love: In this kitchen, the yellow is the space where memories are created or reminisced. The backsplash has space for family pictures, while the breakfast counter is designed for pleasant socializing. The yellow breaks the monotony of the white and grey shown throughout the entire room. Image Credit:
    Sherbet Yellow Wall. What we love: the pale yellow is light and fresh, and pleasing to the eye. As a small kitchen, the tone of yellow is absolutely perfect. It creates a happy and peaceful environment in the kitchen, and complements the classic wooden cabinets below and right next to it! Image credit: Feng Shui Dana
    Bright Country Style! What we love: that it is so bright! The bright walls and and wall cabinets greatly compliment the darker floors and kitchen counters. This kitchen is a beautiful balance of all the colors. From the flooring to the counters to the items, the color palate of browns, yellow, and white is complemented beautifully. Image Credit: Home Design Galley
    Yellow Floor Cabinets. What we love: the yellow expands the small space. In this image the parallel kitchen appears in a long, narrow space. The yellow and white combination expands the space, making it look larger and brighter than it actually is! Image Credit: House to Home
    Surrounded by Yellow. What we love: the golden yellow with the pop of wood in the middle. This kitchen has a very classic appeal to it. With the traditional-style cabinetry surrounding the kitchen, the dark island brings the lighter cabinets to life. The   Image Credit: Gallery Interior Home
    All Kitchen Cabinets Yellow. What we love: the brightness in such a small area. The lemon yellow cabinets greatly brighten up this tiny little kitchen. Small kitchens are at risk of being dingy and dark, due to a lack of necessary lighting. However, this kitchen is very bright due to the yellow color! Image Credit: Kitchen Design Ideas
    Sophistication of Yellow & Grey. What we love: The balance of the two colors! The yellow gloss cabinets against the grey appliances adds for a particularly unique combination. In fact, both of these colors balance each other beautifully, creating a modern, classy kitchen! Image Credit: Amazing Inbar Home Designs
    Color Pop. What we love: rather than placing yellow in the cabinets or walls, this kitchen makes it pop against the neutrals in the backsplash! Complementing the dark wood cabinets and beige countertops, the backsplash brings the kitchen palate together, giving the entire area a complete look! Image Credit: Forest Hill Blog
  • Vastu-Friendly Colors for your Kitchen

    Colors inspire our moods and emotions. According to Vastu Shastra, colors greatly impact the overall energy of a given space. In an earlier blog, the general direction and orientation was discussed in accordance to Vastu Shastra. For reference to this blog, click here. Different colors have different energies and cause varied vibrations in certain spaces. In the kitchen, there are certain colors that create a positive energy more than others.


    Vastu Shastra states that the ideal placement of your home spaces is a matter of direction and colors, where certain colors are ideal in certain directions. In the case of a kitchen, the first direction to start with is the Southeast. The kitchen itself, should be in the Southeast most section of your home, and the prime kitchen activity (cooking) should also face southeast. The best color for the southeast direction is silver/white. However, as an alternative direction, or the placement of many of your kitchen appliances, the next-best direction is the northwest, and the best color for the northwest corner is white, making the best color for your kitchen be white. Other Vastu-friendly colors to be used in your kitchen are given below.


    White: White color is the color of purity and cleanliness, and it is ideal for the for the kitchen floor or wall. This color is an elegant, and can easily be combined with other colors, and it goes very will in both the southeast and northwest directions.

    Image Credit: Divandi

    Red, Orange, Yellow: A dash of these warm colors go very well with white, and they symbolize the fire element of the kitchen. The warm colors bring energy, happiness, and increase appetite. However, according to Vastu, these colors should be used in smaller amounts, such as in the form of utensils, decorations, or accent cabinets in your kitchen. 

    White kitchen w/red accents

    Rose Pink: Pink is another tone that sends positive vibes in the southeast direction, primarily in the south. As a color, it represents joy and happiness, and can greatly be complimented with white/silver!!

    Rose Pink wall complementing a White kitchen. Image Credit: Bethesda Magazine

    Chocolate: Another shade we don't think about very often is your chocolate brown. According to Vastu, brown tones are perfect in the southwest direction or your kitchen, and they add a classic element to a modern white space. Brown is a color of contentment and comfort, which adds to a cozy kitchen environment! 

    Image Credit: Decorpad

    Overall, the kitchen should be a happy place with great joy, energy, and purity. The warm colors complemented with white will create the the ideal vastu-friendly kitchen! For more Vastu advice be sure to check out our previous blog or have a conversation with our Space Planning Consultants!!

  • 9 ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

    Mint, Forest, Leaf, Lime, or Grass. All different shades of green! When we think of the color green, we tend to associate it with nature, modernity, and energy. As a color for your kitchen, green is the perfect combination for a productive, yet relaxed environment. Below are 9 of our favorite green kitchens.

    Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets: Sage Green is a beautiful shade to highlight earthy tones in your kitchen. Matching it with wooden and white countertops, the sage green will tie your kitchen together, giving it a beautiful, earth-like appeal. 

    Image Credit: Pinterest








    Olive Green, Hi-Gloss cabinets: Olive green is a very sophisticated shade of green. It adds a classy element to any space, and can be implemented as a single color or paired with neutrals as seen in the image below. 

    Olive Green Cabinets. Image Credit: Home Design

    Kelly Green Kitchen Cabinets: Kelly Green is that bright green we've all seen since we were growing up. This shade is so bold, that it is best to be paired with neutrals, such as white or a light wood. 

    Image Credit: Remodelaholic

    Jade Green Kitchen Cabinets: Jade green is a beautiful, sophisticated color that complements any home. Along with the color white, jade green creates a permanent spring-like feel in your home. It is light, airy, and pleasing to the eye! 

    Jade Green Cabinets. Image credit: House to Home

    Bright Green, Matt mixed with Black and White: Bright green always creates an impact in the kitchen. In a larger kitchen space, green is best paired with your classic black and white, modernizing the entire appearance of your kitchen.

    Image Credit: CDUK

    Bold, Emerald Green Wall: If you're looking for a bold green statement in your kitchen, consider painting your wall! Emerald green is a beautiful and bright shade that can greatly complement your steel appliances and light-colored countertops!

    Emerald green wall Image Credit: Love to Know Interior Design

    Bright Green Accents: If you prefer a neutral kitchen space, then make green an accent color! Add green to your window coverings or decorations to bring a beautiful color to any modular kitchen!

    Green Accents. Image Credit: Kitchen Sourcebook

    Dark Green & Brass: Dark green and brass is not a color combination you see very often. However, this combination is bold, it creates a statement, and it looks very beautiful. The image below is hollywood celebrity Cameron Diaz's kitchen, and it shows the dark green and brass beautiful. With the green cabinets, the brass is added to create some light and break up the monotony of the green.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Green Tile Backsplash: Green as a backsplash can be added in a variety of ways. Tile green, however, adds to the rustic appeal of a country-style kitchen. In the image below, the backsplash is complementing the white cabinetry and black countertop beautifully.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    As a color, green adds a very unique element to your kitchen. Blending the brightness of yellow with the calmness of blue, green color creates a peaceful, yet productive, working environment for your kitchen. While considering green for your kitchen, talk to our Space Planning Consultants about the variety of shades and and ways in which green can really complement your kitchen!!

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