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  • ModSpace.in Introduces Lose Furniture

    As mentioned in the previous blog, ModSpace.in has converted from a kitchen and wardrobe company to a full interior service provider. In doing so, we are provide multiple lose furniture item to add to your home. Along with entertainment units, which has been mentioned in many previous blogs, ModSpace.in is now providing showcase units, study tables, bar units, crockery units, and shoe racks. All of the ModSpace.in products are factory finished at our own facility and will enhance your home interiors perfectly.

    Showcase Units-Showcase units are display pieces that can be placed on any wall space within the home. Whether it is a hallway, empty living room wall, or a bedroom wall, a showcase unit is a great way to display curios, organize books, and show off collectibles. The ModSpace.in showcase units have base material of MDF are completed with a pre laminated high gloss finish. CLSH02

    Study Tables-ModSpace.in study tables are completed using a base material of MDF with a pre laminated high gloss finish. With a study table, create a productive work space in your home office. Each study table comes with a spacious work space, drawer storage below, and an overhead shelf storage. The organizational elements of the study tables allows the user to place their items in an structured manner without the risking of losing any important papers or supplies. PONT06

    Bar Units-A perfect solution for entertaining, use a bar unit to stalk your essentials when not in use. ModSpace.in bar units are available in a range options, including a counter-height cabinet with drawers and shelves or even a full ceiling to floor cabinetry with ongoing shelves to store all the items. ModSpace.in bar units come with a range of storage solutions to ensure your items are well-kept and accessible at a moment's notice. ELBAR02

    Crockery Units-Crockery units are excellent solutions for storing special occasion crockery collections. They can be displayed creatively behind the glass cabinetry or showcased on any open shelved spaces. The crockery units come with a range of storage options including shelving, drawers, and closed cabinetry. The crockery units are available in a beautiful high gloss laminate finish, which can serve as the highlight piece of any room. 01

    Shoe Racks-Shoe racks are one of the most underrated storage solutions every home requires. ModSpace.in shoe racks provide the necessary storage for all footwear. Keep your footwear organized and well-kept within your home!

    ModSpace.in is proving lose furniture options to complete the storage requirements in the home. With our supreme quality, factory-finished items, the furniture items will be an excellent addition to your home. For more on the ModSpace.in furniture check out the new page.

  • Bringing a ModSpace.in Interior Designer On Board

    At ModSpace.in, we are striving to provide the best home solutions for all our customers. In doing so, we have evolved from a kitchen and wardrobe platform to a full home service interior provider-where everything from the civil work to the final home interior is provided under one roof. While building your home, having an interior designer on board will ease the entire process and create a more synchronized home solution. ModSpace.in now has professional interior designers on board who work closely with you to provide the ideal solution for your space.

    Detail Oriented Approach: With a ModSpace.in interior designer, every detail of your space will be looked at. Whether it is its function or its aesthetics, all aspects of a room will be analyzed to provide the best possible solution. For example, in a kitchen design, a ModSpace.in interior designer will provide you with a factory-finished kitchen where the the cabinetry colors will match the flooring, complement the lighting, and brought together with the countertop.


    Knows What is Right For You: A ModSpace.in interior designer will know what is best for the room. Not only will they provide the best storage solution for a given wardrobe space, but they will look at the entire bedroom space and bring a beautiful interior to life right before your eyes! Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they will already know what is good for the space and create a beautiful solution that matches your preferences and meets your needs. A ModSpace.in interior designer addresses your needs and gives you exactly what you are looking for.


    Knows Color Combinations: As a general homeowner, the understanding of color within a home interior is very limited toward the lighter shades. However, an interior designer will expose you to the variety of colors you can play with to add to any room in the home. The ModSpace.in interior designers understand which colors look good with one another and can even come up with various palettes that wouldn't have even crossed your mind. 

    Time-Saver: Working with an interior designer will definitely save you time, particularly a ModSpace.in designer. Along with providing factory-finished products, ModSpace.in has become the one-stop shop for all interior requirements. Rather than searching around from vendor to vendor for different home requirements, a ModSpace.in interior designer will help in creating the final look of the home and providing the support to get everything executed correctly.


    Wow Factor: Last but not least, an interior designer will enhance your home and improve the quality of life within your home. They will synchronize several pieces and bring together a visual story in every corner of your home. They will pull together accessories, furniture, colors, and other quirky elements to give you that "wow" factor that you are looking for.


    Bring a ModSpace.in interior designer on board for your homebuilding process and get your dream home! Get factory finished, space efficient solutions with the right furniture, complementary colors, and create a visual story within your space! Click here!

  • Steps to Declutter Your Entertainment Unit

    The entertainment center can be an area that unknowingly collects many unnecessary items over a period of time. From cables and cords to DVD and video game covers, the entertainment unit can look extremely cluttered and unorganized. Regardless of the amount of devices needed, the entire unit can easily be cleaned to organize to ensure everything is in its rightful place, and it is visually pleasing. Below, are the steps towards a squeaky-clean entertainment unit.

    • Disconnect Everything-Before even getting out the cleaning solution or any other liquid, disconnect everything. Unplug all the devices and clean any debris left around the devices and even on the cable cords. Chances are the space has collected and needs to be cleaned and disinfected before the devices are placed back on the shelves.
      Image Credit: Stakeholder
    • Assess the Tech Situation-The next step is to assess the technology. Technology changes overtime, and more often than not we collect devices and do not get rid of them until we have to. Use the cleaning time to get rid of any devices that are not being used, such as a cassette player, VCR, or old video consoles. Getting rid of these old, bulky devices will clean up significant space in the entertainment unit, and it will instantly open up the entire section. Going hand-in-hand with analyzing the tech, analyze the media collection as well. Get rid of any DVDs or VHS tapes that simply cannot be used because they do not work or can be updated into something more suitable to a newer system. Cleaning the media will also allow for more storage space within the television unit.
      Image Credit: Heres the Thing
    • Clean the Shelves-Next is to clean the shelves. This includes the shelves which have the decorative pieces, as well as the drawers and cabinetry underneath the unit. Clear all the items off the shelves, and completely disinfect the space to get rid of dust, decomposing insects, lint, and any other stains that have arrived there. Get rid of that mug stain or that food stain, and make your shelves sparkle for redecoration!
      Image Credit: Pinterest
    • Shorten the Cables-Once the shelves are cleaned, the useful devices are shortlisted, and the locations of those devices are finalized, the next is to shorten the cable cords. With most devices, the cords are too long and cause entangling or messiness at the bottom of the television cabinet. Shorten the cords by wrapping them around your hand and using a twist tie or cable tie to keep them in place. This way, it will reduce the mess, it will be easier to hide away, and it will lead to less entangling.
      Image Credit: Redesign4more
    • Connect the Devices-Once everything is cleaned, place the devices in their designated areas and plug them all in to ensure they are working and all the plugs and power cords are accessible and organized effectively. If a plug is falling short, consider getting a power strip or extension cord to ease the organization process. Once all the devices are connected and working, the basics of the entertainment unit decluttering are complete.
      Image Credit: Pinterest
    • Redecorate the Shelves-The final step is the fun part, which is to redecorate the remaining shelves. Use the shelves to display any curios or family photos. Ensure the space is clean before placing any decorations on it. Have some fun with the decorations and match them to your room space!
      Image Credit: Al Habib Panel Doors


    An organized entertainment unit creates a brand-new look in any room, and makes the area look visually appealing. Get yours organized to create a unique look in your living room!

  • Choosing the Perfect Entertainment Unit for Your Space

    Choosing the perfect television unit for your space can be a daunting task. In most homes, the entertainment center is the focal point of a living room or a family room. Therefore, it has to be properly sized and designed to match the space both aesthetically and practically. ModSpace.in manufactures customized entertainment units that are precisely measured to fit the room perfectly, designed with the room's color scheme and decor style in mind.  Below, are a few steps to consider in finalizing the perfect entertainment unit for your space.

    Measurements: Before getting into the design aspects, it is best to get oriented with the actual size of your room. While shopping for the most important item of an entertainment unit: the television itself, it is best to determine the overall layout and basic measurements of the room, and how large one can go with their television. Measure the floor space (width & depth) that is available in your room, and measure the width and height of the viewing wall where your television will be placed. These basic measurements will allow you to purchase the ideal size television and the surrounding unit.

    Image Credit: Lowe's

    Type: The next step is to know the type of entertainment unit you prefer for your space. There are full entertainment centers, which are larger pieces of furniture that hold the television itself. The full entertainment centers are the largest type of entertainment unit you can find. Therefore, ample space should be available. Oftentimes, entertainment centers have storage ranging from drawers to cabinets to shelves below, on the sides and possibly even above the television itself. These storage space are perfect for keeping the gadgets, such as a DVD player of a video game consul, or DVDs and other media components. ModSpace.in specializes in the full entertainment centers, customizing them to fit in a room of any size.

    Image Credit: Furniture From Germany

    The next type of entertainment unit are the television stands or console. These are the simplest pieces of entertainment units. Unlike the the full entertainment center, the television stand has simplistic cabinetry that is placed underneath the actual television. The storage is limited, but it is perfect for a smaller space. The storage options include drawers and cabinetry, and is a great option of your television has be placed in a corner of the room.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    A less common type of entertainment unit are known as media chests or armoires. These are the narrowest form of television units, taking up less floor space and using more vertical space, which makes them perfect for the smallest spaces. In the armoires, the television is contained within cabinet doors and is concealed when not being used. The media chests are tall, dresser-like cabinets, which have shelves and drawers below the television to place all the media components.

    Television Armoire Image Credit: Cymax
    Image Credit: Overstock

    The final option is limited to flat screen televisions. Although the ones above can accommodate flat screen television sets, another option is an entertainment center or a television stand that allows you to mount your television on it. Instead of mounting the television on the wall, one can use the wall of the unit for mounting.

    Style: Once the type of entertainment unit is finalized, the next step is the determine the style. ModSpace.in manufactures entertainment units in all styles, and ensures it matches your existing decor. In determining your style, identify the overall style and look of your room and select a unit in the same style so it doesn't clash. Below: are some characteristics of popular decor styles:

    • Modern Units: Crisp clean lines, using natural materials such as metal, glass, or wood.
      Modern Entertainment Unit Image Credit: Home-Designing
    • Traditional units: Generally made of wood, and feature some moulding on top and/or on the legs of the unit.
      Image Credit: Home Furniture Mart
    • Transitional/mixed: Many homes combine a bit of both traditional and modern within their homes-this mixed entertainment unit design usually has the clean lines with little ornamentation and moulding on the decor itself.
      Mixed Entertainment Center w/the clean lines and neutral color of Modern Design & the moulding, wood-like finish of Traditional Design. Image Credit: Shopify
    • Country or cottage Units- lighter wood or a distressed painted finish.
      Image Credit: Foter


    Finalizing your entertainment unit brings allows you to take multiple factors into account: size, type, and style. As the focal point of your room, take some time to customize the exact look and feel you desire for your space. A little thought can go a long way!

  • Design Ideas for your Entertainment Unit

    The entertainment section is one of the most important and central parts of the living room and a possibly crucial part of the bedroom. As every other piece of furniture, the entertainment unit must complement the home interiors, adding some visual interest, and creating an attractive space to enjoy watching television. Below, we have outlined a few television unit ideas the can complement different types of interiors.

    Modern Design: These days, entertainment units in modern design are becoming more popular. Modern design is a more open concept with straight cabinetry and even open shelving for books and curios. There is no decorative moulding on the cabinetry and shelves and it includes sleek lines throughout the entire space.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Wonder Wall: A television can also be placed in the unit wall. Depending on the space and the residents, the wonder wall masculine touch. Therefore, it is perfect for a male's bedroom or bachelor pad. A wonder wall is best complemented with small shelving below the television itself, giving space for the consul and any speakers for the sound system.

    Image Credit: Pixri

    Entertainment Unit with Shelves: Many contemporary entertainment units have more open storage. Entertainment units with open shelves are quite popular. Shelving can be placed below, to the side, and even above the television. With designing a television unit with shelves, there is a great deal of customization as the television, itself, and shelves can be placed in any proximity (left, right, center), and it will still look perfect.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Television with Backsplash: Add some drama to the room be splashing your favorite shade behind the TV. Whether the television is on the wall or a part of the individual unit, add a bright color for some excitement and visual interest in the room. Bold colors are perfect for contemporary homes and bring a variety of color palettes into the entire room.

    Image Credit: Kingsae

    Television on the Gallery Wall: The television can even be camouflaged on a gallery wall. If your entertainment unit is a simple consul below the television, then create an interesting gallery above and add the television, rather than having it on an empty wall space. A gallery wall brings an element of unique personalization to a room and adds interesting decor.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    "Floating" TV: A wall-mounted television always looks good. It gives a more contemporary aesthetic and looks very attractive. A wall mounted television on an entertainment unit gives a more streamline look, and makes it feel a part of the room's furniture. It can easily combine all of today's contemporary trends, by adding open shelving next to the television, using sleek and clean lines to add some modernity, and creating a beautiful visual space.

    Image Credit: Houzz
  • BLEED BLUE! Preparing your TV & Entertainment Unit for T20 Cricket World Cup

    The T20 Cricket World Cup is happening, and the matches are getting more intense and more interesting. As the big ones are upon us, what are your plans? Are you going out or staying in? Are you calling a huge group over or are you keeping things simple? Either way, keep reading on how to prepare your television and entertainment unit for the big games coming up (For example: India vs. Pakistan)!

    Large Television or Projector? Is your television big enough for viewing the intense match? If it is, not to worry. However, if you desire a bigger screen, consider setting up a home projector screen or investing in a larger television. It is also an ideal time to update your television display. If your television is sitting on an older entertainment unit, upgrade to a brand new one with a wall-mount television instead. Wall-mounted television allow for easier and better viewing. At ModSpace.in the contemporary entertainment units allow for a wall-mounted plasma screen, customizable to any size requirement. While viewing  ensure that you are able to see all players and the entire stadium accurately while watching the cricket match.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Clean the Equipment: Before viewing the match you'll definitely want to clean off the dust that has collected on your screen. Gently wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth and ensure all the electronic accessories are clean as well. With speakers, clean the covers and make sure all dust is removed. The last thing you want during your match is for a disruption due to equipment not being cleaned! So wipe it all down and make everything squeaky-clean!

    Surround Sound: Having clean equipment definitely helps with surround sound. Test that all your speakers and controls are plugged in and working properly so you can have that full stadium-like feel! With a superior surround sound system, you will be watching the cricket match in the comfort of your home with the excitement and noise of the stadium!

    Image Credit: Mashable

    Declutter the Entertainment Unit: In most cases an entertainment unit has several random tidbits and curios on display. During a big game, items can fall and break due to the intensive sound and number of people watching the match. Therefore remove the breakables and any other items coming in the way of the television screen. Nothing should obstruct the view of India playing cricket at the T20 World Cup.

    Image Credit: Home Transformed

    Have plenty of Seating: The final step is to ensure there is great seating for the game. If a number of people are coming to your house, then re-arrange to the room to include extensive and comfortable seating for everybody to be able to watch the match comfortably. Have all types of seating from couches and recliners to comfortable pillows and cushions on the floor. Make the room inviting by adding extensive seating for the match.

    Image Credit: zillow.com
  • 4 Ways to Decorate your Entertainment Unit

    Entertainments units are a unique feature in any space. Unlike a kitchen or wardrobe, a television unit can be distinctly designed to include unique, customizable storage features as per your preferences. In any given room, the entertainment unit is usually the center of attention. The room is designed to ensure that there is comfortable and adequate seating or bedding to allow viewers to face forward and watch television easily. The entire room is organized to ensure that as many viewers possible are able watch any show or movie without discomfort or trouble. Therefore, television units can be as simple or as elaborate as the user prefers. Some entertainment units include some floor cabinetry with a screen on top, while others include extensive shelving around the television space itself. Needless to say, an entertainment unit comes with a great amount of decorating space above, below, or on the sides of the television, itself. Before are the top four of ways of decorating your entertainment unit with style!

    Photo Frames: The shelving space in an entertainment unit is typically open or behind glass shutters. Therefore, all contents on display are visible to onlookers. So why not make it look nice! One way to decorate an entertainment unit is by adding photo frames. Shelves with photographs of family, friends, and amazing memories are a great conversation starter and add to the decor space. Photo frames are available in  variety of sizes and designs, and there are several styles available to match the theme of the room or the entertainment unit itself.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Book Shelf: If your entertainment unit has extensive shelving, it is a great space for a bookshelf, especially if you have hard bound or leather-bound books. The shelves are an ideal place to access your books when needed, and make your television unit look aesthetically pleasing. Books add a source of color to the dark television screen and create visual interest for any viewer.

    Image Credit: Fortino

    Gallery Wall: If your entertainment unit simply includes cabinetry below the television itself, the wall space behind can look extremely bare. Either shelving space or a textured back drop can be added behind the television itself, or one can create a gallery wall of pictures. If your television is wall mounted, then it simply becomes a part of the wall when it is turned off. The surrounding pictures give people something else to view besides the actual television.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Artwork/Decoration: Besides the books, the gallery wall, and the photo frames, an entertainment unit is a great space to display your curios and decoration. Curios from any home store or from a loved one or even from past travels can easily be displayed artistically on the shelves of a television unit. Entertainment units are available with a variety of shelving styles and options, and the decoration pieces can match the theme of the television unit easily!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    There are a variety of ways to decorate an entertainment unit. As a space, it is the focal point of every room, and can accommodate the more variety of decoration and storage than any other storage or cabinet space in your home. While decorating your entertainment unit, have some fun with it! There is no way you can go wrong!

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