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  • 5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Christmas Party

    Monday marks Christmas day, which calls for celebration and festivities with friends and family. It is a great time to get together over food and drink and enjoy each other's company. If you are hosting a festive get together in your home, check out the tips below on throwing the perfect Christmas Party in your home, without the stress!


    Stock up on Nibbles: The first thing to do is the stalk up on the nibbles. Any selection of small plates and appetizers to get the party started. With this, one can go for thematic, Christmas-like food items for guests to simply reach and nibble on as they arrive.

    christmas appetizers Festive Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter Image Credit: Pinterest

    Keep the Bar Unit Well-Organized and Ready: It is definitely not a party without a well-organized bar unit. Whether it is a party with alcoholic drinks or non alcoholic drinks, a drinks section is definitely important. A previous blog post discussed the best way to organize the bar area. However, to cater to all guests, stock up on sodas and mixers; yet also coffee and tea. Since it is a Christmas party, Christmas-themed drinks such as cider, hot cocoa, and various options of wine are definitely in order.

    Diet Coke Holiday Image Credit: The Southern Style Guide

    Make it Festive!! For a Christmas party, decorations are definitely essential. Decor can be kept simple with with a bowl of colorful ornaments in the enter of the table; or it can be elaborate with a well-lit Christmas tree in the corner. Decorating for Christmas is very simple. One can add wreaths to the walls, or light white candles for a bit of a festive touch this Christmas holiday. For more Christmas decoration ideas for your home, check out the previous blog post.

    DIY Candles Threads Image Credit: DIY Candles

    Create Comfort: Any home Christmas party should exude comfort. Add festive, yet comforting touches with thematic cushions on the couches and keep the food accessible with buffet style. By doing so the Christmas party is given a more homely touch.

    Red Accent living room Image Credit: Comfort Works

    Music: Christmas party or not, a party needs music. Set the mood with a holiday playlist. Keep the music on low so conversation is easy and the mood is light.


    With a Christmas party, celebrate the holiday your way. Add some joy and cheer to your home this holiday season, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  • Valentines Day: Giving Some Love to Your Kitchen

    Happy Valentines Day <3! As we see everywhere, February is the month of love, and today officially marks Valentines Day. Although Valentines Day is today, we feel the entire month February is meant for love: whether it is your loved one, yourself, your pet, or even your home. We feel that in this season of love, even the home deserves a little attention during this time of the year. Being the heart of the home, the kitchen in particular deserves some special treatment. Below check out some easy and quick ideas to give your kitchen a little lovin' this Valentines Season.

    Flowers: Add a bunch of flowers to your kitchen space. Occupy an unused corner or an island centerpiece with some fresh flowers within the kitchen. With early signs of spring beginning to poke through the winter, flowers will be a nice touch. Valentines Day does not mean that one needs to restrict themselves to the reds and pinks. Mix up a bunch of colors to add a beautiful bouquet to the kitchen counter.

    Image Credit: The decoist

    Change the Kitchen Towels: Freshen up the kitchen towels and get some new linens for the kitchen space. Replace or throw away the old kitchen rags and add an element of freshness to the kitchen with new hand towels and dish towels within the space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Fix What Needs to Be Fixed: Leaking Tap, irritated drawer channel? Call for an update! Fix up all the pesky nooks and corners that need a quick tightening up. Get all the routine maintenance checks done on the appliances to refresh them after the busy Christmas and New Years Holidays. Revamp the entire kitchen for the spring and summer season, and ensure everything is working smoothly for the upcoming summer months.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Reorganize the Kitchen Shelves: Clear out the kitchen shelves to dust them off and display a new collection! If the kitchen has open shelves, display a new collection and give the kitchen a whole new look. With time, many items get unnecessary piled or unorganized within the cabinetry. Therefore, clean out the cabinetry and reorganize all the shelves by category to have a more pleasant and organized experience while operating in the kitchen. It will save significant time and bring a smile to your face.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Get Rid of the Unnecessary Items: Going hand-in-hand reorganizing the kitchen shelves, use this time to get rid of all the unnecessary items. Whether it is expired food items or broken dishes, just get rid of them. Take the old stuff out of the kitchen, and replace with the new! After all, the most-used room in the home does need a makeover once in awhile. Use the season of love to give something back to your kitchen.


    Although Valentines Day is today, our kitchens can all use some love and attention once in awhile. Use the remaining month of love, to give a little something extra to your kitchen space whether its flowers, new dishes, or just an old-fashioned clean-out: our kitchens needs some love. Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

  • Crazy Smart Gadgets for the Kitchen

    In the past few years, the concept of an open, "connected home" is becoming more popular. Various automation changes are taking place within a home to connect the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. Nowadays there are countless digital innovations that can bring an element of surprise and sophistication within the kitchen. The kitchen smart technology today is being designed to provide cooking assistance and convenience in the general kitchen process. Check out some crazy kitchen gadgets that can be added to your kitchen!

    Touch-Screen Oven: Now kitchens can include ovens that have a memory of their own. There are several very advanced ovens that are controlled through a touch screen or even an app, offering several cooking programs and recipes right at your fingertips. These ovens are connected to a very detailed recipe database and use the home's wifi to suggest any recipe based on the available ingredients! This advancement in using the oven saves so much time and energy of looking up the recipe yourself!

    Image Credit IQ Global

    Voice-Activated Grill: How does a voice-activated grill sound? This kitchen device is perfect for both indoor and outdoor kitchens, controlling the temperature based on the meat and vegetables and the method of preparation. This grill is so advanced it eventually learns the users' cooking preferences, and preps the food accordingly. Along with food prep, the user even be be notified via text message on their smartphone when their food is ready!

    Image Credit: Consumer Reports

    Wireless Hobs: These days even the cooking zone can be wireless. Wireless hobs are available to control temperature and even communicate wirelessly with the chimney when the user starts induction cooking. Other hobs have touch screens with built-in menu settings where one can look up recipes online and download them to the hob's auto cook menus. Once those recipes are downloaded, they can be added to the personal menu and selected when required. Once chosen the cooking zone prepares the dish accordingly.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Sourcebook

    Touch Screen Control on Refrigerators: Just like many kitchen gadgets discussed above, even refrigerators are incorporating a touch screen option, which adds to the basic functions of the appliance, itself. Smart refrigerators have special controls that rapidly reduce temperature to quickly cool groceries or even special lighting to increase the vitamins of fruits and vegetables and protect them. Ultimately, the refrigerator is turning into a zone to preserve the freshness and nutrition value of all food items while keeping them cool at the same time.

    Image Credit: Engadget

    Wash Ware: Even dishwashers have advanced with time. Many dishwashers have an eco-mode to lose less water and energy in cleaning the dishes. Other smart dishwasher also have special settings that allow the dishes to be cleaned using only half of the normal time, and even settings to make the sound extremely quiet.

    Image Credit: Dishwashers Reviewed

    Overall, the future of the kitchen is through smart appliances and increased use of technology. This concept of the "connected home" will become an increased part of our daily lives as we move forward.

  • Going for the Gold: Brazil-Inspired Kitchen Decor for Your Home

    These days all eyes are on Brazil. With hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro has become the place to be for the summer. As athletes go for the gold across infinite sporting events, the Brazilian culture exudes throughout the games. With the lavish Opening Ceremony to the bright colors in the promotional displays, Brazil's flamboyance is apparent everywhere. In spirit of the Olympic Games, here is some Brazil-inspired kitchen design and decor that can be used in your home.

    Simple Geometry: Many contemporary Brazilian home interiors take inspiration from modern design, having simplistic straight lines in the cabinetry without any crowning, moulding or decorative elements. The kitchen is no exception. Most of the cabinetry in the kitchen is very clean with straight cabinetry and countertops. Be it a colorful or neutral color palette, simplistic geometry is apparent throughout.

    Image Credit: Homebunch

    Emphasis on Color: Due to the simpler structures, most Brazilian homes make up for it by adding extensive amounts of color within their home. Many kitchens can be seen with bright, ostentatious colors such as yellows, bright blues, pinks, vivid greens, and oranges. These colors create that carnival-like atmosphere within a home. Even when a kitchen has a more neutral color palette, the entire kitchen is brought to life with colorful food items, bowls, and plates. In Brazil, colors are a sign of happiness and it is believed that this happiness should be a part of every home.

    Image Credit: Forbes

    Bold Patterns: Many homes in Brazil also add significant bold patterns to their home. Within a kitchen, bold patterns are often seen in the kitchen backsplashes or even in the chairs and cabinetry. Bold patterns are also seen to bring the entire kitchen together and complement the entire scheme and theme, adding to the cabinetry and the surrounding furniture.

    Image52 Image Credit: Homebunch

    Natural & Metallic Touches: Along with bold colors and patterns, overall kitchen designs can also include unique touches. Metallic touches can be seen in the backsplashes and appliances, while natural finish can be seen in the countertops and cabinetry. The natural finishes consist of a bamboo or wicker-type look, and are readily complemented with bright pops of color throughout.

    Overall, the Brazilian culture embraces celebration, brightness, and a positive lifestyle. As you continue to follow the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, take some home interior inspiration from Brazil and mix up the bright colors with the bold patterns and add the natural and metallic touches to create that South-American-inspired kitchen for your home.

  • 4 Gorgeous Wardrobes from the Met Gala 2016 Celebrities

    The Met Gala happened this week and every celebrity was absolutely stunning in their gorgeous outfits. Celebrities from all types of industries attended the event, creating an immediate buzz on this week's social media. With this grand event just behind us, we did a little digging into some of the attendees to discover that a fair few of them are just as stylish outside the fancier events. With the beautiful, glittering ballgowns, they have stunning homes and amazing wardrobe designs. Below, feast your eyes on the ever-so-dreamy wardrobe designs of some of the Met Gala celebrities

    Blake Lively-The blonde beauty has a separate wardrobe just for her shoes! Her walk-in wardrobe design has enough space for her to move around and access whatever footwear she desires. Organized by color and style, the Gossip Girl star has ongoing shelves to arrange her shoes perfectly. The wardrobe itself, even includes an island in the middle with drawers for accessory storage. The image above shows wardrobe's island, along with her endless pumps collection.

    Kylie Jenner-Now does she have three pictures? Because this Met Gala attendee has 3 independent walk-in wardrobes! One for her clothing, one for her red carpet gowns, and one for her shoes. All three wardrobes are efficiently designed with excellent storage options. Her main clothing wardrobe includes double hanging, with plenty of shelving, and an island with drawers for accessory storage. Her evening gown wardrobe is perfectly designed to have tall-hanging, allowing the clothing not to get crushed in storage. This wardrobe has on going storage above the hanging, and some innovative storage below. Finally, her shoes and handbag wardrobe includes ongoing, curved shelves where her shoes are spread out and arranged perfectly. All images are credited to Kylie Jenner at
    Beyonce-While she turned heads at the Met Gala, her and her husband, Jay-Z's wardrobe design has got all of us drooling. The large walk-in wardrobe looks almost like a living room with some seating, and ongoing ceiling to floor cabinetry on both sides. The wardrobe is combined with a dressing room, having a vanity counter on one side and a full-length mirror on the other side. Image credit: Home Bunch
    Cindy Crawford-She was looking very beautiful at the Met Gala. As an established personality, her wardrobe is anybody's dream. With abundant natural lighting through the large window, this wardrobe design has ongoing hanging on all sides. The island in the center has drawers on both side, allowing for convenient storage of the smaller wardrobe items. Along the walls, there is shelving for shoes, bags, and accessories; tall hanging for pants and gowns, and double hanging as well. The storage in this wardrobe is organized beautifully, with on going shelf space above each hanging and plenty of drawer space spread through the wardrobe. In the image above, Cindy Crawford is sitting inside her wardrobe with her daughter. Both of them are sitting on the island, which is doing a multi-purpose job of an extra seat and some extra storage! Image Credit: People

    Most of these wardrobes are designs we can only dream of. However, they are always enjoyable to look at and take inspiration from. One thing all these celebrity closets have in common is the storage. The storage is efficiently designed and ideal given the size and space. At, the wardrobes are specifically designed to have superior storage options for even the smallest space. For your perfect wardrobe design, contact us!

  • Home Interior Inspiration from Game of Thrones

    Winter is coming! You know nothing Jon Snow! These phrases and many many more consume the month of April with the excitement of Game of Thrones entering our minds, thoughts, and every conversation. Whether it is the complex storylines, unpredictable plot twists, fantastic actors, or elaborate sets, we appreciate just about everything related to Game of Thrones. In fact, this show has been so iconic, it has broken stereotypes across all spectrums, even bringing trendy ideas to interior design. Be it Winterfell of the North or the South of Kings Landing, the elaborate sets have brought great inspiration to home interiors-innovating from Historical Gothic, Medieval, Middle-Eastern, and European decorating styles. Below, take some inspiration from the diverse decoration styles of Game of Thrones.

    King's Landing: King's Landing, as we all know, is home to the coveted Iron Throne. The throne itself is a fascinating feature in the whole space. It acts as a focal point for the entire living area. Be inspired by this, and create a focal point in your living area. Add a feature chair or a visually interesting space in your home interior to create that great focal point for the entire room.

    Image Credit: Eco Salon

    Winterfell: Starting with the Starks' home in the North, the overall decor takes inspiration from raw elements-such as stone and raw wood. However, the appearance of the entire set is still very rich. For your home interiors, take inspiration from richer materials such as fur, wool, and leather-with a darker color palette, candles, and rustic furniture. This decorating style makes a home appear both appear rich and authentic at the same time.

    Image Credit: Stone-Ideas

    Castle Black-The Wall: In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow's eerie home looks like an industrial space from the Industrial Revolution! In the sets, you see Gothic-style furniture and animal heads used as decoration. For your home, incorporate the classic Gothic-style arches in your cabinetry and ensure a wood-like finish. Although the setting of Castle Black is dark, one can easily add some lighter-colored elements to their home. Mix up the elements by adding some industrial touches, such as stainless steel appliances and iron lighting fixtures.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Qarth City: Home to Daenerys Targaryen, her space is more inspired by Middle-Eastern style decor. Qarth City is a bit more colorful and ethnic with tribal art and accessories and colorful rugs. The overall space is much warmer and more visually appealing, using a lighter plywood panelling for the floor and ceiling. Qarth City decor can greatly inspire your own home decor. Add some bright, color elements to your space and innovate with a lighter and brighter color palette.

    Image Credit: Designed to the Nines

    The Eyrie at Kingdom of Mountain and Vale: This castle is quite spectacular. Taking inspiration from Greek architecture, the castle walls are very open, where one can see the sky, and natural wood is the desired material. The openness of this castle is what makes it unique, bringing in both natural light and fresh air at the same time. Get inspired and some open-ness to your space. Incorporate windows for great natural lighting within your home.

    Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

    Pyke House Greyjoy: The interior of this castle is typically wood and stone with some dark black and grey undertones. The only source of light in this castle included clustered candles, giving the space almost creepy atmosphere. This kind of theme is ideal for a smaller space, rather than a larger one. Dark undertones tend to contract a space, making it look smaller. Therefore, they should be used in doses to prevent the entire home from being dark and dreary. For example, if it was used in kitchen, it should be of limited use or the entire kitchen should be smaller.

    Image Credit: Residences Style

    Dragonstone: Dragonstone is a place that is extremely gloomy and dark. Just like Pyke, there is a lot of stone and wood used in the interiors. However, the elements are even darker and more mysterious-almost appearing like a scene of a horror movie. Within your home, these elements are good for a darker room, such as a home theater.

    Image Credit: Getty Images

  • 5 Royal Kitchens Used Through History

    The Royals are in India! Everywhere there is buzz about the royal couple's whereabouts, wardrobe choices, and events. A visit from any royal, prime minister, or president from around the world, creates history as it strengthens relations between countries. Taking some inspiration from the Royals' visit, lets take a look at some of the royal kitchens that have existed throughout history and are still preserved or used today.

    The Great Kitchen at Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle was and is still always known for being both grand and welcoming at the same time. The principle of the castle was to equally acknowledge a royal, noble, or even a servant. Therefore, all rooms, including, the kitchen, are designed accordingly. The Great Kitchen is a large space with long working spaces where all the workers could interact with one another to accomplish their tasks at the same time. Today, this kitchen still stands, but as a great tourist attraction open to all visitors around the world.

    "The immense kitchen of Windsor, which is authetically a kitchen, is indisputably a high, noble, and worthy kitchen or a castle, one that communicates something of the royal dignity itself to the humble, servile, activity of the cook"

    Neuschwanstein Castle

    Located in Southwest Germany, this castle is a 19th century Romanesque that is still standing today. Although vacant, it is still maintained for all visitors. The kitchen for this castle is located on the ground floor, and had the best kitchen technology of the day. The kitchen has two predominant working counter spaces, with one against the wall and an island in the center. Although the kitchen is not used today, the kitchen still has a cooking zone with a stove and side board, a built-in oven, a plate warmer, baking warmer, mortar, and fish tank. The kitchen also has a pantry with a built-in crockery cupboard.

    Topkapi Palace


    The kitchen area of this Istanbul palace is exceptionally huge, with a Main kitchen to serve the Sultan, Privy Kitchen where desserts and candies were made. The kitchen space consists of 10 sections, which included the kitchen spaces themselves, prayer facilities for the chefs and cooks, the oil house, and the pantry.  The Palace Kitchens were constructed in domed structures, and included long work areas with large cooking pots to stir food for large meals

    Buckingham Palace

    This London Palace is still being used today. With a rich history, the Queen of England still resides there and hosts large dinners often. In fact, more than 50,000 guests visit the Palace each year to attend the Queen's banquets, lunches, dinners, receptions, and garden parties. The Buckingham Palace kitchen, today is able to serve a sit-down meal for up to 600 people at one time. Still in operation, the vast kitchen uses the latest technology with large, expandable working spaces and utensil and crockery storage along the walls. The cooks and junior cooks work together side-by-side to serve royal meals to Britain's reigning royal family.

    Hampton Court Palace

    The Hampton Court Palace Kitchens were built to prepare Tudor meals for Henry VIII. Still being used in their authenticity today, the large kitchen was designed to feed a minimum of 600 people at least twice a day. Elaborate meals are still cooked in this vast kitchen today without modern conveniences. The kitchen feeds many mouths, giving the authentic Tudor experience.

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