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  • What is Custom-Made Furniture? Why it is Need of the Hour?

    While looking for a furniture for your home or office, you must have come across terms such as customized furniture, custom-made furniture or personalized furniture. These are the terms that have recently gained importance because of their benefits and services they offer. A custom-made furniture is a piece of furniture that is designed according to your requirement and preference. Such furniture offers you optimum functionality, have sufficient storage space and blends well with your home decor. Moreover, the material used in custom-built furniture is durable and high quality. On the other hand, ready-made furniture is made up of cheap quality that do not last for long. Also, most of them are old fashioned. Another feature that makes them different and demanding is their wide range. Read more to know about benefits of custom-made furniture in detail.

    1. Unique Range of Designs

    We all look for furniture that would complement our wall color, fit into our requirements and goes well with the space. It should not look bulky and too minimal thus, custom-made furniture comes handy as they allow you to play around with the design and solve your space crunch problem. They can be designed the way you want, keeping you abreast with the latest style and fashion, since they are available in different colors, shapes and materials such as wood, glass, plastic, laminate, metal etc.

    Unique Range of Designs- Custom-Made furniture

    2. Sufficient Storage Space

    The custom-made furniture offers you sufficient storage space, since they can be made and designed in any shape and size unlike ready-made furniture. They are flexible and thus, can be used in number of ways, for example a multi-purpose storage unit can be used as a crockery unit or a shoe rack. It maximizes the space without compromising on the interiors.

    Sufficient Storage Space- Custom-made furniture

    3. Quality that Stays for Long

    Custom-made furniture is crafted exclusively for you.  This gives you a room to decide the material you want and who would not invest in a material (such as plywood, particle wood and Medium Density Fiberboard that has superior quality, durability and other features such as termite resistance, boiling water resistance etc. With custom-made furniture you get the best quality that you are looking for.

    Quality that Stays for Long- Custom-Made furniture

    4. Value for Money

    With custom-made furniture you can be rest assured of getting the best quality for which you have invested.

    Value for Money- Custom-made furniture

  • 4 Things to Know about Custom-Made Cabinetry

    Anything custom-made is a blessing. In a custom design, everything is made exclusively to you, catering to your taste and your home. In the long run, a custom solution gives a seamless design, ultimately adding value to your home space. They are made-to-measure and become a real asset within the home. At, we offer custom-made cabinetry in all forms for the home: kitchens, wardrobes, entertainment units, and vanities. However, before diving into the furniture, below are 4 tips to know about getting custom furniture within the home.


    Ask the Right Questions: In finalizing a vendor for your custom cabinetry, ensure they are genuine and provide custom solutions. Oftentimes, vendors either have stand sizes in which they create custom solutions or they are restricted with the type of measurements they can provide. For a full custom solution, ensure the vendor you choose is able to cater all types of measurements and spaces to provide the perfect solution for your home.


    Think about the Usage of the Cabinetry: In designing the cabinetry, consider the function. In the kitchen, it would be used to stocking crockery, cutlery, and food items. With an entertainment unit, space is needed to access the cords and accessories. Therefore, in designing the cabinetry, consider what all it will be used for based on the room or space it is in. Defining the usage while creating a custom solution eases the design process and allows the vendor further design a solution especially for you. Think about the Usage of the Cabinetry

    Make Sure Shelves can Handle the Weight: Another step to consider is how items will the stored and whether or not heavier or lighter items will be placed and their arrangement. With cabinet shelves, ensure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight. With heavier items additional support may be required.


    Choose the Right Finishes: Ensure the finishes are durable and long lasting. Areas in the kitchen, such as near the sink, may require a water resistant finish, while a wardrobe finish has a bit more flexibility. Nevertheless, while choosing the finish, budget also comes into play. Finishes such as laminate are much more economical, while a finish such as PU Paint or Solid wood is more expensive. For all types of furniture in the home, the are a variety of finishes at different price points.

    With finalizing the perfect solution for your home, do your homework before meeting your vendor. Have an idea of what you are looking for before picking out the cabinetry solutions. In doing so, you and your vendor can sit and brainstorm for that perfect custom solution for your home!

  • 4 Tips for Organizing the Bathroom Vanity

    Organizing a bathroom vanity is not the most glamorous job in the world, but having one has its perks. As a room, the bathroom is one of the most-used rooms within the home and is a part of our daily routine. The bathroom has so many functions, yet there is usually limited area, and a homeowner has to work with it to create a functional space for their daily tasks. One of the biggest storage units in a bathroom is the vanity. Vanities are available in all shapes and sizes, but all of them can store a large number of items if they are well organized. In fact, a well organized vanity is a major lifesaver within the bathroom. Below are a few tips to start with in achieving that beautiful organized bathroom vanity you always dreamed of!


    Outward Appearance: The first thing to consider is how you want the vanity to look. Ideally, a homeowner or user prefers simple, easy presentation. However, even within this there are variables. Depending on your preferences, you can prefer to have some items or the countertop, or have a completely cleared off space where the countertop is only in use when required. Therefore, before even attempting to organize the items, first consider how you would want the bathroom vanity to look.

    Outward Appearance Image Credit: Pinterest

    Clean Everything Out: The next step is to clean everything out. Remove all the items and get rid of anything that is expired, finished, or not used for a significant amount of time. Ensure all the items you have still smell nice before putting them back in your vanity. If any item or product has a bizarre odor, get rid of it. Once the items are cleaned out, ensure the inside of the cabinetry is clean. A simple wipe down works very well to make sure all the dust and flyaway hair is cleaned out.

    Clean Everything Out Image Credit: Martha Stewart

    Divide by Category: Then, separate all the items by the group. Dividing the items by category helps in organizing. Separated the hair-related items and appliances from the nail items, from the dental items, and from the makeup. Keep all the items of the same category in one section or one drawer to have a more organized system while going about the daily routine.

    Divide by Category Hair Appliances in Bathroom Drawer. Image Credit: Pinterest

    Have a Container for Everything: In the bathroom there are a lot of smaller items. To aid with organization and avoid misplacement, keep these items in their own containers within the drawer itself. For example, for items such as hair accessories, dedication a container for them to avoid rummaging around the drawer. Any drawer organization system will help in keeping the little items at one place with easy access whenever necessary.

    Have a Container for Everything Image Credit: Decoist

    An organized bathroom vanity is something that can go a long way. It is a lifesaver within the home and immediately speeds up the bathroom process. Use these tips to organize you bathroom vanity!!

  • Some Showcase Designs form the World Wide Web

    As mentioned in the previous blog, has started giving options for lose furniture. With entertainment units, is also providing showcase units, study tables, shoe racks, bar units, and crockery units. With all of these items, there is a very understood use and purpose. The study table is ideal for the individual working from home or a student attending school or college. The shoe rack will keep all footwear organized and accessible, while the bar units are excellent storage space for all fancy glassware. And we all know that crockery units are perfect for storing-well crockery. However, the showcase units are what one can get extremely creative with. They are one of those items in the home that can be used to create visual interest, while storing items, and displaying pieces all at the same time. With their varying sizes and purpose, we found a few images on the World Wide Web of some showcase units we liked. Check them out below!

    Staggering Shelves: One thing we really liked about this showcase unit is the staggered shelves. They give the entire unit dimension and creates a minimalistic touch. This showcase unit adds great visual interest to a living room or even a wide hallway. With its well-placed decorative pieces, one can get extremely creative and have a themed display within the unit itself. Image Credit: Colsite
    Easy Storage: This showcase unit is a perfect example of how it can be used for storage. As the piece creates visual interest with the asymmetrical presentation, the unit also stores various items such as books and files, with a few interesting curios at random points. In the image above, the showcase unit is a great addition to the living room and the clean white lines add a modern touch to the entire space. Image Credit: Robinsons Beds
    Multipurpose: This showcase unit is a great example of how multiple types of items can be placed in a showcase unit. Just like the image above, the white, clean lines give this unit a very modern touch, and the various shelving allows for multiple storage options. Along with the few decorative pieces, this showcase unit shores books and DVDS, both horizontally and vertically. Not only is the showcase unit being used for storage, but the all the items placed are adding significant color the entire space. Imagine this in an TV room or a bedroom! Image Credit: Furniture Mind
    Horizontal Storage: This showcase unit is particularly creative and unique. The horizontal storage makes it great for keeping as bathroom storage to place towels and small toiletries. The image above shows clearly shows that showcase units are not just for books, DVDs, and collections; but they can also serve a utilitarian purpose of storing bathroom items or toiletries. This would make an interesting addition to a guest bathroom. Image Credit: Decoist
    Corner Solution: This showcase unit is extremely creative as it uses a wall corner in a very unique way! Along with providing that additional corner storage we all look for, this showcase unit is again serving multiple purposes of having books stacked horizontally, placed vertically, a plant for some green and color, and a decorative frame. Once again, the showcase unit is being used for multiple purposes, yet is still visually interesting. Image Credit: Etsy

    As seen in the images above, showcase units are some of the most multi-purpose solutions that one can add to their home space. They can be placed in multiple rooms and have many uses. For that extra bit of storage, talk to us about your showcase unit!

  • Introduces Lose Furniture

    As mentioned in the previous blog, has converted from a kitchen and wardrobe company to a full interior service provider. In doing so, we are provide multiple lose furniture item to add to your home. Along with entertainment units, which has been mentioned in many previous blogs, is now providing showcase units, study tables, bar units, crockery units, and shoe racks. All of the products are factory finished at our own facility and will enhance your home interiors perfectly.

    Showcase Units-Showcase units are display pieces that can be placed on any wall space within the home. Whether it is a hallway, empty living room wall, or a bedroom wall, a showcase unit is a great way to display curios, organize books, and show off collectibles. The showcase units have base material of MDF are completed with a pre laminated high gloss finish. CLSH02

    Study study tables are completed using a base material of MDF with a pre laminated high gloss finish. With a study table, create a productive work space in your home office. Each study table comes with a spacious work space, drawer storage below, and an overhead shelf storage. The organizational elements of the study tables allows the user to place their items in an structured manner without the risking of losing any important papers or supplies. PONT06

    Bar Units-A perfect solution for entertaining, use a bar unit to stalk your essentials when not in use. bar units are available in a range options, including a counter-height cabinet with drawers and shelves or even a full ceiling to floor cabinetry with ongoing shelves to store all the items. bar units come with a range of storage solutions to ensure your items are well-kept and accessible at a moment's notice. ELBAR02

    Crockery Units-Crockery units are excellent solutions for storing special occasion crockery collections. They can be displayed creatively behind the glass cabinetry or showcased on any open shelved spaces. The crockery units come with a range of storage options including shelving, drawers, and closed cabinetry. The crockery units are available in a beautiful high gloss laminate finish, which can serve as the highlight piece of any room. 01

    Shoe Racks-Shoe racks are one of the most underrated storage solutions every home requires. shoe racks provide the necessary storage for all footwear. Keep your footwear organized and well-kept within your home! is proving lose furniture options to complete the storage requirements in the home. With our supreme quality, factory-finished items, the furniture items will be an excellent addition to your home. For more on the furniture check out the new page.

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