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  • Quick 'n' Easy Tips to Monsoon-Proofing Your Kitchen

    The monsoon weather is upon us, keeping everything clean and hygienic gets a little bit tougher. Moisture is constantly in the air, affecting all rooms of the home, even the kitchen. Whether it is food items or kitchen surfaces, this time of the year requires some extra care in the kitchen to maintain the hygiene and prevent the moist air from affecting the overall kitchen finish.  Below, we bring a few tips to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic during the monsoon season.

    • At the very beginning of the monsoon season, or even before, it is very important to have your kitchen inspected for pests. Monsoon is a time where all sorts of pests take full opportunity to enter any space and lurk in a dark, moist corners. Whether it is verified through a pest control professional or your expertise, ensure the kitchen is pest free, and means are put in place to prevent any new pests from entering the kitchen space.
    • As mentioned in a previous blog, the basic rules of appropriate food are to either seal it or cool it. Place all food items in airtight containers, and store them in the cabinet or in the freezer.
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    • Verify all the wiring in the kitchen. Ensure the connections are of superior quality. The wiring is extremely important and needs to be prepared for the moisture that may be collected during the monsoon months.


    • Before placing food items on the counter, ensure the kitchen surface is completely clean. Wipe down the surface both before and after use to keep any bacteria from collecting.


    • Keep the kitchen dry by practicing cross-ventilation. If you have windows in your kitchen, open them to have air come in and moisture go out. Having proper airflow in the kitchen is essential, otherwise excess moisture will collect, making everything sticky and unhygienic. If you don't have windows, use the fan periodically to circulate and surfaces from getting too moist.
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    • To keep the odor out, place bath salts at the bottom of kitchen cabinets.


    • Use disinfectant to clean the kitchen cabinets. It is ideal to clean the kitchen cabinets often to prevent bad odors from collecting. While cleaning, use disinfectant and wipe down the cabinet interior and the shutters. Depending on the finish, follow the maintenance instructions of your shutters to preserve the new look and prevent it from collecting moisture. While cleaning the cabinets, keep them open for sometime to prevent bad smells from getting trapped.


    • At the end of the day, wipe down the kitchen floor to prevent any moisture from being collected overnight.
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    • For hygiene purposes, clean out the oven and refrigerators once a week, and get rid of any expired food immediately. To prevent food from expiring and sitting in the fridge, shop for lesser items more frequently. This will ensure that all your edibles are fresh and of superior quality.
  • Cleaning Essentials for your Kitchen: What and Where to Store Them

    The kitchen is the most active room in the home. There is constant activity every single day, and multiple users access the kitchen at once. As a result, everything has to be very hygienic and cleaned on a regular basis. Below are a few cleaning essentials you would need for your kitchen.

    Cleansers: The first item that all kitchens require are the cleansers. Whether they are natural cleansers or store-bought cleansers. It is essential to have a cleanser for your kitchen surfaces, countertops, sink, and cooking range. It is also recommended to stock up on dish soap to ensure your dishes are sparkling clean!

    Rubber Gloves: Rubber gloves are a must-have in any kitchen. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; and are perfect for protecting the hands from chemicals in the detergent and allowing for the use of hotter water.

    Dish Towels and Cloth: With cleaning supplies, every kitchen needs materials to wipe down a countertop or cabinet, or pat the freshly washed dishes. Having dish towels easily accessible makes it extremely simple to work around the kitchen. Dish towels are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes; and they range from regular to microfiber material-depending on your preference. Therefore, invest in a nice set of dish towels for your kitchen!

    Scrubbing pads: Scrubbing pads are available in all sizes, shapes, and colors. They especially come in handy for removing those stubborn stains due to spillages during cooking. However, scrubbing pads do wear-out quickly, so it is essential to stock up! Get all types of shapes and sizes!

    Broom: Due to India's dusty atmosphere, dirt creeps in through everywhere! The windows, doors, creeks in the wall-with any opening there is a possibility for dust to creep in. However, we do not realize that dust hits the kitchen floor. Therefore, for regular cleaning, have a broom handy to wipe out the lose dust and keep it out of the kitchen.

    Floor Mop: The final cleaning essential is a floor mop. Working around the kitchen on a daily basis, does lead to regular spills on the floor. A floor mop is the perfect tool to use for a routinely wipe down. In fact, wiping down the kitchen every night makes the overall kitchen very hygienic and ready to use the following day.

    Tip: It is ideal to store your kitchen cleaning supplies underneath the sink. By doing so, all supplies will be in one place, and easily accessible when necessary. Larger items, such as your broom and mop, are ideal for being stored in a store room or broom cupboard. 

    Cleaning the kitchen is not always easy, but it creates a very hygienic working space, making your kitchen feel new all the time! Therefore, to maintain that brand-new look, stock up on those cleaning supplies!

  • 5 Tips for Maintaining a Modular Kitchen in Delhi

    Delhi weather has the most extreme patterns throughout the year. You get the very cold for a couple months, then you get the extremely hot, and somewhere in between you get the extremely humid! Within any home, the kitchen is a place where the most activity. People are moving around, in and out, and aromas are being emitted, and food is being cooked, and cutlery is being cleaned. With all of these activities, the shutters and countertops are bound to lose their "new" look. However, there is a way to maintain your kitchen so it is as good as new. Follow the tips given below, and you'll be able to beat the Delhi weather and the kitchen activities by still having a brand-new looking kitchen!

    Regular Cleaning of Cabinets, Drawers, and Racks: In Delhi, nearly every surface collects one of two things: dust/dirt or moisture. Sometimes there is a dust storm that disrupts everything or it gets so humid, that there is moisture everywhere! With the Delhi atmosphere, the bacteria deposits are difficult to avoid. However, they can easily be wiped down to maintain the overall "new" appearance and hygiene of the kitchen and make the environment more hygienic. Once, you've completed using the kitchen for the day, use a soft cloth or a microfiber with a mild detergent to wipe down your shutters, drawers, and racks. This will make your storage be shiny and clean. By doing this activity daily, the dust and moisture won't settle on your kitchen cabinets.

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    Wipe Spillages Immediately: Anytime, there is a spillage at the hob or close to the sink, ensure to wipe it immediately. By not wiping it immediately, the spillage will settle with the Delhi dust and moisture, remaining as a sticky, unusable surface. Wipe the spillage using a mild detergent and a moist cloth, and to disinfect and clean the area at the same time. Your surface will be as good as new!

    Avoid harsh detergents: A good modular kitchen surface is water resistant, and depending on the type of finish, it can also be scratch resistant. Therefore, the surfaces do not require strong chemicals for cleaning. In fact, using strong chemicals will can lead to fading of the work and make the surface rough. While cleaning in your kitchen, only use mild solutions to main the feel, appearance, and shine of your kitchen.

    Dish cloth on countertops: A good kitchen countertop is usually scratch and stain resistant. At, we are aware of the countless activities that happen in a kitchen, and we understand the hygiene and cleanliness concerns of having an active kitchen in a city like Delhi, with pollution, dust, dirt, and moisture. Therefore, we provide countertops that are scratch resistant, and made stain resistant through proper sealing. In your home cleaning the countertops is very simple. All it takes is a regular wipe down with a wet warm dish cloth, to loosen to dust, and then drying with a microfiber cloth. Your counters will be new forever!

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    Always keep your sink area clean: Finally, ALWAYS keep your sink area clean. The sink area is where the most moisture can gather, and if not cleaned properly it can lead to infections and water damage in the kitchen. At we provide stainless steel sinks, as it is the most hygienic and sturdy against Delhi conditions. To maintain the sink, clean the unit regularly using baking soda. Baking soda is a very mild and useful cleaning agent that is perfect for cleaning the sink. In a sink unit, it is best to avoid cleaning agents with chloride, as it will corrode the steel.

    These are a few tips to maintain your modular kitchen. At, we take special care to ensure our materials and finishes are termite and stain resistant, and sturdy in all of Delhi's weather conditions. Follow these on a regular basis and your kitchen will be new forever! Any comments or concerns? Give us a call! We'll be happy to assist you!

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