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  • The Starting Point ModSpace.in Kitchen

    As seen on our website, the ModSpace.in kitchens start at Rs. 1,49,000. As kitchen manufacturers we are constantly looking for innovative ways to create more economical options for the home kitchen.  Therefore, read-on on what all is included in a starting point ModSpace.in kitchen! Kitchen 2-View 1

    Quality: The quality of ModSpace.in kitchens is consistent throughout all of the products. They are factory finished, using plywood, and go through a strict control process before being shipped. The kitchen raw materials are water and termite resistant and can withstand Indian weather conditions. Using German and Italian machinery, this kitchen is given a high-quality European style finish and is manufactured for the Indian user.

    Finish: Staying economical, the finish of the kitchen is laminate. The shutters are manufactured in Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with the laminate placed on top. This particular kitchen is available with Ivory Frost color in the wall cabinets and Shangrila color in the floor cabinets. Keeping the contemporary look in mind, both laminates are in high gloss and create the reflective look in the entire kitchen space. The dual color finish adds dimension and great visual interest. 

    Layout: The layout of the kitchen is L-shape, which is perfect for the contemporary user. It is suitable to the open floor plan and can easily accommodate an informal eating area within the space. The L-shaped kitchen allows multiple users to access and use the kitchen at one time. Each side of the kitchen is designed for specific tasks. The cooking range is placed in the middle of one side with plenty of counter space next to it for the user to spread themselves while cooking. With the cooking zone, the layout includes extensive floor and wall storage for the user to organize their food items and cooking supplies accordingly. The 2nd side is dedicated to cleaning, with the sink and plenty of counter space next to it. This side also includes both wall and floor storage for the user to place their clean dishes. 

    Storage & Accessories: To ease and optimize the user experience, this kitchen comes with storage mechanisms and accessories for that bit of extra convenience. The corner of the L-shaped layout is optimized to include a D-tray corner solution to use as much storage as possible. The wall cabinets have special lift-up mechanisms so the cabinet shutter moves upward while opening rather than blocking the side with a conventional shutter. The kitchen also includes some special ModSpace.in accessories: which are the steel drawers, grain trolley, and dish rack. These ModSpace.in accessories are expertly placed throughout the kitchen to ensure the user enjoys using their kitchen.

    This ModSpace.in kitchen is the general starting point. We maintain the quality throughout out products and add accessories to ensure the kitchen brings on a unique customer experience. With the superior quality and finish, special ModSpace.in accessories, and shipping and installation included, this kitchen is definitely a steal!

  • Client Story: ModSpace.in creates a Dream Home

    As we all know, designing kitchens and wardrobes are integral parts of any home. They make up the home design and allow the client to be as creative as possible with the home interiors. One of the aspects we love about our work is the privilege of interacting with clients from different backgrounds and taste. It is always fascinating to see how clients choose their colors and what inspires them to finalize their home interior. Very recently, we had the privilege of doing up a beautiful home on Prithviraj Road in New Delhi, providing the kitchen, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities for the entire house.

    Kitchen: The Kitchen in the home is a beautiful, spacious U-Shaped design with plenty of storage and an on going work space. It is finished in laminate with a hazel cambric color. All of the cabinetry in the kitchen has sleek, steel handles, giving the user a single point to pull any cabinet open. The color combined with the slim handles gives this kitchen an ultra-modern look, perfect for today's contemporary lifestyle.

    Once you enter the kitchen space, there is a counter right across that includes the sink and kitchen window, giving the kitchen some natural lighting. This counter space makes up the kitchen's cleaning zone. Above the sink there are cabinets, which are ideal for storing in cutlery and crockery. below the sink itself, there is plenty of storage on either side, which will allow the users to organize all their kitchen items easily and activity. The cooking zone is along the left wall, which includes the hob and chimney. On either side of the chimney, there is extensive wall cabinet storage, and below the counter there is a large amount of floor cabinet storage. The floor cabinet storage includes a grain drawer and even a bottle pull-out.

    Finally the preparation and storage zone is a long the third wall. This includes all the stainless steel appliances in one area: refrigerator, microwave, and oven. The preparation section is designed to have efficient storage around the appliances so any user can access dry or cold foods and prepare them in the microwave or oven.

     "We really like the work done by ModSpace.in. Their finish and service. All of our relatives and friends like the work, and their work adds beauty in our house. Also the Space Planning Consultant of ModSpace is always very cooperative and responsible."

    Wardrobes: All wardrobes in this home had the same finish design. To create a uniform look with the rest of the home, the wardrobes are finished in winter maple laminate finish, with slender handles. All of the wardrobes fit perfectly into a bedroom corner and are expertly designed to use the space in the most efficient way possible. The larger wardrobes broke the winter maple by adding a biome maple laminate shutter. This creates a color block-style wardrobe, which is ideal for today's homes. All wardrobes include extensive space for hanging, shelving, and storing the wardrobe items in the most efficient way possible.

  • Client Story: ModSpace.in Kitchen in Northwest Delhi

    As we continue to create superior kitchens and wardrobes, we've started a new series, which will include Client Stories to showcase the customized products we are doing right now. This blog features a beautiful medium-sized kitchen in a Pritampura home, which is perfect for the users and the lifestyle.

    Layout & Design: The kitchen space in this home is a separate, individual room room. The room is a private space , making the U-shape the best layout. Entering through an open archway, one can see the U-shape kitchen with continuous counter space, continuous floor cabinetry, and ongoing wall cabinetry on 2/3 of the walls. This kitchen offers plenty of efficient storage with a tall unit, bottle pull-out, and Aventos HF Units. The overall layout of the kitchen is an enclosed design giving privacy to any user operating in the kitchen space. The client opted to see a 3D view of their kitchen before their order was complete:

    02 01

    In this kitchen, the working triangle is very well planned with tasks divided evenly on each side. One side has the kitchen sink, while the opposite size has the hob and cooking area. This gives plenty of preparation and storage space along the back counter. On either side of the hob, there is plenty of counter space which can allow the user to place and prepare their ingredients before cooking them on the hob. This layout allows for multiple kitchen users to access the space at once.

    Finish: The clients opted for a very modern finish in laminate with the wall cabinets as Champagne White High Gloss and the floor cabinets as Slate High Gloss. The balance of the white and grey creates a beautiful and visually pleasing kitchen taking inspiration from modern design. The neutrals of white and grey with the handle-less cabinetry is very sleek and perfect for today's contemporary home. The clients, themselves were are very happy with their kitchen stating:

    "We are very happy with the look and finish of our kitchen. We especially appreciate the tall unit, and will refer Modspace to whoever sees our kitchen!"

    FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4

    Every home has its own character and every client has their own wishes and dreams for their home. We are very happy to have given the client a hassle-free process in delivering a customizable product for them to enjoy. For achieving your dream home, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Entertainment Unit

    Aside from modular kitchens and wardrobes, ModSpace.in manufactures many other products, such as entertainment units. Just like kitchens and wardrobes, entertainment units are customized and sized according to your space and requirement. Entertainment units are available in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes. They can be customized to add decoration spaces and storage options for your belongings. At Acetech Delhi 2015, one entertainment unit was displayed. It was visible at the very front of the stall, and a working television screen which showcased the ModSpace.in video! Below are the exact details of the entertainment unit that was displayed at Acetech Delhi

    Color & Finish: The overall finish of this entertainment unit is in laminate and wood. The laminate is a high-gloss tidal sand color, while the dark wood is wenge. With the glossy, solid color laminate, the dark wood stands out immediately, giving the entertainment unit some dimension and visual interest. The two different colors and finishes are strategically placed to offset one another, balancing the appearance of the enter entertainment unit itself. In fact, the colors are almost placed in a pattern, with a wooden shelf on top, a tidal sand storage unit below it, a storage unit with a wooden top and wooden open shelves, and a closed tidal sand storage unit.

     Decoration/Storage Spaces: This entertainment unit has a lot of dimension and space to add decoration pieces or store any items. With the shelf at the top, running parallel to the television itself, one can easily place a flat or shallow decoration piece. If the entertainment unit is placed in a room with a high ceiling, then a sculpted piece would create an immediate statement!

    Below that is a storage unit. The shutter of the storage unit opens upward, giving you access to a shelving or stacking space for any papers, books, or movies. In fact, this storage unit serves as a great space for placing videos or DVDs. They will be near the television without cluttering the entire space!

    The cabinet unit below the television is the perfect space for accessorizing or storing any decorative items. The flat counter space on the top is ideal for displaying curious and placing your DVD player. This entertainment unit also has room for setting any speakers and other elements of the overall entertainment unit. Below the counter space are shelving spaces on the left and right side and a closed storage unit in the middle. The shelves on the left and right are open shelves, ideal for placing decoration pieces or candles. The middle storage is a closed cabinet, where the shutter pulls downward and gives access to two shelves. Since it is a closed unit, this space is ideal for keeping more movies, DVDs, books, or any other items that should be stored out of site. Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.21.57 PM

    ModSpace.in designs its entertainment units for both visual and practical interest. Providing small storage spaces and a creative display around the television itself, the entertainment units are customized and designed to exact size and preferences. For more information about our entertainment units contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Rustic-Contemporary Kitchen

    As experts in kitchen design and manufacturing, ModSpace.in kitchens are available in a wide spectrum of styles and themes to fit any home. From contemporary and modern to classic and traditional and everything in between, ModSpace.in kitchens can easily be customized and designed to the theme of the home and the preferences and specifications of the homeowners. One such kitchen that highlighted a uniquely-themed design was at Acetech 2015. Rather than being completely modern or completely traditional, this kitchen was a mix of the two! With its finish, colors, and overall layout; this kitchen is a beautiful blend of both rustic and contemporary. The details of this transitional rustic contemporary kitchen are given below.

    Color & Finish-The finish of this kitchen is 5 panel membrane. As an economical option, the finish gives an extremely smooth finish, as membrane foils wrap around the edges to create a seamless finish. However, this kitchen design takes the membrane finish one step further by adding a rustic element. One aspect of the rustic element is the color itself: which is Mara Oak, giving the kitchen a wood-like appearance. Another classic element of this kitchen is the shutters. As seen in the image above, the kitchen has dimensional shutters, giving them a more classical look. To create this, individual membrane panels were created and attached together and handles were added to give the kitchen a more rustic appeal. With the membrane, color choice, and dimensions, the kitchen is an ideal rustic contemporary! Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.39.56 PM

    Layout-This kitchen is the most space-saving layout possible. As a straight design, the user can gave constant storage in both floor and wall cabinets, and all their items are within an arm's reach. The hob is placed right in the middle, with space for the sink on the right, and space for a refrigerator on the left, making the kitchen a compact, yet efficient, design. A straight kitchen layout is ideal for households with single users or for households with narrow or small spaces. The straight kitchen is an open design, allowing the users to add a small dining table right across the kitchen itself.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.37.00 PM

    Key Features-This kitchen includes several conventional cabinetry, appealing to the traditional elements of this kitchen. Starting with a taller cabinetry on the left to the ongoing counter space, this kitchen allows for plenty of storage in a small space. The taller cabinetry has great shelving space, and the top is just the perfect height for placing a decorate fruit basket or a bread basket. Along the ongoing counter, is all conventional cabinetry with extra shelving space to store crockery and other food items. The first cabinet below the counter is a grain drawer, ideal for storing rice and lentils that need to be accessed while cooking. Below the hob are three drawers for storing any necessary cooking items. All drawers are of different depths to accommodate both larger and smaller items. One of the drawers below the hob actually has a cutlery tray, which is perfectly sectioned to organize all cooking utensils and eating utensils effectively. The final floor cabinet is space for a small sink unit to access within perfect reach of the stove.The wall cabinetry in this kitchen can simply be pulled open and has extensive shelving for storing coffee mugs, dry dishes, or any other necessary items.

      Overall, this kitchen is designed with two things in mind: safe efficiency & storage and transitional elegance. This small, straight kitchen optimizes the space usage by providing ongoing storage, while keeping aesthetics in mind with a unique transitional design. To consider this option for your own kitchen, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Handle-less Wardrobe

    Modern-day homeowners are gravitating more and more towards a contemporary and clean look in their home. They appreciate sleek, straight lines, minimalistic interior, and an overall seamless look of any space. This is apparent in the storage options, in kitchens, in wardrobes, and even in bedrooms. At Acetech 2015, our stall included one such wardrobe that specifically highlighted the contemporary and seamless look. The details of this wardrobe are given below.

    Wardrobe Exterior-Finish and Color: When one looks at this wardrobe, immediately the wood-like appearance is noticed. Finished in a Brazilian walnut laminate, the wardrobe has a very smooth appearance, molded at various points to create the same smooth and sleek handles. The finish blends both a classic and contemporary with the wood-like appearance in a sleek finish. The wardrobe, itself, does not have conventional handles. Conventional handles highlight a more traditional appearance for any wardrobe. Instead, to highlight the contemporary appeal, the finish is molded to create certain dips that serve as handles, making the wardrobe handle-less! Handle-less wardrobes are an ideal choice for those who desire the a complete contemporary look.

    Wardrobe Interior-Storage Solutions: The wardrobe has complete storage solutions that can fit in any user's requirements. Divided into three parts, the wardrobe showcases an extensive variety of storage solutions to fit all necessary items. The first section, which is towards the left, includes double hanging with a shelf in between. Above the hanging, is a glass shelf to for any extra storage. The first half of the hanging is a conventional hanging, ideal for any jackets, shirts, or blouses; while the second part half of the hanging is a trouser pull out. The user simply hangs their folded trousers or jeans on any rod, and pulls out the rod to access them as needed.

    Entire storage features for this wardrobe. Trouser pull-out shown in the left section on the bottom.

    The middle section includes several shelves and drawers. With a glass shelf on top, this section includes three open shelves, with different lengths of shelving space to stack any foldable clothing items, such as t-shirts and sweaters. One shelving space even includes space for an electronic safe! Below the safe, are three drawers, perfect for storing small clothing items or accessories, such as watches, jewelry, socks, and private clothing.

    The third section has a variety of storage. Going along with the other two sections, this section also has a shelf above all the storage. One area of this section is a narrow tall hanging, ideal for hanging long coats, while the section next to it is a shoe rack. There are several shelves where a user can organize and place their shoes accordingly. Below the tall hanging, is more shelf space for storing any necessary items.

    This contemporary wardrobe greatly compliments today's modern taste. With the sleek and clean lines of the handle-less look to the extensive storage for the user to organize their items effectively, this wardrobe is ideal for any homeowner today. For modern and storage friendly solutions for your wardrobe, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: A Mix of Liquid Glass & Veneer

    One of the elements ModSpace.in strives for is to create the most efficient storage solutions for their users. In fact, all of the ModSpace.in wardrobes are customized and designed according to the users' specifications and lifestyle. The wardrobes hold several different types of storage, ensuring that all the items can be stored appropriately and effectively. One such wardrobe was displayed at Acetech Delhi 2015. The wardrobe exterior and interior are both exclusively designed to complement today's modern lifestyle. The details of this wardrobe are given below.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.45.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.46.25 PM

    Wardrobe Exterior: Finish & Color-At first glance, the wardrobe appears to be black and white: white with a large black stripe running through the middle. However, the actual finish is liquid glass with a wenge-stained oak veneer running through the middle. This finish and combination is exceptionally striking and immediately complements the sleek and clean lines in today's contemporary home. The liquid glass with the dark veneer stripe drew everybody's attention at Acetech 2015, due to its prominent color and finish. The wardrobe itself had sliding shutters, where the user can simply slide the shutter to either side to access half of the wardrobe. A wardrobe with sliding shutters is perfect for narrow passageways where there is very little room to open a wardrobe out and in front of you.

    Wardrobe Interior: Storage Features-This wardrobe is divided into two section with several storage features in each. The overall interiors are designed to accommodate all types of items easily and efficiently within a wardrobe. The first section, which is on the left side, includes shelving, hanging, and drawers. Towards the top, there is a glass shelf to store any off-season or infrequently used items. Below the shelf is a hanging rod, which includes ample hanging space for shirts, blouses, folded pants, shorts, and skirts. Below the hanging is another shelf to place any immediate items, such as placing your purse or wallet at the end of the day. The shelf also makes the beginning of several drawers. The first drawer is shallower, making it perfect for storing smaller items, such as wrist watches, belts, cufflinks, earrings, or wallets. The drawers below are deeper, making it ideal for storing smaller and private clothing items. The shutter of the drawer itself has a glass panel, allowing you to take a peak and the items inside your drawer before even opening it! Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.46.09 PM

    The second section of the wardrobe, which is on the right side, includes hanging and a large amount of shelving. The top of the section includes the same top shelf that was in the first section. Below that on the left side, there is hanging, while the right side is shelving that goes all the way down. These shelves are perfect stacking foldable items, such as t-shirts and sweaters. Below the hanging, there are even more, deep shelves, which are ideal for organizing storage boxes or stacking more foldable clothing items.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.45.43 PM

    This ModSpace.in wardrobe is slightly smaller than the conventional wardrobe, but it has all the necessary organizational and storage elements for any user. With extensive hanging and shelving, all items can be placed easily within this wardrobe. For more storage friendly solutions, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Saffron Kitchen

    One of the key aspects ModSpace.in pays key attention to is the importance of color. As mentioned in several of our previous blogs, colors have a great impact on the overall mood, atmosphere, and appearance. Even in a fully functioning and practically designed kitchen, paying attention to the aesthetics of color can really make or break the kitchen itself. At ModSpace.in, we design products with the hope that our customers will enjoy and look forward to using them fully. One such kitchen, where we paid special attention to color was our Saffron kitchen at Acetech Delhi 2015. Placed in the corner of the stall, this kitchen was an instant attraction due to its bright color. The details of this ModSpace.in kitchen are given below.

    Color & Finish-The finish of this kitchen is membrane, which are foils that are placed on the shutters and wrapped around the edges, giving the kitchen a contemporary and seamless look. The color for this kitchen is saffron in a matt finish. The saffron color in a matt finish is a softer alternative to the ultra-bright and glossy yellows and oranges, making it easier on the eyes and still brightening up the kitchen space. The saffron is shown through the entire floor cabinetry. To add visual interest, liquid glass is added to the wall cabinetry a saffron border and to the rolling shutter. Others  white and cream colors are added to the countertop to create a unique and modern color combination of yellow and white in this bright kitchen!

     Layout-This kitchen has an L-shaped layout, giving any used a continuous working space and ongoing storage. The layout is an open design, perfect for households where kitchen activities involve all members. This layout allows for users to openly interact with other members of the household. It's open design allows for people to use the kitchen at once.

    Key Features: This kitchen has several space-saving kitchens to ensure the user receives optimum storage and usage while using this space. The key features of this kitchen are shown below.

    • Cutlery Tray: One of the features in this kitchen is cutlery tray. As you pull out the drawer right below the hob, there is a cutlery tray with specific sections for all types of silverware, cooking ladles, and knives; allowing the user to effectively organize their items without them making noise or moving around too much in the drawer itself.  
    • Corner drawer system with Syncromotion: One of the most prominent features of this kitchen is the corner drawer system. In an L-shaped layout, the corner space is often neglected due to fewer storage solutions. This corner drawer system, combines the two side drawers to create one large corner drawer. The cosario increases storage, and uses the corner to its optimum.  
    • Aventos HK: The wall cabinets in this kitchen are Aventos HK, with the shutter lifting upward in front of you. The Aventos HK simply adds variation to the conventional cabinetry and provides extra storage. By lifting the shutters upward, the user is able to access the complete cabinet at once and organize their items more efficiently.
    • Spice Racks & Dish Towel Hooks: This kitchen had a few space-saving features, including the magnetic spice boxes, a rack for liquids, and dish towel hooks. In any kitchen, the wall space between the wall cabinets and counter is often neglected. However, it can easily be used to add smaller space-saving storage features. one can simply hang their dish towels on the hooks, and access their spices and cooking ingredients immediately.
    • Rolling Shutter: The final feature is the rolling shutter. Unlike conventional cabinetry where the shutter opens in front of you, in this the liquid-glass shutter rolls upward, showing several shelves of storage space. The shutter is a tall-unit which provides extra storage for multiple items.      

    This particular kitchen is extremely unique. From its colors to its storage kitchens, this ModSpace.in kitchen is distinct both practically and aesthetically. To add any of these elements in your own kitchen, feel free to contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Sandy & Chocolate Wardrobe

    Continuing with the Acetech 2015 blog series, the next few blog posts will feature an item from our stall at Acetech 2015 Delhi in Pragati Maidan. With 3 wardrobes, 3 kitchens, and 1 television unit, each item has its own exclusive finish, design, and special features that characterize the particular item itself. This blog post will cover one of the ModSpace.in wardrobes featured at Acetech Delhi.

    This wardrobe was one of the most popular exhibits at Acetech 2015. The wardrobe was placed towards the back of the stall, and it attracted many onlookers and visitors to our stall.

    Wardrobe Exterior: Color and Finish-This wardrobe consisted of three sections. In a pre-laminate finish, with the colors Sandy Saw Line & Chocolate Saw Line, this wardrobe showcased the classic brown-and-white color combination in an innovative way. The pre-laminate finish provided the wardrobe with a unique texture, giving it a distinct aesthetic. The wardrobe colors are arranged in a pattern, with the Chocolate Saw Line wardrobes sandwiching the Sandy Saw Line color. The two-toned wardrobe gives a very modern aesthetic, which further adds to its appeal.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.32.57 PM

    The wardrobe has conventional, openable shutters where the user simply pulls the handle to open the wardrobe, and they are able to access the whole wardrobe at once. The wardrobe handles are particularly unique, shown in the form of wide, wooden slabs right in the center of the wardrobe shutter. Going across the width of the shutter itself, the user simple pulls the shutter to access the wardrobe interior.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.46.31 AM

    Wardrobe Interior: Storage Features-For the complete wardrobe, this particular item is designed in three different sections, each offering unique storage options to provide the user with useful and ample storage space. The first section, which has a Chocolate Saw Line exterior, gives access to shelving and hanging. On the top, there are two cubicles of different widths to store any items that do not require immediate access. Below that is hanging. One side includes a tall hanging, perfect for hanging longer clothing items, such as coats or gowns, while on the other side is a normal hanging, which is perfect for hanging any shirts or blouses. Below each hanging there is some shelving space to place any smaller items necessary. The shelves continue towards the bottom of the wardrobe, making it perfect for placing storage boxes or stacking clothing items. All of these types of storage are seen in the first section of this wardrobe.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.47.26 AM

    The second or middle section, which has the Sandy Saw Line shutters has different storage options from the first section. In this section, there is a key feature of a tandem lift, which is a regular hanging rod with a long rod in the center. Simply pull down the center rod, and the entire hanging comes down to your eye level! If you have higher ceilings in your home, this storage solution is an ideal option. Rather than wasting extra space, simply pull down the rod to access your hanging items. Below the tandem lift is a glass shelf to place any foldable or necessary items, and there is another open shelf underneath that. The open shelf also serves as the top of three drawers, ideal for keeping smaller items or private clothing.

    The third and final section of the wardrobe, which is behind Chocolate Saw Line shutters, is consumed of shelving from top to bottom. Divided in the center, this part of the wardrobe includes several shelving sections that allow you to stack any foldable items neatly and easily without having clothes fall over or get mixed up in the entire course of your wardrobe!

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.47.52 AM

    The ModSpace.in wardrobes are designed to create efficient storage in all types of spaces. This wardrobe has a variety of storage options, allowing the users to organize their items effectively. For further inquiries about this wardrobe design, give us a call!

  • Acetech 2015: The Green & White Kitchen

    As many of our posts have stated over the past weekend, ModSpace.in participated in Acetech 2015 Delhi in Pragati Maidan. Acetech is the largest exhibition in construction, design, and architecture in Asia, where over 2,000 exhibitors display their products. Over the course of 4 days, ModSpace.in had a stall in the central-most location of the entire exhibition, displaying three kitchen designs, three wardrobe designs, and one entertainment unit. Below, is one of the kitchens that was displayed at Acetech Delhi 2015. In fact, a smaller version of this kitchen was used by the celebrity chefs at Delhi's Palate Fest 2015, and it was an instant hit. For details about the specifics of the Palate Fest Kitchen, you can view them in our previous blog post.

    Color & Finish:The first kitchen was a bright green and white kitchen in a laminate finish. Located at the very front of the stall, the kitchen was easily noticeable and drew people towards the stall itself. Elements of white and green were mix/matched in the cabinetry throughout the entire layout, making the kitchen really stand out! Rather than having a solid color on top and a solid color on bottom cabinets, the white and green colors were placed sporadically throughout the kitchen design, creating a color block effect in the kitchen itself.


    Layout: The kitchen layout was an island kitchen with cabinetry along the back wall. In fact, only the island of this kitchen was used by celebrity chefs in Delhi's Palate Festival. More details about the Palate Fest Kitchen can viewed in our previous blog. For this exhibition, the layout was given a more practical design with a wall full of kitchen cabinetry. The overall layout spread out the work triangle, with the sink and hob  on the island, and space for a fridge on the other side. This layout is very open, and can allow users to interact with others while working in the kitchen.

    The island consisted of cabinetry on one side, and open shelving on the other side. The open shelving is an ideal place to add to kitchen decor, store any dishes, or to display cookbooks. The closed cabinetry was on the side for the user to access any necessary items while using the stove. With plenty of counter space on the island itself, any user is able to spread themselves while using this kitchen. The cabinetry included plenty of shelving space for the user to store their items. The island also included space for placing an oven in the layout itself, without taking up extra floor or counter space. The island, itself, had plenty of key features which are standards in the ModSpace.in Kitchen. The key features of the island are listed below.

    • Two Bottle pull-outs: Located on either side of the hob, the bottle pull-outs consist of two racks, perfect for storing any bottle-related ingredients, including your cooking oils, seasonings, spices, and other ingredients. In fact one bottle pull-out can be for liquid ingredients, while the other can serve as a spice rack!  
    • Cutlery Tray: The first drawer below the stove includes a cutlery tray, allowing to organize your cutlery neatly. This will make it easy for you to see and access whichever utensil you need while cooking.
    • Wicker Basket: The wicker basket was also a feature in the Palate Fest Kitchen. It is perfect for storing any vegetables needed for cooking. A user can simply pull out the basket and access any necessary ingredients while using the kitchen hob.

    Across the island is more kitchen storage and cabinetry that is running parallel to the island. Backed up against the wall, this section has plenty of storage to keep all necessary items. It has tall unit storage on either side, with plenty of counter space in between. Along the counter, there is plenty of floor and wall storage. The key features of this section of the kitchen are given below.

    • Pantry pull-out: One of the tall units includes a pantry pull-out, which is an extremely space-saving and efficient way of storing all types of items, especially accessible snacks and dry foods.  
    • Aventos HK: To break the monotony of conventional cabinets, this ModSpace.in kitchen has Aventos HK right in the middle of the wall cabinetry. Rather than the shutter opening in front of you, Aventos HK opens upward, allowing you to have the shutter out of your way while accessing your items. There is plenty of shelving to store your items.  
    • Grain Drawer: The final key feature is a grain drawer, which is a wide and deep drawer, perfect for storing all your grains, such as rice, lentils, or even bread.  

    This ModSpace.in kitchen provides plenty of storage for all necessary items. The storage-friendly solutions are designed for the user to organize their items in the most efficient way, without taking any extra floor or counter space. Like this kitchen? Give us a call! 91 7042 335104

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