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  • 4 Ways to Mentally Prepare for Home Renovation

    Renovating a part of or even the whole home can be a daunting task. One of which is often continuously postponed to avoid dealing with the inconveniences. However, if a home remodel is due, then it is better to get it done sooner than keep putting it off for later. However, before physically getting ready for a remodel, the first steps are to get yourself mentally prepared. Have a plan with a budget and timeline to keep yourself and the entire project in check while it is happening. Below are 4 key thoughts to plan the renovation and prepare for it mentally!


    Start With the End in Mind: One of the best ways to get ready for renovation is the visualize the end project right at the beginning. Browse online, talk to our interior designers to make the vision for your home come to life. Become familiar with trends and ideas you would prefer and get inspired! This creative exercise allows you to envision the home the way you prefer and begin the renovation process as soon as possible.

    Start With the End in Mind Image Credit: DIY

    Set Priorities: The renovation process requires constant decisions. The decisions can sometimes get stressful. However, to reduce the stress, prioritize which areas of the home should be completed first and focus on the necessary decisions accordingly. For example, if the kitchen is to be renovated first, ensure the everything is finalized in that particular space before moving on to the next part of the renovation project.

    Set Priorities Image Credit: The Odyssey Online

    Know the Limits: Unfortunately, renovation does not have the simplest system of trial and error. Therefore, before even starting the project, know the limitations of the entire process. Limitations include budget, space, and overall layout. To define the scope of design within the home, get an expert to do your measurements and provide some options to ensure you can maximize the space and optimize its usage fully. The limitations allow you to come up with an acceptable interior solution that does not harm the home space or your wallet!

    Exciting sweet superb apartment bedroom Image Credit: ChloeElan

    Be Realistic: Finally, be realistic. The time that goes into renovation is often underestimated. Ensure you have enough time for the entire process and even allow for more time for any delays or mishaps along the way. Although it is exhausting, it is definitely worth it in achieving your dream home. Another aspect of being realistic is the images versus reality. The renovations seen in celebrity homes or home makeover shows are not practical to everyday life. Therefore ensure your home design reflects your, your personality, and the overall size and style of the home. That is the best way to achieve what you exactly want.

    Cozy dream kitchen Image Credit: I Design Arch

    Renovation is a major challenge, and the best way to combat them is to plan for them. At, we are here to make the remodel process as painless as possible to ensure you get exactly what you desire for your dream home!

  • Top 5 Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Home renovation is always a challenge and a hassle. If not done properly, it creates major inconvenience and hindrance while living in the home. Home renovation is one of those decisions where there is no room for mistake. Otherwise, it is an even bigger challenge to fix the mistake later on. Below are the top 5 mistakes that come with renovation and how to avoid them.

    Forgetting the Workflow: In planning a high activity space such as the kitchen, oftentimes homeowners and vendors forget the general workflow. The kitchen is one of the busiest areas and the sink, hob, and refrigerator have to well-planned within the space. Ensure these larger appliances are efficiently located before going into production. Plan the kitchen space using the kitchen work triangle. See more about the kitchen work triangle here

    Not Creating a Long-Lasting Design: A home design should be created to essentially last a lifetime, or for years to come. Oftentimes in designing a space, homeowners focus on everything required in the current moment rather than for years to come. Avoid rushing into finishing the design and take more time to work out if and how the your family will grow and what should be the furniture placement. For example, if a young couple was renovating their home, the design should efficient enough for the two of them and even for any younger members the come later on.

    Image Credit: Wikimedia

    Forgetting the Bigger Picture: In planning a space, avoid isolating it. Plan all the elements including wall colors, flooring, hardware, any backsplashes, and lighting fixtures. Ensure it matches and works well together to avoid having a choppy looking space with random colors for one room that do not match the rest of the home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Not Being Smart about Budget: We sometimes tend to set unrealistic expectations for what our homes should look like without realizing the budget. As a result, the budget is more than we expect, and we end up compromising on various elements. At the beginning of the renovation process, communicate the big-picture plan and budget you have allocated for the renovation, and ask them to provide rightful options. This will prevent from any expensive mistakes being made.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Not Enjoying it: Most importantly, you are renovating the home, Enjoy it! Try a unique look or material for the counter top or bring out some unique shades to create a sophisticated look. These details make the house feel like a home. Don't gloss over them! Enjoy the process and take your time!

  • 5 New Years Resolutions for your Home

    We are a little over 10 days into the new year, and most of us are probably kicking ourselves for already breaking or coming close to breaking the typical resolutions we all have of cutting down, dieting, going to the gym, or waking up on time. However, there is still time to set some home improvement resolutions to accomplish this year. Below, we propose our top 5 picks for your home to update and create an even more pleasurable place for you to live!

    Go Green-Taking the eco-friendly route is always at the top of our list. With increasing pollution levels, one of the best practices all of us can adopt is by making some eco-friendly changes in our homes. Update any appliances to ones that use less energy or incorporate some green practices within your home-such as starting a kitchen garden or having a waste management system within the kitchen space. For more ideas for your kitchen garden, check out the previous blog post. For some waste management ideas in the kitchen, check out this blog post.

    Renovate-There is never a good or a bad time to renovate, but we all tend to postpone it, thinking it is a long, cumbersome, and inconvenient project. Make 2017 the year to renovate that outdated kitchen or the inadequate wardrobe. Take inspiration from the new year and bring the "newness" into your home. Renovation will bring a fresh look and an upgraded feel to your home. For why now is the right time to renovate, check out the previous blog post.

    Image Credit: The Kitchn

    Reorganize your Wardrobe-Use the January downtime to reorganize your wardrobe before the spring and summer season. Declutter and clear the items that have not been worn or are very infrequently worn. Get rid of any items that no longer fit, and create some more storage space in your wardrobe. To get a head-start on the spring-cleaning, check out the previous blog post.

    Streamline the Stuff-Along with your wardrobe, make this the year to declutter the entire home. Get rid of outdated media players, old appliances, and even old clothes. Create space in all of your home storage by clearing out all the items that are not needed. Make 2017 the year of streamlining your stuff!

    Image Credit: Lowes

    Make your Home Safe and Sound-The final aspect is to make your home as safe and sound as possible. With increasing pollution levels and numerous harmful substances in the air, ensure your home air is much lighter and easier to breathe. Install an air purifier to keep all the toxins out and the clean air in. Clean out all the vents and air ducts so everything passes through freely and openly.

    Make 2017 the year of your home. Let this year be one of new beginnings with small home changes to create a more pleasurable living space. Declutter, go-green, and have a fantastic 2017!

  • Maximizing Kitchen Space Through Renovation

    When it comes to kitchen renovation, there is often a hesitation of breaking down an old, yet possibly useful, space while still living in the home. Many times homeowners keep postponing their kitchen renovation process with the same hesitation that the heart of the home will out out of use for a significant amount of time and will lead to many inconveniences in the daily home activities. However, kitchen renovation does not necessarily have to be a long-drawn out process. There many small changes that require minimal renovation to maximize the space in the kitchen. Even if you are pressed for kitchen space, there are several clever ways to make your cozy  kitchen look and feel more spacious.

    Vertical Storage-Often times kitchen can look very cramped with extensive cabinetry. However, one easy way to make some remodeling changes is to maximize the vertical storage. Take the wall cabinets up to the ceiling to give even more cabinet space. The longer cabinets also given the illusion of taller ceilings, opening up the entire kitchen. Another option with vertical storage is to have open shelving or even racks to hang pots and pans. In other words, a simple remodeling change is to just modify the wall cabinetry and storage.

    Image Credit: Tukasa Creations

    Replace Door with Archway-If the kitchen has a door, remove the door and replace with an archway. A door to a kitchen can make it look closed off from the rest of the house, and can also come in the way of basic activities. Make the kitchen look more expansive by removing the official entryway and having an archway for a more open and inviting appearance.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Multi-Functional Pieces-When going through a kitchen remodel, look for elements in the kitchen that are multi-functional. For example, if you are thinking of an island use the space below the countertop for some extra cabinetry. If there is space above the fridge, use the space to place a bottle rack. In other words, avoid having any dead space in your kitchen which can cramp up the entire space. Create a kitchen that has multiple functional elements to have fewer pieces serving multiple roles rather than many pieces with single roles.

    Image Credit: Home Edit

    Replace Cabinetry With Drawers in Floor Cabinets-In your renovation process, consider drawers in your floor cabinetry for easier and more optimal storage. Conventional cabinetry requires you to crouch down and reach all the way towards the back of the cabinet. This hinders how well you are able to see your items, and eventually impacts how you store them. Drawers allow you to visualize and better organize all your kitchen items accordingly. Rather than relying on conventional cabinets, consider drawers to better arrange your items within your kitchen.

    Image Credit: Modenus

    Appropriately Sized Appliances-Finally, in renovation definitely consider appropriately-sized appliances. A large refrigerator might be a wonderful piece in the kitchen. However, if it is not fitting properly, it will hinder the overall kitchen flow, look, and general efficiency-limiting walkways and taking up more space than it needs to. Even having a hob larger than the space allows can take away counter space, wasting areas that can be otherwise useful. Therefore if you require minimal renovation, then consider switching out the larger appliances for appropriately sized options to create more space in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: European Cabinets
  • 5 Steps for Planning a Wardrobe Remodel

    A wardrobe is a space where you can throw anything and everything and nobody will come to know. However, there comes a certain point where your wardrobe becomes so unorganized that you won't know where everything is! Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, a organized wardrobe is essential to any bedroom, and it is a serious confidence booster! Reorganizing or remodeling a wardrobe requires planning a head to ensure you know your exact needs and requirements.  Below, we've outlined 5 easy steps in planning your brand new wardrobe for renovation.

    Step 1: Filter Out and De-clutter

    Now that you've decided to re-organize and renovate, it is a good time to take out all of your items and filter through what needs to be thrown away, donated, or kept in your brand new wardrobe. This will help you remove items that you don't wear or need and get rid of any clutter.

    • Tip: If you haven't worn something in a year, then you probably won't wear it again!

    Next, as you're filtering out, separate your clothes by the season: your winter items, summer items, essentials to have during any weather change (summer to winter or winter to summer), and any formal items (Indian-wear, western wear). These organizational tactics will help you plan your wardrobe layout.

    Step 2: Relocation before Renovation

    Since you have removed all the items from your wardrobe, it is essential to assess whether some of your items even belong in the wardrobe at all. For example, do you have extra bedding or linens? Why not move them to a linens cupboard so you have more room for your clothes?

    Step 3: Know your organization style offers a variety of wardrobe organization systems. All of them are customized to your exact requirements and specifications. The wardrobes are designed to maximize the space available, creating storage in the smallest corners. However, before finalizing the storage requirements, it is essential to know how you prefer your items to be stored. Once you've finalized all the items that are staying in and out of your wardrobe, the next step is to assess your organization style. Are you somebody who prefers hanging everything or folding the shirts and jeans? Do you want to store your bags and purses or have them on display? All of these questions will impact the type of wardrobe solution that is right for you.

    • Tip: Sweaters can easily be stacked and color-coordinated
    • Tip: Business professionals with a large # of formals? Make sure you have enough hanging space!
    • Tip: Informal clothing (t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc.) can easily be stacked on open shelves or in drawers.

    Step 3: Measure the Wardrobe Based on Organization Style

    After you've decided your organization style, it is essential to measure your space to ensure you receive the right amount of storage. Typically, a wardrobe is 24 inches deep and 6-8 feet wide. A wardrobe solution double rod hanging is 84 inches high, with the top rod at 81 3/4 inches and the bottom rod at 40 1/2 inches. To move forward with the wardrobe, all the necessary measurements need to be collected. At if you are unable to determine the ideal measurements,  we are happy to send our supervisor to gather the measurements for you.

    Step 4: Mix up your storage options

    Now you have your items, you've decided your organization style, and you know the approximate measurements. Next, is deciding your storage options. If you have many foldable items, mix it up with adding shelves, drawers, or slide-out trays! Open shelves are perfect for storing immediate items, and are ideal for someone of a smaller stature, who simply has to reach and grab the item they are looking for.

    Step 5: Make room for seasonal storage 

    At this point, you've arranged your immediate items in your wardrobe. Now ensure that you have extra storage to store your off-season items. Every season, it is ideal to store your off-season items in another section of your wardrobe. In India, we often struggle with storage space. Therefore, at, we always recommend having a loft above your wardrobe to store your off-season wardrobe essentials. The space above the wardrobe is often left empty, so why not add more storage? It will not take up any extra space, and it will be near your existing wardrobe! Anytime the season changes, you can clear out your existing wardrobe, store the items, and then add re-arrange your clothing for the new season. This way, you will easily have all your necessary items within immediate reach, without it being cluttered with un-needed items!

    Storage above the main wardrobe space for off-season items.

    Now, you have de-cluttered your current wardrobe, added enough storage for your immediate needs, and added enough storage for keeping your off-season items, your wardrobe renovation can officially begin! At, we walk you through all the steps for you to clarify all of your thoughts to ensure you get the best wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and specifications. Once, all your decisions are made, your wardrobe goes into production and is delivered to you in 4 weeks! Your wardrobe is good as new!

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