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  • Why it is the Perfect Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

    As mentioned countlessly in previous blogs and posts, the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of all the activity. Therefore, it is used considerably that even the thought of remodeling assumes immediate red flags. We all consider it as a major undertaking not only in terms of cost, but in terms of causing a major inconvenience in the household. However, in spite of this, remodeling the kitchen has some great long-term benefits. By upgrading the space, the quality of home life improves significantly. Below are the top 4 reasons why now is the time to remodel your kitchen.

    • Increased Efficiency-At the most basic level, consider a kitchen remodel for the increase efficiency. A remodel gives the opportunity to use what you know about your old kitchen and filter out what you like and don't like to create a design in accordance to how you choose to work. With a more advanced understanding of organization and the kitchen work triangle, today's experts are invested in all the details to ensure you get exactly as you please to ease the user experience. Even more efficient storage solutions can be created. Modular kitchens are designed to maximize storage even in the smallest of areas, which is not something an over 20-year old kitchen would have. Therefore, definitely remodel to increase your own efficiency in using the kitchen.


    • Improved Lifestyle-As mentioned above, a remodel give you a chance to design what you love. Therefore, having a beautiful kitchen of your choice will have positive impact on the overall home lifestyle. It will be more attractive to look at and you have a chance to create a space that suits your family's needs. Not only is the remodel a chance to add as many details into the kitchen as you would prefer, but it is also a chance to redesign it to suit the household requirements: whether it requires a breakfast bar for the family to gather a designated coffee counter. Having an attractive space that suits the household routine uplifts the mood of the overall household.
    Image Credit: Pinterest
    • Modernity-A remodel is basically an upgrade. A kitchen may be spotless, but can appear outdated. Therefore, a remodel is definitely in order. One can update the color scheme and layout for a more contemporary look, and also incorporate some technology in the kitchen space. These days, kitchens are so advanced that there are unique cabinet, drawer, and storage solutions that were not available before. Remodeling a kitchen allows you to upgrade the storage solutions and create more space within your kitchen.


    • A More Desirable Space-A remodel simply brings a nice change. The current kitchen may be clean, well-maintained, and convenient, but it may not be as advanced or appealing. Therefore, a remodel is in order. The space automatically becomes more desirable after an update on some storage solutions and colors. Having a desirable space freshens up the home and increases your desire to work in the kitchen.


    Going through a kitchen remodel definitely a challenge, but it is definitely worth it. With a little bit of sacrifice, you can have a brand-new kitchen in your home that is designed with your taste, work style, and lifestyle in mind! For your kitchen remodel, contact us!

  • Preparing for the First Meeting with Your Vendor

    At this point, you've done your research, talked to friends and family, and followed the likes of a vendor checklist, and finalized who your kitchen/wardrobe vendor will be. Now that a vendor is selected up to your satisfaction. A meeting will be scheduled with a Space Planning Consultant and/or designer to further understand your requirements and specifications. For the first meeting, it is best to do a little bit of homework beforehand to ease the entire design process for yourself and your designer/consultant. Utilize your pre-meeting prep to prioritize wants, needs and specifications to speed up the process moving forward.

    Wish List: The first step is to distinguish your wants and needs. This becomes the baseline for your entire home project. By establishing that is needed vs. is what is wanted, your vendor will have a better idea of the elements you require. Whether it is a kitchen or wardrobe, make a list of the must-have storage solutions for your items or the final look you desire. Another aspect of establishing a wish list is photos. Use photos to help your vendor better understand the kind of look you are going for, and what you desire in your home space. This will better help your vendor arrive at a desired solution to suit your home and your taste.

    Image Credit: Futura Interior

    Prioritize The Needs: In defining wants and needs, prioritize the needs of your space. In a kitchen, the desired layout, must-have storage options, and even certain colors may be non-negotiable elements in the kitchen. In a wardrobe, certain storage solutions and overall look and finish might be completely fixed items. However, in prioritizing the needs, be open to your vendors suggestions. Keeping your needs in mind, an expert designer/consultant will arrive at a solution which satisfies your requirements.

    Budget: The next element to prep is the budget. Before the first meeting, have budget range in which you would like the project to be complete. A range allows some flexibility in making basic design choices for your home.  Keeping a realistic range in mind allows your vendor to better understand which solutions to offer you and which solutions to avoid. Therefore both you and your vendor can arrive at a mutually-agreed solution.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    List your Questions: In meeting prep, have a mental or physical outline of questions you'd like to ask your vendor at the first meeting. Keep the questions with you until the end of the meeting. It is a highly likely chance that your vendor will already answer a majority of them through the entire meeting. Having list allows you to formulate your thoughts and better communicate those concerns to the designer. Therefore, outline your questions before the meeting so you are well-prepared

    Be Patient: Finally, be patient. Bringing a beautiful kitchen or well-designed wardrobe to life takes its own time. Take your time with the design process to arrive at a solution you are happy with. Consider all your options fully before moving to the next step. The last thing you want is to rush through the process and have a hurried, unfinished construction job in your home.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Go Modular in your Home

    Modular furniture is on the rise in Indian homes. Whether apartments, flats, or houses; the contemporary homeowner has a variety of options of choosing the correct furniture for their home. The fastest and easiest process in homebuilding comes with modular furniture, which comprises of constructed modules or units fixed together to form the desired furniture. Whether it is a modular kitchen or a modular wardrobe, many homeowners are gravitating towards these two concepts to reflect their personal style and have an easy homebuilding process. There are several advantages for going modular, which are given below.

    Smart Space Planning: The overall construction of each module is designed to create space in the smallest of areas. Within any space, the smallest of corners can be efficiently used to accommodate all items. Modular furniture is designed to create smart storage, using the correct layout and design for the given space. The flexibility of modular furniture allows allows the each modular or unit to be rearranged so everything is easily accessible and created to optimal working condition.

    Image Credit: Smart Space

    Transparent Pricing System: In purchasing modular furniture, every customer receives exactly what they ordered. From the beginning of the design and buying process, every client is well informed about each an every component of their cabinet: material, finish, accessories, and even hardware. Therefore, the client knows beforehand what all is being priced and which rate. At, each client is taken through the process step-by-step, ensuring that all clients are comfortable with each price point before moving forward. The exercise is conducted so the client has absolutely no surprises while making their final purchase for their home.

    Hygienic: The materials used in modular furniture are very hygienic, usually consisting of wooden elements to give the kitchen a clean and clutter-fee look. During the production process, all modular furniture is quality controlled with termite and liquid-resistant properties to ensure the ease of use within the space.

    Easily Repairable: One of the many conveniences of modular furniture is that it is easily repairable. Whenever a part of the modular furniture needs alteration or repair, then that particular module can easily be removed and added back once the repair is complete. Individual units can also be replaced without affecting the entire look and functionality of the space. This convenience is only exclusive to modular furniture. Traditional-style furniture will have to be completely replaced or fully repaired, resulting in more time and inconvenience.

    Image Credit: The Elevate

    Available at Any Price Point: All modular furniture cabinets and finishes have fixed prices. Therefore, any client can easily fix their budget in advance and choose a design and finish to match it. With a carpenter-style kitchen, the homeowner is not informed about the price until completion and more often than not it exceeds the homeowners' budget. Going with modular furniture allows the homeowner to take more control of their home during the initial stages. By finalizing a budget, one can determine and decipher their design and finish that fits their home perfectly.

    Modular furniture is the way to go for today's lifestyle. It is fast, convenient, eco-friendly, and contemporary. It gives a homeowner more design flexibility and any budget, and is a hassle-free process to include in building a home.

  • Maximizing Kitchen Space Through Renovation

    When it comes to kitchen renovation, there is often a hesitation of breaking down an old, yet possibly useful, space while still living in the home. Many times homeowners keep postponing their kitchen renovation process with the same hesitation that the heart of the home will out out of use for a significant amount of time and will lead to many inconveniences in the daily home activities. However, kitchen renovation does not necessarily have to be a long-drawn out process. There many small changes that require minimal renovation to maximize the space in the kitchen. Even if you are pressed for kitchen space, there are several clever ways to make your cozy  kitchen look and feel more spacious.

    Vertical Storage-Often times kitchen can look very cramped with extensive cabinetry. However, one easy way to make some remodeling changes is to maximize the vertical storage. Take the wall cabinets up to the ceiling to give even more cabinet space. The longer cabinets also given the illusion of taller ceilings, opening up the entire kitchen. Another option with vertical storage is to have open shelving or even racks to hang pots and pans. In other words, a simple remodeling change is to just modify the wall cabinetry and storage.

    Image Credit: Tukasa Creations

    Replace Door with Archway-If the kitchen has a door, remove the door and replace with an archway. A door to a kitchen can make it look closed off from the rest of the house, and can also come in the way of basic activities. Make the kitchen look more expansive by removing the official entryway and having an archway for a more open and inviting appearance.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Multi-Functional Pieces-When going through a kitchen remodel, look for elements in the kitchen that are multi-functional. For example, if you are thinking of an island use the space below the countertop for some extra cabinetry. If there is space above the fridge, use the space to place a bottle rack. In other words, avoid having any dead space in your kitchen which can cramp up the entire space. Create a kitchen that has multiple functional elements to have fewer pieces serving multiple roles rather than many pieces with single roles.

    Image Credit: Home Edit

    Replace Cabinetry With Drawers in Floor Cabinets-In your renovation process, consider drawers in your floor cabinetry for easier and more optimal storage. Conventional cabinetry requires you to crouch down and reach all the way towards the back of the cabinet. This hinders how well you are able to see your items, and eventually impacts how you store them. Drawers allow you to visualize and better organize all your kitchen items accordingly. Rather than relying on conventional cabinets, consider drawers to better arrange your items within your kitchen.

    Image Credit: Modenus

    Appropriately Sized Appliances-Finally, in renovation definitely consider appropriately-sized appliances. A large refrigerator might be a wonderful piece in the kitchen. However, if it is not fitting properly, it will hinder the overall kitchen flow, look, and general efficiency-limiting walkways and taking up more space than it needs to. Even having a hob larger than the space allows can take away counter space, wasting areas that can be otherwise useful. Therefore if you require minimal renovation, then consider switching out the larger appliances for appropriately sized options to create more space in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: European Cabinets
  • Installation Checklist: What needs be Complete Before Kitchen/Wardrobe Installation

    When it comes to a brand-new kitchen or wardrobe, we always talk about design, functionality, and matching aesthetic. Many of the previous blogs discuss these topics in great detail. However, there is another aspect of the modular furniture process we all tend to overlook: the installation. The installation is the final stage, which involves successfully placing the products at the clients' desired location. After the design is finalized, it goes into production, and once complete is ready for installation. However, a product completed through manufacturing is not the only piece of the installation process: the location or site needs to be ready as well. If the site is not ready, then the kitchen or wardrobe may be damaged or misused, leading to repairs which can take up significant time.

    At, the client is notified BEFORE installation that their kitchen or wardrobe is ready to be installed. However, before taken to the location, our site engineers check the site with a checklist to ensure it is ready for the product to be placed. In fact, all clients are provided with a site-readiness checklist very early on in the process to ensure their site is ready at the same time their kitchen or wardrobe is ready for installation. This allows for fewer delays and timely project completion. The site-readiness checklist is provided below.


    Site Requirements

    • Plumbing-Plumbing points should be determined during the basic civil work process. This helps in determining the location of the kitchen sink and ultimately the entire layout.
    • Electrical Points-The civil work should also determine all the electrical points to configure the location of the main aspects of the kitchen and decide the layout accordingly. All switches and sockets should be installed as per the EPT with a proper switch board.
    • Flooring-The flooring at the location should be completed. This means it should be installed, and all necessary cleaning procedures should be complete: grouting, polishing, sealing. If flooring is takes place after kitchen/wardrobe installation, then the product is likely to get damaged and dirty in the process and it can lead to asymmetry in the space.
    • Ceiling-All elements of the ceiling should be completed and dried. Whether it painting or installing light fixtures, they are to be done before for a smooth kitchen and/or wardrobe installation process.
    • Tiling-All tiling, whether it is the walls or floor, should be complete before any installation begins to avoid asymmetry in the overall design.
    • Windows and Doors Complete-Any windows and doors should be complete to prevent excess dust from coming in. During the process, all windows are covered up and later cleaned to avoid any dirt or dust collecting.
    • Chimney Exhaust Pipeline-In the kitchen, the chimney exhaust pipeline should be configured and defined. This step should actually be done during the design process, which can help determine location of the kitchen's cooking zone in the entire kitchen layout.
    • Clean Site-Finally the entire site should be cleaned up. There should be no materials or debris left by other vendors during their part of the home-building process. Everything should be cleaned up to avoid any debris getting on the product and to have a clean and easy installation process for the kitchens and/or wardrobes.

    For Installation Team

    • Active Electrical Point-While installing the kitchen, the workers require an active electrical point to plug in their tools for superior installation. In this case, one can easily provide a temporary point or designate a point within their home that can be used during the installation process.
    • Water Point-Due to the demanding work required in installation, we always request our clients to provide a water point or water bottles for the workers to drink or take a quick break. Oftentimes, with India's weather conditions one can get exhausted and dehydrated. Therefore, we request that the workers are provided with water onsite.

    The site readiness checklist is designed to make the entire installation process smooth and efficient without wasting time. This allows both the vendor and the client to have an understanding of what all is required for a smooth and easy process for both parties. Use this checklist to ensure your site is ready to have everything done on time.

  • Types of Wardrobe Shutters

    Wardrobe shutters or wardrobe doors are the most customizable exterior aspect of wardrobe. With an array of options with finishes and colors, there is also the style of shutter that is ideal and preferred. In fact, before even deciding the colors and overall appearance of the wardrobe, the first step is to decide the shutter design that best fits the space. Below are the three types of wardrobe shutters provides as options. Each type has its own unique characteristics and can be used in a variety of ways.

    Hinge Door Wardrobes: Hinge door wardrobes are the most common shutter style. They are the standard wardrobe solution, where the shutter opens directly in front. Available in both a handle and handle-less design, this conventional shutter is the most versatile and is easily lockable. With hinge door wardrobes, the user must have enough space for the shutter to open out in front to successfully access their items. At any given time, the user can access the entire wardrobe at once by opening all the shutters.

    Image Credit: Kleider Haus

    Sliding Door Wardrobes: Sliding door wardrobes are wardrobes that have shutters the slide toward the opposite side. The sliding doors are ideal for narrow spaces and hallways where there is very little space for a wardrobe shutter to open out in front. These wardrobes come with two or three un-lockable shutters, which allows the user to access 1/2 or 1/3 of the wardrobe at any given time. With these wardrobe style, one cannot access the entire wardrobe at once.

    Image Credit: Argos

    Sliding-Folding Door Wardrobes: The final wardrobe shutter style offered by sliding-folding wardrobe. In these wardrobes, the wardrobe shutter opens and folds, sliding to one side. These shutters are also not lockable and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Sliding-folding wardrobes are practical if there is enough space in front of the wardrobe to allow for the opening of the shutter. Available with handles, these shutters are available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

    Image Credit: Avso

    While choosing the shutter style for your wardrobe design, ensure it matches your interiors, lifestyle, and preferences, along with accommodating in the space itself. Each wardrobe shutter brings its own characteristics and style, giving you a unique, customizable solution for your home.

  • How Modular Pricing Works

    The contemporary homeowner of India is changing. Many of today's homeowners are opting for a modular kitchen in their homes. With lives getting busier and more occupied, today's homeowners want a hassle-free process for finalizing a contemporary attractive and fully functional kitchen to cater to today's environment. Therefore, many are opting not to run after carpenters, where there is a high risk of a runaway budget and delayed timelines in completing the entire home. At we practice transparent pricing, giving you the exact cost of all elements of the kitchen and wardrobe you choose. Take a peek at how our pricing works!

    What is Modular? The term "modular" is being used very loosely today. The true definition of "modular" according to is.

    "Composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement"

    In other words, to create a modular kitchen or wardrobe, units are designed and created using standard sizes and arranged accordingly. One of the benefits of going modular is that every single unit can be moved around and rearranged, and ca also be removed from one home and placed in another home. Therefore, a prime benefit of going modular is once you've acquired a modular kitchen, it will stay with you regardless of which home you move to next.

    Image Credit: K7 Lifestyle

    Pricing the Modules: So now that we have a clear idea of the definition of "modular", the question is how it translates to pricing. The design of a module consist several variables to determine the final price.

    • Dimensions: The price changes according to the size of the cabinetry. The bigger the cabinet, the higher the price.


    • Materials: kitchens and wardrobes use MDF for the shutters and have the option of particleboard or plywood for the cabinetry. Depending on the amount and the choice of material used, the cost can go up or down. At, plywood is priced higher than particleboard.


    • Finish: Depending the finish, the final price is variable. Finishes are priced differently based on the amount of work and labor that goes into creating the completed product. offers a wide range of finish and color options that are suitable for all types of price points. These finishes include: laminate, membrane, veneer, & lacquered/PU Paint.


    • Hardware: The next step is the hardware chosen. These small items complete your kitchen and make it easier to use. What are the specifications for your drawer fittings, what are the type of hinges you desire? Answering these questions allows you to finalize the hardware to be used in the kitchen. uses hardware from Hettich & Blum, and depending on the fixture and overall product the price will go up or down.


    • Accessories: Once the basic elements of your cabinetry are complete, the next aspect is adding accessories to organize your storage space and create more room in a small area. The accessories are supplied by Hettich and Blum, and add a pleasure-able experience to using the kitchen.


    • Add-ons: The final element of pricing are the add-ons, which are the extra elements used to complete a kitchen. At, these elements are optional, depending on the requirements. However, as a homeowner, you have the option of adding appliances by Franke Faber, and adding countertops.


    Pricing formula: Based on the information above, the pricing formula for modular furniture is fairly straightforward:

    Dimensions+Materials+Finish+Hardware+Accessories+Add-ons=Final Price

    With all of our products, we practice transparent pricing, where all of our customers are well-informed BEFORE the order is even placed. Therefore, you, as a homeowner, are informed well in-advance of the final price of your kitchen or wardrobe. For your kitchen or wardrobe, give us a call!

  • Carpenter-Made vs. Machine-Made: What is the Difference?

    Today's homeowners are often faced with the choice of hiring a carpenter or going with a branded company for their kitchen or wardrobe. Many homeowners choose one option or the other over the other for a variety of reasons. However, what is the actual difference? Below are the differences between hiring a carpenter or working with an established company.

    Cost: A carpenter may quote you a lower cost in the beginning. However, the budget may go up depending on the carpenter's material requirements, and you as a homeowner may be held responsible for acquiring the materials, which is an additional cost on top of the already quoted cost by the carpenter. Therefore, if you are finalizing with a carpenter, ensure that all costs are explained before committing. However, with a professional company, you may be quoted a higher cost on paper, but it will be less of a headache for you. Professional companies practice transparent pricing where the cost and quantity of each material is mentioned and there are no surprise in the final price. Also, as a homeowner, you will not have to run around acquiring the correct materials. The company takes care of that for you.

    Finish: In a kitchen or wardrobe, there are shutters, panels, handles, accessories, and appliances. A carpenter will implement old and traditional working methods and make the panels and shutters in your home, creating a mess and excessive noise. This working method compromises the quality of finish and workmanship, and your kitchen or wardrobe will not be as contemporary as you may desire. However, an established company will be up-to-date with the latest technology and have some manufacturing capabilities outside your home, preventing some mess and noise. Therefore, your kitchen or wardrobe will be machine-made, using the most advanced techniques-giving a more precise and superior quality finish. While finalizing your vendor, ensure they have the means to provide you with a supreme quality product in the finish you desire.

     Design: If aesthetics are a priority for your kitchen or wardrobe space, your vendor should be familiar with the latest methods, trends, and materials; and give you the desired result accordingly. However, a carpenter may not be keeping in touch with the most contemporary designs. Therefore, you will have to do your own research on the design and style you desire without receiving any input for modification. However, a professional company is frequently updated about the latest design, technology, and materials that can be used in your kitchen or wardrobe. As a homeowner, you will receive advice and input on how contemporary trends can complement your home in the best way possible.

     Drawings: When building any part of the home, we like to see it on paper, in the form of a drawing. These days, technology is advancing and once can see their exact kitchen before it is even installed. With 2D and 3D drawings available homeowners can make changes to their space as they see fit. However, a carpenter may not be able to provide you a 2D or 3D drawing. If you are interested in a drawing of your design then make sure your carpenter has the means to provide one. Nervertheless, skilled professionals will definitely prepare a drawing to ensure your requirements are met before your order is given for production.

    2D plan and 3D view of same space

    Deadlines: Homebuilding in India is a long, drawn-out process where stages are delayed for a variety of reasons. Therefore, any aspect that is completed within the stated deadline is always a blessing. Skilled professionals understand the irritation with delayed timelines, and provide delivery time for your product. With a carpenter, the project may get delayed due to the carpenter not even being present on the job.

    While finalizing your vendor, consider the above points. For a hassle-free process, consider going with a professional company. At, we use the latest technology to provide contemporary and trendsetting factory-finished kitchens and wardrobes, as per the 2D or 3D drawing within our standard deadline of 4 weeks. We make the process easy and quick for today's homeowner, without giving you any headaches.

  • Kitchen Organization Tips for the Working Woman

    Today's modern woman is expected to manage so many factors: housework, profession, personal life, and family life just to name a few. Having all of these responsibilities is not easy and it can get stressful and exhausting at the end of a very long day. Hence, home organization will make your life much easier and significantly more functional. Make some organizational changes to your kitchen to make the tasks easier and quicker to accomplish.


    • Kitchen Item Organization. Ensure that every kitchen item has its designated space. A clean and well-organized kitchen is a pleasure to use, and after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is realize that dirty dishes have to be cleaned. To avoid tasks from being delayed, wash and clean right after you cook, to ensure the kitchen space stays as clean as possible in your absence. Cleaning the dishes on time reduces the risks of pests entering your kitchen. Another action to maintain a clean and well-organized kitchen space is to avoid overcrowding the countertop. Assign spaces for ladles, cooking tools, cutlery, and crockery so time is not wasted hunting for the item you desire. As a working woman, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to find a particular item. Therefore, designate spaces for each item beforehand to save precious time.
      Image Credit: Houzz
    • Plan Ahead: For quick and easy processes, plan your meals in advance. At the beginning of the week, plan the meals you are going to prepare, and buy the necessary groceries accordingly. This way, you will shop for groceries that will be used quickly.
      Image Credit: Pinterest
    • Freeze & Use:  While preparing you meals, it is common to have certain ingredients leftover. Freeze those items and use them later! That day in the week where you not in the mood to do some extensive cooking, grab an item from the freezer, heat it up, and a meal is ready in less than 10 minutes!
      Image Courtesy: USDA
    • Divide your Tasks: Kitchen tasks can easily be divided to reduce meal preparation time at the end of a long work day. Earlier in the week or the night before, accomplish the simplistic tasks for your next meal, such as chopping vegetables, trimming meat, or measuring spices and condiment. Store the chopped ingredients in air-tight containers or freezer bags and place them in your freezer, and keep your condiments in small containers to access whenever the meal needs to be prepared.
      Image Credit: Food Eagle
    • Use a Pressure Cooker: In an Indian home, a pressure cooker is a blessing. It saves time and serves as a great multi-tasker for all types of meals. While preparing a meal over the stove may take an hour, a pressure cooker speeds up the process to a quick 20 minutes. Therefore, while boiling your next meal, invest in a pressure cooker, it saves time and makes any home cook's life much easier.
      Image Credit: Chef Darin
    • Don't Let Cookbooks Take Up Space: Reduce the space of cookbooks by preserving your recipes in your tablet or phone. This will avoid unnecessary shelving space, and you will still be able to access your favorite recipes at a moments notice. 
    • Keep the food delivery #s & Coupons Accessible: After a long work day and managing the household, chances are there are a few days where you do not feel like preparing a meal. In this case, keep the delivery numbers handy to contact them whenever convenient, and give yourself a break!
    • Avoid buying Extra Gadgets: There are so many gadgets the promise to make your kitchen tasks quick and easy. One thing is to avoid buying so many, unless they are used on a weekly or daily basis. They gadgets will take up unnecessary space and can make your kitchen appear unorganized.
    • Ask for help!: Lastly, you are a hardworking woman who wears many hats. In any of your kitchen tasks, feel free to ask for help and share the workload. Involve your little ones to keep a close watch on them, and even involve your spouse or other family members to get the kitchen tasks done quicker! You deserve it!
  • 10 Kitchen Gadgets We all Want

    In today's world, we are increasingly dependent on gadgets and gizmos for our daily activities. Every few months a new product promises to simplify our tasks and make our lives easier. Gadgets are coming up in all types of industries, even the home improvement industry. Several kitchen gadgets are emerging to keep the kitchen tasks simple and easy for the user. Below are the Top 10 Kitchen tasks we love!

    The Instant Avocado Tool. Who does want an item that cuts, peels, slices, and mashes avocado to make delicious guacamole? 4 tasks in one! Image Credit: This Old House
    A Nonstick Rice Cooker. It is as simple as it sounds. Simply measure the rice and water, add some veggies or broth and cook a delicious meal, without worrying about ingredients sticking to the pot!
    A Tablet/Cookbook stand. We all need a protected space to keep our cookbook or kitchen tablet to access any recipes while using the kitchen. Therefore, why not having a space where your tablet or cookbook is clean from all food items?
    Digital Measuring Cup. Gone are the days where you need to measure and pour at the same time. Simply pour your liquid and monitor the measured amount on the handle!
    The Corn Stripper. A very self-explanatory item. It shaves the kernels off the cob, and simultaneously collects them into a container. Image Credit: This Old House
    The Garlic Zoom Chopper. Say good-bye to peeling garlic by hand. Simply insert the cloves in the device and wheel it around. The wheels chop the garlic into fine bits creating minced garlic! Image Credit: This Old House
    The Three Course Electric Steamer. Who does not want a device to steam all your meal course at once? This lovely device does exactly that. Saves time, effort, and energy yet still gives a delicious meal! Image Credit: Hammacher
    The Instant French Fry Slicer. Easy it sounds: Peel the potato, insert in the device, and have perfectly shaped french fries! Saving both time and energy. Image Credit: Amazon
    10 Egg Steamer. Steam your eggs quickly and efficiently with this device. Another time saver that gets the job done! Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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