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  • 5 Elements to Create a Timeless Look in the Kitchen

    There is no easy way to say it. Kitchen trends come and go, and focusing too much on a particular trend can make a kitchen look outdated after a certain point. However, there are certain elements within a kitchen that stand the test of time and give a kitchen a timeless look, no matter how old the kitchen is. Below are 5 elements that help in creating a timeless look within the kitchen.


    Neutral Colors: Sticking to subdued colors can help in creating  timeless kitchen. Neutral colors are usually required to add balance to the home interiors, yet they do not have to be boring. One can even add muted greens and blues and have them work as neutrals within the kitchen space. Pops of color can easily be switched in an out with less permanent pieces such as rugs, hand towels, or wall art. Go for neutral tones in the kitchen to stand the test of time.

    kitchen color ideas neutral Image Credit: Freshome

    Knobs and Handles: The most trendy design element right now is the handle-less design, but it is also a true characteristic of the modern design concept. Having handles on the cabinetry gives a more timeless look, as it is a more classic choice and can withstand for years to come. If you are going for a timeless look for your kitchen, consider the knobs and handles in your cabinet design.

    Knobs and Handles Image Credit: Pinterest

    Granite Countertops: Even the countertops make a big difference in creating a timeless look. As a countertop, granite is available in very pretty, natural tones and can really complement the overall kitchen interior. There are a variety of colors that makeup a granite countertop, yet they all add a neutral element to the kitchen space.

    Granite Countertops Image Credit: Countertop Investigator

    Smart Storage: Smart storage started as a trend, but it is one that should definitely stand the test of time. It helps the user take advantage of their space for years to come and allows the user to keep the kitchen organized. An organized kitchen space makes it more enjoyable to use, maintaining its timeless appeal.

    Smart Storage Image Credit: Lushome

    Stainless Steel Sink: A stainless steel sink is not only hygienic, but it works in all types of kitchens. It gives the kitchen a more sleek look, and can withstand the wears and tear that come with time.

    Stainless Steel Sink Image Credit: Kraus

    A timeless kitchen goes a long way. Add these tidbits to your space to stand the time test!

  • 4 Spots to add Artwork in the Kitchen

    A kitchen is more than just a functional space. It is the most used room in the home, and should even be personalized in that way. Adding decorative items or artwork to a kitchen space is a great way to make it your own, and it adds that little extra something, enhancing the entire room. Placement of any artwork in the kitchen is key to ensure it does not interfere with functionality, yet still adds to the overall design . Even the types and location of the artwork make a big difference. For example, any artwork on the walls, should be hung at eye level, unless the eye-line should be drawn upward. Other items such as colorful pieces should be kept away from direct sun to prevent color fading as well. Nevertheless, the best locations for artwork in the kitchen are given below.

    Above Upper Cabinets: With upper cabinets in the kitchen, there is always some dead space above which looks extremely bare unless something is placed on it. Therefore, add interesting pieces to the upper cabinets to draw the eye-line upward, and create that visual interest. It is a great area to place interesting sculptures or framed art pieces, as they are well out of way, yet still add some character to the kitchen space.

    Above Upper Cabinets Image Credit: Green Virals

    Near the Entrance: The kitchen entrance is a great place to add some energy as soon as you walk into the kitchen. The entrance or doorway to the kitchen typically has empty wall space next to it. Therefore, it is a great space to hang some wall art and add a bit of color to that blank space in the kitchen.

    Near the Entrance Image Credit: Etsy

    Open Shelving: As mentioned in many previous blogs, open shelves are great for displaying collections and storing items. They also great for placing artwork in the kitchen, yet still being out of the way of kitchen activities. Open shelves can be used to display beautiful dishes or framed paintings. The way the shelves are still being used, yet there is visual interest at the same time.

    Open Shelving Image Credit: DIY

    Above the Sink: Hanging artwork above the sink is quite unique. If there is room, the wall space above the sink will create immediate visual interest, and will give an element of surprise. In hanging items above the sink, ensure they are framed and hung a little bit higher to stay out of the moisture zone.

    Above the Sink Image Credit: Pinterest

    Personalize your kitchen with some amazing artwork to create a fabulous, yet functional space! Bring some energy in and liven up your kitchen!

  • How Home Decor Affects Your Health

    For decades, countless psychology studies have proven that our mental health greatly depends on our surroundings, including the places we live and the inside or our homes. In fact, practices such as Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui circle around the concepts of having the best possible interior solution for good energy and positives. Therefore,  within the home, certain types of interiors are meant to uplift or de-stress us. In other words, interior design is more than just decor and aesthetics, it affects our mood, behavior, and mental well-being. Below are some key aspects of interior decor and design that can affect our well-being


    Lighting: Lighting is key within a home. The best form of lighting is natural lighting, coming in through the windows. It creates a more welcoming atmosphere and instantly brightens up a space. Natural light has also been known to increase productivity. However, for darker days and evenings, the right type of lighting is essential. In a place like the kitchen, having task lighting is needed for moving around and doing chores. For more on kitchen lighting, check the previous blog post. However, for areas such as the living room or bedroom, lighting is best if certain locations are lit up rather than the entire room at once. Overhead lighting makes it difficult to relax at the end of the day, but if a specific area is more lit whenever required, then it allows for better relaxation and de-stressing towards the end of the day. Spot lighting works very well for those who require a brighter light to read a book or get some work done.

    Lighting Dim overhead lighting with spot lighting in living room. Image Credit: Interior Design 4

    Textures: Many textures bring a calmness to a space. For example, natural wood adds warmth and also signifies strength, but stone signifies health. Even the types of textures within a space subconsciously affect the thought process. If a room has countless rough textures and uneven surfaces, then it is a sign of independence. A key example is the hard flooring and stiff furniture that is visible in an office lobby. That whole ambiance automatically creates a tense atmosphere.

    Textures Image Credit: Architecture Art Designs

    Colors: As mentioned in countless other blogs, colors definitely impact the mood. For more blogs on color, especially within the kitchen, check out our colors blog category. All colors have different meanings. Warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow, are bright and vibrant and give off a lot of energy. They even increase appetite and creativity. Greens and blues and pastel pinks are more calming shades, making them optimum choices for more private or quieter space such as the bedroom. Then the neutral shades such as whites, greys, and browns add an elegance and communicate stability and comfort, which is why these shades are always used to balance out the brighter shades within a room!

    Colors Image Credit: Pinterest

    In a home, all colors, textures, and lighting come together to create a cohesive unit. This cohesive makes an interior solution your home. Therefore, finalizing your home interiors, start at the first point: what makes you feel good and go from there!

  • How to Style the Open Shelves in the Kitchen

    As mentioned in a previous blog, open shelves are extremely beneficial in the kitchen. They are great for storing larger items, they make a kitchen appear more open and airy, and they are perfect to access everyday essentials. As a result,  there are a wide variety of types of items that can be stored, and yet be stylishly displayed at the same time. Below are some of the best uses of open shelving along with some style tips to have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen space.


    Everyday Essentials: For starters, open shelves are a great space to store everyday essentials, such as mugs, water glasses, plates, and bowls. They are kept within easy reach, and having them right there speeds up the morning and evening process. Having everyday essentials on the open shelves also avoids dust collection. The items are used frequently, and therefore will not sit on the shelves for long.

    • Style Tip: Ensure to have matching sets within a defined color palette, to display blocks of color on the open shelves. It creates a collected and layered look, yet is still useful at the same time.
      Kitchen storage ideas Image Credit: Redonline

    Drinking Glasses: One of the more attractive storage ideas for the open shelves is the drinking glasses. Since they are used frequently, it will prevent dust from settling, and it will be within easy reach to just grab that always necessary glass of water.

    • Style Tip: Balance the clear glasses with some colored pieces to add some interest and patterns. Even clear glasses with colored coffee mugs and teacups will give some visual interest and use the space at the same time.
      style tip Image Credit: Static Brit

    Storage Jars: Clear jars on open shelves are both practical and stylish. Jars on the shelves will free space in the cabinet and on the counter, and they are within easy reach. Storage jars are great for storing essential ingredients and everyday snacks.

    • Style Tip: Have the same jars with different food items in each to add some color, yet be visually synchronized as well.
      Organized pantry kitchen shelves Image Credit: Pinterest

    Spices and Seasonings: Going along with the storage jars mentioned above, having spices and seasonings on a shelf is perfect for the home chef. With a display of an array or different ingredients, any user will be inspired to play with various ingredients and just grab whatever they please.

    • Style Tip: Spices and Seasonings in uniform containers will add sophistication to the space and showcase the variety and different types in a much better way. It will be a delectable view!
      Floating shelves bathroom floating cabinets Image Credit: Pinterest

    Display Collections: One of the most common uses of an open shelf is displaying collections or decorative pieces. It adds a fun twist to the kitchen and creates some interest. Displaying a collection or some decorative items is great for a top shelf, which is a little out of the way and not as easy to reach as the lower open shelves. Decorative items will still fill the shelf, use the space, and bring that unique element to the kitchen space.

    • Style Tip: Mix and match different pieces. In a collection display, play up with different heights and directions and have various types of items or even some books or frames. Different sized objects creates a very dynamic look. One can also add a mix with some diverse types of items, blending the practical items and the decorative ones. That way, the shelves can be still be used but can also have interesting pops of color and design elements.
      Cookbook display Image Credit: Pinterest

    Styling an open shelf is one of the most fun aspects of having them within the kitchen. The key with open shelves is to blend practical and beautiful at the same time. Whether it is daily-used items, drinking items, storage items or collections; open shelving are great for placing nearly everything. Try some of these ideas in your kitchen!

  • Getting the Wooden Look in the Home: Laminate vs. Veneer. vs. Solid Wood

    A wooden look or wooden furniture is an extremely popular choice for contemporary Indian homes. It adds warmth, makes a place look more cozy, is evergreen throughout the year, and is always stays in-trend. In finding the perfect wooden furniture for your home, there are an array of options in different finishes and price points ranging from laminate to veneer to solid wood. The pros and cons of each wooden finish are given below.


    Laminate: Laminate is the most popular finish option we provide at Between laminate, veneer, and solid wood; laminate is the economical option to achieve a wooden look on the home furniture. It is a made-made finish by pressing thin layers of synthetic materials flat together, with a decorative pattern or color printed on the top layer. On wooden laminates, the wooden grain is printed on the top layer. As a surface, laminates are extremely durable and long-lasting with water and scratch-resistant properties. They withstand weather conditions and are very easy to maintain. However, since it is manufactured with multiple materials, the home owner will not get any natural variations which come with wooden grains. Nevertheless, laminate surfaces are available in a variety of color and finish options.

    Laminate Image Credit: FCI Wardrobes

    Veneer: Veneer is a thin layer of hard wood that is glued with an adhesive to a surface. It is less expensive than solid wood, but it is more expensive that laminate. Due to veneer being a more natural material, it is available in a limited number of shades. The veneer finish gives a very elegant and rich look and have some elements of natural wood in its appearance. As a material veneer is softer, and therefore, requires regular maintenance as it is more prone to scratches and dents. Veneers are great to give an aesthetic appeal to elements of living room or bedroom furniture.

    Veneer Image Credit: LA Furniture Store

    Solid Wood: The most self-explanatory finish of them all is solid wood. As a material, solid wood can be stained, varnished, painted, and even carved. It is a natural surface that is susceptible to expansion and shrinkage, but it creates a beautiful rich look within the home. Solid wood is the most expensive option for adding a wooden look to the home, but it can be intricately designed and carved to fit the home interior. Solid wood is an excellent option for that rustic home interior.

    Solid wood Image Credit: Weaver Furniture Sales

    Choosing which wooden finish to go with in your home comes down to appearance, budget, and home activity. Whether you go for a laminate, veneer, or solid wood; every option brings a little extra something to your home. Use these tips to guide you in bringing a beautiful wooden finish to your home interior!

  • Embracing the Summer Kitchen

    The terms "embracing" and "summer" in the same sentence sound like a contradiction right?-especially during the Indian summer season. It is simply too hot outside, and the home and kitchen, especially, need to be  kept as cool as possible. For more tips on keeping cool in the kitchen, check out this previous blog post. However, there are good aspects about summer we can all definitely embrace in the kitchen. As a season, summer is brighter and happier than the rest of the year, especially compared to the doom and gloom that comes with rainy monsoons or darker winters-so why not bring some seasonal charm into the heart of the home? Check out some ideas below!

    Update with a Gathering Space: Nothing brings positivity and happiness to a kitchen like gathering everybody together. Avoid the summer heat and bring everyone indoors to congregate over something cool within the kitchen. Add a seating space in the middle of the kitchen to create that happy, social atmosphere within the home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Well-Stocked Cabinets: Extreme heat means a lesser desire to venture out of the house unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, stock up the cabinets with food and snacks to access whenever you desire. Add enough dry items for all members of a household to enjoy or even invite friends over and gather people within the kitchen and take advantage of a nice, cool home with some relief from the sweltering heat.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Colorful Crockery: As a season, summer is associated with brightness and vivid colors. Surround your kitchen with bright and colorful crockery to add some visual interest and exciting decor to the kitchen space. Be creative with the mugs, kitchen towels, and even plates to add an even more to the happier and cheerful atmosphere within the kitchen. They are not only attractive and pleasant to look at, but they are also fun to use!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Fresh Flowers: Bring the summer colors without the heat in the form of some fresh blooms. They smell amazing and definitely raise some spirits. Adding a colorful bunch, such as carnations, to a kitchen corner will bring an instant source of color and summer-like feel to the kitchen space. A bunch of flowers is excellent next to the sink or right in front of a kitchen window. They add some beautiful color and bring some life into the space.

    Image Credit: Home Caprice

    Yellow Accents: Finally, cheer up the kitchen space with some yellow color. Yellow instantly adds a sunny vibe and makes any space looks more cheerful and vibrant. Whether it is in the form of small decorative accents: such as cutlery, crockery, or flowers; or larger statements such as a bright accent wall; yellow color will instantly make a space much more cheerful and inviting.

    Image Credit: Freshome

    Whenever summer comes around in India, we tend to dread it, overlooking the good that it can bring: the brightness and the color. Use this brighter season to bring the good aspects of summer inside your home and embrace them. Add that seasonal summer touch to your kitchen!

  • Matt Finish or Gloss Finish? Which works Well for YOU?

    In creating a brand new space, the conversation of finish always comes up. Whether it is the kitchen or wardrobe, the finish defines the look of the entire space and can impact the remaining interior design. has several finishes, but basics of finishes start with matt vs. gloss finishes. Before even getting into whether you want a laminate finish or an acrylic finish, the first step is to decided whether you want a matt or a glass. A matt or gloss finish dramatically makes up the look of the entire space, whether it is a kitchen or a wardrobe. Each style has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Check out our guide below on which finish would work best for you.

    Matt Finish: The matt finish is often seen in traditional layouts and furniture designs, but it is steadily growing popular in modern kitchen and wardrobe designs. The matt finish gives a very muted and understated appearance, and adds an element of sophistication to  a given space.

    • Advantages of Matt Finish
      • Due to its muted appearance, imperfections, such as scratches and finger prints are less noticeable and can easily be camouflaged within the cabinetry
      • There is increased color consistency. Because there is no light or reflection on the cabinet, the finish appears more consistent and smooth
    • Disadvantages of Matt Finish
      • The matt finish does not reflect light, but it absorbs light, so one has to be careful in choosing a matt finish for a smaller kitchen design. The darker matt colors especially can make a space feel smaller, rather than larger.
      • The matt finish is not as smooth as the gloss finish, which can make it a little more difficult to clean. However, the cleaning process is still fairly straightforward.
        Image Credit: Walkin Wardrobe Zone

    Gloss Finish: The gloss finish is extremely popular for modern interiors. Many homeowners are opting for a high gloss finish for their modular kitchens or modular wardrobes. The gloss has a shiny finish, which reflects light

    • Advantages of Gloss Finish
      • The glossy finish reflects light, which is great for smaller spaces: such as small kitchen layouts or small wardrobe designs. The reflective nature of the gloss gives the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is.
      • The smooth surface of the gloss cabinetry makes them very easy to clean, requiring a simple use of a microfiber cloth.
    • Disadvantages of Gloss Finish
      • The reflective nature of the gloss finish shows imperfections very quickly. Therefore, finger prints and scratches are immediately visible. This is especially common with dark gloss tones, where the imperfections show up even more than on the lighter colors.
        Image Credit: Pinterest

    Both matt finish and gloss finish are equally attractive in the contemporary home space. The finish defines the style and creates the overall look for the interiors. Use this guide to work out which one works for you!!

  • Everything to know about the Sliding Shutter Wardrobes

    As mentioned in a previous blog, one can opt for sliding shutter wardrobes, rather than the conventional openable hinge shutters for their wardrobes. Many homeowners prefer the sliding shutters because they are visually neater, more space efficient, and at the same time still provide the same convenience and storage that comes with a more conventional wardrobe.


    • Designing a Sliding Wardrobe: Depending on the space and size of the wardrobe, the first step is to decide the number of shutters necessary for given space: which will be two or three shutters. The shutters will overlap one another, and will be fixed in a seamless manner, making it easy to maneuver. The internal storage for the wardrobe can easily be optimized with storage accessories, including pull-out rods, wire baskets, and deeper corner storage. For internal storage options, check the previous blog post. For the exterior design, provides extensive options in colors and textures. With plenty of matte and gloss options, a sliding wardrobe will complement the entire room space, making it look sleek, neat, and clean.
      Image Credit: Sliding Robes Direct
    • Advantages
      • Excellent space savers. Since the shutters move from side to side, they do not require extra space to open out in front.
      • Neat and clean look. The entire wardrobe highlights and emphasizes the modern look within a room. The wardrobe appears more streamline and less bulky, compared to the conventional openable shuttered wardrobes.
      • The shutter panels are smooth, and they slide through the tracks effortlessly, making it easy to use.


    • Disadvantages
      • Not lockable. Due to the sliding mechanism of the wardrobe, the sliding shutters cannot be locked. However, one can opt for lockable storage inside the wardrobe itself. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for lockable drawers.
      • Can only access part of the wardrobe at one time. Depending on the number of shutters, the user can only access one side of the wardrobe at a time. If there are two shutters, then the user can only slide the shutter to one side and access half the wardrobe. If the wardrobe has three shutters, then only a third of the wardrobe can be accessed at one time. Compared to the conventional, open-out wardrobes, the entire wardrobe cannot be accessed at once.
        Image Credit: Pinterest

    Sliding wardrobes are a great way to get extensive storage with in a small amount of space. Their streamline look works well in a contemporary room, and they give a very smooth appearance. With a small sacrifice of accessing only part of the wardrobe at one given time, the sliding wardrobe is a great solution for any space. For your sliding wardrobe, contact us!

  • Corner Storage Solutions for the Kitchen

    Kitchen corners can be extremely pesky areas to plan. Many older kitchen designs have that one awkward corner cabinet that requires you to reach in a little too far and have some unused space that is impossible to organize. Rather than attempting to blindly reach into the dark depths of the larger corner cabinet. A corner solution is a great way to upgrade the storage within the kitchen. With these clever, innovative storage solutions, one cause use the entire corner space without having to completely reach in and not be able to see what they are looking for. There are a variety of corner solutions available. Some of the options are given below.


    Corner Drawer System-The first and foremost is the corner drawer system. The corner drawer system is an extremely space-efficient solution what combines the two sides of the corner into a much larger drawer. In this storage solution, the dead space in the corner between the drawers if completely eliminated, and the user gets much more storage than what two simple drawers can provide.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

    Carousel-Commonly known as the 'Lazy Susan', a carousel is a solution where the existing shelves within a cabinet simply swing or spin around to allow the user to organize their items within the cabinet. A modified version of the carousel is the 'S-Carousel', which has the shelves in an "S" shape, yet still swings around within the corner cabinet. In both carousels, the user can swing the shelf around to place or access their items accordingly.

    Image Credit: Kesseboehmer

    Le-Mans-A step up from the carousel is the Le Mans, which is a pull-out corner solution. It is an S-shaped Tray on a swivel mechanism, which extends completely out of the cabinet, and all items on the tray are easily accessible. Each shelf can move independently from one another or can come out at the same time.

    Image Credit: LWK Home

    Magic Corner-This easy corner solution provides four baskets of storage within the cabinet. Two baskets our mounted against the shutter, while the other two are within the cabinet. When the cabinet is opened, the baskets slide and separate to allow easy access to user when the shutter is opened.

    Image Credit: Hanlon Woodcraft

    D-Tray-The final corner storage solution option is the D-tray, which includes D-shaped trays stored within the cabinet. The tray swivels around to allow the the user to organize and access their items as they please. 

    A unique storage solution is the best way to get the most out of the kitchen corner. It maximizes the space, allows for great organization, and is aesthetically pleasing. Consider a corner solution for that pesky spot in your kitchen!

  • Creating a Young Couple's Kitchen Space

    As a young couple in a new home, making a house a home is one of the major milestones one goes through. Creating the perfect kitchen space for a young couple is another challenge. With the changing dynamics in gender roles and lifestyles today, the ideal kitchen design should accommodate both the husband and wife. Therefore, the apt kitchen space for the contemporary couple is one that is both attractive and functional, and is a great space for the household chores, home projects, and activities. In other words, creating that special mixed space to set the foundation for the couple's life. Below are some pointers to create the young couple's kitchen space.


    Blend your Tastes: Both yourself and your partner will have different personality traits, and ultimately aesthetic tastes. Since the kitchen is a space where both partners would be spending a lot of time, why not combine the tastes and personalize the kitchen to a happy medium. Blend the preferences with your partner to arrive at a solution that makes both individuals happy. Use the kitchen space to add small personal touches such as photos or even a collection you two received as a housewarming gift.

    Image Credit: My Decorative

    Choose a Layout where Both of you have Enough Space: If both partners will be in the kitchen together, it is best to choose a layout that an accommodate both individuals at the same time. Ideally, the U-Shape and L-shape are the best layouts for two individuals. They allow both partners to spread themselves while using the space without getting in each other's way. However, the parallel kitchen is also a great option if there is enough space between the two counters. A wider parallel kitchen will also allow the two partners to have separate task stations, without bumping into one another. Find-Your-Ideal-Kitchen-Layout-Indesignscomau-Design-Project-l-shaped-kitchen-design-cabinet-

    Have enough Storage Space for Multiple Appliances: Two partners in the kitchen means two cooks, two different styles, and multiple gadgets. In the kitchen design, plan for ample storage to keep multiple small appliances and cooking equipment such as frying pans, food processors, and blenders. There should be enough storage for both partners to reach and access at all times. In fact, if one partner has gadgets they specifically use, then the kitchen can be customized so both individuals have their own designated area.

    Image Credit: Dry Falls Cellars

    Waste Management Station: With the increased awareness of going green, encourage green practices in your home with a recycling station to separate the waste from the recyclables and compost. Creating this will not only create a healthier environment outdoors but also have a healthier environment indoors.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Double Bowl Sink: Finally, ensure there is a double bowl sink for you and your partner to use different sides as and when needed. Double bowl sinks can be used to separate the two cooks in the kitchen, or designate one side for cleaned and one side for items pending to be cleaned. Either way, double sinks are a great choice for two-cook kitchens.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Creating a peaceful home environment starts with design, building the foundation. Bring a harmonious design into your home and cherish for years to come!

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