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  • Decorating a Home with Dark Wood Floors

    Dark wood is one of the most elegant and sophisticated interior solutions for a home. Whether it is an entire home of dark wood floors or selected rooms,  it brings richness and classic elegance to a space. However, it is paired with the incorrect furniture, then the space look like dark, heavy and uninviting. Check out some tips below on bringing out the beauty of dark wood.


    White Architectural Details: Balance out the dark wood by adding white everywhere: in the home architecture and as well as the furniture. White can be used to highlight a room door, floor and crown moldings, window trims, or simply the color of the wall. Against the dark wood, white automatically catches the eye and is visually pleasing to look at. White can also be added to the walls, to balance the warmth of the dark wood and neutralize the look and feel of the space. As colors, white and dark wood are very neutral. Therefore, any pop of color can also be added to the room to balance it out. More on that idea is given below.

    White Architectural Details Image Credit: Pinterest

    Light Wood Furniture: Another way to balance out the dark wood is to add contrast with pale or light wood. Keep the floors dark and add pale wood furniture pieces to create a more cheerful space. It is very harmonious and still adds the same warmth of the hardwood without looking overbearing or stark. Light wood furniture can be added with white accents to create a more homely and inviting atmosphere.

    Light Wood Furniture Image Credit: Pinterest

    Brighter Colors Plus White: Bright colors are always an instant contrast to dark wood. It adds immediate color and makes the room look much brighter. Bright hues can also be added with white. With an airy white tone and a warm, dark wood tone, color is a great way to add instant pops or color and accents in any room. With much brighter colors around the room, the eye line is drawn upward towards the colors and away from the floor. As a result, the dark flooring is barely noticeable, yet serves as a balancing neutral for the bright, bold tones in the room.

    Brighter Colors Plus White Image Credit: 41UP Design

    Dark floors in a home or a room may feel like an obstacle. However, they can balance out the room and allow for a creative space if decorated well. They add that extra beauty to a home that simply cannot be ignored. For the dark floors in your home, add some contrasts and pops for a bright and happy space!

  • Determining the Appropriate Placement of the Television

    These days a home without a television, or even a room without a television, is close to nonexistent. Nearly every home accommodates around one or builds a space designated for it. While choosing the entertainment unit or section for a room or space within the home, it is best to define the most appropriate placement of the television based on the size and shape of the overall space. Below, are some general guidelines to follow in defining the perfect space for your television screen.


    General Rule: The first rule to follow in designating a space for the television is to consider the viewing experience: including TV size and distance from the primary viewing location. The ideal location of the television is where the the center of the screen is at eye level for the viewer. Depending on the size of the television screen, the center point may vary. However, with the eye level being at the center, it is easy for the viewer to direct their eye line upward, downward, and sideways.

    General Rule Image Credit: Decoist

    Focal Point: The next step in the entertainment area is choosing the focal point. For the most part, the television screen itself is the focal point and the center of the seating area. Therefore, ensure the there is enough seating and spacing around the screen to allow everybody to view it easily and comfortably.

    Focal Point Image Credit: Houzz

    Hiding It: The other option is to conceal the screen when it is not being used. To be able to do so, consider an entertainment unit with shutters in front of a sliding door to close when the television is not being used. The entertainment center should be easy to open and close for all members of the home.

    Hiding It Image Credit: Houzz

    Style vs. Function: Finally, after determining the general location of the television and whether or not the screen should be a focal point or it should be hidden, the next step is considering the trade-offs. In other words, style versus function. In some homes, the television is not as important, and the homeowners would prefer a very stylish entertainment center, while in other homes the television is a higher priority, and the entertainment unit should be minimalistic around it. Depending on the space and preferences, one can either have a space that is more design focused, more user friendly, or a happy medium. For example, in a design focused room the television can have a beautiful furniture setup around the screen, yet the living space is also suitable for entertaining and conversation.

    Style vs. Function Image Credit: Avso

    Nevertheless, in the end it is entirely your home and your choice. The primary entertaining space can be as small or as large as you prefer, and it should be reflective of your space and preferences. The above points are simple guidelines to assist in the homebuilding process!

  • 6 New-Age Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home

    Diwali is one of the most colorful times of the year. From the colorful rangolis to beautiful diya arrangements to creating memories with family and friends. Diwali is a time for celebration and looking our best. Along with dressing ourselves, we enjoy decorating and dressing up our homes. With gorgeous lights on the outside, and creative decorative elements on the inside, even the home looks festive this Diwali. This year, try adding a modern element to your home! Below are a few new-age Diwali decoration ideas that can spruce up your home for this Diwali season!

    Flowers and Candles Arrangement: Flowers and Candle Arrangements go hand-in-hand during Diwali. We often see the traditional diyas with marigold flowers decorating a corner of the home. This year, try something new! Make a low centerpiece and put different flowers in it, such as daisies. Or use brass utensils to have floating tea lights and floating flowers alternatively! Another aspect is to create beautiful, modern arrangements that can be placed at any space in your home!

    Image Credit: Prismma.in
    Image Credit: Prismma.in
    Image Credit: Prismma.in


    Glass Jar Lanterns: Have old glass jars around the house? Don't throw them away! Paint them or get them painted in a variety colors to create Moroccan-style lanterns to add to your Diwali decor! (Image Below)

    Image Credit: Go Smart Bricks

    Paper Lanterns: Add an oriental spin to your decoration with paper lanterns! The lanterns are easy to make with the use of card sheets or paper bags, to create a unique decorative element of Diwali in your home this festive season! Involve the little ones in a fun crafting process!

    Image Credit: Shop Clues

    Fairy Lights: We see fairy lights displayed on household exteriors. This year, bring them inside your home! Place them in your puja room or underneath tables or in your glass vases vases. If your fairy lights are placed on the floor, cover them with tissue to create a beautiful glowing effect in your home!

    Image Credit: Nestopia

    Seashell Candles: Mix up the traditional diyas and regular candles with seashell candles. These candles are especially delicate that are very beautiful.

    Image credit: lovethispic.com

    Fruity Candles: A particularly unique concept of candles is the fruit candles! Make candles and beautifully-shaped fruit peels, to add a pretty, fragrant candle for your Diwali decorations!

    Image Credit: Homes So Good

    Diwali is a time to really decorate yourself and your home. The suggestions above are modernized recommendations to add to your new-age home.   This year, celebrate the festival of lights by mixing some traditional and new-age decorative elements as you enjoy this Diwali season!

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