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  • How to Choose a Wardrobe for Your Room?

    Finding an ideal wardrobe for your room can be a tricky task, especially if you do not have any clue about wardrobes. An ideal wardrobe is like a cherry on the cake, it accentuates the look of room while providing you sufficient space for storage. To help you find a suitable wardrobe for your room, we have listed a few points that you need to consider when you choose a wardrobe for your room.

    1. Type of Wardrobe

    Before investing in a wardrobe for your room, you should prepare a checklist of all the points or features that your wardrobe should have. The first point to check is the type of wardrobe you need. There are primarily two types of wardrobes, built-in wardrobe and a free standing wardrobe. Both wardrobes have their own pros and cons. For example, built-in wardrobe is best when it comes to maximizing the space. These type of wardrobes are ideal for small bed-room as they take less space and save your floor space.

    To utilize your space further, you can opt for sliding door as they do not take space while opening. The best part about these wardrobes is they are open to customization. They can be tailor-made according to ones need and floor space. The only drawback they have is, they aren’t portable. They are fixed at one place and cannot be shifted from one place to another. On the other hand, free standing wardrobes are portable; they can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty. However, like built-in wardrobes, they do not save floor space and take much space. Nevertheless, like built-in wardrobes they can be customized in advanced.

    Type of Wardrobe- Choose a wardrobe

    2. Storage

    Ones you have decided what type of wardrobe you need, the next question you need to answer is, how big or spacious the wardrobe should be? We all have had hard times when we couldn’t find a dress- the one we wanted to wear and end up being frustrated. To avoid such frustration, it’s good to invest in a wardrobe that has sufficient storage. Modular wardrobes are saviors, as you can customize them according to number and length of clothes you have. A neatly organized wardrobe is the one where you can find your piece of clothing at one go.

    Most of us like to display their clothes on hanging rods in the wardrobe, for them it is advisable to design their wardrobe according to the length of their clothing. For example, long trench coats and dresses usually takes 60-65 inches, if you do not want your dress to drag on the lower shelf, it’s good to customize it accordingly. Before picking a wardrobe measure the floor space, height of the ceiling and clothing rod. For blouses, pants and skirts, a height of 45 inch is ideal, for children clothes height of 30 inches is best. For extra storage, deeper shelves come handy as they offer more storage. If that does not fill your bill, you can opt-in for a walk-in closet.

    Storage- choose a wardrobe

    3. Compliment Your Room’s Interior

    A wardrobe can take the look for your room a notch higher or can completely ruin it. To avoid the latter case, it is good to choose a wardrobe that goes well with your bedroom. To keep-up the theme of your room select a design, type of finishes, colors and detailing of the wardrobe that matches with other furniture and interiors of your room. At Modspace.in you will find an array of wardrobe designs such as wardrobes with hinges, wardrobes with classy shutters or sliding doors, wardrobes in ply carcass, Matt MDF, acrylic shutters, etc.

    Make sure the color pallet of your newly designed wardrobes blends well with the color theme of your room. To conclude, the design aesthetics of the wardrobe and interiors of your bedroom should together create a visual harmony.

    Compliment your Room interiors- Choose a wardrobe

    4. No of Doors in the Wardrobe

    Last but not least, decide the number of doors you want in your wardrobe. Ideally, wardrobes have two doors but it’s up to you! You can go for a single door or two or as many as doors or shutters you want.

    No. of doors in the wardrobe- Choose a wardrobe

  • What is Custom-Made Furniture? Why it is Need of the Hour?

    While looking for a furniture for your home or office, you must have come across terms such as customized furniture, custom-made furniture or personalized furniture. These are the terms that have recently gained importance because of their benefits and services they offer. A custom-made furniture is a piece of furniture that is designed according to your requirement and preference. Such furniture offers you optimum functionality, have sufficient storage space and blends well with your home decor. Moreover, the material used in custom-built furniture is durable and high quality. On the other hand, ready-made furniture is made up of cheap quality that do not last for long. Also, most of them are old fashioned. Another feature that makes them different and demanding is their wide range. Read more to know about benefits of custom-made furniture in detail.

    1. Unique Range of Designs

    We all look for furniture that would complement our wall color, fit into our requirements and goes well with the space. It should not look bulky and too minimal thus, custom-made furniture comes handy as they allow you to play around with the design and solve your space crunch problem. They can be designed the way you want, keeping you abreast with the latest style and fashion, since they are available in different colors, shapes and materials such as wood, glass, plastic, laminate, metal etc.

    Unique Range of Designs- Custom-Made furniture

    2. Sufficient Storage Space

    The custom-made furniture offers you sufficient storage space, since they can be made and designed in any shape and size unlike ready-made furniture. They are flexible and thus, can be used in number of ways, for example a multi-purpose storage unit can be used as a crockery unit or a shoe rack. It maximizes the space without compromising on the interiors.

    Sufficient Storage Space- Custom-made furniture

    3. Quality that Stays for Long

    Custom-made furniture is crafted exclusively for you.  This gives you a room to decide the material you want and who would not invest in a material (such as plywood, particle wood and Medium Density Fiberboard that has superior quality, durability and other features such as termite resistance, boiling water resistance etc. With custom-made furniture you get the best quality that you are looking for.

    Quality that Stays for Long- Custom-Made furniture

    4. Value for Money

    With custom-made furniture you can be rest assured of getting the best quality for which you have invested.

    Value for Money- Custom-made furniture

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas

    L-shaped kitchen is versatile, since it can be adapted according to both small and large kitchen while providing you efficient kitchen layout. This multipurpose modular kitchen has counter-tops on two adjacent walls that gives it a L-shape. The leg of the kitchen can be extended according to the space available. Moreover, it is one of the best ergonomically designed modular kitchen design. Whether you planning to redesign your traditional kitchen or want to add some glam to your kitchen you should always know what’s trending. Here are couple of L shape kitchen ideas that are ruling the lookbook of 2018.

    1. L- Shaped Kitchen for Small Size

    L-shape kitchen is ideal for small spaces as it seamlessly utilizes the space while giving enough storage and space to work in the kitchen. Light colors compliments small L-shape kitchen, it makes the kitchen look bigger and spacious. To make your kitchen appealing, consider brick style. It gives a raw yet classy look. To make it look spacious you can also plan open L-shaped kitchen.

    L-Shaped Kitchen for Small Area

    2. Storage Units in L-Shaped Kitchen

    Open shelving makes your kitchen look spacious and neat, it is apt for small kitchen. For larger and spacious kitchen banks of cabinets are bliss, as they offer abundance of storage. To make it more functional you can add table and chair. Since, L shaped kitchens are flexible, thus, it can be designed in number of ways to meet your practical requirements.

    Storage Units in L-Shaped Kitchen

    3. L-Shaped Kitchen with Island Layout

    Island does not only offer you sufficient eating area in the kitchen, it does add a storage area as well. While giving your kitchen a funky look, island layout work amazing for long and medium size kitchen. In addition, it offers you extra space for cutting and chopping. For a much needed storage area, you can ask your designer for shelves in the Island that can be used for keeping appliances, baskets and condiments.

     L-Shaped Kitchen with Island

     4. Bright Colors for L-Shaped Kitchen

    Going by 2018 modular kitchen lookbook, traditional brown color is gradually fading and bright colors are ruling the trend. For a contemporary look, you can opt for colorful cabinets. It will add harmony and add some life to your otherwise dull and boring kitchen. Colors like powder blue, lime green, plum and hues of orange add a hint of color to our kitchen without making it gaudy.  A colorful backsplash is also a nice idea to add a pop of color in your neutral kitchen. Complete the look with matching rug.

    Bright Colors for L-shaped Kitchen

    5. White L-Shaped Kitchen

    White is the new black! It gives an elegant and neat look to kitchen. To add a hue of color, go for a pale oak flooring. The combination of white and rusty brown gives a cozy yet aesthetic look.

    White L-Shaped Kitchen

  • Reap the Benefits of SPOC with Modspace

    If you have ever played Chinese Whispers in your childhood, then you might know how the original message that was whispered by the first player was transmuted while reaching the last person. This is generally what happens when you hire different teams for renovating or doing complete interior of your  home. During the entire process, from planning to final look of the house, there are several people such as - electricians, plumbers, civil person, interior designers etc. are involved. Each person has his own view about how the work is completed and when it will be completed. Dealing with each person or respective team is a huge task which often leads to miscommunication and mismanagement which further leads to delay in work and customer dissatisfaction.

    single point of contact

    Modspace.in by Arrivae - your one-stop solution for full home interiors and believes in providing best services to our clients. For easy management and clients’ satisfaction we have designated a single point of contact, which is our project manager, who act as focal point of information. Thus, you do not have to contact different people at different stages of your home interior project. The project manager will be in-charge of the day-to-day communication, management and always update you what is going.

    Modspace.in by Arrivae believes in clients’ satisfaction and contentment. We have a single point of contact, our Project manager, who leads you from sales to execution of every task that includes understanding client’s requirement, making changes in the 2D drawings to giving it a final touch. Instead of talking to different people at different stages of home interiors, the customer can directly contact project manager for every information. Since Project manager is involved at every stage of home designing, thus, he can easily predict the errors that might take place and resolve it immediately. He takes all the headache away and allows you to cherish each stage of your home design.

  • Office Design Ideas

     There was a time when each employee, especially the ones with higher hierarchy have their own cabins! With evolving time, professionals wish for office areas that have modern designs and breaks the old school trend that restricts their growth. Modern office interiors are open to free movement which leads to social interaction which further concludes higher productivity. Here are some office design ideas to make your office more operational and quirky at the same time.

    1. Flexible Workstations

    The traditional cabins have now been converted into workstation, where people can freely move and are not confined to their desk. Furniture on wheels gives freedom to employees to work according to their comfort level. This further raises the productivity and efficiency of the employees. Moreover, it allows them to work in team and exchange their ideas freely. A combination of fixed, standing and group desk is apt for creating a collaborative environment.

    Flexible Workstations-Office Design Ideas

    2. Private Workstations

    Modern private stations have nothing to do with glass doors, stuffy cubicles and cemented cabins, the modern stations comprise of private work-spaces in the office. Such stations are ideal for the jobs that require more concentration, or are creativity oriented and elude noise. This not only give the employees heir private space to work efficiently but add a trendy look as well.

    Private Workstations-Office Design Ideas

    3. Greenery in Your Work Area

    According to a recent survey, green plants increases concentration which further raises the productivity level. For this you can add indoor plants that are low on maintenance and does not cause any problems to employees. For a picturesque look, you can consider biophilic or green office designs. While adding a natural and aesthetic look to the office, the green plants promote positivity as well. Adding Hanging gardens also known as living walls in the reception area or meeting room is the best way to amp-up the space. Taking a green movement forward you can also place planters around the office.

    Greenery in Your Work Area image-Office Design Ideas

    4. Trendy Group Spaces

    Gone are those days when employees used to throw a chat in a canteen or get into discussion while having a cup of tea or coffee, trendy group spaces have now taken over them. A bright area with trendy sofa in the corner is perfect nook for brainstorming and seamless teamwork. It could be a great substitute of small meeting room as well. You can also use the space for recreational activities where you can through couple of bean bags and set an entertainment unit for playing video games in your free time or to break the monotony.

    Trendy Group Spaces- Office Design Ideas

  • Vastu for Home Interiors- 5 Best Ways to Boost Positivity in your Home

    Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in your life and home. Homes designed according to Vastu have been center of happiness and prosperous. The Vastu includes, directions in which your home and all the rooms are built and some do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to keep all the negative elements at bay. Below we have curated some tips and tricks to infuse positivity in your home through Vastu.

     1. Vastu for the Main Entrance

    Your main door or entrance gate is not only a door to welcome your guest, it’s also a path to welcome good fortune and energy. To boost positive energy in your home, it’s important to take care of certain things while renovating or constructing your doorway. The primary thing that need to be consider is, make sure your entrance door is located in North-east direction. Secondly, the wood used in constructing the doorway should be of good quality. Things that you need to avoid are- Do not place a dustbin, fountain or shoe rack on the entrance as it leads to negativity. On the hand, you should decorate your entrance with Torans, aka. Bandanwar and your nameplate.

    Vastu for the Main Entrance-Vastu for Home Interiors

    2. Vastu for Living Room

    Often known as Drawing room, or a place where we generally welcome our guest, living room serves so many functions. The space should be clutter-free and face north-east or north west. Sofas and other heavy furniture should be placed in either west or south-west direction. You can utilize the south-east direction to place your appliances and electronics. Adding a mirror in your living room is an ideal way to make it look bigger, however, keep it on the north wall to welcome your luck.

    Vastu for Living Room- Vastu for Home Interiors

    3. Vastu for your Bedroom

    Your bed room reflects your personality and a positive personality is a way to good luck! The bedroom should be constructed in south-west direction; it is believed to be an ideal direction for your personal space. To avoid quarrels with your partner, place your bed in the south-west corner and your head should face west or south as these are considered most comfortable directions in the room. Make sure you do not place a mirror or TV unit in front of your bed since reflections leads to fights between couple and negative energy in the room. To enhance the aura of your room, paint your bedroom with earthy colors and use mood lightnings to maintain happy environment.

    Vastu for your Bedroom-Vastu for Home Interiors

    4. Vastu for Pooja Room

    A Pooja room, or a space devoted to god is very pious and auspicious, thus, it should be away from all the clutter. North, East or Northeast side are ideal directions for a Pooja room. If you can’t build a separate Pooja room due to space constrains or other reasons, you can plan for a storage unit that can be designed like a mini Pooja room. Do not place your mini temple on the wall, you can place it on the pedestal or roof top. Marble and wood are considered as holy materials, on the contrary acrylic and glass are big NO, when it comes to designing a mini temple. Another Tip-Avoid Pooja space adjacent or below toilet.

    Vastu for Pooja Room- Vastu for Home Interiors

    5. Vastu for Kitchen

    After Pooja Room, kitchen is the most sacred space in the home. In order to keep all the tensions and negativity at bay, plan your kitchen in the South-west corner or North-West Corner. Gas and burners must be placed in the south direction, where as a pot of drinking water or water dispenser should be placed in north-east. Moreover, your kitchen should not be close to your bedroom.

    Vastu for Kitchen- Vastu for Home Interiors

  • Interior Design Trends from Around the Globe

    With world interiors day round the corner, we take a moment to acknowledge some of the home interior designs from different countries that have creating a buzz for a while. These trendy looks are inspirational, if you are planning to refurbish your new home, you know from where to take a cue!

    1. Clean and Minimalist Japanese Home

    Japanese interior design is all about calmness and neat lines that harmonizes the entire design of the home. They opt earthy colors and versatile spaces that can be used in number of ways, for example a bed room can be used as a dining room and living room simultaneously with minimal furniture. Moreover, they are firm believer in nature, taking a cue from their ideology, natural wood, specially bamboo you can use natural wood to design doors, frames, floors or windows.

    Clean and Minimalist Japanese Home-Interior Design Trends

    2. Elegant German Home Design

    While Japanese believe in minimalism, Germans believe in functionality! They incorporate lightweight furniture that are sturdy yet elegant. They also use traditional furniture like cocktail chairs, daybeds and screens that have modern touch to give their home a cozy feeling.

    Elegant German Home Design- Interior Design Trends

    3. Vintage Design from Mexico

    Mexican interior design comprises rustic furnishings and bold colors that reflects vintage theme. They include elements of Spanish missionaries and native tribes living in the Mexico. The blend of Native tribal culture and Spanish European architecture has resulted colorful and beautiful decor and art. Mexicans believes in preserving what they have inherited. To mimic the style, you can style your home interior with classic elements of home furniture.

    Vintage Design from Mexico-Home Interior Trends

    4. English Victorian Design

    Most of the home interior designs in UK reflects the classic era where faux leather furniture and Persian rug was prominent. The look is further accentuated with classy shelves for books and a huge fireplace.

    English Victorian Design- Interior Design Trends

    5. Traditional Indian Home 

    Being an Indian I have to be biased towards our classical and traditional interior designs. The contemporary Indian home interior design reflects beautiful blend of bright and warm colors. Though, gradually Indians are shifting towards modern home interiors, but are still intact with their roots when it comes to following their traditions and culture.

     Traditional Indian Home- Interior Design Trends

  • Top 5 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

    A bathroom vanity is a perfect blend of bathroom sink and the storage units. It gives you an extra storage space while giving your bathroom a trendy look. The other benefits of bathroom vanities are: it streamlines the sink and makes the cleaning process easy. Moreover, these are ideal for all family types. Having said that, bathroom vanities are ruling the trends! To give your bathroom a much needed classy and modern look, checkout our list of bathroom vanity ideas.

     1. Dresser Style Bathroom Vanity

    A dresser style bathroom vanity is a perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern elements in a bathroom or a restroom. It offers two utilities at one time, you do not have to fix an individual dresser in your bathroom. It also maximizes the space while giving you ample space for grooming. To create a vintage look, you can opt for brown and white dresser style vanity, for a modern and stylish look, grey should be your choice.

    Dresser Style Bathroom Vanity- Bathroom vanity ideas

    2. Vanity Cabinets in Bathroom

    Vanity cabinets adds storage space in the bathroom, while adding a twist to your vanity. The cabinet can be extended according to the space you need to store your toiletries and other stuff. A free standing hutch gives ample space; it is an ideal storage unit for multiple users. To upgrade the overall look of the bathroom, an antique mirror comes handy. To add a hint of colors you can paint your bathroom with bright colors.

    Vanity Cabinets in Bathroom- Bathroom vanity ideas

    3. Double-Sink Vanities

    Double sink vanities are apt for couple or two people with different needs sharing a same bathroom. An old bathroom with two sinks can be given a modern touch by changing the former color of the cabinetry and walls. A muted blue tone gives a much needed vibrancy to a bathroom, while white colored vanity adds harmony to overall look. For a medium- sized bathroom, two vanities with mirrors are ideal, since they give an illusion of a space, making your bathroom look big. An open bottom vanity with dark wood and simple designs gives a rich look to small and subdued bathroom.

    Double-Sink Vanities- Bathroom vanity ideas

    4. Modern Bathroom Vanity with Marble

    A contemporary look can be achieved with a modern marble, as it gives clean and crisp look that never fades away. Modern marble goes well with every color, giving a bathroom much needed balance and classy look. Moreover, modern marble is easy to maintain and clean.

    Modern Bathroom Vanity with Marble- Bathroom vanity ideas

    5. Vanity with Embellished Drawers

    Drawers on the vanity with detailed look gives a vintage feel to the bathroom. The huge mirror with lavish sitting area takes the entire look of the bathroom a notch higher. For a royal look, you can consider a combination of two subtle colors that makes your vanity stand out.

    Vanity with Embellished Drawers-Bathroom vanity ideas 

  • Top 5 Built-In Wardrobe Designs

    With changing times, traditional Almirah and cupboards have been transformed into modular wardrobes. The modern counterpart not only offers much space, but it also gives your dream home a much needed makeover. Built-in wardrobes can be tailored according to your needs and keeps your room free from all the clutter. With trendy styles and designs knocking the door, we have an array of classy built-in  wardrobe designs to showcase.

    1. Built-In Wardrobe with Mirrors

    Adding mirrors to a built-in wardrobe is a perfect way to make a small room look bigger. The reflective mirrors on the wardrobe panels will not only amp up the look but also offer you a dressing-up mirror. Why only small room, it gives a classy look to spacious room as well, offering them the space to incorporate other furniture.

    Built-In Wardrobe with Mirrors-Built-in wardrobe designs

    2. Sliding Door Wardrobe

    The traditional standalone wardrobes are now converted into modular wardrobes with sliding doors. The wardrobe with sliding doors can be designed with multiple doors. This too utilizes less space, offering you much needed space even in a small bedroom. Moreover, modular wardrobe with sliding doors are easy to access, since they can be opened and closed without any hassle like wardrobes with shutters.

    Sliding Door Wardrobe-Built-in wardrobe designs

    3. Built-In Wardrobes with Open Sides

    What makes built-in wardrobes different from other wardrobe is, it can be created anywhere in a room. An open-sided built-in wardrobe can be added in a room to divide the space and simultaneously create storage space, so it solves two problems at one time. Such wardrobes are ideal for large and spacious rooms, since they seamlessly utilize the space while giving it an urban look.

    Built-In Wardrobes with Open Sides-Built-in Wardrobe Designs

    4. L Shaped Built In Wardrobe

    Also known as corner wardrobes, L shaped wardrobes are best to utilize corner space of the bedroom which are generally wasted. For a classic look, go for built-in wardrobe design that is made of wood. For a much sharper look, you can consider the combination of high gloss and glass. L-shaped wardrobe not only offers great style, it also offers storage space as well.

    L Shaped Built In Wardrobe- builtin wardrobe designs

    5. Walk-In-Wardrobe

    Walk-in-wardrobe is a dream wardrobe for every home owner. The epitome of massive storage and luxury, walk-in-wardrobes helps you create a highly organized space. A-well designed space where you can store everything, from your all season clothes, shoes to all other necessary stuffs that you would keep in your wardrobe. A standard walk-in- wardrobe has storage space and hangings on the three sides. If you do not have much space, you can convert your unused room into a walk-in closet. To create a style statement you can choose among straight walk in closet, U shaped closet or L-shaped closet. To add some quark you can add island layout in your closet. The design of the closet depends on how much space your apartment has.

     Walk-in-Wardrobe-Built-in Wardrobe Designs

  • Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

    With reducing spaces and compact homes, modular kitchens have become a big thing today! Modular kitchens efficiently utilize space, maximize storage areas with minimal footprint while giving the home a trendy and finished look. Whether you want to redo your kitchen or build a new home, you should know what’s trending! So, here we have curated 5 kitchen design trends that you can incorporate into your dream home.

    1. Island Layout

    The first in our list of kitchen design trends is island layout. The traditional dining table is reduced to a breakfast island. An island has much to offer, it can provide that extra space for prepping meals while giving a defined look to your modular kitchen. To add little drama to your kitchen, color your island with dark or vibrant color that is in contrast with your entire modular kitchen. On the contrary, if your kitchen has dark hue, you can choose soft colors like mutes gray and play blue. If you love cooking, you can utilize the shelves of islands for showcasing your cookbooks. Sleek open shelves at the front with colorful books add uniqueness to the space. However, if you aren’t a book lover, you can use the kitchen island to display vases, pots and other decorative items. Alternatively, you can give your display a theme with distinctive style to add harmony.

    Island layout- kitchen design trends

    2. Bold and Vibrant Color Schemes

    Like last year bold and vibrant colors will continue to rule the look-book of modular kitchens. If you are planning to give your cabinets a complete makeover, go for beautiful and bold. However, if you don’t want to add much drama in your modular kitchen, a pastel accent wall rescue you.

    Bold and Vibrant Color Schemes- Kitchen Design Trends

    3. Quartz

    Natural counters made up of marbles and granite have ruled forever but 2018 is all about quartz, a man-made material. Unlike, its natural counterpart it is available in varied colors. Also, it is easy to maintain and gives the kitchen a classy look. To add harmony in your kitchen, you can install composite sinks. Such sinks are made up of the same material as the counter-top of the kitchen. It gives a clean and uniform look, making the cleaning process easy.

    Quartz-Kitchen Design Trends

    4. Kitchen Storage

    Kitchen storage can never go out of the trend. It is one of the best kitchen design ideas, since it offers you an extra space where you can store your cutlery, and other necessary items. To add more storage space in your modular kitchen, you can design more cabinetry, it won’t only maximize the space, but give your kitchen a more organized look as well. If done in a clever way kitchen storage will amp-up your kitchen design.

    Kitchen Storage-Kitchen Design Trends

    5. Open Shelving for Display

    Next in our list of latest kitchen designs is open shelving for display. While storage is equally important in the kitchen, the open shelving gives it more serene and classy look. It offers you a space to display your matching dishware collection. For a large kitchen island, a combination of closed cabinets with open shelves is ideal.

    Open Shelving for Display- Kitchen Design Trends

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