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  • Vastu Shastra Tips for your Wardrobe

    The wardrobe is one of the largest pieces of furniture within the bedroom. Ensuring its placement can impact the vibes or energy within a room. Applying Vastu Shastra to the home is believed to bring positive and peaceful energy within a space. In a previous blog, we have mentioned the ideal layout for the kitchen in accordance to Vastu Shastra, along with a blog post for the most suitable colors.   For the bedroom, different Vastu Shastra rules apply. Below, are some Vastu Shastra Tips for placing the Wardrobe within the bedroom.


    • Wardrobe Location: For starters, the ideal placement of a wardrobe within the bedroom is in the southwest direction of the room. An alternative direction for the wardrobe is the northwest. Ideally, the wardrobe shutters should open towards the east or south to be used as a buffer against the hot evening sun.
      Wardrobe Location Image Credit: YouTube
    • Wardrobe Appearance: The colors of the wardrobe should be subtle and soft. Neutral tones such as white, grey, or beige are ideal color options for any wardrobe. They follow the Vastu Shastra rules, and they can be placed with any bedroom color scheme. Vastu Shastra also states that a bedroom wardrobe should be constructed from wood or iron. At we use wood in making our wardrobes. Using mirrors as a part of the wardrobe shutters is discouraged. It is believed that mirrors in the bedroom or facing the bed lead to arguments within the home.
      Wardrobe Appearance Image Credit: Houzz
    • Wardrobe Storage: Vastu Shastra  states that valuables and cash that are stored inside of the wardrobe should be kept on the west or the south side, in a wardrobe that is standing on a leveled floor. Ideally, a drawer or safety locker should be dedicated to those valuables to ensure safe storage.
      Wardrobe Storage Image Credit: Edmonton Locksmiths

    Adhere to these Vastu Shastra tips within your home to ensure prosperity, wealth, and happiness!

  • Vastu-Friendly Colors for your Kitchen

    Colors inspire our moods and emotions. According to Vastu Shastra, colors greatly impact the overall energy of a given space. In an earlier blog, the general direction and orientation was discussed in accordance to Vastu Shastra. For reference to this blog, click here. Different colors have different energies and cause varied vibrations in certain spaces. In the kitchen, there are certain colors that create a positive energy more than others.


    Vastu Shastra states that the ideal placement of your home spaces is a matter of direction and colors, where certain colors are ideal in certain directions. In the case of a kitchen, the first direction to start with is the Southeast. The kitchen itself, should be in the Southeast most section of your home, and the prime kitchen activity (cooking) should also face southeast. The best color for the southeast direction is silver/white. However, as an alternative direction, or the placement of many of your kitchen appliances, the next-best direction is the northwest, and the best color for the northwest corner is white, making the best color for your kitchen be white. Other Vastu-friendly colors to be used in your kitchen are given below.


    White: White color is the color of purity and cleanliness, and it is ideal for the for the kitchen floor or wall. This color is an elegant, and can easily be combined with other colors, and it goes very will in both the southeast and northwest directions.

    Image Credit: Divandi

    Red, Orange, Yellow: A dash of these warm colors go very well with white, and they symbolize the fire element of the kitchen. The warm colors bring energy, happiness, and increase appetite. However, according to Vastu, these colors should be used in smaller amounts, such as in the form of utensils, decorations, or accent cabinets in your kitchen. 

    White kitchen w/red accents

    Rose Pink: Pink is another tone that sends positive vibes in the southeast direction, primarily in the south. As a color, it represents joy and happiness, and can greatly be complimented with white/silver!!

    Rose Pink wall complementing a White kitchen. Image Credit: Bethesda Magazine

    Chocolate: Another shade we don't think about very often is your chocolate brown. According to Vastu, brown tones are perfect in the southwest direction or your kitchen, and they add a classic element to a modern white space. Brown is a color of contentment and comfort, which adds to a cozy kitchen environment! 

    Image Credit: Decorpad

    Overall, the kitchen should be a happy place with great joy, energy, and purity. The warm colors complemented with white will create the the ideal vastu-friendly kitchen! For more Vastu advice be sure to check out our previous blog or have a conversation with our Space Planning Consultants!!

  • Vastu Shastra for your Kitchen

    Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of art and construction. Vastu is a Sanskrit word that means dwelling or housing on a plot of land. Therefore, Vastu Shastra is the science of housing. This science helps in creating a pleasant setting within a home or office by taking the benefits of nature and using the five elements: Sky, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth to enhance wealth, health, and prosperity.

    Vastu Shastra is applied to every room within a home. Each room has its own energy, and can be planned independently to create a pleasant environment. The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in a home. It contributes to the general health and overall wellbeing of the occupants within the home. To ensure that positive energies flow through the kitchen, there are some essential tips that should be considered for the Vastu of a kitchen. The tips are given below:

    Ideal location of your kitchen: The kitchen should be placed in the southeast direction of your home. The southeast direction is governed by the element Fire, which makes it suitable for all fire and heat-related elements.

    • Alternative Direction: However, if your kitchen is NOT placed in the southeast direction of your home, then it can be placed in the northwest direction. The northwest direction is governed by air, which allows for ease in movement and change. The kitchen is an area in the house that requires constant movement. Therefore, placing the kitchen in northwest will allow for easier movement within your kitchen.

    Heating and cooking location: The cooking range or stove, which is the main platform of your kitchen, should be placed in the southeast direction of your kitchen, which is the most suitable direction for all fire-related elements. However, the person using the cooking range should always be facing the east. The east direction is recognized to bring good luck and health, which is creates a pleasant cooking environment for the user. Other heat-related appliances, such as your generator, gas cylinder, or geyser should also be placed in the southeast location of your kitchen.

    Kitchen Exhaust: Your exhaust should be placed in the northwest direction of your kitchen. Due to the element Air governing the northwest, the exhaust will ease the movement of the heavy aromas flowing through your kitchen.

    Kitchen Sink: The kitchen sink and other water storage taps should be placed in the northeast direction of your kitchen because the element Water rules this direction.

    • Alternative Direction: Your kitchen sink can also be placed in the north direction. The north is the most cardinal direction in Vastu Shastra. It is a highly charged direction that instills positive vibes through all of the surroundings.

    Electronic Appliances: Your electronic appliances, including your microwave, oven, or refrigerator should be placed in the southwest direction of your kitchen. Vastu views the southwest direction as an area that is dominated by demons. As a result, there is great negative energy. Therefore, the heavier appliances should be placed to balance and reduce the negative energy that comes from the southwest direction.

    However, your dishwasher should be placed in the northwest direction of your kitchen. The northwest direction is governed by the element Air, which allows for free movement, which makes allows for easy movement in loading and unloading of dishes, and

    • Alternative Directions: According to Vastu, the refrigerator also can be placed in the southeast or south directions. The southeast direction is ideal for any type of electrical equipment. Governed by the element fire, the southeast direction is seen as a place where food can easily be preserved. The south direction is governed by the Lord of death, and viewed of as inauspicious. Therefore, heavier appliances can be placed to nullify the inauspicious vibes from this direction.

    Dining Area: If your kitchen includes a dining table or a breakfast nook, it is best to be placed in the northwest direction of your kitchen. The element Air governs the northwest direction, and Vastu believes that air includes attributes of change and movement. The dining area is a place of great movement, as members will be using the space to socialize and enjoy their meal. As a result, placing the dining table in the northwest direction will allow for positive energy to move through the air easily.

    Storage: kitchens include both wall and floor storage units. Vastu believes that storage specifically for food grains and utensils should be placed on the southern and western walls, instead of the northern and eastern walls. The south direction is known to be a source of wealth, crops, and abundance, which makes it an ideal space to store food items in your kitchen. The west is governed by the element Water, making it a vital direction for survival. Both the south and west directions increase the duration of your food and food-related utensils in your kitchen.

    Windows: If your kitchen has windows, the larger windows should be in the east to allow for sunlight, and smaller windows should be in the south to allow for evil forces to pass through. The south direction is known to destroy any evil forces within a given space.

    Vastu Shastra is essential in designing your home. In order to positively balance the elements and appropriate placement of your kitchen, it is ideal to follow this Vastu advice to create a pleasant kitchen environment!

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