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  • Bringing a ModSpace.in Interior Designer On Board

    At ModSpace.in, we are striving to provide the best home solutions for all our customers. In doing so, we have evolved from a kitchen and wardrobe platform to a full home service interior provider-where everything from the civil work to the final home interior is provided under one roof. While building your home, having an interior designer on board will ease the entire process and create a more synchronized home solution. ModSpace.in now has professional interior designers on board who work closely with you to provide the ideal solution for your space.

    Detail Oriented Approach: With a ModSpace.in interior designer, every detail of your space will be looked at. Whether it is its function or its aesthetics, all aspects of a room will be analyzed to provide the best possible solution. For example, in a kitchen design, a ModSpace.in interior designer will provide you with a factory-finished kitchen where the the cabinetry colors will match the flooring, complement the lighting, and brought together with the countertop.


    Knows What is Right For You: A ModSpace.in interior designer will know what is best for the room. Not only will they provide the best storage solution for a given wardrobe space, but they will look at the entire bedroom space and bring a beautiful interior to life right before your eyes! Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they will already know what is good for the space and create a beautiful solution that matches your preferences and meets your needs. A ModSpace.in interior designer addresses your needs and gives you exactly what you are looking for.


    Knows Color Combinations: As a general homeowner, the understanding of color within a home interior is very limited toward the lighter shades. However, an interior designer will expose you to the variety of colors you can play with to add to any room in the home. The ModSpace.in interior designers understand which colors look good with one another and can even come up with various palettes that wouldn't have even crossed your mind. 

    Time-Saver: Working with an interior designer will definitely save you time, particularly a ModSpace.in designer. Along with providing factory-finished products, ModSpace.in has become the one-stop shop for all interior requirements. Rather than searching around from vendor to vendor for different home requirements, a ModSpace.in interior designer will help in creating the final look of the home and providing the support to get everything executed correctly.


    Wow Factor: Last but not least, an interior designer will enhance your home and improve the quality of life within your home. They will synchronize several pieces and bring together a visual story in every corner of your home. They will pull together accessories, furniture, colors, and other quirky elements to give you that "wow" factor that you are looking for.


    Bring a ModSpace.in interior designer on board for your homebuilding process and get your dream home! Get factory finished, space efficient solutions with the right furniture, complementary colors, and create a visual story within your space! Click here!

  • Pulls vs. Knobs: Which Handle Works Best For You

    Handles and knobs are one of the last few touches that go into making the kitchen or wardrobe. The first question to ask yourself is whether or not to even have handles or go completely handle-less in your space. For more information on handles vs. handle-less, check out this previous blog post. Once you have finalized to go with some version of a handle, the next step is to look at the number of options. They make or break the look of a given space,  and there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Deciding which style bests suits the overall interior is dependent on multiple factors. In terms of cabinetry, the two most common options are the knobs vs. the pulls. Both types of hardware have their set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of defining the style of a space.

    Image Credit: Backsplash

    Knobs-Knobs are rounder, smaller pieces that are placed in the center or side of the cabinetry to hold while opening the cabinet. Today, knobs are available in a variety of styles and shapes to add that extra touch to any kind of cabinetry. They are especially common in kitchen cabinets

    • Advantages of Knobs:
      • --Gives the cabinets a classic elegance: Knobs can give a space that old world charm, and can be a dramatic choice for any interior space
      • --A Large variety of styles to choose from: Knobs are available in various metal and wood options.
      • --Very easy to install
      • --Single Attachment Point, where only one screw is used to attach it to the cabinet shutter or drawer
      • --Never go out of style: knobs on cabinetry give a timeless effect.
    Image Credit" Suncity Villas

    Pulls-Pulls are the more popular handles we see today. They are wider and broader and are typically placed on the side or center of a drawer or cabinet shutter. The style is generally more square-like in comparison to the knobs

    • Advantages of Pulls:
      • --Gives the cabinets a more modern finish, with bold and distinct lines
      • --A more comfortable way of opening cabinets-You can place your entire hand, and pull the handle to open the shutter or drawer
      • --A more preferred option for those seeking a graceful and sophisticated look
      • --Two attachment points, where there is additional stability in placing the handle on the drawer or shutter
      • --Easy installation


    When it comes to choosing knobs or pulls for any cabinetry, the final decision is more about the design rather than the use. Both are equally functional, but will add different design elements to the space. Whether it is a kitchen or wardrobe, the knobs will bring a sense of Old World Charm, while the pulls will bring a Bold, Modern Touch to the space. However, in choosing the hardware, one can even mix and match both styles and add them together. A popular transitional option is to add cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to give that eclectic style to the entire space.

    Image Credit: Centsational Girl
  • Storage Tips for Sharing a Wardrobe Space with Your Spouse

    Whether it is moving in as a newly-wed couple or designing a brand-new wardrobe, sharing a wardrobe with your spouse is always a challenge. There are the space constraints, and most of the time the room space does not allow for two separate wardrobes or a large walk-in wardrobe. Therefore, combining the wardrobe space is a major challenge. Whether it is designing a brand-new wardrobe for a smaller space or moving into a new home after your wedding, check out the tips below on sharing a wardrobe with your spouse.


    Divide and Conquer: The first step is to designate which wardrobe areas are dedicated to each individual. This is to avoid one another's items getting mixed up or lost within the wardrobe itself. In some wardrobe solutions, it is best to divide down the middle and designate each individual to their particular side. However, in designing a new wardrobe, ensure the correct storage solutions are designed within the particular space. For example, majority of men's clothing shorter and can be stored in half the wardrobe space. Therefore, they will benefit from a double hanging. In contrast, women have a lot of longer clothing, such as coats or dresses. Therefore, a tall hanging is necessary. Both men and women have different storage requirements due to the different items that go inside a wardrobe. Check out these two blogs for more:

    Image Credit: Closet World

    Add Levels: Take advantage of the given space and add multiple levels of storage. Wherever possible, usually where men's clothing is stored, arrange for a double hanging to have two levels of storage in one area. Level up on the shelving as well. Whenever clothing items needed be folded or kept in a smaller area-t-shirts, jeans, scarves, or belts-double up on the number of shelves a space can hold. It creates more storage in a smaller area. With more storage a couple can differentiate which area of the shelves are for him and which area of the shelves belong to her. Another level which is often neglected is the floor area. the space below the main wardrobe is an excellent area to place a shoe drawer.


    Use Additional Storage Items: One of the major challenges of a shared wardrobe is the space constraint. Oftentimes the space does not allow for certain storage mechanisms to be put in place. Therefore, be on the lookout for items to ease the storage. For example, placing a shoe rack inside the wardrobe door or the baskets on spare shelves to create that extra storage within the wardrobe space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Choose the Hangers Wisely: Different types of hangers take up varying amounts of space within a wardrobe. The thinner hangers take up significantly less room compared to the bulkier, wooden hangers. Then, there are 4 and 5-tier hangers that can hold 4-5 clothing items at once. While finding space-saving solutions for your wardrobe, don't neglect the hangers!

    At ModSpace.in, we understand the constraints that come with combining wardrobes. Therefore, we design wardrobes to accommodate to all storage requirements to ensure our clients are satisfied. In designing your brand-new wardrobe, follow these tips!

  • Finish 101: Membrane Finish

    Continuing with the Kitchen Finish 101 series, which we started in the last blog, this blog will focus on the membrane finish. Although there is a brief description of the membrane finish in the materials blog post, there is a lot more to this material as a finish option for both the kitchen and the wardrobe.

    As stated in both the Kitchen and Wardrobe Buying Guide, the membrane finish is known for giving a very clean and pristine look look. At ModSpace.in, the thin membrane foils are wrapped around plywood to create a smooth finish. Membrane shutters at ModSpace.in are available in both matt and textured finishes. Membrane is very smooth to the touch and is a great option for the modular kitchen or wardrobe.

    Image Credit: Static

    Pros of the Membrane Finish

    • --Water and weather resistant
    • --Long lifespan, making it long  lasting and very durable
    • --Gives the shutters a beautiful matt finish
    • --Very easy to clean using a moist cloth and mild detergent
    • --Since the foils wrap around all sides, the shutters do not require any edge banding
    • --Very smooth to touch
    • --Economical


    Cons of the Membrane Finish

    • --ModSpace.in only provides matt finishes in the membrane finish, they are not available in high-gloss finishes
    • --Requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the "new" look
    Image Credit: Amazing Architecture

    Membrane finish is a great way to add an earthy touch to a home. Bring some sophistication in your kitchen or an organic touch to your bedroom and go for membrane!!

  • 5 New Years Resolutions for your Home

    We are a little over 10 days into the new year, and most of us are probably kicking ourselves for already breaking or coming close to breaking the typical resolutions we all have of cutting down, dieting, going to the gym, or waking up on time. However, there is still time to set some home improvement resolutions to accomplish this year. Below, we propose our top 5 picks for your home to update and create an even more pleasurable place for you to live!

    Go Green-Taking the eco-friendly route is always at the top of our list. With increasing pollution levels, one of the best practices all of us can adopt is by making some eco-friendly changes in our homes. Update any appliances to ones that use less energy or incorporate some green practices within your home-such as starting a kitchen garden or having a waste management system within the kitchen space. For more ideas for your kitchen garden, check out the previous blog post. For some waste management ideas in the kitchen, check out this blog post.

    Renovate-There is never a good or a bad time to renovate, but we all tend to postpone it, thinking it is a long, cumbersome, and inconvenient project. Make 2017 the year to renovate that outdated kitchen or the inadequate wardrobe. Take inspiration from the new year and bring the "newness" into your home. Renovation will bring a fresh look and an upgraded feel to your home. For why now is the right time to renovate, check out the previous blog post.

    Image Credit: The Kitchn

    Reorganize your Wardrobe-Use the January downtime to reorganize your wardrobe before the spring and summer season. Declutter and clear the items that have not been worn or are very infrequently worn. Get rid of any items that no longer fit, and create some more storage space in your wardrobe. To get a head-start on the spring-cleaning, check out the previous blog post.

    Streamline the Stuff-Along with your wardrobe, make this the year to declutter the entire home. Get rid of outdated media players, old appliances, and even old clothes. Create space in all of your home storage by clearing out all the items that are not needed. Make 2017 the year of streamlining your stuff!

    Image Credit: Lowes

    Make your Home Safe and Sound-The final aspect is to make your home as safe and sound as possible. With increasing pollution levels and numerous harmful substances in the air, ensure your home air is much lighter and easier to breathe. Install an air purifier to keep all the toxins out and the clean air in. Clean out all the vents and air ducts so everything passes through freely and openly.

    Make 2017 the year of your home. Let this year be one of new beginnings with small home changes to create a more pleasurable living space. Declutter, go-green, and have a fantastic 2017!

  • Maximizing Storage In Wardrobe Corners

    Designing the wardrobe consists of two basic aspects: the exterior and interior. The interior generally takes more time and thought as it requires considering all the wardrobe items and how they should be stored. However, during the process, the dead spaces are usually overlooked as unused areas where storage is not even possible. This is especially common for the wardrobe corners. Wardrobes that are L-shaped or have a single continuing corner are often a challenge to design as the corners are so under-utilized to optimize storage. In fact, only expert wardrobe designers would know the tricks to maximize the storage space in the pesky corners. Check out a couple of our secret tricks below!

    In-Depth Storage: In this storage solution, the exterior of the wardrobe corner appears as a single shutter that will open to a narrow storage area. The shutter opens in front, and inside there is double the storage. In this solution, the corner storage is the width of the entire corner area, creating double the storage in a tiny corner space. From the outside, the wardrobe appears like an L-shape, without any protrusions, but when the shutter is open, the storage is much wider than the actual shutter.

    A ModSpace.in Wardrobe, where the corner appears as a normal, narrow corner from the outside
    When opened storage extends towards the back

    Fixed Overlapping Hanging Rods: Another option is to have fixed overlapping hanging rods. Use the corner as a continuous space, rather than creating a separation when the corner ends. One side of the "L" can include hanging rods until the very end, while the other side of the "L" can have the hanging stop right before the adjacent wall. This fully utilizes the hanging space without interfering with any other items. photos-closet-organizers-fixed-overlapping-closet-rods-cad

    Continuous Shelving: If there is space below the hanging rods, then even a shelving space can be added. Depending on the storage requirements, Continuous shelves can also be added from the top of the wardrobe to the bottom of the wardrobe. In terms of storage, the corner shelves actually have more space than a straight shelf because the storage space goes straight back into the corner! Therefore, the corner is at an advantage and more items can be placed in a smaller space.

    Image Credit Palabuzz

    Whether it is in-depth storage, continuous shelving,  or overlapping hanging rods, these are just a couple of ways to take advantage of the wardrobe corners. When it comes to designing your wardrobe, don't neglect the corner, there could more storage capacity there than one might think! For your storage concerns designing your wardrobe, contact us!

  • Benefits of Visiting a Kitchen Showroom

    Deciding a kitchen for your home is difficult as it is. There are so many elements to consider that it is only natural for any homeowner to get overwhelmed. Therefore, while deciding the home kitchen, or even wardrobe, visiting a showroom can serve as the first step to familiarizing yourself with everything from the starting point to the finishing touches. Whether it is remodeling or getting a brand-new kitchen, visiting a showroom is always a great place to start. Here are the reasons why:

    Design Inspiration: A kitchen showroom is filled with plenty of ideas that can be a part of your home. You can see how colors look together, which finishes go best together, and even what layout works best. The initial visit serves as an eye-opener to the realm of possibilities you may have in your home. With the design inspiration, the model kitchens will also give ideas on how the kitchen should be organized and how unique spaces can be used. The showroom will also give you the most updated design styles that can fit in your home.

    Hands-on Experience: A kitchen showroom allows you to interact with the product. The products serve as live demonstrations where you can try them on your own, and understand how the product moves, opens, closes, and feels in your hand. The hands-on experience gives you a chance to interact with the products, understand the material, and see how the kitchen mechanisms-such as soft-closing-works. 

    Professional Advice: While planning the kitchen, you naturally invest significant time and money. A showroom is the best to get easy advice on the best possibilities with your home. One-on-One discussions with the kitchen design experts are an instant guide on the best layout, individual requirements, and even budget of the kitchen. A showroom professional will assist in choosing a long lasting design that satisfies your needs, meets your requirements, fulfills your expectations, and matches your home.

    Specialty Stores Specialize: Everywhere you go there are always large home stores that have all types of home products they provide. However, their assortment of items might be very limited. In other words, a large store may only have a few options for your home kitchen. However, a kitchen showroom, where the focus is on one or two products, will have a much larger range of items. As a result, you are likely to receive exactly what you would like by going to a kitchen showroom, rather than a very general showroom.

    Budget Friendly: Finally, a kitchen showroom has such an extensive range of options, that there is something to fit every budget. Whether it is finish, layout, or special design features, showroom professionals have a way of designing and quoting a kitchen to suit your taste and your pocket at the same time. Everything from the simplest to the most complex options are available at a kitchen showroom. 

    Planning a kitchen is difficult enough as it is. It is a challenge to find a reliable source who will best guide the ideal kitchen design for your home, and meet your specifications and requirements at the same time. At ModSpace.in, our showroom is equipped with a wide range of design styles and a team of Space Planning Consultants and Kitchen Designers to help you navigate through the kitchen process. For your kitchen, book your visit at our brand-new showroom today! Contact us at 91-7042335104.

  • 6 Wardrobe Ideas for Smaller Bedrooms

    Smaller bedrooms are often a challenge to design. Trying different and creative ways to successfully accommodate the storage and bedding is a task in itself, and having a smaller space makes it even more difficult. However, there are various wardrobe designs that are much friendlier to a smaller bedroom versus a larger bedroom. Rather than cramming for storage, use the wardrobe appearance to make the smaller bedroom look more inviting. Check out some ideas below.

    Go Vertical: A smaller bedroom space requires using the room as efficiently as possible to create maximum storage. Therefore, one such option is investing in some vertical storage. Above the main wardrobe, consider getting a loft to store items that are used relatively infrequently, such as winter wear, suitcases, and even extra linens. Visually, the loft draws the eye-line upward, giving the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is. 

    Seamless: Another trick to use in a smaller room is by blending the wardrobe color with the wall colors. Replicating the same color of the wall on the wardrobes gives the illusion that the wardrobe is melting into the background, and the room looks less overwhelming. This way, one can still achieve the size of wardrobe they desire, but choose an exterior appearance that is less overpowering to the remainder of the room.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Glossy Finish: Opting for a high-gloss or a shinier finish for the wardrobe also visually gives more space. The reflective nature of the finish gives more space for light to bounce off of, making the room look bigger than it actually is.

    Image Credit: Sliderobes

    Neutrals Colors: Using light neutral colors-such as white, gray, or beige open up any space. Whether it is the kitchen cabinets or the wardrobe shutters, neutrals are a great way to make a space look much more expansive. Visually, light colors appear brighter to the viewer, and therefore makes the space look bigger. Whether the bedroom color scheme is light or dark, neutrals are a great way to match to the bedroom palette, get the amount of storage you desire, and make the room look bigger. All three aspects at the same time.

    Image Credit: Furniture Mind

    Mirrors: Just like the glossy finish, the reflective nature of mirrors makes the bedroom appear almost twice as large than it actually is. The light bounces across the room, creating a positive atmosphere, and the shutters are being used for a dual purpose. The user has a full length mirror along with expansive shutters within the bedroom. With mirrors, one can be flexible in terms of design. Either an entire wardrobe can be a mirrored surface or just a part of it. The mirrors will have the same effect.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Translucent Shutters: As a piece of furniture, wardrobes are large and risk making a room look blocked and congested up. Therefore, another option for the shutters are translucent shutters. This style of shutter gives just enough privacy for the contents inside, yet adds some depth the the the room. With these shutters, the items inside are not fully revealed and it makes the room look less crammed.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Wardrobes are both functional units and statement pieces in the bedroom. The ModSpace.in wardrobes are available in an infinite number of finishes and colors, and exclusively designed for your space. For your modular wardrobe, contact us!

  • Wardrobe Measurements to Take Before Designing

    When it comes to planning the bedroom, there are minimum two items that everyone thinks about: the bed and the wardrobe. As the two most essential aspects of a room, there is always a concern that everything should fit and match appropriately. Once the bed is in, the next step is the wardrobe. However before even considering the storage required, one has to assess how a wardrobe will fit win the room. Determining how the wardrobe will fit is done through measuring the wardrobe area. Measuring the wardrobe space allows you to better plan the interiors and storage options, and gives . Check out the guidelines below to measuring the wardrobes correctly.

    Height: Before taking the height measurements, ensure the floor is even and at one level; otherwise the entire wardrobe standing on top of it would be completely uneven. If there are any uneven surfaces, keep them in mind while designing the wardrobe. For example, if a wardrobe is to be placed underneath a staircase, be mindful of the differing heights between each unit. In getting the height dimensions, accurately, measure the space from top to bottom in millimeters (mm) for the most precise measurements. As it is the smallest unit of measurement, it is easiest for vendors, like us, to work with it. To ensure consistency, measure the space at three different locations: usually the two ends and in the center.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Width: The next measurement is the width, which is taken the same way as the height. Take the measurement at the top, middle, and bottom to get a basic average, and keep in mind of any curvatures or dips in the wall where the wardrobe will be placed. With determining the width, you are able to get an idea of the number of shutters you require or wish to have, and the overall style of the entire wardrobe: whether it is three openable wardrobes next to each other or two sliding shutters to create the exterior of the wardrobe.

    Image Credit: Slide Wardrobes Direct

    Wall to End Panels: Oftentimes in customizing a wardrobe, it cannot go from wall-to-wall due to obstructions or interference that can happen in using and accessing the a wardrobe. In other words, the user may not be able to fully open the wardrobe due to certain obstructions in the wall. Therefore, a wall panel is required. In these cases, the wardrobe measurements have to include measurements of the end panel.

    Image Credit: UK Sliding Wardrobes

    The measurements above are the bare minimum required for determining the wardrobe exterior and they give the user a general idea of the space available and the types of storage that can be allotted to them. At ModSpace.in, once these measurements are taken, then the most storage-friendly and space-efficient solutions are designed to create the ideal wardrobe.

  • Why ModSpace.in?

    There is a night and day difference between the Indian homeowner 20 years ago and the Indian homeowner today. Today's demographic is more informed about the world around them, and globalization has led to everyone desiring the international quality. Even in their homes, many homeowners strive for a flexible and storage-sufficient space that is not only versatile, but also adaptable to all surroundings and friendly to the more technological household.

    Especially in terms of kitchens, the definition has changed. Aesthetics and customization are given just as much importance as overall practicality and functionality. Therefore, the idea of the modular kitchen is a more preferred choice. With the modular kitchen, and even a modular wardrobe, homeowners desire that same European-style finish, but to accommodate Indian needs, weather conditions, and users. However, many homeowners have found that international style  and finish is usually too expensive for the average home. As a result, today's homeowners are ready for a vendor who will still deliver the same style and quality at more economical price points. This is why ModSpace.in is the best possible choice: 

    • Best of Both Worlds: We, at ModSpace.in strive to meet the desire of international kitchens and wardrobes to suit all budgets and price points. At ModSpace.in homeowners can achieve internationally designed kitchens and wardrobes  that fit their budget with a hassle-free delivery process. We combine the two desires to deliver a unique product to suit the home, homeowner taste, and the general budget.
    • International Machinery: Our expertise in modular furniture goes back 4 generations, and at our own manufacturing facility, we have special machinery imported from Germany and Italy to guarantee that superior quality finish. Our manufacturing facility also houses all the raw materials, and we follow a strict quality-control process to ensure the finished product is superior in both aesthetics and practical uses.
    • Innovative & User-Friendly Designs: With our new showroom opening shortly, we are constantly innovating designs that are the most friendly to the end-user. We are combining wood with brand-new finish options to ensure that ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes are extra durable and fully utilized by the users. Although, all of the finishes and materials are manufactured using European machinery, they are specifically designed for the Indian environment. Whether it is the weather patterns or the user, the ModSpace.in can withstand it-creating a high-performing and essential item for the home. 

    As the Indian homeowner continues to evolve, international trends  with innovate design and functionality options are making a wave across India. However, very few vendors are able to fully deliver such products to the contemporary home. At ModSpace.in, we value the customer from their home taste to the design preferences to the overall experience. Therefore, with our expertise, international machinery, and innovate solutions, we will deliver the best possible product for your home.

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