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  • Preparing for the First Meeting with Your Vendor

    At this point, you've done your research, talked to friends and family, and followed the likes of a vendor checklist, and finalized who your kitchen/wardrobe vendor will be. Now that a vendor is selected up to your satisfaction. A meeting will be scheduled with a Space Planning Consultant and/or designer to further understand your requirements and specifications. For the first meeting, it is best to do a little bit of homework beforehand to ease the entire design process for yourself and your designer/consultant. Utilize your pre-meeting prep to prioritize wants, needs and specifications to speed up the process moving forward.

    Wish List: The first step is to distinguish your wants and needs. This becomes the baseline for your entire home project. By establishing that is needed vs. is what is wanted, your vendor will have a better idea of the elements you require. Whether it is a kitchen or wardrobe, make a list of the must-have storage solutions for your items or the final look you desire. Another aspect of establishing a wish list is photos. Use photos to help your vendor better understand the kind of look you are going for, and what you desire in your home space. This will better help your vendor arrive at a desired solution to suit your home and your taste.

    Image Credit: Futura Interior

    Prioritize The Needs: In defining wants and needs, prioritize the needs of your space. In a kitchen, the desired layout, must-have storage options, and even certain colors may be non-negotiable elements in the kitchen. In a wardrobe, certain storage solutions and overall look and finish might be completely fixed items. However, in prioritizing the needs, be open to your vendors suggestions. Keeping your needs in mind, an expert designer/consultant will arrive at a solution which satisfies your requirements.

    Budget: The next element to prep is the budget. Before the first meeting, have budget range in which you would like the project to be complete. A range allows some flexibility in making basic design choices for your home.  Keeping a realistic range in mind allows your vendor to better understand which solutions to offer you and which solutions to avoid. Therefore both you and your vendor can arrive at a mutually-agreed solution.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    List your Questions: In meeting prep, have a mental or physical outline of questions you'd like to ask your vendor at the first meeting. Keep the questions with you until the end of the meeting. It is a highly likely chance that your vendor will already answer a majority of them through the entire meeting. Having list allows you to formulate your thoughts and better communicate those concerns to the designer. Therefore, outline your questions before the meeting so you are well-prepared

    Be Patient: Finally, be patient. Bringing a beautiful kitchen or well-designed wardrobe to life takes its own time. Take your time with the design process to arrive at a solution you are happy with. Consider all your options fully before moving to the next step. The last thing you want is to rush through the process and have a hurried, unfinished construction job in your home.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Go Modular in your Home

    Modular furniture is on the rise in Indian homes. Whether apartments, flats, or houses; the contemporary homeowner has a variety of options of choosing the correct furniture for their home. The fastest and easiest process in homebuilding comes with modular furniture, which comprises of constructed modules or units fixed together to form the desired furniture. Whether it is a modular kitchen or a modular wardrobe, many homeowners are gravitating towards these two concepts to reflect their personal style and have an easy homebuilding process. There are several advantages for going modular, which are given below.

    Smart Space Planning: The overall construction of each module is designed to create space in the smallest of areas. Within any space, the smallest of corners can be efficiently used to accommodate all items. Modular furniture is designed to create smart storage, using the correct layout and design for the given space. The flexibility of modular furniture allows allows the each modular or unit to be rearranged so everything is easily accessible and created to optimal working condition.

    Image Credit: Smart Space

    Transparent Pricing System: In purchasing modular furniture, every customer receives exactly what they ordered. From the beginning of the design and buying process, every client is well informed about each an every component of their cabinet: material, finish, accessories, and even hardware. Therefore, the client knows beforehand what all is being priced and which rate. At ModSpace.in, each client is taken through the process step-by-step, ensuring that all clients are comfortable with each price point before moving forward. The exercise is conducted so the client has absolutely no surprises while making their final purchase for their home.

    Hygienic: The materials used in modular furniture are very hygienic, usually consisting of wooden elements to give the kitchen a clean and clutter-fee look. During the production process, all modular furniture is quality controlled with termite and liquid-resistant properties to ensure the ease of use within the space.

    Easily Repairable: One of the many conveniences of modular furniture is that it is easily repairable. Whenever a part of the modular furniture needs alteration or repair, then that particular module can easily be removed and added back once the repair is complete. Individual units can also be replaced without affecting the entire look and functionality of the space. This convenience is only exclusive to modular furniture. Traditional-style furniture will have to be completely replaced or fully repaired, resulting in more time and inconvenience.

    Image Credit: The Elevate

    Available at Any Price Point: All modular furniture cabinets and finishes have fixed prices. Therefore, any client can easily fix their budget in advance and choose a design and finish to match it. With a carpenter-style kitchen, the homeowner is not informed about the price until completion and more often than not it exceeds the homeowners' budget. Going with modular furniture allows the homeowner to take more control of their home during the initial stages. By finalizing a budget, one can determine and decipher their design and finish that fits their home perfectly.

    Modular furniture is the way to go for today's lifestyle. It is fast, convenient, eco-friendly, and contemporary. It gives a homeowner more design flexibility and any budget, and is a hassle-free process to include in building a home.

  • Installation Checklist: What needs be Complete Before Kitchen/Wardrobe Installation

    When it comes to a brand-new kitchen or wardrobe, we always talk about design, functionality, and matching aesthetic. Many of the previous blogs discuss these topics in great detail. However, there is another aspect of the modular furniture process we all tend to overlook: the installation. The installation is the final stage, which involves successfully placing the products at the clients' desired location. After the design is finalized, it goes into production, and once complete is ready for installation. However, a product completed through manufacturing is not the only piece of the installation process: the location or site needs to be ready as well. If the site is not ready, then the kitchen or wardrobe may be damaged or misused, leading to repairs which can take up significant time.

    At ModSpace.in, the client is notified BEFORE installation that their kitchen or wardrobe is ready to be installed. However, before taken to the location, our site engineers check the site with a checklist to ensure it is ready for the product to be placed. In fact, all clients are provided with a site-readiness checklist very early on in the process to ensure their site is ready at the same time their kitchen or wardrobe is ready for installation. This allows for fewer delays and timely project completion. The site-readiness checklist is provided below.


    Site Requirements

    • Plumbing-Plumbing points should be determined during the basic civil work process. This helps in determining the location of the kitchen sink and ultimately the entire layout.
    • Electrical Points-The civil work should also determine all the electrical points to configure the location of the main aspects of the kitchen and decide the layout accordingly. All switches and sockets should be installed as per the EPT with a proper switch board.
    • Flooring-The flooring at the location should be completed. This means it should be installed, and all necessary cleaning procedures should be complete: grouting, polishing, sealing. If flooring is takes place after kitchen/wardrobe installation, then the product is likely to get damaged and dirty in the process and it can lead to asymmetry in the space.
    • Ceiling-All elements of the ceiling should be completed and dried. Whether it painting or installing light fixtures, they are to be done before for a smooth kitchen and/or wardrobe installation process.
    • Tiling-All tiling, whether it is the walls or floor, should be complete before any installation begins to avoid asymmetry in the overall design.
    • Windows and Doors Complete-Any windows and doors should be complete to prevent excess dust from coming in. During the process, all windows are covered up and later cleaned to avoid any dirt or dust collecting.
    • Chimney Exhaust Pipeline-In the kitchen, the chimney exhaust pipeline should be configured and defined. This step should actually be done during the design process, which can help determine location of the kitchen's cooking zone in the entire kitchen layout.
    • Clean Site-Finally the entire site should be cleaned up. There should be no materials or debris left by other vendors during their part of the home-building process. Everything should be cleaned up to avoid any debris getting on the product and to have a clean and easy installation process for the kitchens and/or wardrobes.

    For Installation Team

    • Active Electrical Point-While installing the kitchen, the workers require an active electrical point to plug in their tools for superior installation. In this case, one can easily provide a temporary point or designate a point within their home that can be used during the installation process.
    • Water Point-Due to the demanding work required in installation, we always request our clients to provide a water point or water bottles for the workers to drink or take a quick break. Oftentimes, with India's weather conditions one can get exhausted and dehydrated. Therefore, we request that the workers are provided with water onsite.

    The site readiness checklist is designed to make the entire installation process smooth and efficient without wasting time. This allows both the vendor and the client to have an understanding of what all is required for a smooth and easy process for both parties. Use this checklist to ensure your site is ready to have everything done on time.

  • Easy Pointers for Picking the Perfect Wardrobe Design

    Along with the bed, the wardrobe is one of two of the most important things in a bedroom. It is essential for the wardrobe to match the overall style and comfort of the bedroom space. When it comes to choosing a wardrobe design, there are many factors to consider before even consulting a professional. In a previous blog, you are taken step-by-step through the exact questions to address with your wardrobe design while finalizing. However, BEFORE even consulting a professional, it is essential to have a rough idea of what you want. That way, you'll have a better understanding of your space and any professional will be able to create a design according to you. To get a better of idea of what you are looking for, follow the pointers below while considering the perfect wardrobe design for your room.

    • Room Design & Space: The first thing to consider is the entire space. Whether it is a new wardrobe or an extension, measure the height, breadth, and length before even looking at designs. These measurements give you some parameters to work with and narrow down the infinite variety of design options to choose from. Another aspect of space depends on the overall look and feel of the room. If the room has clean and straight lines, then a compact design that hides everything inside is a great option. However, if the has significant space, one can get exceptionally creative with the design and customize the cabinetry around windows, television, or even create a few nooks and curvatures.
      Image Credit: Grezu
    • Current Need: Once the basics of the room look and design are considered, the next is to assess the current need. Assess the exact reason for getting rid of your old wardrobe. Is it too small? Have you outgrown it? Find out what exactly is missing and what you need space for to have a much easier time planning your storage requirements.
      Image Credit: Huffington Post
    • Storage Requirements: The next thing to consider is your storage requirements. Going hand-in-hand with the current need, the storage requirements give you a chance to divide up your wardrobe based on the requirements: the number of shelves vs. drawers and then hanger space. In ModSpace.in wardrobes there are several accessory options that can allow for smart storage for all types of items. For these storage options see the previous blog post.
    • Colors: Going along with the overall room design, choose a color to complement your overall room color palette. At ModSpace.in there are a variety of color options to choose that serve as a contrast and complement a bedroom at the same time. Adding some creative colors to the wardrobe design allows for a trendy, contemporary look in the entire room.
      Image Credit: Draw Home
    • Shutter Style: Finally, the next part is to figure out the style of shutters: conventional hinge, sliding. or sliding-folding. Each shutter has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which can be seen in the previous blog post. The conventional hinge shutters are very practical and also lockable, while the sliding shutters are perfect for narrower passageways, and slide-folding shutters have space-saving advantages. The shutter style determines the overall wardrobe aesthetic and usage practicality of the space.
      Image Credit: Closetsys
  • Everything to know about Cabinet Materials

    When it comes to finalizing your cabinet materials the process can be extremely overwhelming. Your designer or vendor can present you with an array of options and you won't even know where to start! At ModSpace.in we provide a comprehensive Buying Guide, explaining all the materials and elements that go into both a kitchen and a wardrobe. Below are the basics of all the materials used at ModSpace.in, starting with the carcass to the finish.

    Cabinet Materials: When the discussing the materials of the cabinet, we start with the carcass or the body of the cabinet itself. The body of the cabinet consists of the entire shape and size of the cabinet box. For the cabinet boxes or carcasses the customers have two options to choose from:

    • Particleboard: is made gluing together small chips of wood and compressing it to form flat boards. Particleboard is laminated at the time of manufacturing, giving a smooth finish, and is environmentally friendly. All particleboard is dipped in an anti-termite solution to make the material highly material resistant. All particleboard used in ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes is sealed properly, making it resistant to moisture and humidity. 
    • Plywood: Plywood is the second option for the cabinet carcass. It is engineered by pressing and binding sheets of wood veneer into a solid piece. Due to the layers of veneer it is very strong to work with, and it does not soak up water or liquids easily. Plywood resists the extreme weather conditions and does not expand or shrink with time. 

    Shutters: Shutters are the most visible part of your space. In a kitchen they are the cabinet drawers and doors, and in a wardrobe they are the wardrobe drawers. At ModSpace.in all shutters are engineered using Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is made gluing small wood fibers together at high temperatures. This gluing creates a solid, compact piece-making it a smooth surface to work it. The smoothness of MDF allows for versatility in design finish, and the precise finishing allows for easy cutting and adding details and design.

    • Finishes: When it comes to the shutter finish the material is placed on the MDF shutter to create that final look. There are four basic times of finishes given below.
      • Laminates are machine-pressed into MDF, and give the most variety when it comes to styling your space. Laminates are available in an infinite number of colors and styles-and come in both a matt and a gloss finish. As a material, laminates are highly scratch-resistant and very easy to clean and maintain.
        Image Credit: Universal Doors
      • Membrane foils are again pressed into MDF and wrapped around the sides. ModSpace.in provides a variety of matt options in this highly scratch-resistant material. In usage, membranes are very smooth on the hands and easy to clean and maintain.
        Image Credit: Noah Interiors
      • Veneer is an economical option for those who desire that wooden look. It is the perfect substitute for solid wood and adds warmth and coziness to any home. Veneers are thin slices of wood that are glued to the MDF. ModSpace.in veneer shutters are especially unique as they are molded around all four ages to maintain the grain orientation.
        Image Credit: Nutec Wood Wonders
      • Lacquered/Polyurethane Paint is the final option, which includes matt or high gloss finish of an infinite number of colors painted a number of times on the MDF material. These shutters give a very rich and contemporary look, and is protected against scratches.
        Image Credit: The Kitchen Centre

    When it comes to selecting your kitchens or wardrobes, refer to the list above to make the decision process easier. Consult one of our experts to help you through the decision-making!

  • 6 Questions to Ask When Designing a Wardrobe

    When it comes to customizing a wardrobe, there are multiple factors to consider. Unlike the ready-made wardrobes, which are available in pre-set colors, standard sizes, and are freestanding to be placed anywhere within a room; customized wardrobes have a much longer decision-making process. The process starts with measurements, where the width, depth, and height of your wardrobe are measured and specified to your space. Then, comes customizing the exterior appearance and interior appearance, both of which require ample time in making a final decision. To ease the decision-making process, use the 6 questions below to ask your designer in customizing your wardrobe.

    What are the materials used, and the finishes and color options available? Although addressing this seems standard, many homeowners don't bother asking about the materials used in constructing a wardrobe. There are certain materials that are stronger and sturdier than others, making them ideal for a wardrobe cabinet. However, when a first-time buyer is ill-informed, they can risk having a higher expense on them with a less sturdy wardrobe design. The finish and color options will help determine the overall appearance of the wardrobe. Which colors go best together, the perfect finish, and what will best compliment the bedroom design. At ModSpace.in, all information about the materials and finishes is easily available in a Wardrobe Buying Guide, which is free to download and peruse at your convenience.

    Image Credit: Oppein

    What are my storage options?  Addressing the storage options helps you determine the interior of the wardrobe: the types of storage options both available and ideal for your wardrobe design. In the customization process, be sure the designer understands and knows your requirements and addresses the appropriate storage design for your specifications. At ModSpace.in,  there are several storage options available, all of which can be combined together in various ways to create the perfect customized wardrobe for your space and requirements.

    Image Credit: Clabber Creek Closets

    Is there a ratio of the perfect amount of storage to have? The exact storage ratio is detrimental to the number of items you have that require folding vs. hanging and vice versa. However, an ideal place to start is with 2/3 of the wardrobe being hanging, and 1/3 being shelving or drawers. However, if you choose to put shoes in your wardrobe, then it is ideal to have 50:50 of each type of storage.

    What is the best type of lighting for the wardrobe? Should you choose to have lighting in your wardrobe, address the concern that all your clothes should be shown in their best hues. LED lighting sensors are ideal, as they are save energy, don't emit heat on the clothes, and are well-suited for narrow spaces. In a wardrobe, a warmer lighting is the best way to see the true color of your clothing and is much softer on the eye. In your wardrobe design, ensure the lighting is most flattering and least harmful to all of your items.

    Image Credit: Eric's Health Food

    Are the wardrobe lockable? In India, we prefer locking our wardrobes for extra security. However, certain wardrobe designs are more lockable than others. A previous blog covered the types of shutters. At ModSpace.in the conventional, lockable wardrobes are the only shutters that are completely lockable, while other options allow for lockable compartments inside the wardrobe itself. Ensure your wardrobe provides the right security to your satisfaction. While communicating with your wardrobe designer, communicate your security concerns and you and your designer can arrive at a solution together.

    Installation Process: Finally, address any concerns about the installation process. Ensure you are well-informed of what all will be included in the installation, and what you are required to prepare for before the installation process. At ModSpace.in, the entire wardrobe is manufactured at our own manufacturing facility, and all the pieces are assembled together onsite. This way, there is little or no mess created in installing the final product.

  • Client Story: ModSpace.in creates a Dream Home

    As we all know, designing kitchens and wardrobes are integral parts of any home. They make up the home design and allow the client to be as creative as possible with the home interiors. One of the aspects we love about our work is the privilege of interacting with clients from different backgrounds and taste. It is always fascinating to see how clients choose their colors and what inspires them to finalize their home interior. Very recently, we had the privilege of doing up a beautiful home on Prithviraj Road in New Delhi, providing the kitchen, wardrobes, and bathroom vanities for the entire house.

    Kitchen: The Kitchen in the home is a beautiful, spacious U-Shaped design with plenty of storage and an on going work space. It is finished in laminate with a hazel cambric color. All of the cabinetry in the kitchen has sleek, steel handles, giving the user a single point to pull any cabinet open. The color combined with the slim handles gives this kitchen an ultra-modern look, perfect for today's contemporary lifestyle.

    Once you enter the kitchen space, there is a counter right across that includes the sink and kitchen window, giving the kitchen some natural lighting. This counter space makes up the kitchen's cleaning zone. Above the sink there are cabinets, which are ideal for storing in cutlery and crockery. below the sink itself, there is plenty of storage on either side, which will allow the users to organize all their kitchen items easily and activity. The cooking zone is along the left wall, which includes the hob and chimney. On either side of the chimney, there is extensive wall cabinet storage, and below the counter there is a large amount of floor cabinet storage. The floor cabinet storage includes a grain drawer and even a bottle pull-out.

    Finally the preparation and storage zone is a long the third wall. This includes all the stainless steel appliances in one area: refrigerator, microwave, and oven. The preparation section is designed to have efficient storage around the appliances so any user can access dry or cold foods and prepare them in the microwave or oven.

     "We really like the work done by ModSpace.in. Their finish and service. All of our relatives and friends like the work, and their work adds beauty in our house. Also the Space Planning Consultant of ModSpace is always very cooperative and responsible."

    Wardrobes: All wardrobes in this home had the same finish design. To create a uniform look with the rest of the home, the wardrobes are finished in winter maple laminate finish, with slender handles. All of the wardrobes fit perfectly into a bedroom corner and are expertly designed to use the space in the most efficient way possible. The larger wardrobes broke the winter maple by adding a biome maple laminate shutter. This creates a color block-style wardrobe, which is ideal for today's homes. All wardrobes include extensive space for hanging, shelving, and storing the wardrobe items in the most efficient way possible.

  • Checklist for Choosing your Kitchen Vendor

    Choosing a kitchen vendor is a tedious and overwhelming task. Homeowners are naturally skeptical of who to trust in delivering the best products to their home. At ModSpace.in, we believe that any buyer should be well-informed with the right questions to address during vendor selection. To ensure you get the best vendor for your modular furniture, follow the checklist below to fully address your concerns as a homeowner.

    • Are the products handmade or machine-made?: Ensure that your vendor is using the latest machinery to manufacture your cabinetry. Handmade cabinets lack precision and quality, which adversely affects the appearance and functionality of your cabinetry. It will create a bigger hassle and inconvenience for you as a user. At ModSpace.in, we use state-of-the-art European machinery to manufacture all of our cabinetry.
      Image Credit: Cliq Studios
    • Do they have their own manufacturing facility?: Vendors that source any component (cabinets and shutters) from outside vendors are unable to control the final product. Ensure that your vendor has their own manufacturing unit that is equipped to produce precise, high quality cabinetry. Through their own manufacturing facility, your vendor has immediate supply, and is able to guarantee and control the quality of their products. Modspace.in has their own manufacturing facility with over 20 years of experience in creating high-quality kitchens and wardrobes. We provide our customers with international quality products at Indian prices.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 7.59.24 PM

    • What is the warranty offered on all the products?: The vendor should provide a minimum of a 5-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. At ModSpace.in, we can provide up to a 10-year warranty on all of our products.
    • What is the timeline of delivery and installation?: Your vendor should provide you with a tentative timeline on when your products will be delivered and installed. Once everything is delivered, it typically takes up to 2-3 days for installation. Modspace.in guarantees delivery within 30 days, with only a couple days of installation. 
    • Is there After Sales Service?: Your vendor should be available for you not only before and during your sale, but also after your sale and warranty period. ModSpace.in customers are our top priority; we are available for our customers before, during, and after the sale and warranty.
    • What hardware will they use?: Ensure that your vendor specifies which brand and type of hardware they will be using. With new kitchen hardware brands being introduced regularly, do look at all the various options and choose what best suits your needs. ModSpace.in uses hardware from Hettich, Hafele, & Blum.
    • Turnkey or Woodwork?: Any prospective vendor must be able to clearly define their scope of work before you make your final decision. Check if your vendor will be providing you with the appliances, accessories, and countertops that are ideal for your kitchen. Modspace.in is a one-stop shop for all aspects of your kitchen. Along with the kitchen, you can easily add appliances, accessories, and countertops to complete the entire kitchen.
    • Are the materials termite-proof?: Ensure that the vendors are using termite-proof materials or taking the necessary measures to ensure that the materials have no risk of termite infestation. All the materials at ModSpace.in are termite-resistant. We make sure that every edge is sealed, so no wooden material is exposed to termite infestation.
    • Floor cabinet skirting material?: The PVC legs should be covered with a skirting that can easily be removed for cleaning. The skirting must be of high quality so that it does not allow any insect or pest below the cabinet. Modspace.in uses aluminum foil wrapped skirting with a very hygienic seal strip, ensuring perfect sealing with the floor and preventing any pest from entering.
    • Sink Unit Material: The material used to make your sink cabinet is extremely important. The sink unit is the most vulnerable area in the kitchen and most prone to water damage. Hence, it is essential that the sink unit be reinforced. Modspace.in provides Stainless Steel sink units that are not susceptible to water damage. Always ensure that your vendor provides a sink with extremely high water resistance.
    • What are the price points? Your ideal kitchen vendor should be able to give you an approximate price bracket based on your basic requirements. Often times, carpenters set a price at the beginning, but as the project progresses the price keeps getting higher and higher, causing a runaway price bracket. Your vendor should be able to provide you with the basic price point for your requirements. At ModSpace.in, we have a transparent pricing system, where our customers are informed of the cost of each and every component of their kitchen. So there are no surprises.

    When deciding on your kitchen vendor, ensure that the above questions are answered to your satisfaction. Once they're answered, you have the perfect kitchen vendor!

  • Celebrity Tips for Wardrobe Organization

    Are you trying to bring a change to your space in the next few months. Do you dream of those gorgeous walk-in wardrobes of huge celebrities? Whether your wardrobe space is large or small, it can still be expertly-organized like a celebrity's. With a few simple tricks, your wardrobe can look like a mini boutique in your home, without needing to renovate, dismantle, or remove the wardrobe altogether.  Take some inspiration from the tips below, and amp up your wardrobe!

    Remove the Excess: As mentioned in many previous blogs, it is essential to declutter the wardrobe space. Always start with sorting your clothes into three categories: "Throw Away", "Give Away", and "Keep."  Once you've sorted through your clothing items, anything that does not belong in your wardrobe should be removed immediately before you have second thoughts. If an item has not been worn in the last 2 years, get rid of it! You will have more space for items you actually enjoy and wear.

    Image Credit: The Shelving Store

    Consider your Lifestyle: When reorganizing your closet, consider your lifestyle and arrange your items in a way that works best for you. For example, organize outfit separate so they are close together: keep your shirts and pants/skirts in the same area, as both items will be required to complete an outfit. Today's lifestyles are extremely fast-paced. To avoid wasting time in the morning, color-code each section from light to dark to make it much easier for you to put together outfits based on colors and hues. With other clothing items, such as dresses, arrange them for short to long. Again, this makes it easy to choose your outfit easily based on the occasion. Finally, arrange any jackets by texture. All of these arrangement are not only practical, but they make your wardrobe look like a miniature boutique inside your home!

    Image Credit: Stay at home Mum

    Let there be Light: In your wardrobe, it is definitely possible there is little or no lighting in your space. Add some lighting to see your items clearly and bring that little extra something to your wardrobe design. If you have a walk-in wardrobe, add a glamorous chandelier to your wardrobe to create a bright and beautiful space. In a reach in wardrobe, add some recessed lighting to illuminate your items, making them easier to see. With your wardrobe lighting, you can be extremely creative. Consider all of the lighting options so your wardrobe items shine throughout!

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Add a Full-Length Mirror: Whether it is taking up a wall or a wardrobe shutter, definitely add a full-length mirror. It is the best way to see how any ensemble looks. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs and are ideal for all wardrobes regardless of size. In a walk-in wardrobe it can take up a full wall, or even the back of a wardrobe door. In a reach in wardrobe, it is perfect as a part of the wardrobe shutter or even the actual shutter itself.

    Same Style of Hangers Throughout: To make everything in your wardrobe look uniform, have the same style of hangers throughout. Ideally, the soft fabric hangers are best for all clothing items. However, wooden also work well with clothing. Nevertheless, get rid of the wire hangers as they ruin the shape of your clothes. Wire hangers are usually given by the local dry cleaners. Once your clothes have come back from the dry cleaners, remove them from the thin wire hangers and place them onto the appropriate hangers before placing them back in your wardrobe.

    Image Credit: Closet Factory

    Organize your Accessories: The final step is to find a way to organize your accessories. Being the small items they are, simply placing them in a drawer may risk losing or misplacing them. Within your wardrobe, you can be very creative in arranging your accessories. More valuable accessories can placed in sectioned drawers under lock and key, while other accessories can be placed on hooks that can hang inside your wardrobe space.

    Image Credit: HGTV

    An organized wardrobe always makes the morning routine a little more exciting. With the tips and tricks above, you'll have a beautiful celebrity boutique-style wardrobe right inside your home. Get inspired and create the most inviting wardrobe for all your items!

  • 4 Gorgeous Wardrobes from the Met Gala 2016 Celebrities

    The Met Gala happened this week and every celebrity was absolutely stunning in their gorgeous outfits. Celebrities from all types of industries attended the event, creating an immediate buzz on this week's social media. With this grand event just behind us, we did a little digging into some of the attendees to discover that a fair few of them are just as stylish outside the fancier events. With the beautiful, glittering ballgowns, they have stunning homes and amazing wardrobe designs. Below, feast your eyes on the ever-so-dreamy wardrobe designs of some of the Met Gala celebrities

    Blake Lively-The blonde beauty has a separate wardrobe just for her shoes! Her walk-in wardrobe design has enough space for her to move around and access whatever footwear she desires. Organized by color and style, the Gossip Girl star has ongoing shelves to arrange her shoes perfectly. The wardrobe itself, even includes an island in the middle with drawers for accessory storage. The image above shows wardrobe's island, along with her endless pumps collection.

    Kylie Jenner-Now does she have three pictures? Because this Met Gala attendee has 3 independent walk-in wardrobes! One for her clothing, one for her red carpet gowns, and one for her shoes. All three wardrobes are efficiently designed with excellent storage options. Her main clothing wardrobe includes double hanging, with plenty of shelving, and an island with drawers for accessory storage. Her evening gown wardrobe is perfectly designed to have tall-hanging, allowing the clothing not to get crushed in storage. This wardrobe has on going storage above the hanging, and some innovative storage below. Finally, her shoes and handbag wardrobe includes ongoing, curved shelves where her shoes are spread out and arranged perfectly. All images are credited to Kylie Jenner at thekyliejenner.com.
    Beyonce-While she turned heads at the Met Gala, her and her husband, Jay-Z's wardrobe design has got all of us drooling. The large walk-in wardrobe looks almost like a living room with some seating, and ongoing ceiling to floor cabinetry on both sides. The wardrobe is combined with a dressing room, having a vanity counter on one side and a full-length mirror on the other side. Image credit: Home Bunch
    Cindy Crawford-She was looking very beautiful at the Met Gala. As an established personality, her wardrobe is anybody's dream. With abundant natural lighting through the large window, this wardrobe design has ongoing hanging on all sides. The island in the center has drawers on both side, allowing for convenient storage of the smaller wardrobe items. Along the walls, there is shelving for shoes, bags, and accessories; tall hanging for pants and gowns, and double hanging as well. The storage in this wardrobe is organized beautifully, with on going shelf space above each hanging and plenty of drawer space spread through the wardrobe. In the image above, Cindy Crawford is sitting inside her wardrobe with her daughter. Both of them are sitting on the island, which is doing a multi-purpose job of an extra seat and some extra storage! Image Credit: People

    Most of these wardrobes are designs we can only dream of. However, they are always enjoyable to look at and take inspiration from. One thing all these celebrity closets have in common is the storage. The storage is efficiently designed and ideal given the size and space. At ModSpace.in, the wardrobes are specifically designed to have superior storage options for even the smallest space. For your perfect wardrobe design, contact us!

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