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  • Make Your Wardrobe the Best Part of your Bedroom

    Our wardrobes are the trusty storage spaces in our bedroom that hold just about everything-clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories-just to name a few. However, wardrobes are often taken for granted and are neglected in the overall scheme and theme of the room. Bring your wardrobe space back to life and make it the best feature of our bedroom. Below are a few ideas how to create a wardrobe space, and make it the best space in your entire house. Fall in love with your wardrobe once again, and enjoy it every single day.

    Living Room Style in the Bedroom: In the living room, we invest in the furniture style, fancy lighting styles, and overall decor. Why not invest in the same when it comes to wardrobe design? Along with the sensible lighting, glam up your space with a dramatic light fixture to create some visual interest and show off your clothes in the best way possible. This living room style is best for those who are planning to do a dressing room or a walk-in wardrobe. At ModSpace.in, a wood-like finish is ideal as it will add richness to the overall wardrobe space. ModSpace.in wardrobes are available in several wood-like laminate and veneer finishes for you to customize your space.

    Image Credit: Gnuarch

    Wardrobe in the Bathroom: In most conventional homes, the wardrobe and the bathroom are completely separate. However, with technology advancing one can easily combine the two space without risking the clothes being ruined due to steam and moisture. Within your bathroom vanity, one can combine the tasks of bathing and dressing by adding several shutters and drawers to compliment the lighting fixtures and integrate all tasks into the same place. With this, all your wardrobe items will be in one place, and overall wardrobe space will be much cleaner.

    Image Credit: Home Renovations

    Using Ethnic Furniture: Ethnic furniture is making a comeback to Indian homes in a huge way. Whether it is art pieces, decoration pieces, or storage units, Indian-style decorative items are back. For your wardrobe, glam it up  by adding some art and craft storage items for your accessories, or even finding a tall storage unit to have coats and jackets. One can easily insert adjustable shelves and create a brand-new wardrobe design style.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Architectural Details: Make your wardrobe glamorous by adding some details. If your wardrobe is a simpler design, add some handles break the color by adding a double finish shutter. The ModSpace.in wardrobes are available in a simple finish, but to add some customization an individuality, ModSpace.in wardrobes can mix two different finishes and color styles to add a special uniqueness to your wardrobes. Along with the wide variety of handle options, ModSpace.in wardrobes can look exceptionally unique in a handle-less design, giving the entire wardrobe appearance a very sophisticated design with simple detailing on the shutters. 

    Image Credit: Interiors Decor

    Gallery-Style Wardrobe: In a gallery-style wardrobe, the space can be used as a public part of the room. With all the wardrobe storage along the wall, one can easily incorporate seating, and use the space for a dual purpose. In this style wardrobe, it is ideal to have handle-less shutters to give the wardrobe a seamless look with no visible hardware. Therefore, any seating placed within the space does not interfere with the handles or hardware obstructing space or view.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    The wardrobe is a space in a home that look very beautiful and make your bedroom really stand out. When designing your wardrobe space, consider these ideas to add that some extra to your bedroom space. Invest in a high quality ModSpace.in wardrobe and get your dream space!

  • Types of Wardrobe Shutters

    Wardrobe shutters or wardrobe doors are the most customizable exterior aspect of wardrobe. With an array of options with finishes and colors, there is also the style of shutter that is ideal and preferred. In fact, before even deciding the colors and overall appearance of the wardrobe, the first step is to decide the shutter design that best fits the space. Below are the three types of wardrobe shutters ModSpace.in provides as options. Each type has its own unique characteristics and can be used in a variety of ways.

    Hinge Door Wardrobes: Hinge door wardrobes are the most common shutter style. They are the standard wardrobe solution, where the shutter opens directly in front. Available in both a handle and handle-less design, this conventional shutter is the most versatile and is easily lockable. With hinge door wardrobes, the user must have enough space for the shutter to open out in front to successfully access their items. At any given time, the user can access the entire wardrobe at once by opening all the shutters.

    Image Credit: Kleider Haus

    Sliding Door Wardrobes: Sliding door wardrobes are wardrobes that have shutters the slide toward the opposite side. The sliding doors are ideal for narrow spaces and hallways where there is very little space for a wardrobe shutter to open out in front. These wardrobes come with two or three un-lockable shutters, which allows the user to access 1/2 or 1/3 of the wardrobe at any given time. With these wardrobe style, one cannot access the entire wardrobe at once.

    Image Credit: Argos

    Sliding-Folding Door Wardrobes: The final wardrobe shutter style offered by ModSpace.in sliding-folding wardrobe. In these wardrobes, the wardrobe shutter opens and folds, sliding to one side. These shutters are also not lockable and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Sliding-folding wardrobes are practical if there is enough space in front of the wardrobe to allow for the opening of the shutter. Available with handles, these shutters are available in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes.

    Image Credit: Avso

    While choosing the shutter style for your wardrobe design, ensure it matches your interiors, lifestyle, and preferences, along with accommodating in the space itself. Each wardrobe shutter brings its own characteristics and style, giving you a unique, customizable solution for your home.

  • How Modular Pricing Works

    The contemporary homeowner of India is changing. Many of today's homeowners are opting for a modular kitchen in their homes. With lives getting busier and more occupied, today's homeowners want a hassle-free process for finalizing a contemporary attractive and fully functional kitchen to cater to today's environment. Therefore, many are opting not to run after carpenters, where there is a high risk of a runaway budget and delayed timelines in completing the entire home. At ModSpace.in we practice transparent pricing, giving you the exact cost of all elements of the kitchen and wardrobe you choose. Take a peek at how our pricing works!

    What is Modular? The term "modular" is being used very loosely today. The true definition of "modular" according to dictionary.com is.

    "Composed of standardized units or sections for easy construction or flexible arrangement"

    In other words, to create a modular kitchen or wardrobe, units are designed and created using standard sizes and arranged accordingly. One of the benefits of going modular is that every single unit can be moved around and rearranged, and ca also be removed from one home and placed in another home. Therefore, a prime benefit of going modular is once you've acquired a modular kitchen, it will stay with you regardless of which home you move to next.

    Image Credit: K7 Lifestyle

    Pricing the Modules: So now that we have a clear idea of the definition of "modular", the question is how it translates to pricing. The design of a module consist several variables to determine the final price.

    • Dimensions: The price changes according to the size of the cabinetry. The bigger the cabinet, the higher the price.


    • Materials: ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes use MDF for the shutters and have the option of particleboard or plywood for the cabinetry. Depending on the amount and the choice of material used, the cost can go up or down. At ModSpace.in, plywood is priced higher than particleboard.


    • Finish: Depending the finish, the final price is variable. Finishes are priced differently based on the amount of work and labor that goes into creating the completed product. ModSpace.in offers a wide range of finish and color options that are suitable for all types of price points. These finishes include: laminate, membrane, veneer, & lacquered/PU Paint.


    • Hardware: The next step is the hardware chosen. These small items complete your kitchen and make it easier to use. What are the specifications for your drawer fittings, what are the type of hinges you desire? Answering these questions allows you to finalize the hardware to be used in the kitchen. ModSpace.in uses hardware from Hettich & Blum, and depending on the fixture and overall product the price will go up or down.


    • Accessories: Once the basic elements of your cabinetry are complete, the next aspect is adding accessories to organize your storage space and create more room in a small area. The accessories are supplied by Hettich and Blum, and add a pleasure-able experience to using the kitchen.


    • Add-ons: The final element of pricing are the add-ons, which are the extra elements used to complete a kitchen. At ModSpace.in, these elements are optional, depending on the requirements. However, as a homeowner, you have the option of adding appliances by Franke Faber, and adding countertops.


    Pricing formula: Based on the information above, the pricing formula for modular furniture is fairly straightforward:

    Dimensions+Materials+Finish+Hardware+Accessories+Add-ons=Final Price

    With all of our products, we practice transparent pricing, where all of our customers are well-informed BEFORE the order is even placed. Therefore, you, as a homeowner, are informed well in-advance of the final price of your kitchen or wardrobe. For your kitchen or wardrobe, give us a call!

  • Carpenter-Made vs. Machine-Made: What is the Difference?

    Today's homeowners are often faced with the choice of hiring a carpenter or going with a branded company for their kitchen or wardrobe. Many homeowners choose one option or the other over the other for a variety of reasons. However, what is the actual difference? Below are the differences between hiring a carpenter or working with an established company.

    Cost: A carpenter may quote you a lower cost in the beginning. However, the budget may go up depending on the carpenter's material requirements, and you as a homeowner may be held responsible for acquiring the materials, which is an additional cost on top of the already quoted cost by the carpenter. Therefore, if you are finalizing with a carpenter, ensure that all costs are explained before committing. However, with a professional company, you may be quoted a higher cost on paper, but it will be less of a headache for you. Professional companies practice transparent pricing where the cost and quantity of each material is mentioned and there are no surprise in the final price. Also, as a homeowner, you will not have to run around acquiring the correct materials. The company takes care of that for you.

    Finish: In a kitchen or wardrobe, there are shutters, panels, handles, accessories, and appliances. A carpenter will implement old and traditional working methods and make the panels and shutters in your home, creating a mess and excessive noise. This working method compromises the quality of finish and workmanship, and your kitchen or wardrobe will not be as contemporary as you may desire. However, an established company will be up-to-date with the latest technology and have some manufacturing capabilities outside your home, preventing some mess and noise. Therefore, your kitchen or wardrobe will be machine-made, using the most advanced techniques-giving a more precise and superior quality finish. While finalizing your vendor, ensure they have the means to provide you with a supreme quality product in the finish you desire.

     Design: If aesthetics are a priority for your kitchen or wardrobe space, your vendor should be familiar with the latest methods, trends, and materials; and give you the desired result accordingly. However, a carpenter may not be keeping in touch with the most contemporary designs. Therefore, you will have to do your own research on the design and style you desire without receiving any input for modification. However, a professional company is frequently updated about the latest design, technology, and materials that can be used in your kitchen or wardrobe. As a homeowner, you will receive advice and input on how contemporary trends can complement your home in the best way possible.

     Drawings: When building any part of the home, we like to see it on paper, in the form of a drawing. These days, technology is advancing and once can see their exact kitchen before it is even installed. With 2D and 3D drawings available homeowners can make changes to their space as they see fit. However, a carpenter may not be able to provide you a 2D or 3D drawing. If you are interested in a drawing of your design then make sure your carpenter has the means to provide one. Nervertheless, skilled professionals will definitely prepare a drawing to ensure your requirements are met before your order is given for production.

    2D plan and 3D view of same space

    Deadlines: Homebuilding in India is a long, drawn-out process where stages are delayed for a variety of reasons. Therefore, any aspect that is completed within the stated deadline is always a blessing. Skilled professionals understand the irritation with delayed timelines, and provide delivery time for your product. With a carpenter, the project may get delayed due to the carpenter not even being present on the job.

    While finalizing your vendor, consider the above points. For a hassle-free process, consider going with a professional company. At ModSpace.in, we use the latest technology to provide contemporary and trendsetting factory-finished kitchens and wardrobes, as per the 2D or 3D drawing within our standard deadline of 4 weeks. We make the process easy and quick for today's homeowner, without giving you any headaches.

  • Tips to Spring-Cleaning Your Wardrobe

    The weather is getting warmer and our wardrobe is getting lighter. The season to wear those heavy, warm coats and cozy sweaters is ending, and it is time bring out the t-shirts, tops, shorts, dresses, and skirts. However, the process of organizing your wardrobe can get overwhelming. Where should your off-season items go? Do you have everything in your spring/summer wardrobe, or does it need to be updated? Below is an 4-step easy checklist to ready your wardrobe the upcoming spring and summer.

    Step 1: Empty Out and Store your Winter Wardrobe: The first step  is to take out all of your winter wardrobe basics. By this time of the year, your heavy coats, sweaters, and jackets will need to be stored away until next season.

    Image Credit: Shefinds
    • Coats: It is best to hang them on fabric-friendly hangers, and keep them under a garment cover. Hang these garments in your storage closet. If a storage wardrobe is not available, then fold the garments and keep them in plastic packing to maintain its color and shape.
    • Sweaters should be folded neatly and stacked in plastic storage boxes or bags to maintain the shape for the next season. Ensure that all sweaters are washed or dry cleaned for storage to keep any smells from getting trapped in the clothing for several months
    • Jackets can either be folded or hung, depending on space and preferences. Jackets are usually designed to be durable in all types of weather, and therefore, do not require any type of covering. Ideally, hang your jackets in a storage wardrobe and keep them there until the following winter season.

    Step 2: Reorganize your Constant Clothing: Now that your winter clothing items are out of the way, it is time to organize the items that are in your wardrobe constantly or for a longer period. For example, jeans and trousers are a constant clothing item that are worn all year. Therefore, ensure they are neatly folded or hanging before putting your other items the wardrobe. Another example of this are thin or sleeveless sweaters, which are worn on the edges of the winter season-as it begins and as it ends. These items are still needed, but they will need to be stored during the peak summer season. Therefore, keep them accessible at all times, until they are not needed, and simply moved them to your storage area.

    Image Credit: Eat Sleep Denim

    Step 3: Filter your Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Now that your wardrobe has room for your summer wardrobe, it is time to filter out the needed, and not needed items. To ease the process for you, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Does it fit?
    • Is it flattering?
    • Is it in good condition
    • Is it trendy and dated or classic?
    • Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
    • Do I feel confident wearing it?
    • Does it represent me and where I am?

    Ideally, spend no more than 2 minutes per each item to verify your perceptions about any item of clothing. This process will ease your thought process and allow you to toss out any items that you do not need. An added bonus: more room for new items!

    Step 4: Place everything back in your Wardrobe in an Organized Way: Finally, it is time to place your summer essentials in your wardrobe. There are severals ways of doing this to ensure you know where all of your items are located. A few organizational tactics are suggested below:

    • By Clothing Type: Place similar items together, such as your t-shirts in one place, your jeans in another, and your shirts or blouses in another section. This method is a very simple way to know where you will be able to find which types of items.
    • Separating Casuals and Formals: If you have certain types of clothing for your lazy weekends or for work and professional settings, then this organizational method will work for you. It separates the style of clothes, and depending on the occasion, you will gravitate towards one section of the wardrobe over the other.
    • By Frequency of Wearing Them: This organizational method is best for those who have certain staples that are worn very regularly. With this tactic, place your staple items front and center so they are easily available whenever you need them. Items that you wear infrequently can be placed on the sides of your wardrobe.

    Finally, your wardrobe is spring-ready and completely organized! Good luck with your spring cleaning!!

  • Why MDF is the Best Material for Shutters

    At ModSpace.in, all elements of our products are carefully selected to ensure that the final solution is of the most premium quality. Oftentimes, other vendors compromise on the basic quality of raw materials to lower the cost of the finished product. This often leads to unhappy customers who experience extensive wear and tear in their items. From the basic raw materials, to the finish, and the appliances and accessories; all elements in the ModSpace.in finished products are of superior quality, ensuring a long lasting solution for your home. One aspect of both kitchens and wardrobes that gets the most attention is the shutters. The shutters determine both the aesthetics and overall functionality of the entire solution. Therefore, special attention is paid to ensure the raw materials for the shutters give the best finish possible. The ModSpace.in kitchens and wardrobes us MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the shutters. As mentioned in the Kitchen Buying Guide, MDF is an engineered wood material that is made of small fibers glued together at high temperatures to create a solid, compact piece. As a material for shutters, MDF is ideal as it allows the best finish for the kitchens and wardrobes. The benefits of MDF are elaborated below.

    Smooth Surface: As a material, MDF has an extremely smooth surface. When the pieces of wood are glued together, the top and bottom surfaces are very smooth. The smoothness makes the surface easier to paint and place any finish on it. For example, if a kitchen were made in a membrane finish, the foils would be placed on the MDF material. Due to the smoothness of the MDF, the clean, sleek appearance of the membrane finish is further emphasized.

    Versatility in Design: The smooth surface of the material, itself, allows for great versatility in design and finish. MDF can support a variety of finishes easily. ModSpace.in products are available in laminate, membrane, veneer, and PU paint, and all of these finishes are added to MDF surfaces to create the final shutters. The uniqueness and characteristics of each color and finish is easily shown through the MDF material.  The smooth surface also allows for more intricate designs and easy cutting of any detailing necessary for the shutter.

    Stable: Due to its density, MDF as a material is very stable. It does not expand or contract with extreme temperature changes and finishes can easily be wiped down on the material without damaging the entire shutter. All finishes require basic cleaning to maintain the "new" look of the entire shutter; and they can be easily cleaned regularly without damaging the MDF itself.

    As a raw material, MDF is ideal for the cabinet shutters. Its smooth surface and stability allows the entire cabinetry to have the best finish possible for the final kitchen and wardrobe. With MDF implemented in the ModSpace.in product solutions, we guarantee superior finish and quality kitchens, wardrobes, and other modular products for your home.

  • Acetech 2015: The Handle-less Wardrobe

    Modern-day homeowners are gravitating more and more towards a contemporary and clean look in their home. They appreciate sleek, straight lines, minimalistic interior, and an overall seamless look of any space. This is apparent in the storage options, in kitchens, in wardrobes, and even in bedrooms. At Acetech 2015, our stall included one such wardrobe that specifically highlighted the contemporary and seamless look. The details of this wardrobe are given below.

    Wardrobe Exterior-Finish and Color: When one looks at this wardrobe, immediately the wood-like appearance is noticed. Finished in a Brazilian walnut laminate, the wardrobe has a very smooth appearance, molded at various points to create the same smooth and sleek handles. The finish blends both a classic and contemporary with the wood-like appearance in a sleek finish. The wardrobe, itself, does not have conventional handles. Conventional handles highlight a more traditional appearance for any wardrobe. Instead, to highlight the contemporary appeal, the finish is molded to create certain dips that serve as handles, making the wardrobe handle-less! Handle-less wardrobes are an ideal choice for those who desire the a complete contemporary look.

    Wardrobe Interior-Storage Solutions: The wardrobe has complete storage solutions that can fit in any user's requirements. Divided into three parts, the wardrobe showcases an extensive variety of storage solutions to fit all necessary items. The first section, which is towards the left, includes double hanging with a shelf in between. Above the hanging, is a glass shelf to for any extra storage. The first half of the hanging is a conventional hanging, ideal for any jackets, shirts, or blouses; while the second part half of the hanging is a trouser pull out. The user simply hangs their folded trousers or jeans on any rod, and pulls out the rod to access them as needed.

    Entire storage features for this wardrobe. Trouser pull-out shown in the left section on the bottom.

    The middle section includes several shelves and drawers. With a glass shelf on top, this section includes three open shelves, with different lengths of shelving space to stack any foldable clothing items, such as t-shirts and sweaters. One shelving space even includes space for an electronic safe! Below the safe, are three drawers, perfect for storing small clothing items or accessories, such as watches, jewelry, socks, and private clothing.

    The third section has a variety of storage. Going along with the other two sections, this section also has a shelf above all the storage. One area of this section is a narrow tall hanging, ideal for hanging long coats, while the section next to it is a shoe rack. There are several shelves where a user can organize and place their shoes accordingly. Below the tall hanging, is more shelf space for storing any necessary items.

    This contemporary wardrobe greatly compliments today's modern taste. With the sleek and clean lines of the handle-less look to the extensive storage for the user to organize their items effectively, this wardrobe is ideal for any homeowner today. For modern and storage friendly solutions for your wardrobe, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: A Mix of Liquid Glass & Veneer

    One of the elements ModSpace.in strives for is to create the most efficient storage solutions for their users. In fact, all of the ModSpace.in wardrobes are customized and designed according to the users' specifications and lifestyle. The wardrobes hold several different types of storage, ensuring that all the items can be stored appropriately and effectively. One such wardrobe was displayed at Acetech Delhi 2015. The wardrobe exterior and interior are both exclusively designed to complement today's modern lifestyle. The details of this wardrobe are given below.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.45.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.46.25 PM

    Wardrobe Exterior: Finish & Color-At first glance, the wardrobe appears to be black and white: white with a large black stripe running through the middle. However, the actual finish is liquid glass with a wenge-stained oak veneer running through the middle. This finish and combination is exceptionally striking and immediately complements the sleek and clean lines in today's contemporary home. The liquid glass with the dark veneer stripe drew everybody's attention at Acetech 2015, due to its prominent color and finish. The wardrobe itself had sliding shutters, where the user can simply slide the shutter to either side to access half of the wardrobe. A wardrobe with sliding shutters is perfect for narrow passageways where there is very little room to open a wardrobe out and in front of you.

    Wardrobe Interior: Storage Features-This wardrobe is divided into two section with several storage features in each. The overall interiors are designed to accommodate all types of items easily and efficiently within a wardrobe. The first section, which is on the left side, includes shelving, hanging, and drawers. Towards the top, there is a glass shelf to store any off-season or infrequently used items. Below the shelf is a hanging rod, which includes ample hanging space for shirts, blouses, folded pants, shorts, and skirts. Below the hanging is another shelf to place any immediate items, such as placing your purse or wallet at the end of the day. The shelf also makes the beginning of several drawers. The first drawer is shallower, making it perfect for storing smaller items, such as wrist watches, belts, cufflinks, earrings, or wallets. The drawers below are deeper, making it ideal for storing smaller and private clothing items. The shutter of the drawer itself has a glass panel, allowing you to take a peak and the items inside your drawer before even opening it! Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.46.09 PM

    The second section of the wardrobe, which is on the right side, includes hanging and a large amount of shelving. The top of the section includes the same top shelf that was in the first section. Below that on the left side, there is hanging, while the right side is shelving that goes all the way down. These shelves are perfect stacking foldable items, such as t-shirts and sweaters. Below the hanging, there are even more, deep shelves, which are ideal for organizing storage boxes or stacking more foldable clothing items.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.45.43 PM

    This ModSpace.in wardrobe is slightly smaller than the conventional wardrobe, but it has all the necessary organizational and storage elements for any user. With extensive hanging and shelving, all items can be placed easily within this wardrobe. For more storage friendly solutions, contact us!

  • Acetech 2015: The Sandy & Chocolate Wardrobe

    Continuing with the Acetech 2015 blog series, the next few blog posts will feature an item from our stall at Acetech 2015 Delhi in Pragati Maidan. With 3 wardrobes, 3 kitchens, and 1 television unit, each item has its own exclusive finish, design, and special features that characterize the particular item itself. This blog post will cover one of the ModSpace.in wardrobes featured at Acetech Delhi.

    This wardrobe was one of the most popular exhibits at Acetech 2015. The wardrobe was placed towards the back of the stall, and it attracted many onlookers and visitors to our stall.

    Wardrobe Exterior: Color and Finish-This wardrobe consisted of three sections. In a pre-laminate finish, with the colors Sandy Saw Line & Chocolate Saw Line, this wardrobe showcased the classic brown-and-white color combination in an innovative way. The pre-laminate finish provided the wardrobe with a unique texture, giving it a distinct aesthetic. The wardrobe colors are arranged in a pattern, with the Chocolate Saw Line wardrobes sandwiching the Sandy Saw Line color. The two-toned wardrobe gives a very modern aesthetic, which further adds to its appeal.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 9.32.57 PM

    The wardrobe has conventional, openable shutters where the user simply pulls the handle to open the wardrobe, and they are able to access the whole wardrobe at once. The wardrobe handles are particularly unique, shown in the form of wide, wooden slabs right in the center of the wardrobe shutter. Going across the width of the shutter itself, the user simple pulls the shutter to access the wardrobe interior.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.46.31 AM

    Wardrobe Interior: Storage Features-For the complete wardrobe, this particular item is designed in three different sections, each offering unique storage options to provide the user with useful and ample storage space. The first section, which has a Chocolate Saw Line exterior, gives access to shelving and hanging. On the top, there are two cubicles of different widths to store any items that do not require immediate access. Below that is hanging. One side includes a tall hanging, perfect for hanging longer clothing items, such as coats or gowns, while on the other side is a normal hanging, which is perfect for hanging any shirts or blouses. Below each hanging there is some shelving space to place any smaller items necessary. The shelves continue towards the bottom of the wardrobe, making it perfect for placing storage boxes or stacking clothing items. All of these types of storage are seen in the first section of this wardrobe.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.47.26 AM

    The second or middle section, which has the Sandy Saw Line shutters has different storage options from the first section. In this section, there is a key feature of a tandem lift, which is a regular hanging rod with a long rod in the center. Simply pull down the center rod, and the entire hanging comes down to your eye level! If you have higher ceilings in your home, this storage solution is an ideal option. Rather than wasting extra space, simply pull down the rod to access your hanging items. Below the tandem lift is a glass shelf to place any foldable or necessary items, and there is another open shelf underneath that. The open shelf also serves as the top of three drawers, ideal for keeping smaller items or private clothing.

    The third and final section of the wardrobe, which is behind Chocolate Saw Line shutters, is consumed of shelving from top to bottom. Divided in the center, this part of the wardrobe includes several shelving sections that allow you to stack any foldable items neatly and easily without having clothes fall over or get mixed up in the entire course of your wardrobe!

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.47.52 AM

    The ModSpace.in wardrobes are designed to create efficient storage in all types of spaces. This wardrobe has a variety of storage options, allowing the users to organize their items effectively. For further inquiries about this wardrobe design, give us a call!

  • Organization Ideas for your Guest Room Wardrobe

    In every household, guest rooms are typically hybrid areas serving many functions, (bedroom, storage room, home office, etc.). However in any home, the guest room is a smaller space, and the limited storage needs to be used efficiently. This limited storage is typically consumed of a wardrobe and possible bedside tables and tv unit drawers. Nevertheless, the wardrobe space is used the most, serving as storage for many household items that are not placed anywhere else. In fact, the guest room wardrobe is often so stuffed with household items, that there is very little room for the guests themselves! In order to use the guest room wardrobe efficiently, the space needs to be organized in the best way possible.  Below a few ideas are outlined for keeping your guest room wardrobe organized.


    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Storage Items: The first step is to consider the kinds of items you need to store in the guest room. Begin with shortlisting the items that are ideal for your guest room wardrobe. Often the guest room is a space to store spare linens, spare clothing items, and extra curios. In narrowing down the types of items to be stored, you can designate which area of the wardrobe will hold the items. That way, you can design or re design your wardrobe storage solution accordingly.


    Space for Guests: In any guest room wardrobe, don't forget to designate space to your guests, especially if you have guests who visit you
    regularly. Designate empty hangers, hooks, and drawers for all the guests' items should they choose to store them. Guests will appreciate being able to store their items, rather than living out of a suitcase during their visit.

    Empty Luggage: Along with the guests' items, it is advised to make storage for your guests' luggage. Rather than having luggage taking up unnecessary space in the room, why not store it in the wardrobe. Ideally, a shelf can be placed above the hanging, and serve as a space for storing all types of travel bags.

    Linens and Bedding: While designating wardrobe space for your guests, the remaining space can be used to store your linens and extra bedding. If you have a full house, guests would appreciate you having extra beds and bedding. Therefore, the guest room would be the best place to store any extra linens and bedding for a full house!

    A well-organized guest room wardrobe is the ideal space for all home storage. If the space is organized effectively, then it can serve as the go-to place for nearly everything  from off-season clothing items to seasonal decor to extra linens. To ensure you make the most use of your guest room wardrobe, talk to one of our Space Planning Consultants today!

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