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  • 10 Contemporary Reach-in Wardrobe Designs We Love

    Wardrobes are available in countless designs and colors. Courtesy of Google images we have outlined 10 contemporary designs we love!

    What we love: The white high gloss with the wood accent in this beautiful handle-less wardrobe! Handless add a stream-line look to your bedroom and highlight the contemporary design! This wardrobe highlights the the handless design perfectly. Image Credit: Home Designing
    What we love: How the wood is highlighted in the the white. Looking for a bit of classic appeal with modern. This wardrobe is designed perfectly, combining the rustic-wooden look with the center drawer system, bands, and the edges. IT balances out the starkness of the white beautifully! Image Credit: Star Manner
    What we love: The Reflection! This wardrobe adds to the room color palette perfectly. Any reflective element makes a space look bigger. Therefore, this wardrobe is actually expanding the look of the entire bedroom! The wardrobe nobs are also very modern. The handle designs emphasize the geometric look of the entire room! Image Credit: Dream Fun House
    What we love: The Center band! The center band breaks up the monotony of the white, by adding some visual interest and allowing for a reflective element. The high-gloss finish highlights the contemporary appeal of the entire bedroom.  Image Credit: TovTov
    What we love: The unique color combination! This wardrobe would look great in a teenage boy's room! The grey finish in this sliding-door wardrobe adds an element of sophistication to the overall design. The wooden band creates visual interest and draws the viewer directly to the wardrobe space! Image Credit: Decoist
    What we love: The Colorblock! In this particular wardrobe, we're loving the silver element that is equally placed between the wooden elements. The silver makes the wardrobe look sleek and contemporary, complimenting the the classic appeal of the wood. Image Credit: Oak Tree Life
    What we love: The Balance! We love the rustic appeal of this wardrobe. The wooden look with the handle adds a very classic appeal, however the mirror door next to it creates a statement! With one side serving as a mirror, the wardrobe is multi-purpose Image Credit Reklamology
    What we love: The design!! This wardrobe is, again, a modern white finish. However, the design element that progresses as a continuation through the entire wardrobe is beautiful! The design creates a statement in the entire room. In fact, due to its uniqueness, the wardrobe is almost the focal point of this particular room! Image Credit: Houzz
    What we love: Its simple! Unlike the previous examples, this wardrobe is much simpler. The finish is both classic and contemporary at the same time, and the silver detailing adds that modern appeal. This sliding wardrobe gives the entire room some dimension, reemphasizing the contemporary/classic mix of the entire room. Image Credit: Dsrna Vrata
    What we love: the white and grey! This sliding wardrobe is has a unique combination of white and grey. The white is extremely glossy and reflective, with grey edges and detailing. This wardrobe enhances the contemporary appeal perfectly. With the white and grey, the wardrobe itself adds sophistication to any room. Image Credit: Houzz
  • Basic Storage Essentials for a Child's Wardrobe

    Organizing a child's wardrobe can be incredibly challenging. Kids are growing so quickly that it gets difficult to create a long-lasting wardrobe solution for your child's needs. With designing a long lasting wardrobe, the best idea is the think small with room to grow for for all kids. Shallow drawers, cubbies/shelves, and reachable hanging are the ideal place to start for a child's wardrobe.  Below are the recommended storage solutions to start with while considering long-lasting wardrobe solutions for your child.

    Image Credit: Clever Housewife

    Hanging Items at eye level: Countless wardrobes are with clothes hanging at adult height, and typically out of each for the little ones to reach! Therefore, it is recommended to consider a pull-down hanging or a double/triple hanging. A  child may not be able to reach the full-adult hanging. A pull-down or double hanging will allow the child's items to be at eye level and easier to see! Eventually your child will grow and not need the pull down hanging!!

    Shelves/Cubbies - Shelves or cubbies are a must-have in any wardrobe. In a child's wardrobe, they are the perfect spot for storing toys and games,  smaller clothing items, books, and even shoes. As your child grows older, the toys may be replaced with even more clothing items, making the shelves useful at all ages. The shelves can also be used to keep multiple storage bins, to store any item quickly and easily.

    Image Credit: Home Edit Architecture & Interior Design. This Image has hanging and cubbies/shelves.

    Small Drawers and Pull-Outs - Drawers and pull-outs are perfect for easy-to-reach small and immediate items. They are ideal for storing smaller toys and smaller clothing items, and can still be implemented through all age groups. Eventually, as your child grows, the drawers will be used for multiple purposes that are suitable to the user.

    Image Credit: Closet Outfitters
    Image Credit: California Closets

    With a child's wardrobe, there is a great amount of customization. The suggestions above are an ideal place to start for design your child's wardrobe. The hanging, shelves/cubbies, and drawers are specifically suggested as long-lasting solutions that can be used from when the child is small to when they grow up to become a teenager or young adult. In designing your child's wardrobe, talk to our Space Planning Consultants! Our Design Team will be able to design the best wardrobe solution for your children!

  • Tips to Create Storage Space in a Small Wardrobe

    We store more items in our wardrobes than we realize. In India, especially, we are always looking for that extra bit of space to store those random objects that don't belong or fit anywhere else. Below, are 6 different ways to add extra storage to a wardrobe of any size.

    Use Shelf Dividers/Cubbies: When clothes are stacked or piled up, they tend to fall over, get mixed up, or go from neat and tidy shelves to a huge clothes pile where you cannot find anything! To avoid this issue from happening, add shelf dividers or cubbies to ensure your clothes and items stay in space. By adding these dividers, you won't mix up your piles, your clothes will stay more organized and the organization will allow for more storage. If your items are in just one big chaotic pile, it will take up unnecessary space and you won't be able to add anything else!

    Glass Shelf dividers in wardrobe. Image credit: Everything Closets

    Put your small items in one place: One aspect of our lifestyles we often don't realize is that we all have a lot of small necessary items (rings, earrings, watches, buttons, etc). Whenever we place these items in a shelf or drawer, they can get lost or mis-placed. To avoid this from happening, designate a small tray or basket for all these smaller accessories. If you were to store freely, they can easily slide around or fall, leading them to get lost. This would be a poor use of a perfect storage space for larger items. Therefore, in your wardrobe, include a small container to store your little items to avoid them spreading or sliding anywhere else.

    open storage for accessories

    Double Hanging: As mentioned in previous blogs, double-up on the hanging! Only 2/3 of your wardrobe requires hanging and majority of your clothing only takes up 1/2 of a hanging space. Therefore you can easily add two hanging rods in a single space. This is not only a space-saver, but it allows you to use other areas of your wardrobe more freely and efficiently.

    Image Credit: Closet Works NY

    Storage Bins:  Above a wardrobe, there is often a large amount of un-used space. To create extra storage, add storage bins or a loft to keep your off-season or infrequently used items. This will create automatic extra storage and declutter the remainder of your wardrobe.

    Storage bins at the top of a wardrobe.

    Hooks: When you're looking for extra space, hooks are your best friend. The can be added to the back of a wardrobe shutter or in the interior wall of your wardrobe. Hooks are perfect for hanging scarves, belts, and bags, without designating a full shelf or drawer to these hangable items.

    Hooks w/scarves on wardrobe door

    The Shelf Below the Hanging: Did you know below your double/single hanging you have that little extra room to add a shelf? All wardrobes have it! Many don't realize that right below the hanging there is a little be of extra room to store your last minute items. if you need that extra storage, look into adding a shelf! It may be exactly what you are looking for!

    That Extra Shelf below the double hanging

    These are a few tips on creating extra storage space in your wardrobe. By adding these items, you create extra storage without taking up an excessive amount of space. In fact, by considering these items, you don't use any extra space at all! If you're interested in adding that extra bit of storage, our Space Planning Consultants will be happy to assist you.

  • Basic Storage Essentials for a Man's Wardrobe

    When designing or organizing a wardrobe, we often think of a woman's requirements more than a man's requirements. However, whether they admit it or not, men like having nice wardrobe spaces too. Because of the items, a man's wardrobe has different storage requirements than a woman's wardrobe. Below are six storage essentials for a man's wardrobe.

    Double Hanging: Men's clothing usually doesn't take up the full length of a wardrobe, leaving half the space empty. Use that space to your advantage and add double hanging. This way, double the clothes can be stored in the same amount of space. Double hanging also allows for better organization. There can be double hanging on one side for everything formal and double hanging on the other side for everything casual!

    Image credit: Venture Beat

    Shelves: Shelves serve are multi-purpose in a man's wardrobe. They are perfect for storing heavy sweaters and t-shirt, and can be used as a shoe rack. Rather than keeping them on the floor of your wardrobe, shelving the shoes gives the wardrobe a more clean and polished look.

    Mens wardrobe with double hanging and shelving. Shelves include sweaters and shoes. Image credit: Closet Works NY

    Pull-out Pant Rack: A pull-out pant rack is not an item you see in every man's wardrobe, but it is highly useful. Rather than using hangers to store the dress pants and slacks, use a pull-out pant rack to maintain the neatly ironed crease in your slacks. This way, you'll prevent any hangers from getting tangled with your clothing.

    Pant rack that can easily be pulled out Image credit: Sidelines Inc.

    Tie Rack & Belt Racks: For your ties and belts, have pull-out racks to store the items appropriately. With these racks, all the ties and belts will be displayed easily, and they can be coordinated your other wardrobe items. If you have many ties and belts, then it is best to get two racks: one for ties and one for belts.

    Pull-out tie/belt rack. This rack can easily be used for both items. Image credit: Sidelines Inc.

    Drawers: The final storage requirement for a man's wardrobe are drawers. Just like shelves, drawers can be used for multiple purposes. Drawers are perfect for storing accessories, such as sunglasses, cufflinks, wrist watches, and jewelry; or for storing the daily items, such as wallet, money, and keys. The drawers can also smaller clothing items, such as socks. Having a chest of drawers in a wardrobe will keep all the smaller items in one location without getting lost!

    Image Credit: California Closets

    With these storage essentials, there is a space for mens' shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters; dress pants, shorts, and jeans; shoes, accessories, and smaller clothing items. When planning a man's wardrobe these are the basics to start with. Depending on the requirement, storage requirements may be added or subtracted depending on specifications. However, if you have a wardrobe with these items, then you have one solid wardrobe!

  • Basic Storage Essentials For a Woman's Wardrobe

    No two people are completely identical in their lifestyle and choices. Every individual has their specific preferences and requirements. Especially when it comes to their wardrobe and wardrobe storage. However, with men, women, children, there are basic essentials that are required for wardrobe storage. A man is recommended to use his wardrobe storage one way, while a woman is recommended to use her storage another way.

    However, a woman should plan a wardrobe based on her needs. Each item should have a designated place to keep the wardrobe from becoming unorganized. Below are the 6 essentials required for designing a woman's wardrobe.

    Rail for Belts, Scarves, and Longer Accessories: The rails look like the tie holders in a man's wardrobe. However, the rail can also easily be used to store a woman's belts, scarves, or longer accessories (i.e. long necklaces). This way, the items will be hanging one-by-one, without getting entangled with everything else! Ideally, the rail should be a pull-out, allowing you to access the farthest items easily.

    Image credit: Sidelines Inc.

    Drawers for Delicates: In any wardrobe, drawers are a great way to store any concealable items. In a woman's wardrobe, shallow drawers are perfect for storing delicate clothing, while deeper drawers are ideal of storing other smaller items such as socks, leggings, or stockings. Drawers can also be used to store your accessories, such as jewelry or wrist watches. With your smaller items in drawers, you are less likely to misplace or lose them in other areas of your wardrobe.

    Image Credit: NovaTeam

    Space for Shoes: Depending on your space and requirements, it is ideal to make a space for storing your shoes. Shoe organization can be established a variety of ways: either you can have multiple shoe racks or shelves, or you can have drawers dedicated for storing your footwear. Either way, it is essential to have create storage for your shoes. Lack of storage may alter the wardrobe itself and ruin the shoes!

    Long/Tall hanging: While every wardrobe requires some form of hanging for blouses, tops, and jeans/pants. A woman's wardrobe usually needs a long or tall hanging for longer coats and dresses or longer Indian wear. Any item of clothing that needs to be hung without being folded is ideal for the long hanging section of any wardrobe.

    Shelves For Folded Items: For all your folded items: such as your t-shirts and sweaters, a wardrobe needs its shelves! Shelves are easy to access, as you simply have to reach and grab your item. With shelves you can easily stack your items and view  them at your convenience. At Modspace.in, we give you the option of having pull-out shelves vs. the conventional stagnant shelves.

    Wardrobe with multiple shelf space for small and large items Image credit: Simply Bedrooms

    Space for Handbags/Purses: Now, you've made room for your accessories, your delicates, your longer clothing, shorter clothing, and folded items. Whats left in a woman's wardrobe? Handbags! Whether its one handbag or many, every woman needs a spot to keep a handbag when she is not using it. Handbags and purses can be organized through shelves or hanging. Depending on your specifications, a small amount space should should be dedicated to your purses and handbags. You'll be much happier!


    So there are 6 spaces a woman's wardrobe needs: space for belts & scarves, short and long hanging items, folded items, handbags & purses, delicates, smaller clothing items, and accessories. With these spaces created to suit your lifestyle, you'll have the perfect wardrobe!

  • 10 of the Best Walk-in Wardrobes We've Ever Seen

    Wardrobes bring so much character to any bedroom. At ModSpace.in, we love our wardrobes. Courtesy of Pinterest, we have outlined the 10 best walk in wardrobes we've seen. Click on the image and enjoy!!

  • 5 Steps for Planning a Wardrobe Remodel

    A wardrobe is a space where you can throw anything and everything and nobody will come to know. However, there comes a certain point where your wardrobe becomes so unorganized that you won't know where everything is! Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, a organized wardrobe is essential to any bedroom, and it is a serious confidence booster! Reorganizing or remodeling a wardrobe requires planning a head to ensure you know your exact needs and requirements.  Below, we've outlined 5 easy steps in planning your brand new wardrobe for renovation.

    Step 1: Filter Out and De-clutter

    Now that you've decided to re-organize and renovate, it is a good time to take out all of your items and filter through what needs to be thrown away, donated, or kept in your brand new wardrobe. This will help you remove items that you don't wear or need and get rid of any clutter.

    • Tip: If you haven't worn something in a year, then you probably won't wear it again!

    Next, as you're filtering out, separate your clothes by the season: your winter items, summer items, essentials to have during any weather change (summer to winter or winter to summer), and any formal items (Indian-wear, western wear). These organizational tactics will help you plan your wardrobe layout.

    Step 2: Relocation before Renovation

    Since you have removed all the items from your wardrobe, it is essential to assess whether some of your items even belong in the wardrobe at all. For example, do you have extra bedding or linens? Why not move them to a linens cupboard so you have more room for your clothes?

    Step 3: Know your organization style 

    ModSpace.in offers a variety of wardrobe organization systems. All of them are customized to your exact requirements and specifications. The wardrobes are designed to maximize the space available, creating storage in the smallest corners. However, before finalizing the storage requirements, it is essential to know how you prefer your items to be stored. Once you've finalized all the items that are staying in and out of your wardrobe, the next step is to assess your organization style. Are you somebody who prefers hanging everything or folding the shirts and jeans? Do you want to store your bags and purses or have them on display? All of these questions will impact the type of wardrobe solution that is right for you.

    • Tip: Sweaters can easily be stacked and color-coordinated
    • Tip: Business professionals with a large # of formals? Make sure you have enough hanging space!
    • Tip: Informal clothing (t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc.) can easily be stacked on open shelves or in drawers.

    Step 3: Measure the Wardrobe Based on Organization Style

    After you've decided your organization style, it is essential to measure your space to ensure you receive the right amount of storage. Typically, a wardrobe is 24 inches deep and 6-8 feet wide. A wardrobe solution double rod hanging is 84 inches high, with the top rod at 81 3/4 inches and the bottom rod at 40 1/2 inches. To move forward with the wardrobe, all the necessary measurements need to be collected. At ModSpace.in if you are unable to determine the ideal measurements,  we are happy to send our supervisor to gather the measurements for you.

    Step 4: Mix up your storage options

    Now you have your items, you've decided your organization style, and you know the approximate measurements. Next, is deciding your storage options. If you have many foldable items, mix it up with adding shelves, drawers, or slide-out trays! Open shelves are perfect for storing immediate items, and are ideal for someone of a smaller stature, who simply has to reach and grab the item they are looking for.

    Step 5: Make room for seasonal storage 

    At this point, you've arranged your immediate items in your wardrobe. Now ensure that you have extra storage to store your off-season items. Every season, it is ideal to store your off-season items in another section of your wardrobe. In India, we often struggle with storage space. Therefore, at Modspace.in, we always recommend having a loft above your wardrobe to store your off-season wardrobe essentials. The space above the wardrobe is often left empty, so why not add more storage? It will not take up any extra space, and it will be near your existing wardrobe! Anytime the season changes, you can clear out your existing wardrobe, store the items, and then add re-arrange your clothing for the new season. This way, you will easily have all your necessary items within immediate reach, without it being cluttered with un-needed items!

    Storage above the main wardrobe space for off-season items.

    Now, you have de-cluttered your current wardrobe, added enough storage for your immediate needs, and added enough storage for keeping your off-season items, your wardrobe renovation can officially begin! At ModSpace.in, we walk you through all the steps for you to clarify all of your thoughts to ensure you get the best wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and specifications. Once, all your decisions are made, your wardrobe goes into production and is delivered to you in 4 weeks! Your wardrobe is good as new!

  • Why You Need a 3D View

    Customizing a home to your specifications and requirements from start to finish is a wonderful and overwhelming thought all at the same time. There is always the concern of whether we still like our design choices once we see the final outcome. Who wants to pay for design work they don't like? Making sure what your home will look like before its built always helps. This is when you need a 3D model.

    Today, 3D models are slowly becoming the industry standard, and they allow you to virtually walk through and approve any design elements. Unhappy with the location of your kitchen cabinets? Go ahead and change them? Want to add an island to your modular kitchen? See if there is room!

    At ModSpace.in, we provide customizable 3D models for any modular kitchen or wardrobe. You'll be able to view your modular kitchen or wardrobe before the production process to ensure we match your exact requirements. Here are 5 reasons why you' d need a 3D View.

    3D vs. 2D: 2-Dimensional designs appear on flat on a sheet of paper. Although they provide you with a general idea of the floor plan, you may have trouble visualizing how the actual design will look. For example, 2D visual of a modular kitchen at ModSpace.in will show the floor plan, with the location of each kitchen cabinet. However, a 3D visual will show you the colors, the orientation, and the overall design of your kitchen. By viewing the same exact kitchen in 3D, you'll be more comfortable moving forward with your decision.

    2D plan of a Modular Kitchen 2D plan of a Modular Kitchen




    3D Models showing the same kitchen from multiple perspectives 3D Models showing the same kitchen from multiple perspectives

    Able to understand the elevations: A 3D model allows you, as a client, to understand the overall elevation of your space. For example, when you receive a modular kitchen schematic, the dimension are simply mentioned and you'd have to measure yourself. However, in a 3D model, you'd be given a more clearer orientation of how high your kitchen cabinets or wardrobe is. It may even make you rethink your overall arrangement!

    3D models provide a perspective on the approximate distance and dimensions of your space.

    Realistic Appearance: If your vendor is using a good 3D software, then your 3D models will look realistic. Along with the colors, a 3D model will show the finish texture, the effect of any lighting, such as sun rays from a window, or overhead lighting. If the finish you choose for your modular kitchen or wardrobe has a certain texture, it will definitely show in the 3D model!

    Kitchen 3D model, showing the effects of natural light the texture of the finishes

    Able to make changes: Since, 3D models are the best way to view your design before the actual construction. They give you a chance to evaluate your options and view any changes that need to be made. Making a change on a 3D model is a very simple. All it takes is a simple click on a computer to ensure the change is made!

    Same exact kitchen, except in different color finishes.

    Avoid paying for design work you don't need/want. Once you've finalized your modular kitchen or wardrobe, it immediately goes into production and then installation. However, if the final product requires several changes, then you'd have repay for the production and installation. With a 3D model, you'll be able to make your changes more clearly and avoid paying any extra cost for design work that you do not want or need.

    3D model of a wardrobe

    A 3D model can ease the design process in building your home. As a tool, it gives you more clarity on what exactly is required and what you prefer. At ModSpace.in we offer all of our clients a free 3D design of their wardrobe or modular kitchen. We strongly focus on the wants and needs of our customers to ease the design and homebuilding process. Whenever looking into a vendor, make sure they can do 3D!

  • Ideal Storage Solutions for your Wardrobe

    Our wardrobes have multiple storage solutions. We offer various combinations of the following solutions for your wardrobe.

    Hanging Rod                                                         

    Hanging rods are a standard in every wardrobe. The benefits of a hanging rod are that your clothes take up just half of the space. Therefore, you can easily add two hanging rods to fully utilize the wardrobe space that is allotted to you.


    Tall hanging

    For our Indian-wear the regular hanging rods are not sufficient. We all need a solution where clothes can simply hang without getting crushed or folded at the bottom. Here the tall hanging is an ideal storage option. Your clothes are stored easily and conveniently.

    Tandem Lift

    Many wardrobes, especially in Indian households, are built with very high ceilings. Don't let that stop you from building a higher wardrobe! The solution for this type of a wardrobe is a tandem lift, where you are able to pull a hanging rod down to access your clothes. It is another way of fully optimizing your wardrobe space.


    Shelves are also a standard in wardrobes. They are ideal for folded t-shirts or jeans/shorts. All the shelves at ModSpace are adjustable. Therefore, they can be placed at whichever distance that you desire.


    Drawers are another standard storage solution in wardrobes. Drawers can be used for storing smaller items, such as pocket squares or scarves. They are available in multiple sizes.


    Pullouts are the combination of shelves and drawers. They appear like a shelf, but they can pull out like drawers. Pullouts also often used as storage solutions for several folded clothing items, such as jeans or t-shirts.


    The loft is an option that goes above the main wardrobe. Due to the season changes here in India, we need space to store our off-season clothes. The loft serves as the ideal storage solution. It is out of the way, yet not too far from your existing wardrobe. The loft can also be used for storing your linens and other items that are used infrequently.

    wardrobe loft placed on top of the wardrobe

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