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Embracing the Summer Kitchen

The terms "embracing" and "summer" in the same sentence sound like a contradiction right?-especially during the Indian summer season. It is simply too hot outside, and the home and kitchen, especially, need to be  kept as cool as possible. For more tips on keeping cool in the kitchen, check out this previous blog post. However, there are good aspects about summer we can all definitely embrace in the kitchen. As a season, summer is brighter and happier than the rest of the year, especially compared to the doom and gloom that comes with rainy monsoons or darker winters-so why not bring some seasonal charm into the heart of the home? Check out some ideas below!

Update with a Gathering Space: Nothing brings positivity and happiness to a kitchen like gathering everybody together. Avoid the summer heat and bring everyone indoors to congregate over something cool within the kitchen. Add a seating space in the middle of the kitchen to create that happy, social atmosphere within the home.

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Well-Stocked Cabinets: Extreme heat means a lesser desire to venture out of the house unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, stock up the cabinets with food and snacks to access whenever you desire. Add enough dry items for all members of a household to enjoy or even invite friends over and gather people within the kitchen and take advantage of a nice, cool home with some relief from the sweltering heat.

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Colorful Crockery: As a season, summer is associated with brightness and vivid colors. Surround your kitchen with bright and colorful crockery to add some visual interest and exciting decor to the kitchen space. Be creative with the mugs, kitchen towels, and even plates to add an even more to the happier and cheerful atmosphere within the kitchen. They are not only attractive and pleasant to look at, but they are also fun to use!

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Fresh Flowers: Bring the summer colors without the heat in the form of some fresh blooms. They smell amazing and definitely raise some spirits. Adding a colorful bunch, such as carnations, to a kitchen corner will bring an instant source of color and summer-like feel to the kitchen space. A bunch of flowers is excellent next to the sink or right in front of a kitchen window. They add some beautiful color and bring some life into the space.

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Yellow Accents: Finally, cheer up the kitchen space with some yellow color. Yellow instantly adds a sunny vibe and makes any space looks more cheerful and vibrant. Whether it is in the form of small decorative accents: such as cutlery, crockery, or flowers; or larger statements such as a bright accent wall; yellow color will instantly make a space much more cheerful and inviting.

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Whenever summer comes around in India, we tend to dread it, overlooking the good that it can bring: the brightness and the color. Use this brighter season to bring the good aspects of summer inside your home and embrace them. Add that seasonal summer touch to your kitchen!

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