4 Ways to Add Storage in your Home Office

5 Reasons Why You Need a Loft Above your Wardrobe

As mentioned in many previous blogs, we provide lofts above the wardrobe. Having a loft above the wardrobe has many benefits and it has almost become a necessity. Lofts provide extra storage, use space efficiently, frees up space in the rest of the home, and can look stylish at the same time. Below, check out the top 5 reasons on why YOU need a loft to be a part of your wardrobe.


Efficiency of Space and Storage: As mentioned in previous blogs, lofts provide extensive storage. The unused space above the main wardrobe is often left to collect dust. With a loft, that same space is filled with extra storage. Who does not want extra storage in their home? The loft is fitted to the area, and covering up all awkward corners and wall angles and providing another storage space at the same time. 

Stylish: Not only is the loft efficient, it is also stylish. A fitted loft, gives the space a clean and completed look, and adds to contemporary design. It transforms any room, giving that finished appearance to the wardrobe space. Well designed lofts hide all of the awkward corners and finish a room's storage space.


Free Up Space: Having that additional storage towards the ceiling frees up storage space in the rest of the home or room. Rather than having a freestanding cabinet interfering with the bedroom, why not have a loft above the wardrobe to serve the same purpose? Therefore, that particular space within the room or home can be used for something else, rather than extra storage 

Customized: Wardrobe lofts are built and customized to fit the exact size of the space above the wardrobe. Therefore, it is built with your exact measurements and height requirements in mind. whether it is loft with a flat roof above or a loft under the stairs, wardrobe lofts are customized as per your requirements. They can be designed to match your wardrobe and create a completed look for the entire space.


Easy Maintenance: Finally lofts are very easy to maintain. Since they are fitted to the exact size, there are no open areas above or around the wardrobe that collect dust and dirt. Therefore, that is one less area to clean up in the home. Rather than dealing with furniture or tops of furniture collecting dust, build a loft on top: more storage, efficient use of space customizable, and easy maintenance!

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