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Everything to know about the Sliding Shutter Wardrobes

As mentioned in a previous blog, one can opt for sliding shutter wardrobes, rather than the conventional openable hinge shutters for their wardrobes. Many homeowners prefer the sliding shutters because they are visually neater, more space efficient, and at the same time still provide the same convenience and storage that comes with a more conventional wardrobe.


  • Designing a Sliding Wardrobe:¬†Depending on the space and size of the wardrobe, the first step is to decide the number of shutters necessary for given space: which will be two or three shutters. The shutters will overlap one another, and will be fixed in a seamless manner, making it easy to maneuver. The internal storage for the wardrobe can easily be optimized with storage accessories, including pull-out rods, wire baskets, and deeper corner storage. For internal storage options, check the previous blog post. For the exterior design, ModSpace.in provides extensive options in colors and textures. With plenty of matte and gloss options, a ModSpare.in sliding wardrobe will complement the entire room space, making it look sleek, neat, and clean.
    Image Credit: Sliding Robes Direct
  • Advantages
    • Excellent space savers. Since the shutters move from side to side, they do not require extra space to open out in front.
    • Neat and clean look. The entire wardrobe highlights and emphasizes the modern look within a room. The wardrobe appears more streamline and less bulky, compared to the conventional openable shuttered wardrobes.
    • The shutter panels are smooth, and they slide through the tracks effortlessly, making it easy to use.


  • Disadvantages
    • Not lockable. Due to the sliding mechanism of the wardrobe, the sliding shutters cannot be locked. However, one can opt for lockable storage inside the wardrobe itself. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for lockable drawers.
    • Can only access part of the wardrobe at one time. Depending on the number of shutters, the user can only access one side of the wardrobe at a time. If there are two shutters, then the user can only slide the shutter to one side and access half the wardrobe. If the wardrobe has three shutters, then only a third of the wardrobe can be accessed at one time. Compared to the conventional, open-out wardrobes, the entire wardrobe cannot be accessed at once.
      Image Credit: Pinterest

Sliding wardrobes are a great way to get extensive storage with in a small amount of space. Their streamline look works well in a contemporary room, and they give a very smooth appearance. With a small sacrifice of accessing only part of the wardrobe at one given time, the sliding wardrobe is a great solution for any space. For your sliding wardrobe, contact us!

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