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  • Acetech 2015: The Green & White Kitchen

    As many of our posts have stated over the past weekend, ModSpace.in participated in Acetech 2015 Delhi in Pragati Maidan. Acetech is the largest exhibition in construction, design, and architecture in Asia, where over 2,000 exhibitors display their products. Over the course of 4 days, ModSpace.in had a stall in the central-most location of the entire exhibition, displaying three kitchen designs, three wardrobe designs, and one entertainment unit. Below, is one of the kitchens that was displayed at Acetech Delhi 2015. In fact, a smaller version of this kitchen was used by the celebrity chefs at Delhi's Palate Fest 2015, and it was an instant hit. For details about the specifics of the Palate Fest Kitchen, you can view them in our previous blog post.

    Color & Finish:The first kitchen was a bright green and white kitchen in a laminate finish. Located at the very front of the stall, the kitchen was easily noticeable and drew people towards the stall itself. Elements of white and green were mix/matched in the cabinetry throughout the entire layout, making the kitchen really stand out! Rather than having a solid color on top and a solid color on bottom cabinets, the white and green colors were placed sporadically throughout the kitchen design, creating a color block effect in the kitchen itself.


    Layout: The kitchen layout was an island kitchen with cabinetry along the back wall. In fact, only the island of this kitchen was used by celebrity chefs in Delhi's Palate Festival. More details about the Palate Fest Kitchen can viewed in our previous blog. For this exhibition, the layout was given a more practical design with a wall full of kitchen cabinetry. The overall layout spread out the work triangle, with the sink and hob  on the island, and space for a fridge on the other side. This layout is very open, and can allow users to interact with others while working in the kitchen.

    The island consisted of cabinetry on one side, and open shelving on the other side. The open shelving is an ideal place to add to kitchen decor, store any dishes, or to display cookbooks. The closed cabinetry was on the side for the user to access any necessary items while using the stove. With plenty of counter space on the island itself, any user is able to spread themselves while using this kitchen. The cabinetry included plenty of shelving space for the user to store their items. The island also included space for placing an oven in the layout itself, without taking up extra floor or counter space. The island, itself, had plenty of key features which are standards in the ModSpace.in Kitchen. The key features of the island are listed below.

    • Two Bottle pull-outs: Located on either side of the hob, the bottle pull-outs consist of two racks, perfect for storing any bottle-related ingredients, including your cooking oils, seasonings, spices, and other ingredients. In fact one bottle pull-out can be for liquid ingredients, while the other can serve as a spice rack!  
    • Cutlery Tray: The first drawer below the stove includes a cutlery tray, allowing to organize your cutlery neatly. This will make it easy for you to see and access whichever utensil you need while cooking.
    • Wicker Basket: The wicker basket was also a feature in the Palate Fest Kitchen. It is perfect for storing any vegetables needed for cooking. A user can simply pull out the basket and access any necessary ingredients while using the kitchen hob.

    Across the island is more kitchen storage and cabinetry that is running parallel to the island. Backed up against the wall, this section has plenty of storage to keep all necessary items. It has tall unit storage on either side, with plenty of counter space in between. Along the counter, there is plenty of floor and wall storage. The key features of this section of the kitchen are given below.

    • Pantry pull-out: One of the tall units includes a pantry pull-out, which is an extremely space-saving and efficient way of storing all types of items, especially accessible snacks and dry foods.  
    • Aventos HK: To break the monotony of conventional cabinets, this ModSpace.in kitchen has Aventos HK right in the middle of the wall cabinetry. Rather than the shutter opening in front of you, Aventos HK opens upward, allowing you to have the shutter out of your way while accessing your items. There is plenty of shelving to store your items.  
    • Grain Drawer: The final key feature is a grain drawer, which is a wide and deep drawer, perfect for storing all your grains, such as rice, lentils, or even bread.  

    This ModSpace.in kitchen provides plenty of storage for all necessary items. The storage-friendly solutions are designed for the user to organize their items in the most efficient way, without taking any extra floor or counter space. Like this kitchen? Give us a call! 91 7042 335104

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