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  • Placing an Air Purifier in the Kitchen

    With increased pollution in our country, air purifiers are slowly becoming a must-have for the the home. Since pollution has greatly increased post-Diwali, the air has become so toxic for many of us to breathe. Although no one has control of the air outside the home, one can easily control the air and atmosphere within their home by placing an air purifier to keep the environment healthy and keep the toxins out. In fact, the kitchen is one of the top recommended areas to place an air purifier within the home.

    Most Aromas & Odors within the Home: The kitchen generates the most aromas and therefore is more susceptible to bacteria concentration and growth. Placing an air purifier in the kitchen will not only reduce the bacteria growth, but it will also remove all the dead microbes in the air.

    Image Credit: Renaduair

    Most Used Room within the Home: Because of an Indian kitchen's constant activity, it is also the room which is most used within the home. Therefore, there is constant air flow. Indian kitchens in particular have some sort of back door to open, shut, and access whenever required. Therefore, there is constant air-flow through the kitchen. To keep the air clean, one can place the air purifier at multiple areas to allow constant air flow within the kitchen. Check out the placement ideas below.

    Air Purifier Placement:

    • Near the Door: An air purifier can be placed near the door to filter out any bacteria as it enters the kitchen space. It will act as a type of shield and create a more hygienic atmosphere within the kitchen. With Indian kitchens usually having both a back door and a front door, it can be placed nearest to the door, leading to the outside of the home.
    • On a Kitchen Counter: In a kitchen, the air purifier can easily be placed on the counter. For the most effect, it is best put a few feet away from the trash bin or near the stove. Often times, near both of these areas there is unused, dead counter space. Therefore, if the air purifier is to be placed on the counter, then these two areas are ideal within the kitchen. However, just ensure it does not interfere with basic kitchen activities or other smaller electronics.
      Image Credit: Aliac Store
    • In A Corner: Another option within the kitchen is placing the air purifier in a corner. Corner air purifiers trap unwanted microbes and reduce the trip hazard within the space. However, there is a risk on whether or not it would be as effective as it would be if it was placed in a more central location within the room.

    Placing an air purifier within your kitchen will reduce the odors from spreading through the home and provide a clean, fresh environment for the kitchen users. Consider adding one to your kitchen to keep the pollution out and the clean air in!

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