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  • 5 Backsplash Ideas for Small Kitchens

    Small kitchens are more and more prevalent across the country. Smaller kitchen designs can provide a number of design challenges in terms of creating a space with enough storage, yet is still visually pleasing. One of the ways to add to the design, yet not compromise on the storage is by designing a backsplash. The right backsplash in a small kitchen can make the space feel larger, giving a more expansive and less constrictive look to the space. Therefore, a decent backsplash can serve the purpose of attractive aesthetics and decent functionality all at the same time. Check out 5 backsplash ideas below!


    Splash of Color on Wall or Cabinets: Small kitchens are prone to appear more cluttered and congested, especially with ongoing wall and floor cabinetry. Adding a bright color in the cabinets or the wall behind the cabinets will create an eye-catching accent, and draw immediate attention. Brighter colors, such as yellow, make a kitchen space feel bigger and more inviting than it actually is.

    Image Credit: HGTV

    Seamless White Kitchen Palette: Another way to use color in the kitchen is to completely remove it. By having a clean white palette in the kitchen, the space feels more open and airy. The monochromatic nature of the all-white kitchen causes the eye to travel around the room, giving the illusion of more space than their actually is. White makes the kitchen space looks seamless and sleek all at the same time.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Neutral Tones: Neutral colors such as whites, off-whites, greys, and beiges have a way of bringing the remaining elements and colors of the kitchen together. Having neutral tones in the backsplash will draw attention away from the small kitchen and create an expansive illusion.

    Image Credit: Living and Kitchen

    Let there Be Light: One of the easiest ways to make a small kitchen feel more spacious is ensuring it has enough natural light coming in through a window or multiple windows. Allowing natural light to enter adds some depth to small space and it keeps  the kitchen feeling bright and welcoming throughout the day.

    Image Credit: Home Decor Theme

    Gloss: The most fool-proof method for creating the illusion of space is gloss. As mentioned in a previous blog, gloss bounces light throughout the room, and this reflective nature gives the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. Therefore, a gloss backsplash will reflect light, and make the kitchen look larger than it actually is.

    Image Credit: Lestnic

    A kitchen backsplash can make all the difference in a small kitchen design. With some simple design tricks, the look of a small, crammed kitchen can be completely transformed. In your kitchen design, avoid compromising on storage, and consider the kitchen backsplash to make the kitchen appear bigger!

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