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  • A Guide to Choosing the Bathroom Mirror

    No bathroom is complete without a mirror. We certainly have not been into a bathroom without a mirror, and we do not anticipate that many people have. The bathroom mirror is essential for daily activities and also adds that extra bit of light to the entire space. Getting the best mirror for the bathroom is a challenge itself. Check out the quick guide on choosing the ideal mirror for your bathroom space.


    Sizing: First and foremost is the sizing of the mirror. To find the best size for your space, consider both function and proportion to ensure the vanity area is well balanced and visually pleasing. For design purposes, the mirror above the vanity is usually not wider than the vanity unit itself. Ideally, a mirror and vanity are the same width so both the items line up perfectly in the bathroom. Along with the width, the height of a mirror only has to reach 30 centimeters above eye level. However, if the bathroom space allows for more height, it is always better in viewing different angles. The larger, the mirror, the more open a space appears to be.

    Image Credit: Memorable Decor

    Single vs. Multiple: The next step to consider is whether to have a large single mirror or multiple smaller mirrors within the bathroom. In bathrooms where there is a wider vanity with more than one sink, there is the option of having a mirror that goes with each sink. This is usually an option for two people sharing a bathroom, where there are two different sinks. With taller, slimmer mirrors, the heigh of the bathroom is emphasized, which can complement high ceilings within the bathroom . However, a single, large mirror adds more light to the bathroom space.

    Image Credit: De-Lune

    Lighting: One particular factor which is not always considered regarding the bathroom mirror is the lighting. The main lighting above the vanity, which includes the scones, can either be place alongside the mirror or on the mirror itself. Oftentimes, homeowners opt for narrower mirrors to fit the sconces on either side. However, there is the option of placing the fixtures directly on the mirror itself.

    Image Credit: DD Hearts Love

    Framed vs. Frameless: Framed vs. frameless mirrors ultimately comes down to design preference. Frameless mirrors are great for adding a modern touch. The are also more economical, while framed mirrors give some character and make the space appear more ornamental and decorative.

    Image Credit: Indiagoa Hotels

    Shape: Finally, shape also comes down to design preference. The most conventional and popular option is the rectangular mirror, which can be custom sized to suit any space. However, round mirrors are a great option to bring some softness to a bathroom. They make a great option for a powder room or a guest bathroom, which is used less often within the one. Round mirrors are also a great choice to showcase the wall finish. The curved lines tend to emphasize the shapes behind it.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Choosing a bathroom mirror comes down to preference, purpose, and proportion. Once these three factors add up, then the perfect mirror will be added to your bathroom!

  • 4 Timeless Color Schemes for your Bathroom

    Defining the look or appearance of a bathroom can be extremely challenging. There is often a hesitation on which colors go well within the bathroom, yet still complement the rest of the home, and will work for years to come. Below, are 4 different color schemes that give a timeless look to the bathroom space and work for years to come.


    Grey Scale: As boring as it sounds, various shades of grey work very well within the bathroom. The grey tones can be a mixture and paint and textures to give the bathroom space some orientation. The grey colors can be complemented well with bathroom decorative items, such as plants or colorful towels to balance and brighten the space. Grey is an extremely soothing shade and it will create an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere within the bathroom space.

    Spa like grey bathroom Image Credit: Design Trends

    Mocha and White: Any combination of brown and white mixes modern and classic within the design. The brown or mocha tones warm up the bathroom space, making it look more inviting, while the white adds depth and highlights various areas of the bathroom, giving the space visual interest. Whether it is a creamy white or a stark white, it is a great shade to highlight various features such as the bathtub or vanity wall.

    Mocha and White Image Credit: Pinterest

    Blue and Yellow: If there is a preference to step away from the neutrals and add some color to the bathroom space, the first place to look is towards the outdoors. Bringing some outdoor colors inside, such as blue and yellow to create an everlasting color scheme within the bathroom. The blue and yellow is a mix of the sun in a clear blue sky. With a color combination like blue and yellow, the bathroom can have a cooler feel, with blue being the dominant color-balanced with pops of yellow; or warmed up with yellow being the dominant color balanced with pops of blue. The pops of color can be added in the form of towels, bathroom mats or even other movable accessories.

    Blue yellow bathrooms yellow baths Image Credit: Pinterest

    Black and White: Black and white anything is classic and takes you back to the 1920s and 1930s. However, black and white interiors are definitely timeless within the bathroom. Black and white can be complemented with chrome fixtures and hits of bright colors to give the bathroom space a contemporary design that will stand the test of time!

    Dotolo bathroom double vanity Image Credit: HGTV Home

    A timeless color scheme in the bathroom is definitely possible. With the ideas above, one can get extremely creative and defining a space that is unique to them and their tastes. Start with your bathroom interiors today!

  • 5 Ways to Give the Bathroom a Mini Makeover (without Renovation)

    We all like to upgrade our spaces from time to time, but refuse to do so mostly do to inconvenience. However, whenever we visit a hotel or a model home, we can't help but admire the beautifully styled bathrooms, which we understand can be a challenge to manage in everyday homes. However there are some easy style tricks one can add to their bathroom space to give it a mini makeover, without dealing with the hassles of renovation. The list below starts with the most simple and easiest ways to upgrade the bathroom, and ends making some moderate changes to the space.

    Adding some Greenery: As mentioned in a few previous blogs, plants are a great way to make a space feel more new and lively. A living plant in the bathroom adds great color and can look beautiful as well. Indoor plants such as bamboo shoots go very well humid environments, which makes the bathroom a perfect space for it! Place it at the corner of the vanity countertop to keep it out of the way, yet still adding color to a space.

    Adding some Greenery Image Credit: Balanced Living

    Changing up the Textiles: Another easy way to make a change is to mix up the towels and bathroom mats. In a bathroom, the towels are the most visible items, and typically fade away with time and more use. Upgrade the bathroom space by adding some fresh bath, hand, and face towels. Either have a set or mix and match and create your own color scheme within the bathroom. Even changing up the bathroom rug can immediately make the room look new. All types of these textiles will add instant color and allow for an immediate upgrade.

    Changing up the Textiles Image Credit: Pinterest

    Replacing Countertop Accessories: Even switching out the countertop items can bring an instant change. Changing the soap dispenser or the cosmetic items on display doesn't even require any extra shopping. One can easily use a mason jar or a beautiful vase to place their bathroom essentials, yet still have them on the countertop.

    Replacing Countertop Accessories Image Credit: Pinterest

    Changing Cabinet Hardware: A more moderate makeover idea is to switch the hardware. Just with a simple switch out the entire look of the cabinetry can change, making it look more modern or classic or transitional. Changing something as small at the bathroom handles can dramatically make a difference and possibly give the look of a whole new bathroom! Changing Cabinet Hardware

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures: Just like changing out the hardware, replacing the shower and sink fixtures updates the look and even adds a more comfortable water flow. A brand new shower head brings a fresh feel while using it and creates a more spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom itself.

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures Image Credit: Homesfeed

    Upgrading the bathroom space can be an extremely simple task. A few simple and small changes can really transform the space and make it look brand-new. In thinking about updating the bathroom space, remember it is the details that make all the difference!

  • 4 Tips for Ergonomically Designing the Bathroom

    Ergonomic design is essential for making something work in the most efficient way possible. Whether it is designing a computer or finishing up a study table, designing with a focus on productivity and efficiency is the way forward. Ergonomics are even applied in designing a kitchen: starting with what the basic layout will be within a home to maximize productivity and space. Even in designing the perfect bathroom, focusing on ergonomics is the perfect place to start. Check out 4 tips below on ergonomically designing your bathroom to ensure it is the most functional space for use.

    Give some Space between the Sink Rim and Tap: The space where a faucet is placed is a very small area to consider, but it makes all the difference. If the tap and sink rim are not appropriately placed, then one can bump their head while leaning forward to wash their face. If the sink is too far back, then there is risk of water getting everywhere except the sink! Therefore, ensure the tap is placed just right in accordance with the sink.

    Give some Space between the Sink Rim and Tap Image Credit: HGTV

    Floating Vanities: Having a floating vanity has a couple of different benefits: the first being that there is significant space underneath for easy storage, which can be placed out of the way. The second benefit of the floating vanity has to do with a small evolutionary fact: people are taller, and therefore, require vanities to be placed slightly higher than average. Therefore, ensure the vanity is at a bit of a higher level to make it easier for use and to add some extra storage.

    Floating Vanities Image Credit: Homecrux

    Go for Deeper Drawers: Rather than going for deep cupboards, go for deep drawers. Ergonomically, it is easier to open, organize, and even see the items in a drawer. Deeper drawers also allow for better organization for taller, bottled items. They can be placed standing up, rather than lying down to save on storage space and allow for more items in a smaller area.

    Go for Deeper Drawers Image Credit: Pinterest

    Correct Positioning of Shower Taps: One of the most common design flaws in a bathroom is the incorrect placing of the shower tap. More often than not, the shower heads are too close to the tap, resulting in water jetting out unpleasantly towards you. In designing the bathroom, ensure your designer knows the correct placement for the shower head in respect to the faucet. 

    Ergomonic design goes a long in any home. With prime functionality and practicality, the home becomes an extremely productive space. Therefore, along with gathering design expertise in aesthetics from the designer, ensure your home is ergonomically fit around you and your lifestyle!

  • 5 Ways to Rescue a Rental Bathroom

    Renting any type of home comes with its challenges. The home is designed to fulfill the minimum requirements with the most basic designs and layout. With rental, the residents are not able to completely personalize the space and customize to their tastes and desires. However, there are several ways to bring add that little extra something to a rental bathroom design to make it unique to you. Below, check out 5 ways to rescue a rental bathroom within the home!

    Add Color-Rental bathrooms are often very drab and boring. Add some color to the space in every possible way. Choose a color palette to match the existing scheme within the bathroom and allow it to camouflage with your colors. Color can be added on the shower curtain, or even in the bathroom towels. Any necessary item that needs to be added to your bathroom, can emphasize and compliment the color scheme you decide for the bathroom.

    Add color Image Credit: Pinterest

    Create Hanging-Rental bathrooms often come with minimal storage or space for keeping the items. The standard bathroom includes towel rods, which work well for bath towels, but not as much for hand towels. Add some more hanging by hanging some towel rings on the larger rod, or attach some stick-on hooks to the walls to hang any clothes or small towels. Along with adding some storage, this practical solution also adds some texture to the bathroom walls, which can break the monotony.

    Create Hanging Image Credit: Happy Hooligans

    Make it Pretty!-Display your bathroom items well. Place an attractive soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Add some pretty spray bottles to ensure the bathroom looks attractive. The bathroom display can even be changed from time to time to add some variation and keep things visually interesting.

    Make it Pretty Image Credit: Made by Mood

    Use Creative Storage-Going along with the hanging point above, be creative with bathroom storage. If there is a shelf or shelving space, add a basket to keep various clothing items, or add a small shelving system within the bathroom or behind the bathroom door to keep more items in a single area.

    Use Creative Storage Image Credit: The Inspired Room

    Add Bathroom Rugs-Is the bathroom floor ugly? Add a bathroom rug! Whatever color you prefer to hide the ugly floor, add a nice rug for the sink area and the near the shower area. It can be an oversized rug placed and spread throughout the entire bathroom or it can be multiple rugs that can be placed in different areas to add that little extra something to the bathroom floor: camouflaging it or even hiding it totally.

    Add Bathroom Rugs Image Credit: Industry Standard Design

    The bathroom can be an irritating area to design. However, with a few tricks, you can easily make any bathroom your own! Use these tips above and bring your rental bathroom to life!

  • 4 Ways to Visually Expand the Bathroom

    Whenever we visit a new hotel, we tend to automatically look at the bathroom to ensure it is nice. The same way, we can only dream of the large, spacious bathrooms we see in the movies or even in celebrity homes. Nevertheless, bathrooms are so much more than functional rooms within a home. They are personal spaces that should look nice and be practically designed. However, the space for a bathroom is often quite small with very limited area. Therefore, after the basic design requirements are complete, there are several ways a homeowner can visually expand the bathroom to make it look larger. Below are 4 easy ways to visually expand the bathroom space.


    Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling: No matter what the size of the shower cabin is, taking tiles up to the ceiling gives an illusion of more space. If shower tiles were to stop midway, then it would create a break, and make the shower space look more concentrated. With shower tiles continuing toward the ceiling, it draws the eye line upward to make the space look larger than it actually is.

    Continue Shower Tiles to the Ceiling Image Credit: Pinterest

    Use Light Colors/White On White: An interior rule of thumb is that lighter colors are always better for smaller spaces. Light colors look more welcoming, and tend to open up the room. One can add an assortment of lighter colors or go with the white-on-white. Adding a lot of white will make the space look very airy and ethereal. White creates a seamless appearance and it absorbs all the light within the room. Even other softer tones such as beige and grey will give the bathroom a very sophisticated and serene look without making the bathroom space look small.

    Use Light Colors/White On White Image Credit: Houzz

    Floating Vanity: Having a floating vanity in the bathroom serves a dual purpose. It provides the necessary storage required, and it also visually gives some breathing space to the entire bathroom. With that little bit of extra flooring that shows underneath, the floating vanity gives the illusion of a very open space. If the space for a bathroom vanity is a little tight, then go for a floating vanity to visually expand the area!

    Floating Vanity Image Credit: Houzz

    Large Mirror: As mentioned in countless blog posts and social media posts, mirrors make any space look much bigger than it actually is. Since every bathroom requires a mirror, a user can really play with the size of the mirror. A very large mirror will reflect light throughout the restroom, and it will give some depth to the smaller bathroom to make it look much bigger than it actually is.

    Large Mirror Image Credit: Pinterest

    To visually expand a bathroom these are just 4 ways, there are many other interior tricks to make a bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. However, those are to come in future blogs! In designing your bathroom and finalizing your bathroom vanity, consider these simple interior tricks to create a beautiful space.

  • 6 Steps to Designing the Perfect Vanity for Your Bathroom

    Your bathroom is a space where you will be spending a lot of your time. As unpleasant as that sounds, it is a fact. Therefore, careful planning and attention to detail is required to ensure the bathroom is designed to your needs and specifications. One of the most important areas of the bathroom is the vanity. The vanity makes the look of the bathroom, creates the storage, and is a heavily used space. Therefore, the vanity must be perfect in terms of look and utility. In designing the perfect vanity, check out the 6-step process below to create that perfect space.


    Step 1-Finalize the Layout: The first step is the finalize on the bathroom layout. Designate the space for the vanity and determine how big it is going to be. Most vanities are horizontal spaces with an ongoing counter and extensive storage underneath. The length of the vanity depends on the best possible size that will fit in the bathroom. However, there are the L-shaped Vanities for the larger bathrooms. Oftentimes, the L-shaped vanities are seen in master bathrooms. They offer great leg room to sit comfortably at the counter.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 2-Determine the Number of Sinks: The next step is to finalize the number of sinks. For example, a couple sharing a space may prefer double sinks rather than a single sink. However, many bathrooms only have room for one sink. The sink can be placed in the center or towards either side, depending on preference. In most cases, vanities smaller than 60 inches can only accommodate one sink, while vanities wider than 60 inches can easily accommodate two. Nevertheless, even if there is room for two sinks, have a single sink allows for extensive counter space so the users can easily spread themselves.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 3-Pick the Type of Sink: After finalizing the number of sinks, the next step is the type of sink. The options for the type of sink for the vanity is endless: under-mount, vessel, or drop-in. Under-mount sinks are below the counter top. They provide a seamless look to the entire vanity. Vessel sinks are above the counter. They are available in a variety of shapes colors and designs, and can look extremely stylish on the vanity counter. Finally. the drop-in sinks are installed at the level of the counter, where the sides are along the counter top and the dip in the sink follows. However, the shape of the sink is just the beginning, the next aspect of sink type is the material: porcelain, stone, or something else. The options are endless.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 4-Choose the Style: After the basic design is decided: location, number of sinks, and the sink style; the next step is to decide the overall look of the vanity. Whether it should be modern, classic, neoclassical, antique etc. In this step you chose the color scheme, cabinetry style, and the storage options: drawers, pullouts, or reach-in cabinets. Once the appearance is decided, you are ready for the next step.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Step 5-Find the Right Countertop: You have the sinks, basic layout, storage, and  look you desire: now complete the look with a vanity countertop. Ensure it matches the remaining colors and compliments the look you desire in the bathroom. Granite and quartz countertops are the most popular choices for bathroom as they are durable, long lasting, and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Step 6-Accessorize: Now that the basics of the vanity are done, the next is accessorizing: finalizing the hardware, lighting and the mirrors. These elements will tie the entire design together. Whether it is sconce lighting or wall-mounted lighting, a built-in mirror or decorative mirror, pulls or knobs, or a simple or intricate faucet design; these items will finish the look and give u a brand new vanity!

    Image Credit: Restoration Hardware

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