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  • All About the Breakfast Bar in the Kitchen

    Many of the previous blogs have discussed the idea of adding an informal social space in the kitchen. In countless movies and shows, we've seen people sitting with their morning cup sitting at the kitchen counter. This informal counter space or the breakfast bar is becoming more and more popular in Indian homes. As homes and family sizes grow smaller, the home is becoming a more informal space rather than a formal space. Adding a breakfast bar gives the kitchen a very casual touch, and adds some immediate convenience in the morning hustle 'n' bustle. Below, check out how to get the ideal breakfast bar in your kitchen.

    Defined Space in the Kitchen: The first step to starting a breakfast bar is to define the particular space which will be the designated for informal sitting. Depending on the kitchen layout, either it can come in the form of a kitchen island or a counter attached to one side. With a breakfast bar, cabinets and storage can be added to the inner or working side of the kitchen; and the other side can be the social side where there is seating and the counter is at bar height for anyone access.

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    Fun Stools: Once the space is set, the next step is the seating. Since the counter is at a normal bar height, bar stools are ideal. They are comfortable for sitting at the counter and can be tucked away when not in use. The tucking away gives more moving room in and around the kitchen without running into anything. With stools, one can get extremely creative and have a unique color or design to add some personality.

    Image Credit: Brabbu

    Natural Light: Keep this part of the kitchen area well-lit at all time. Ensure there is natural lighting and enough pendant lighting for the evening. Since the space is a social area, it should be highlighted with enough lighting to create that welcoming atmosphere within the kitchen.

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    Legroom: The breakfast bar should comfortable place for people to gather at all times Ensure there is enough legroom to move around and prevent your knees from bumping against the counter top or getting crammed underneath the counter.  Whether it is a quick breakfast or a long meal, the breakfast bar should keep you sitting for a long time.

    Image Credit: Dull Red


    For your kitchen, consider a breakfast bar for a more casual touch in your home. It is a great place for family members to gather and socialize at any hour of the day. Add this social space and give your home that contemporary touch.

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