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  • Traditional vs. Lift up: Which Cabinet Design works Best for Your Kitchen?

    With modular kitchens growing as the preferred option for Indian homes, many cabinet systems are available to suit all kitchen types. As cabinets make up both the entire appearance and overall functionality of the kitchen, they are the definite focal point of the complete kitchen space. Whether the kitchen cabinets are traditional single and double door units or special lift up mechanisms, both systems have their pros and cons. Check out the breakdown of each type of system below.

    Space: All ModSpace.in kitchens are designed to create space in the smallest areas. As the kitchens are growing smaller, all homeowners are looking for space-efficient solutions to go in their homes. Therefore, the more space-efficient cabinet system is the lift-up option. Lift-up options save on space, as they do not come in the way of the workflow while being opened. The traditional swing shutter cabinets require more space in front, and can obstruct accessing surrounding cabinet and shelves. In contrast, the lift up systems fold up or move up out of the way while accessing all the contents within the cabinets.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Aesthetics: Both cabinet systems are aesthetically pleasing within the kitchen space. Both systems make the look of the kitchen. Swinging cabinetry can look very stylish in both solid colors, various color and finish combinations, and even solid wood-like finishes. Therefore, there are a variety of options that can suit the overall kitchen space and style. The lift-up mechanism is a little more futuristic and gives a very sleek look to the kitchen. It is a very popular choice for kitchens with a more modern design, as it complements that seamless appearance within the kitchen.

    Image Credit Elle Decor

    Use: With technology advancing, lift-up cabinet systems are a huge blessing. There is minimal effort required to open and close, and in some cases the shutter automatically opens. Usually these special mechanisms require a simple pull and the shutter movement follows. However, with a lift-up system the only difficulty is that it may challenging to reach the handle to close the cabinet again and in case of damage, the entire hinge will have to be replaced. However, regular cabinet shutters with simple hinges are also every simple to use and easily repairable-requiring a simple hinge replacement. Regular cabinet shutters open horizontally and have been used in Indian homes for a very long time.

    Image Credit: Akmentins

    Cost: As traditional cabinetry has been around longer, there are different finishes available in a wide-range of budgets. The high-end solid wood shutters are the most expensive, while laminate finish shutters are the most economical. Yet all finishes are durable and weather resistant. In contrast, lift-up cabinet systems are more expensive, as they require advanced mechanisms to be placed and are typically more available in with the higher-end finishes.

    Image Credit: Vccucine

    When deciding the cabinet system for your home, keep these factors in mind. While the lift-up system is more sleek and modern, it is more expensive. However, while the traditional cabinet system is simple to use and more economical, it can cause some space constraint. When deciding your kitchen system, consider all of these options and choose the best one for u!

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