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  • Top 5 Celebrity Kitchens We Love

    With Academy Awards just behind us, we decided to take a minute to admire some of the beautiful kitchens of the attendees. Celebrity homes and interiors are always designed to perfection, and often serve as great sources of inspiration for our own homes. Below are the top 5 celebrity kitchens we love from this year's Oscars attendees.

    Leonardo Dicaprio: The 2016 Oscar Winner for best actor has a stunning newly remodeled kitchen in his Malibu home. The Revenant star has taken on a transitional kitchen design, with sleek, clean lines in the countertops and minimalistic dimensional kitchen cabinetry. The dimensions and color of the cabinetry give a wood-like appeal to the kitchen-greatly highlighting the characteristics of a traditional kitchen design, while the clean lines and modern stainless steel appliances highlight elements of the modern kitchen design. The rich cabinetry is complemented beautifully with the light floors and natural lighting through large windows. With a contemporary design and natural lighting, who would not want this kitchen?

    Leonardo Dicaprio's Kitchen Image Credit: lonny.com

    Cate Blanchett: The kitchen of the amazing Australian actress screams modern design. The Oscars 2016 Best Actor Female Nominee for her movie: Carol, has an extremely spacious contemporary kitchen design perfect for entertaining. The large size and extensive seating in her Sydney home allows the space to accommodate a sizable crowd, making it a perfect space for hosting get togethers. The neutral colors in the ceiling-floor cabinetry and large island  with the clean, straight lines highlight the actor's modern interiors. The island facing the dining table allows for any kitchen user to easily interact and communicate while entertaining.

    Cate Blanchett's Kitchen Image Credit: Huffington Post

    Matt Damon: Matt Damon may have been nominated for Best Actor Male at Oscars 2016 for his futuristic role in The Martian, but his home interiors take on a purely classic and traditional approach. The Best Actor Male nominee has a large kitchen with extensive storage. The granite countertops are bringing together the rustic flooring, sold wood cabinetry, and simplistic canned lighting. The deep drawers and stainless steel appliances in his waterfront Miami home, Maravilla, are perfect for any user to spread themselves while using the kitchen. Although the kitchen is a defined space in his home, the bar stools at the edge of the island allow for some social activity to take place while the kitchen is being used.

    Matt Damon's Kitchen Image Credit: Lonny.com

    Jennifer Lawrence: The Best Actor Female Oscar 2016 Nominee for her fabulous performance in Joy has an extremely large and specious kitchen, perfect for many users to access the kitchen at once. This transitional kitchen design has the sleek lines, neutral colors, and steel appliances of modern design and dimensional cabinetry, wood-like countertops, and simplistic floor pattern of traditional design. The parallel kitchen layout in her Beverly Hills Mansion is made into a large, more interactive space with the addition of a kitchen island, which serves as nice central space in the entire kitchen. The two counters on either side are organized perfectly, designating cooking and baking on one side, and cleaning and storage on the other side.

    Jennifer Lawrence's Kitchen Image Credit: Home Garden Vibes

    John Legend & Chrissy Teigan: This eclectic style kitchen, which belongs to one of Oscars 2016's power couples is exceptionally striking. From the black cabinetry in a classic finish to the pendant lights to the stools, this kitchen is instantly noticeable. In a straight kitchen design with an island, the kitchen is easily used by mother-to-be Chrissy Teigan everything within easy reach. The island seating allows both husband and wife to be in the kitchen together, and the overall kitchen layout greatly complements the couples lifestyle. It encourages interaction and socializing, all storage is easily accessible, and multiple users can be in the kitchen at the same time.

    John Legend & Chrissy Teigan's Kitchen Image Credit: Architectural Digest

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