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  • 5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Christmas Party

    Monday marks Christmas day, which calls for celebration and festivities with friends and family. It is a great time to get together over food and drink and enjoy each other's company. If you are hosting a festive get together in your home, check out the tips below on throwing the perfect Christmas Party in your home, without the stress!


    Stock up on Nibbles: The first thing to do is the stalk up on the nibbles. Any selection of small plates and appetizers to get the party started. With this, one can go for thematic, Christmas-like food items for guests to simply reach and nibble on as they arrive.

    christmas appetizers Festive Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter Image Credit: Pinterest

    Keep the Bar Unit Well-Organized and Ready: It is definitely not a party without a well-organized bar unit. Whether it is a party with alcoholic drinks or non alcoholic drinks, a drinks section is definitely important. A previous blog post discussed the best way to organize the bar area. However, to cater to all guests, stock up on sodas and mixers; yet also coffee and tea. Since it is a Christmas party, Christmas-themed drinks such as cider, hot cocoa, and various options of wine are definitely in order.

    Diet Coke Holiday Image Credit: The Southern Style Guide

    Make it Festive!! For a Christmas party, decorations are definitely essential. Decor can be kept simple with with a bowl of colorful ornaments in the enter of the table; or it can be elaborate with a well-lit Christmas tree in the corner. Decorating for Christmas is very simple. One can add wreaths to the walls, or light white candles for a bit of a festive touch this Christmas holiday. For more Christmas decoration ideas for your home, check out the previous blog post.

    DIY Candles Threads Image Credit: DIY Candles

    Create Comfort: Any home Christmas party should exude comfort. Add festive, yet comforting touches with thematic cushions on the couches and keep the food accessible with buffet style. By doing so the Christmas party is given a more homely touch.

    Red Accent living room Image Credit: Comfort Works

    Music: Christmas party or not, a party needs music. Set the mood with a holiday playlist. Keep the music on low so conversation is easy and the mood is light.


    With a Christmas party, celebrate the holiday your way. Add some joy and cheer to your home this holiday season, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  • Quick 'n' Easy Christmas Decor for the Kitchen

    As we approach the last 10 days of December, Christmas is right around the corner. Along with the cheerful atmosphere, Christmas inspires festive home decor to create some cozy vibes within the home. A previous blog post mentioned a few ways add some small touches of Christmas to the home. Nevertheless, there are a few extra ways to decorate in the kitchen as well-without have it interfere with the remainder of the home. Therefore, this Christmas season, add some decor to the most happening room: the kitchen, and create a festive feel into the new year!


    Hot Cocoa Station: Nothing says Christmas like a cup of hot cocoa with some cinnamon and a dash of peppermint. A previous blog post mentioned the benefits of having coffee/tea station in the kitchen. Add hot chocolate as an option to sweeten this time of year and create those special memories. If there is no coffee or tea station in your kitchen, then consider taking up an unused corner on the kitchen counter and creating a decorative little spot with glass jars of hot chocolate mix, marshmellows, candycanes, and a few decorative Christmas mugs.

    Image Credit: Funky Junk

    Deck the Walls: If the kitchen has wall art or paintings, consider replacing it for something seasonal. One can have Christmas-style wall hangings, such as poinsettia designs or gilded fruit to give the kitchen a more rich atmosphere. Other options for adding some festivity to the kitchen walls is some removable wall paper, which is an instant way to change the look of the kitchen space. Wallpaper saves significant time as it does not require any repainting once it is peeled off.

    Image Credit: Wallums

    Decorate the Cabinetry: An essence of Christmas can also be added in the kitchen cabinetry. With glass cabinetry, one can easily add festive or colorful dishes to add to the Christmas theme. However, if the cabinet has open shelves, then it can be used to display a beautiful Christmas collection, changing up the color palette for the holiday. For cabinets with solid doors, one can easily add hanging decorations by tying a ribbon to the inside of the shutter, or even decorate the unused space at the top of the cabinetry with red and white decoration or add a touch of green.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Spruce up the Countertops: Even the countertops can have some Christmas decoration without creating clutter. A dramatic accent can be added to an unused space or as an island centerpiece. One can easily add some Christmas flowers or even a small Christmas tree with ornaments. Other options to add to the festivities are red and white candle arrangements with pops of Christmas-tree green plants, or even a pinecone arrangement. With accents in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless and they are an immediate way to give the kitchen that little extra something this Christmas.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Simplistic Window Decor: Even the windows can add a bit to the Christmas atmosphere. In other parts of the home, the cold Christmas holiday invites rich, warm fabrics as window coverings or drapes. However, these fabrics are not very practical in the kitchen. Therefore, rather than focusing on the drapes, the window sills can be used to add some bayleaves and berries in a corner or even a place to put glitter candles to light at the end of the evening.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Christmastime brings a lot of joy to the home. This year, conclude 2016 in your kitchen with some fun and festive Christmas decor!

  • 8 Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Christmas is literally around the corner, and all the festivities have started (December 25th). Christmas is a great time to get together with friends and family, and enjoy the very end of 2017! As the most popular festival around the world, bring some festivities into your home and enjoy the holiday cheer.Below are a few quick and easy last-minute Christmas decoration ideas that can easily create a festive feel in your home!

    Red & Green Everywhere: One way to add some Christmas decor to your home is to highlight the Christmas colors. In your home, you can place red and green everywhere. Red and green ribbons can be placed around chairs, decorative centerpieces, door knobs...the list goes on! You can place red and green anything at any corner in your home to add to the Christmas spirit.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Garlands: Another way to add some Christmas decor is through garlands. Garlands are ideal for highlighting staircases, the edges of a tables, windows, or window sills. Garlands come in a variety of designs, and can be as simple as ribbons and bows, or a little more complex with pinecones and evergreens. Christmas garlands add the green element to any home, and greatly add to the Christmas atmosphere!

    Image credit: Pinterest

    Pinecones: One element that is often associated with Christmas is pinecones. Available in any home store or online, pinecones can be added to garlands, serve as centerpieces, or can highlight basic decoration. Placing them on a coffee table for decoration brings the Christmas spirit alive in any home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Table Centerpieces: Hosting a Christmas party? Think about themed centerpieces. Christmas centerpieces can be extremely simple with long, white candles, being surrounded by deep red flowers. Simply use candle wax to stick the candle to a plate, then use the same wax to surround the candle with bright, red flowers. Having a festive centerpiece will really make your table shine!

    Image Credit: Martha Stewart

    Wrap your Cushions: As Christmas draws closer, the weather is getting cooler and cooler, leading to everybody wanting to cozy up with their cushions and throws. To highlight Christmas, why not decorate the cushions? Take any solid color cushion in your home, and wrap any Christmas themed ribbons or scarves, as you would wrap a present. This small touch adds some bright, festive color to your couch or sofa.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Christmas Scented Candles: Candles add an element of warmth and coziness during the winter time. While you are in any room, light a Christmas candle to release a festive aroma throughout the room. This will not only keep the room warm, but it will also leave the space smelling very good through this holiday season.

    Image Credit: Life Store

    Wintery Floral Arrangements: Winter floral arrangements are an easy way to create Christmas decor in your home. Take any vintage or contemporary style white vases, and add a mix of red, white, or evergreen florals. Evergreens and Christmas florals are available in real or artificial in any festive shop or with any florist. Arranging the flowers takes very little time, and it can really spruce up any space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Ornamental Display: Christmas ornaments can be displayed in multiple ways. Besides the Christmas tree, ornaments can be displayed as a centerpiece or decoration. If you have no room for a Christmas tree, or simply have several extras left over, arrange the ornaments in a glass bowl or in a cloche (a bell-shaped glass used to cover smaller plants). Place the ornaments and display them at any spot in your home.

    Image Credit: Pinterest
    Image Credit: An Extraordinary Day

    Christmas decoration is always fun and exciting to do. With the holiday so close, add some Christmas festivities to your home!

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