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  • Kitchen Design: The Traditional Kitchen

    Traditional kitchen designs are often confused with Old World or outdated kitchens with an open fire and food hanging from the ceilings or in jars on the shelves. However, traditional kitchens is actually a particular style, and if designed appropriately, then it can create a timeless look in your home. The term "traditional" includes many different styles, without leaning in one direction. Compared to modern, traditional interiors are more free in aesthetic, paying attention to smaller details in the overall kitchen. The traditional kitchen is often referred to having a "warm and classic" appeal with brighter colors and tones.

    Image Credit: Design Trends

    The overall design style of the traditional or classic kitchen involves paying more attention to detail in the cabinetry and small details. Contrary to the clean lines of the modern kitchen design, the traditional kitchen has a level of dimension in the shutters and the countertops. The kitchen works wonderfully in a space with a window, as it adds to the kitchen design, itself. The natural lighting from the outdoors emphasizes the classic aspects of the traditional kitchen by providing the most organic form of lighting possible.

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    Ideally, the first step to achieve the traditional kitchen aesthetic is to include a wood-like finish. Any wooden finish, whether it is dark wood, painted wood, or light wood; emphasizes the traditional kitchen design. Wooden finishes add warmth to any room and make a space look and feel warm and cozy. The overall color combination should be a soft color palette. Along with the wooden or wood-like finish, including additional shades of browns, beiges, creams, or other neutrals can highlight the charm of the traditional design.

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    The traditional kitchen design allows the user to add several detailed elements through the decoration and colors. The flooring and backsplashes can be of various patterns and be a source of color for the entire kitchen itself. Patterned floors and colored countertops are greatly recommended for the traditional-style kitchen. Color can also be brought in through traditional-decor, such as a bowl of fruit or a classic bouquet flowers. These create focal points in your traditional kitchen and provide a visual treat. Ensure that all details, such handles, faucets, and lighting should not be too streamline. Curves and detailing in the details reemphasizes the traditional style, while streamline designs take away from the traditional appearance.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    The traditional kitchen is a design that has complemented many homes across the globe. As a design it has more detail and intricacy, yet still maintains is classic and timeless appeal. For a traditional design in your kitchen, contact us!

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