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  • Setting up Own Your Coffee & Tea Station within the Kitchen

    We all love our morning coffee or tea. At the start of our day that is something we all want accessible, placed in an area of the kitchen where any user can simply grab what they need without disrupting the routinely activities. Whether it is a cup o' joe or a spot of tea, there are many creative ways to designate this space within the kitchen. Check out the ideas below to create that special coffee/tea station in your own kitchen

    Tea-Only Station: A little know fact is that tea is the most popular beverage in the world next to water, and many households are tea-only. Whether it is desi chai or green tea, we all require it at some point.

    • Tea Kettle on the Hob-One idea is placing the tea kettle on the cooktop. It gives the cooktop a creative accessory, and it serves a multi-purpose of decoration and read-to-access tea. If there is a section on the cooktop that is used less often than other sections, then this is the perfect way to create that welcoming site within the kitchen. While the tea kettle is on the cooktop, have the tea bags and tea leaves in a wall or floor cabinet right next to it. Therefore while getting your tea ready on the cooktop, one can easily grab the flavor of the day without moving around the entire kitchen.
      Image Credit: Istockphoto
    • Tea & Toast Section-Another way to get creative is by having a designated 'tea & toast' section away from the main area. Use the area to place a tea kettle, cups & saucers, toaster, and a bread basket. The phrase "tea & toast" has a nice ring to it and allows the user to have quick access to a light bite any time during the day. With lives getting busier, everybody needs quick and easily solutions while going about their day. Try out a Tea 'n' Toast corner for the quick fix.
      Image Credit: Remodelista

    Coffee-Only Station: Although coffee and tea stations can easily be combined into a larger section, many households are coffee-only homes. Therefore, in these homes coffee is a must-have item in the kitchen space.

    • Built-in Coffee Machine: For the hard-core coffee-lovers, there is the option of the built-in coffee machine, which is ideally placed just above counter height. This area allows all the coffee to be brewed at a single location without moving around the kitchen too much. Below the coffee machine, include some floor cabinetry, with a pull-out counter and drawers top keep some cups.
      Image Credit: Homedit
    • Inside a Rolling Shutter or Butler's Pantry- Another coffee placement idea is keeping the station inside a butler's pantry or a rolling shutter. This option is particularly convenient, as the machine and grinder  can be placed on one level, and cups, beans and even capsules can be placed right above it. By doing so all the supplies are in one area, tucked in its own designated kitchen space. It also keeps the area concealed until required to use.
      Image Credit: Decoholic

    Coffee/Tea Station: For the households, where there is a preference for both coffee and tea, it is best to combine the stations together. The best option for this is creating a coffee/tea nook within the kitchen, but outside the immediate work zone. Designate a counter space and cabinet within the kitchen for all coffee & tea related products. Place the machines and kettles on the counter, the cups & saucers, capsules, beans, leaves, and bags can be placed in the storage above and below. Voila-your own coffee/tea station!

    Image Credit: Pinterest

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