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  • 4 Timeless Color Schemes for your Bathroom

    Defining the look or appearance of a bathroom can be extremely challenging. There is often a hesitation on which colors go well within the bathroom, yet still complement the rest of the home, and will work for years to come. Below, are 4 different color schemes that give a timeless look to the bathroom space and work for years to come.


    Grey Scale: As boring as it sounds, various shades of grey work very well within the bathroom. The grey tones can be a mixture and paint and textures to give the bathroom space some orientation. The grey colors can be complemented well with bathroom decorative items, such as plants or colorful towels to balance and brighten the space. Grey is an extremely soothing shade and it will create an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere within the bathroom space.

    Spa like grey bathroom Image Credit: Design Trends

    Mocha and White: Any combination of brown and white mixes modern and classic within the design. The brown or mocha tones warm up the bathroom space, making it look more inviting, while the white adds depth and highlights various areas of the bathroom, giving the space visual interest. Whether it is a creamy white or a stark white, it is a great shade to highlight various features such as the bathtub or vanity wall.

    Mocha and White Image Credit: Pinterest

    Blue and Yellow: If there is a preference to step away from the neutrals and add some color to the bathroom space, the first place to look is towards the outdoors. Bringing some outdoor colors inside, such as blue and yellow to create an everlasting color scheme within the bathroom. The blue and yellow is a mix of the sun in a clear blue sky. With a color combination like blue and yellow, the bathroom can have a cooler feel, with blue being the dominant color-balanced with pops of yellow; or warmed up with yellow being the dominant color balanced with pops of blue. The pops of color can be added in the form of towels, bathroom mats or even other movable accessories.

    Blue yellow bathrooms yellow baths Image Credit: Pinterest

    Black and White: Black and white anything is classic and takes you back to the 1920s and 1930s. However, black and white interiors are definitely timeless within the bathroom. Black and white can be complemented with chrome fixtures and hits of bright colors to give the bathroom space a contemporary design that will stand the test of time!

    Dotolo bathroom double vanity Image Credit: HGTV Home

    A timeless color scheme in the bathroom is definitely possible. With the ideas above, one can get extremely creative and defining a space that is unique to them and their tastes. Start with your bathroom interiors today!

  • Getting the Kitchen Summer-Ready

    It is already March, and the summer season is beginning to poke its way through. There is definitely a change in season as Spring makes its way into 2017. With the summer months just ahead of us, it is time to prepare our homes for the brand-new season. Besides clearing out our wardrobes for summer-which can be seen in this blog post, one can also prep the kitchen to get it ready for the upcoming summer months. Use this spring season prep your space for the long summer ahead!

    Clear all Countertops-Minimalism is here to stay this season. Use this time to declutter the countertops and clear away the little-used appliances and miscellaneous items and place them in their designated storage spaces. Clean surfaces are surprisingly uplifting, and give the kitchen a more positive appeal.

    Image Credit: Clean an Scentsible

    Brighten up the Lighting-Update your lighting by changing up the pendants to some brighter, colored options and add some sunny hues to the kitchen space. It will create a great impact in the kitchen, and give a new look and feel for the summer 2017 season.

    Image Credit: Decoist

    Clean the Windows-Bring in some natural light and get the windows cleaned! Natural light immediately uplifts a space and creates a welcoming atmosphere within the kitchen. Clean windows make a remarkable difference, try it in your kitchen for the summer!

    Image Credit: The Decoist

    Make the Kitchen a Fun Space-As a season, summer is extremely bright. Despite the heat, there is a brightness about this time of the year, and that should be brought into the home. Create a fun atmosphere in the kitchen, by playing some music, or changing up some of the decor to more colorful collections. This will give your kitchen space an instant makeover, and uplift the mood in the entire home.

    Image Credit: Miumiu Borse

    Freshen Up-Lastly, add a fresh update within the kitchen. Springtime is all about beautiful flowers. So pull out that beautiful vase and add some fresh flowers to your kitchen counter. They add instant color, greenery, and a bit of life to the kitchen, Update the kitchen fabrics with some bright kitchen towels and window coverings for that instant summer update!

    Image Credit: CDN

    In India, we generally dread the summer months due to the constant heat, but it can bring an element of fun within your home. Use this spring season to not only prep your kitchen, but freshen it up for the upcoming summer months ahead! It is time for the spring clean up!

  • Open Shelf Ideas to Inspire

    As mentioned the previous blog, open shelves are perfect for those who want flexible storage and a more open look and feel in the entire kitchen space. Open shelves are a great way to display decorations and kitchen collections adding to the overall kitchen experience. Open shelving can be worked into a kitchen in a variety of ways. Below, check out the ways to work open shelving into your kitchen space.

    Odd Number of Shelves

    Since open shelving is a design element to any space, it is best to work with odd numbers. Whether it is an odd number of petals on a flower or an odd number of shelves in a kitchen, it always appears better than an even number. Image Credit: Houzz

    Colorful Background Wall 

    Use a bright color to revive the kitchen space. Showcase that color even more so but having open shelves along the colored wall rather than boxy cabinetry. A bright wall will elevate the mood and energy of a kitchen, creating an instant focal point. Image Credit: DIY Network

    Staggered Shelves

    Open shelves don't always have to be stacked on above the other. They can be staggered against the wall to create that visual interest and unique sense of storage within the kitchen space. Image Credit: Pinterest

    Open Shelves Alongside Cabinetry 

    Open shelving alongside cabinetry is a great option of closed cabinetry is a must-have in your kitchen design. Open shelves in this kitchen break the monotony of the space by adding some visual interest and variety to the entire kitchen space. In this style of kitchen, the open shelves are best used to keep colorful condiments and spices as a beautiful display on the shelves. Image Credit: Home Edit

    Free-Standing Boxes

    If the simple planks of open shelves don't suit your taste and style, free-stnading box shelves are a great option. The boxes can be arranged in a creative way to have a playful storage style in a kitchen, and they can be painted a variety of colors. Place the box shelves at different heights or even stagger them to create a fun look within the kitchen. Image Credit: Pinterest

    Corner Shelving

    Open shelving is a great option for those tight corner spaces that are too small for a full cabinet box, yet too large to remain empty. The open shelves create storage without making the space look too cramped in the entire kitchen space. Image Credit: Pinterest

    Metal Shelves

    To move away from the wooden look, metal is a great material option for open shelves. Metal shelves complement the modern or transitional kitchen design emphasizing the overall style and creating open storage at the same time. Image Credit: House Beautiful

    Wooden Shelves

    Wooden shelves add a more rustic or country-style look to the kitchen. They bring that Old-World Charm within the space and create that vintages effect within the entire kitchen space. Image Credit: Vinny's Italian Kitchen

    Open Shelf above Cooktop

    A great spot to place an open self is above the cooking zone. It is ideal placing all necessary cooking ingredients. They are immediately accessible and look visually appealing in open storage. Image Credit: Foter

    Cabinets Without Doors

    A middle option for open shelves is removing the cabinet shutters and using the boxes for open storage. For those thinking about open shelving this is a great starting point, as it gives allows the user to get a feel for open shelving without doing too much to their entire kitchen design. To experience open shelving but still unsure, remove the cabinet shutters for that more open feeling. Image Credit: Molotilo
  • 7 Creative Ways to Add Black to your Kitchen Design.

    We always hesitate from adding black or dark colors to our home interiors. For whatever reason, we naturally gravitate towards the lighter and brighter colors for a home interior. However, adding bold, dark colors creates an immediate and strong statement that can be so iconic and eye-catching that it will make a home look unique. As mentioned in a previous blog, dark colors with the appropriate balance create distinctive look and feel to the entire space. Below, we take a look at the darkest of the dark: black, and how that can be added beautifully to a kitchen design. Check out these bold design ideas below and see if they should be a part of your kitchen!

    All Black Everything: This kitchen design has all black cabinetry with dark flooring. However, it catches the eye immediately with the light wood countertop right in the center. The dark colors are streamline with the handle-less cabinetry and it is immediately brought to life with the countertop. Image Credit: Pinterest
    Black Balance: In this kitchen the black is all through the cabinetry and is beautifully balanced with the light wood countertops, stainless steel appliances & sink, and white walls. In this kitchen the black is quite prominent, but the other neutrals make the kitchen look more inviting to any user. Image Credit: Home Stratosphere
    Classic Black & White: This classic black and white color combination has a modern twist with its streamline cabinetry and minimalistic look. Just like the first image, this kitchen has all black cabinetry. However it is complemented with the contemporary white flooring and white-lit backdrop . Image Credit: Naturafuls
    Black Gloss: In adding black to a kitchen, one can definitely consider the color in a glossy finish. The reflective nature of the gloss finish allows a mirror-like effect, which adds more light to the entire kitchen space. Therefore, even the dark color is giving some light to the space. The gloss is complemented beautiful with the matt wood countertop and flooring, allowing the reflective gloss to look just right, and not overwhelming. Image Credit: The Kitchen Source Book
    Pop of Color: Add some creativity to the kitchen design by adding black with a pop of color. Usually, red complements black in a variety of ways. The energy and vibrance of red balances out the darkness of the black, creating a dynamic kitchen design. Image Credit: Houzmagz
    Bold Island: If you prefer black on a smaller scale in your kitchen, then a great option is to have a statement center island. Make the island the focal point of the kitchen design but using black cabinetry against the dark flooring and balance it out with the white cabinetry along the walls. Image Credit: In the Creation
    Rustic Appeal: Black is often looked as a modern color option. However it can be added to rustic designs as well. With rustic or traditional designs, one can break the monotony of black cabinetry by adding lighter colors to the groovs and mouldings to create a more eye-catching design. This not only creates a balance but also allows for visual interest in the overall kitchen. Image Credit: Joseph Kitchens
  • Easy Pointers for Picking the Perfect Wardrobe Design

    Along with the bed, the wardrobe is one of two of the most important things in a bedroom. It is essential for the wardrobe to match the overall style and comfort of the bedroom space. When it comes to choosing a wardrobe design, there are many factors to consider before even consulting a professional. In a previous blog, you are taken step-by-step through the exact questions to address with your wardrobe design while finalizing. However, BEFORE even consulting a professional, it is essential to have a rough idea of what you want. That way, you'll have a better understanding of your space and any professional will be able to create a design according to you. To get a better of idea of what you are looking for, follow the pointers below while considering the perfect wardrobe design for your room.

    • Room Design & Space: The first thing to consider is the entire space. Whether it is a new wardrobe or an extension, measure the height, breadth, and length before even looking at designs. These measurements give you some parameters to work with and narrow down the infinite variety of design options to choose from. Another aspect of space depends on the overall look and feel of the room. If the room has clean and straight lines, then a compact design that hides everything inside is a great option. However, if the has significant space, one can get exceptionally creative with the design and customize the cabinetry around windows, television, or even create a few nooks and curvatures.
      Image Credit: Grezu
    • Current Need: Once the basics of the room look and design are considered, the next is to assess the current need. Assess the exact reason for getting rid of your old wardrobe. Is it too small? Have you outgrown it? Find out what exactly is missing and what you need space for to have a much easier time planning your storage requirements.
      Image Credit: Huffington Post
    • Storage Requirements: The next thing to consider is your storage requirements. Going hand-in-hand with the current need, the storage requirements give you a chance to divide up your wardrobe based on the requirements: the number of shelves vs. drawers and then hanger space. In ModSpace.in wardrobes there are several accessory options that can allow for smart storage for all types of items. For these storage options see the previous blog post.
    • Colors: Going along with the overall room design, choose a color to complement your overall room color palette. At ModSpace.in there are a variety of color options to choose that serve as a contrast and complement a bedroom at the same time. Adding some creative colors to the wardrobe design allows for a trendy, contemporary look in the entire room.
      Image Credit: Draw Home
    • Shutter Style: Finally, the next part is to figure out the style of shutters: conventional hinge, sliding. or sliding-folding. Each shutter has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which can be seen in the previous blog post. The conventional hinge shutters are very practical and also lockable, while the sliding shutters are perfect for narrower passageways, and slide-folding shutters have space-saving advantages. The shutter style determines the overall wardrobe aesthetic and usage practicality of the space.
      Image Credit: Closetsys
  • Going for the Gold: Brazil-Inspired Kitchen Decor for Your Home

    These days all eyes are on Brazil. With hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro has become the place to be for the summer. As athletes go for the gold across infinite sporting events, the Brazilian culture exudes throughout the games. With the lavish Opening Ceremony to the bright colors in the promotional displays, Brazil's flamboyance is apparent everywhere. In spirit of the Olympic Games, here is some Brazil-inspired kitchen design and decor that can be used in your home.

    Simple Geometry: Many contemporary Brazilian home interiors take inspiration from modern design, having simplistic straight lines in the cabinetry without any crowning, moulding or decorative elements. The kitchen is no exception. Most of the cabinetry in the kitchen is very clean with straight cabinetry and countertops. Be it a colorful or neutral color palette, simplistic geometry is apparent throughout.

    Image Credit: Homebunch

    Emphasis on Color: Due to the simpler structures, most Brazilian homes make up for it by adding extensive amounts of color within their home. Many kitchens can be seen with bright, ostentatious colors such as yellows, bright blues, pinks, vivid greens, and oranges. These colors create that carnival-like atmosphere within a home. Even when a kitchen has a more neutral color palette, the entire kitchen is brought to life with colorful food items, bowls, and plates. In Brazil, colors are a sign of happiness and it is believed that this happiness should be a part of every home.

    Image Credit: Forbes

    Bold Patterns: Many homes in Brazil also add significant bold patterns to their home. Within a kitchen, bold patterns are often seen in the kitchen backsplashes or even in the chairs and cabinetry. Bold patterns are also seen to bring the entire kitchen together and complement the entire scheme and theme, adding to the cabinetry and the surrounding furniture.

    Image52 Image Credit: Homebunch

    Natural & Metallic Touches: Along with bold colors and patterns, overall kitchen designs can also include unique touches. Metallic touches can be seen in the backsplashes and appliances, while natural finish can be seen in the countertops and cabinetry. The natural finishes consist of a bamboo or wicker-type look, and are readily complemented with bright pops of color throughout.

    Overall, the Brazilian culture embraces celebration, brightness, and a positive lifestyle. As you continue to follow the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, take some home interior inspiration from Brazil and mix up the bright colors with the bold patterns and add the natural and metallic touches to create that South-American-inspired kitchen for your home.

  • Modular Kitchen Design Steps for First Timers

    Oftentimes when potential clients approach us for buying a modular kitchen, they do not know where to start. To ease the process, we actually put together a Kitchen Buying Guide, which takes the customer through the entire process of buying a modular kitchen-starting with the most general thoughts and going all the way down to the specifics of adding accessories to the kitchen. Below, the basic design steps of a modular kitchen are given-starting with the layout, going into the storage options based on the layout, ensuring the kitchen has proper ventilation, choosing colors, and finalizing the lighting.

    Layout and Work Triangle: The first step in designing your kitchen is the layout and work triangle. Depending on your space and preferences certain layouts will suit your space more than others. Whether it is an L-Shape, U-Shape, Straight, Parallel, or includes an Island; all layouts come with their own set of advantages. An L-Shape is more open while a U-Shape is more private; or a Parallel has ongoing storage where a straight is more space-efficient. After finalizing the layout, the next step is determining Kitchen Work Triangle. The Work Triangle determines the location of your refrigerator, sink, and hob. All three of these items should be in some triangular shape to allow any user to conduct kitchen tasks in the most efficient manner. Depending on the layout, the Work Triangle is determined accordingly.

    Storage Options: Once the location of the three larger items is determined, the next step is the storage cabinets. This step allows you to explore the types of storage options and accessories available for wall units and floor units alike. Each layout allows for extensive and unique storage options to complement the overall kitchen design. In determining the storage options, always remember the corners. Corners are often ignored in a kitchen design, as they can be slightly challenging to work with. However, there are plenty of corner options and accessories that fully utilize the corner space in a kitchen.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Ventilation: There is a lot of activity that takes place in the kitchen: cooking, washing, cleaning. All of these activities generate a lot of heat and moisture that can easily get trapped. When designing your modular kitchen, ensure there is enough space for a window or a door that can be left open to let some fresh air in while conducting kitchen tasks. Otherwise those trapped fumes will start producing unnecessary smoke and moisture within your entire home.

    Image Credit: Patriot Kitchens

    Colors: After the design specifications, the next step is your colors. In a previous blog, the process of choosing the kitchen colors is discussed-starting with the cabinet, to the countertop, then appliances, flooring, backsplash & wall, and specific hardware. The colors are the final factor to determine the overall look and feel of your entire kitchen design.

    Image credit: Houzz

    Lighting: Lighting in the kitchen should both be aesthetic and practical. A previous blog post takes you step-by-step through choosing the best lighting for your kitchen design. If possible, incorporate a window for that beautiful natural lighting that adds immediate warmth to the kitchen. Also ensure the kitchen lighting matches to overall theme of the kitchen design. For example, in a traditional kitchen design will look better with some chandelier-style pendants, rather than lights with clean, harsh lines. Another aspect of lighting is include enough task lighting-usually in the form of can lighting-to allow you to fully see the kitchen tasks being conducted.

    Image Credit: Grabhouse

    When it comes to designing your modular kitchen, these steps allow you to cover all the aspects in a systematic manner. With each step, there are a variety of customizable options to create a unique space exclusive to your home.

  • 8 Kitchen Color Palettes Worth Trying

    When it comes to choosing colors for your kitchen, the process can be extremely overwhelming. Which color to start with? Which color scheme to choose? Will the colors I choose even work together? These are a couple of the many questions that overwhelm any homeowner's mind when it comes to finalizing in the colors for a kitchen space. As an area of high activity, the kitchen requires special attention in finalizing the overall look and feel of the space. Many previous blogs have been written to ease the color-choosing process. A list of links is referenced below:

    Check out these color palettes below for some design inspiration!

    Brightly Colored Kitchen Design: The kitchen color below is an extremely bright and happy color scheme. The bright colored food bowls and light colored countertop are complemented beautifully by the green cabinetry. 

    Image Credit: Home Tree Atlas

    Soft Neutrals: A very safe bet for any kitchen color scheme are the soft neutrals. The beige and ivory shades add a sophistication to the kitchen with the a touch of color in the soft blues. All of these soft colors create a very serene and calming kitchen design.

    Image Credit: Durasupreme

    Bold, Midtone, & Soft: One trick with choosing a 3-color scheme for a kitchen is to take a shade from each type: a bold, midtone, and a soft. In the kitchen below, the red is the bold, which draws immediate attention; the blue is a midtone; and the pale yellow is the softest shade. By incorporating three types of colors, one easily creates that balanced color scheme within the kitchen. 

    Image Credit: This Old House

    Cool Breeze: The dominating color in the kitchen below is a lighter shade of turquoise with bright-colored accent pieces and decorative elements. The balance of both the soft and the bright is brought together by the muted backsplash and white colored countertop.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Classic: All of us do consider the classic brown-and-white color scheme for the kitchen. The wooden look of the browner shades is always warm and inviting. However, mixing brown and white with grey adds an immediate sophistication to an already-classic color scheme.

    Image Credit: Simplified Bee

    Coastal Cool: As the name says below the kitchen colors below are bright and beach-like. Bringing the clear ocean/beach blue water tones and brightening it with a pop of orange to create that striking appeal.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Apple Green/Jungle Theme: The color palette below can be determined as either the green apple of the forest/jungle. With this scheme, bring in the outdoor-style colors into your home interiors. The contrast of the green and brown flooring with the green cooking zone and brown island is easily balanced by the surrounding white cabinetry, making it striking and attractive to visualize.

    Image Credit: Lauren's Thoughts
  • 5 Creative Ways to Add Dark Colors to Your Kitchen

    We are often hesitant when it comes to adding dark colors to our kitchen. Too much dark color can make a space look much smaller and unwelcoming that it actually is. However, if a touch of dark color in a kitchen design is done right, then it can make a kitchen look absolutely striking. Darker colors require commitment. Contrary to pale colors, which can be re-painted and dressed up with accessories, one has to be smart with how darker shades can complement and add to the kitchen design.

    In all the dark-colored kitchens we've seen, the most prominent design styles in one of two combinations: dark floor cabinets and lighter wall cabinets, and dark cabinets with light colored countertops, flooring, and walls. Although these two ways greatly compliment and balance the entire kitchen design, there are a few creative ways to incorporate the dark colors within your kitchen.

    Image Credit: Waplag

    Flip the Colors: If darkening the kitchen cabinets is considered too much, step away from the cabinets and move towards the walls. Update your kitchen by painting one wall a darker shade. The dark wall can easily be complimented by pastel-colored cabinets and light-colored accessories. The color breaks the up the pale color scheme, adding that extra sophistication.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Choose Warmer Darks: If there is a concern that darker colors may feel too cold and unflattering to a kitchen design, consider the warmer darks. Instead of the typical black, grey, or navy, try adding purple to a kitchen design. Contrary to the other dark colors, purple has hints of red and pink in its overall hue, making it a warmer darker shade, rather than a cooler one. Purple color adds a regal-ness to the kitchen, and is still a part of the dark color family.

    Image Credit: Roenskeep

    Metallic Sophistication: Any dark color can easily be glamorized by metallic. As mentioned above, purple is a great addition as a dark color to a kitchen. Copper accents look beautiful with a dark shade of purple. If a kitchen has a lot of charcoal color in the cabinetry of even the walls, a kitchen can look exceptionally glamorous with warm metals-usually in the golds and bronzes.

    Image Credit: Interiorzine

    Island Focal Point: As mentioned in many previous blogs, a kitchen island can easily be a focal point in any kitchen. Consider darkening the island cabinetry against the lighter colored surroundings. If black is too dark, a softer dark such as grey, blue, or purple, can do the trick. If even that is too much, the color can easily be softened by a some traditional touches.

    Image Credit: Homestratosphere Image Credit: Homestratosphere

    Overall, dark colors can be viewed as an intimidating choice for a kitchen. However, it is a great option for a striking, unique design. It adds an element of sophistication to the entire kitchen. Consider your options for dark colors in your kitchen!

  • Sprucing up Your Rental Kitchen-Part 1

    We've heard the phrase "the kitchen is the heart of home." But where does that apply when the home does not completely belong to you? It can be quite challenging to make a space feel homey when you are not the sole owner. Oftentimes, when renting a home, there are a lot of limitations in terms of exercising your imagination and full style in designing the home interior. A rental kitchen usually cannot be completely renovated. However there are a variety of simple, cost-effective, and creative ways to make your kitchen space brighter, more attractive, and reflective of your own, individual style. For the purpose of providing all the creative possibilities, this blog series will be divided into two parts: the first part covering how the look of the kitchen can be changed, and the second being how storage and functionality can be added or modified to your rental kitchen.  The suggestions below are simple, easy ways to change the look in your kitchen space.

    • Paint the Cabinets: A fresh coat of paint in any color brings life to the kitchen space. If the landlord allows you to paint, then it is a lovely way to transform the kitchen space. Painting the kitchen cabinets are a chance to revamp dull-looking cabinets and add some personality.
      Image Credit: Safarimp
    • Add a Floor Rug: If the kitchen floor appears unattractive, the solution is simple! Add a gorgeous kitchen rug or two to enhance the look and have some comfort under your feet. Ensure the rug has an anti-slip protector underneath and is a stiffer fabric to withstand high usage. For design creativity and practicality, go with a rug that has a patterned design to prevent stains from showing up easily.
      Image Credit: Rilane
    • Add Homey Touches: A kitchen space can get a lot of personality with small touches in accents and accessories. While cabinets can look dated, homey touches can make the kitchen feel welcoming, such as adding beautiful artwork on the walls or even decorative pieces in kitchen corners. If there is a blank wall in the kitchen, a single, large piece of artwork will make a great focal point. However, if you were to go for a gallery, frame everything the same way to make the collection appear in sync and clean with the kitchen. Another easy way to draw attention is by adding some bold tea towels. Simply hang the design over the oven door and grab any viewer's attention. One can also add small indoor or artificial plants on the windowsill in decorative vases to add life and visual interest to the kitchen space.
      Kitchen accented with window coverings, tea towels, plants, and candles. Image Credit: Decoracasa
    • Add pattern to the WallsMaking over the kitchen walls is much easier than one might think. If you are unhappy with the backsplash or wall call, there are countless decal wallpapers available that can be added temporarily to the wall space. with any removable wall patterns or wall paper, the look of the entire kitchen can change dramatically. Decorative decals add very playful, personalized touches to the kitchen space.
      Peel-and-stick tiles that can add temporary color to a kitchen space. Image Credit: Pinterest

    These easy tricks add great personalization to any kitchen space. By applying these simple tricks, your kitchen will look unique, personable, and individual to you! Stay tuned for the next blog on sprucing up a rental kitchen!

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