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  • Corner Storage Solutions for the Kitchen

    Kitchen corners can be extremely pesky areas to plan. Many older kitchen designs have that one awkward corner cabinet that requires you to reach in a little too far and have some unused space that is impossible to organize. Rather than attempting to blindly reach into the dark depths of the larger corner cabinet. A corner solution is a great way to upgrade the storage within the kitchen. With these clever, innovative storage solutions, one cause use the entire corner space without having to completely reach in and not be able to see what they are looking for. There are a variety of corner solutions available. Some of the options are given below.


    Corner Drawer System-The first and foremost is the corner drawer system. The corner drawer system is an extremely space-efficient solution what combines the two sides of the corner into a much larger drawer. In this storage solution, the dead space in the corner between the drawers if completely eliminated, and the user gets much more storage than what two simple drawers can provide.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Cabinets and Hardware

    Carousel-Commonly known as the 'Lazy Susan', a carousel is a solution where the existing shelves within a cabinet simply swing or spin around to allow the user to organize their items within the cabinet. A modified version of the carousel is the 'S-Carousel', which has the shelves in an "S" shape, yet still swings around within the corner cabinet. In both carousels, the user can swing the shelf around to place or access their items accordingly.

    Image Credit: Kesseboehmer

    Le-Mans-A step up from the carousel is the Le Mans, which is a pull-out corner solution. It is an S-shaped Tray on a swivel mechanism, which extends completely out of the cabinet, and all items on the tray are easily accessible. Each shelf can move independently from one another or can come out at the same time.

    Image Credit: LWK Home

    Magic Corner-This easy corner solution provides four baskets of storage within the cabinet. Two baskets our mounted against the shutter, while the other two are within the cabinet. When the cabinet is opened, the baskets slide and separate to allow easy access to user when the shutter is opened.

    Image Credit: Hanlon Woodcraft

    D-Tray-The final corner storage solution option is the D-tray, which includes D-shaped trays stored within the cabinet. The tray swivels around to allow the the user to organize and access their items as they please. 

    A unique storage solution is the best way to get the most out of the kitchen corner. It maximizes the space, allows for great organization, and is aesthetically pleasing. Consider a corner solution for that pesky spot in your kitchen!

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