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  • ModSpace.in Introduces Lose Furniture

    As mentioned in the previous blog, ModSpace.in has converted from a kitchen and wardrobe company to a full interior service provider. In doing so, we are provide multiple lose furniture item to add to your home. Along with entertainment units, which has been mentioned in many previous blogs, ModSpace.in is now providing showcase units, study tables, bar units, crockery units, and shoe racks. All of the ModSpace.in products are factory finished at our own facility and will enhance your home interiors perfectly.

    Showcase Units-Showcase units are display pieces that can be placed on any wall space within the home. Whether it is a hallway, empty living room wall, or a bedroom wall, a showcase unit is a great way to display curios, organize books, and show off collectibles. The ModSpace.in showcase units have base material of MDF are completed with a pre laminated high gloss finish. CLSH02

    Study Tables-ModSpace.in study tables are completed using a base material of MDF with a pre laminated high gloss finish. With a study table, create a productive work space in your home office. Each study table comes with a spacious work space, drawer storage below, and an overhead shelf storage. The organizational elements of the study tables allows the user to place their items in an structured manner without the risking of losing any important papers or supplies. PONT06

    Bar Units-A perfect solution for entertaining, use a bar unit to stalk your essentials when not in use. ModSpace.in bar units are available in a range options, including a counter-height cabinet with drawers and shelves or even a full ceiling to floor cabinetry with ongoing shelves to store all the items. ModSpace.in bar units come with a range of storage solutions to ensure your items are well-kept and accessible at a moment's notice. ELBAR02

    Crockery Units-Crockery units are excellent solutions for storing special occasion crockery collections. They can be displayed creatively behind the glass cabinetry or showcased on any open shelved spaces. The crockery units come with a range of storage options including shelving, drawers, and closed cabinetry. The crockery units are available in a beautiful high gloss laminate finish, which can serve as the highlight piece of any room. 01

    Shoe Racks-Shoe racks are one of the most underrated storage solutions every home requires. ModSpace.in shoe racks provide the necessary storage for all footwear. Keep your footwear organized and well-kept within your home!

    ModSpace.in is proving lose furniture options to complete the storage requirements in the home. With our supreme quality, factory-finished items, the furniture items will be an excellent addition to your home. For more on the ModSpace.in furniture check out the new page.

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