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  • 5 Tips to Hosting the Perfect Christmas Party

    Monday marks Christmas day, which calls for celebration and festivities with friends and family. It is a great time to get together over food and drink and enjoy each other's company. If you are hosting a festive get together in your home, check out the tips below on throwing the perfect Christmas Party in your home, without the stress!


    Stock up on Nibbles: The first thing to do is the stalk up on the nibbles. Any selection of small plates and appetizers to get the party started. With this, one can go for thematic, Christmas-like food items for guests to simply reach and nibble on as they arrive.

    christmas appetizers Festive Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter Image Credit: Pinterest

    Keep the Bar Unit Well-Organized and Ready: It is definitely not a party without a well-organized bar unit. Whether it is a party with alcoholic drinks or non alcoholic drinks, a drinks section is definitely important. A previous blog post discussed the best way to organize the bar area. However, to cater to all guests, stock up on sodas and mixers; yet also coffee and tea. Since it is a Christmas party, Christmas-themed drinks such as cider, hot cocoa, and various options of wine are definitely in order.

    Diet Coke Holiday Image Credit: The Southern Style Guide

    Make it Festive!! For a Christmas party, decorations are definitely essential. Decor can be kept simple with with a bowl of colorful ornaments in the enter of the table; or it can be elaborate with a well-lit Christmas tree in the corner. Decorating for Christmas is very simple. One can add wreaths to the walls, or light white candles for a bit of a festive touch this Christmas holiday. For more Christmas decoration ideas for your home, check out the previous blog post.

    DIY Candles Threads Image Credit: DIY Candles

    Create Comfort: Any home Christmas party should exude comfort. Add festive, yet comforting touches with thematic cushions on the couches and keep the food accessible with buffet style. By doing so the Christmas party is given a more homely touch.

    Red Accent living room Image Credit: Comfort Works

    Music: Christmas party or not, a party needs music. Set the mood with a holiday playlist. Keep the music on low so conversation is easy and the mood is light.


    With a Christmas party, celebrate the holiday your way. Add some joy and cheer to your home this holiday season, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  • 5 Ways to Give the Bathroom a Mini Makeover (without Renovation)

    We all like to upgrade our spaces from time to time, but refuse to do so mostly do to inconvenience. However, whenever we visit a hotel or a model home, we can't help but admire the beautifully styled bathrooms, which we understand can be a challenge to manage in everyday homes. However there are some easy style tricks one can add to their bathroom space to give it a mini makeover, without dealing with the hassles of renovation. The list below starts with the most simple and easiest ways to upgrade the bathroom, and ends making some moderate changes to the space.

    Adding some Greenery: As mentioned in a few previous blogs, plants are a great way to make a space feel more new and lively. A living plant in the bathroom adds great color and can look beautiful as well. Indoor plants such as bamboo shoots go very well humid environments, which makes the bathroom a perfect space for it! Place it at the corner of the vanity countertop to keep it out of the way, yet still adding color to a space.

    Adding some Greenery Image Credit: Balanced Living

    Changing up the Textiles: Another easy way to make a change is to mix up the towels and bathroom mats. In a bathroom, the towels are the most visible items, and typically fade away with time and more use. Upgrade the bathroom space by adding some fresh bath, hand, and face towels. Either have a set or mix and match and create your own color scheme within the bathroom. Even changing up the bathroom rug can immediately make the room look new. All types of these textiles will add instant color and allow for an immediate upgrade.

    Changing up the Textiles Image Credit: Pinterest

    Replacing Countertop Accessories: Even switching out the countertop items can bring an instant change. Changing the soap dispenser or the cosmetic items on display doesn't even require any extra shopping. One can easily use a mason jar or a beautiful vase to place their bathroom essentials, yet still have them on the countertop.

    Replacing Countertop Accessories Image Credit: Pinterest

    Changing Cabinet Hardware: A more moderate makeover idea is to switch the hardware. Just with a simple switch out the entire look of the cabinetry can change, making it look more modern or classic or transitional. Changing something as small at the bathroom handles can dramatically make a difference and possibly give the look of a whole new bathroom! Changing Cabinet Hardware

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures: Just like changing out the hardware, replacing the shower and sink fixtures updates the look and even adds a more comfortable water flow. A brand new shower head brings a fresh feel while using it and creates a more spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom itself.

    Mixing up the Sink and Shower Fixtures Image Credit: Homesfeed

    Upgrading the bathroom space can be an extremely simple task. A few simple and small changes can really transform the space and make it look brand-new. In thinking about updating the bathroom space, remember it is the details that make all the difference!

  • 4 Spots to add Artwork in the Kitchen

    A kitchen is more than just a functional space. It is the most used room in the home, and should even be personalized in that way. Adding decorative items or artwork to a kitchen space is a great way to make it your own, and it adds that little extra something, enhancing the entire room. Placement of any artwork in the kitchen is key to ensure it does not interfere with functionality, yet still adds to the overall design . Even the types and location of the artwork make a big difference. For example, any artwork on the walls, should be hung at eye level, unless the eye-line should be drawn upward. Other items such as colorful pieces should be kept away from direct sun to prevent color fading as well. Nevertheless, the best locations for artwork in the kitchen are given below.

    Above Upper Cabinets: With upper cabinets in the kitchen, there is always some dead space above which looks extremely bare unless something is placed on it. Therefore, add interesting pieces to the upper cabinets to draw the eye-line upward, and create that visual interest. It is a great area to place interesting sculptures or framed art pieces, as they are well out of way, yet still add some character to the kitchen space.

    Above Upper Cabinets Image Credit: Green Virals

    Near the Entrance: The kitchen entrance is a great place to add some energy as soon as you walk into the kitchen. The entrance or doorway to the kitchen typically has empty wall space next to it. Therefore, it is a great space to hang some wall art and add a bit of color to that blank space in the kitchen.

    Near the Entrance Image Credit: Etsy

    Open Shelving: As mentioned in many previous blogs, open shelves are great for displaying collections and storing items. They also great for placing artwork in the kitchen, yet still being out of the way of kitchen activities. Open shelves can be used to display beautiful dishes or framed paintings. The way the shelves are still being used, yet there is visual interest at the same time.

    Open Shelving Image Credit: DIY

    Above the Sink: Hanging artwork above the sink is quite unique. If there is room, the wall space above the sink will create immediate visual interest, and will give an element of surprise. In hanging items above the sink, ensure they are framed and hung a little bit higher to stay out of the moisture zone.

    Above the Sink Image Credit: Pinterest

    Personalize your kitchen with some amazing artwork to create a fabulous, yet functional space! Bring some energy in and liven up your kitchen!

  • Decorating a Home with Dark Wood Floors

    Dark wood is one of the most elegant and sophisticated interior solutions for a home. Whether it is an entire home of dark wood floors or selected rooms,  it brings richness and classic elegance to a space. However, it is paired with the incorrect furniture, then the space look like dark, heavy and uninviting. Check out some tips below on bringing out the beauty of dark wood.


    White Architectural Details: Balance out the dark wood by adding white everywhere: in the home architecture and as well as the furniture. White can be used to highlight a room door, floor and crown moldings, window trims, or simply the color of the wall. Against the dark wood, white automatically catches the eye and is visually pleasing to look at. White can also be added to the walls, to balance the warmth of the dark wood and neutralize the look and feel of the space. As colors, white and dark wood are very neutral. Therefore, any pop of color can also be added to the room to balance it out. More on that idea is given below.

    White Architectural Details Image Credit: Pinterest

    Light Wood Furniture: Another way to balance out the dark wood is to add contrast with pale or light wood. Keep the floors dark and add pale wood furniture pieces to create a more cheerful space. It is very harmonious and still adds the same warmth of the hardwood without looking overbearing or stark. Light wood furniture can be added with white accents to create a more homely and inviting atmosphere.

    Light Wood Furniture Image Credit: Pinterest

    Brighter Colors Plus White: Bright colors are always an instant contrast to dark wood. It adds immediate color and makes the room look much brighter. Bright hues can also be added with white. With an airy white tone and a warm, dark wood tone, color is a great way to add instant pops or color and accents in any room. With much brighter colors around the room, the eye line is drawn upward towards the colors and away from the floor. As a result, the dark flooring is barely noticeable, yet serves as a balancing neutral for the bright, bold tones in the room.

    Brighter Colors Plus White Image Credit: 41UP Design

    Dark floors in a home or a room may feel like an obstacle. However, they can balance out the room and allow for a creative space if decorated well. They add that extra beauty to a home that simply cannot be ignored. For the dark floors in your home, add some contrasts and pops for a bright and happy space!

  • Bringing a ModSpace.in Interior Designer On Board

    At ModSpace.in, we are striving to provide the best home solutions for all our customers. In doing so, we have evolved from a kitchen and wardrobe platform to a full home service interior provider-where everything from the civil work to the final home interior is provided under one roof. While building your home, having an interior designer on board will ease the entire process and create a more synchronized home solution. ModSpace.in now has professional interior designers on board who work closely with you to provide the ideal solution for your space.

    Detail Oriented Approach: With a ModSpace.in interior designer, every detail of your space will be looked at. Whether it is its function or its aesthetics, all aspects of a room will be analyzed to provide the best possible solution. For example, in a kitchen design, a ModSpace.in interior designer will provide you with a factory-finished kitchen where the the cabinetry colors will match the flooring, complement the lighting, and brought together with the countertop.


    Knows What is Right For You: A ModSpace.in interior designer will know what is best for the room. Not only will they provide the best storage solution for a given wardrobe space, but they will look at the entire bedroom space and bring a beautiful interior to life right before your eyes! Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they will already know what is good for the space and create a beautiful solution that matches your preferences and meets your needs. A ModSpace.in interior designer addresses your needs and gives you exactly what you are looking for.


    Knows Color Combinations: As a general homeowner, the understanding of color within a home interior is very limited toward the lighter shades. However, an interior designer will expose you to the variety of colors you can play with to add to any room in the home. The ModSpace.in interior designers understand which colors look good with one another and can even come up with various palettes that wouldn't have even crossed your mind. 

    Time-Saver: Working with an interior designer will definitely save you time, particularly a ModSpace.in designer. Along with providing factory-finished products, ModSpace.in has become the one-stop shop for all interior requirements. Rather than searching around from vendor to vendor for different home requirements, a ModSpace.in interior designer will help in creating the final look of the home and providing the support to get everything executed correctly.


    Wow Factor: Last but not least, an interior designer will enhance your home and improve the quality of life within your home. They will synchronize several pieces and bring together a visual story in every corner of your home. They will pull together accessories, furniture, colors, and other quirky elements to give you that "wow" factor that you are looking for.


    Bring a ModSpace.in interior designer on board for your homebuilding process and get your dream home! Get factory finished, space efficient solutions with the right furniture, complementary colors, and create a visual story within your space! Click here!

  • DESIGN INSPIRATION: The Industrial Kitchen

    The previous blog post about2017 kitchen design trends mentioned mixing up materials within the space was definitely here to stay this year. With one of the options being the eclectic design-also mentioned in a previous blog post, another sought-after look is the industrial style kitchen-which is  a little more on the neutral color palette with more metallic accents and touches. Check out how you can incorporate this restaurant-inspired look into your home!

    Natural Elements-Taking some inspiration from modern design, the industrial style is defined by natural, undressed tones-such as grainy woods and eclectic brick tones. These natural tones define the color palette of the entire kitchen and it gives the kitchen a casual elegance that is typically not achieved. A popular natural element in this design style is the mixture of contrasting wood undertones, which gives the kitchen a natural, understated visual appeal.

    Image Credit: Home Design Lover

    No Upper Cabinets-Another aspect of the industrial-style kitchen is skipping the wall cabinet storage. Nevertheless, the style does incorporate some forms of upper storage in the form of open shelves or racks along the backsplash. In fact, significant storage can still be a part of the kitchen without the upper cabinetry. See some ideas in the previous blog post. The idea of  lesser wall cabinets is to keep the kitchen look open and airy, and it is a great opportunity to display any collections and cookware.

    Image Credit: Digs Digs

    Metallic Touches-The use of metals is one of the hallmarks that defines the industrial kitchen style. All types of metallics: such as the cooler stainless steel or the warmer copper, bronze or brass; can be added to emphasize this kitchen style. In many industrial kitchens, stainless steel appliances are extremely popular with other metallic touches added in the handles and light fixtures. The metals work on counter tops and are available and various finishes. For example, brushed finishes, rather than the shine finish hides the finger prints and wear and tear. The brushed finish balances against the muted, undressed tones of the remainder of the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Remodeling Calculator

    Plants-Plants in the kitchen are a great balance against the natural tones and the metallic touches. With all the neutral color palette and natural finishes, plants bring both color and life to the kitchen. For some ideas for your kitchen garden, check out the previous blog post. A great alternative to plants is even having an indoor tree just to bring some color to the industrial kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Favim

    Track Lighting-Track lighting is another key characteristic of the industrial kitchen with using spotlighting to illuminate tasks in the kitchen. With lighting, one can get creative with either sconces or pendants.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Dine-In Islands-Finally, industrial kitchens often have a table-style island, allow for extra prep space within the kitchen. The dining table island can be paired with chairs or benches for more understated option. The metallic edging on the benches  will highlight the industrial appeal within the kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Quick 'n' Easy Christmas Decor for the Kitchen

    As we approach the last 10 days of December, Christmas is right around the corner. Along with the cheerful atmosphere, Christmas inspires festive home decor to create some cozy vibes within the home. A previous blog post mentioned a few ways add some small touches of Christmas to the home. Nevertheless, there are a few extra ways to decorate in the kitchen as well-without have it interfere with the remainder of the home. Therefore, this Christmas season, add some decor to the most happening room: the kitchen, and create a festive feel into the new year!


    Hot Cocoa Station: Nothing says Christmas like a cup of hot cocoa with some cinnamon and a dash of peppermint. A previous blog post mentioned the benefits of having coffee/tea station in the kitchen. Add hot chocolate as an option to sweeten this time of year and create those special memories. If there is no coffee or tea station in your kitchen, then consider taking up an unused corner on the kitchen counter and creating a decorative little spot with glass jars of hot chocolate mix, marshmellows, candycanes, and a few decorative Christmas mugs.

    Image Credit: Funky Junk

    Deck the Walls: If the kitchen has wall art or paintings, consider replacing it for something seasonal. One can have Christmas-style wall hangings, such as poinsettia designs or gilded fruit to give the kitchen a more rich atmosphere. Other options for adding some festivity to the kitchen walls is some removable wall paper, which is an instant way to change the look of the kitchen space. Wallpaper saves significant time as it does not require any repainting once it is peeled off.

    Image Credit: Wallums

    Decorate the Cabinetry: An essence of Christmas can also be added in the kitchen cabinetry. With glass cabinetry, one can easily add festive or colorful dishes to add to the Christmas theme. However, if the cabinet has open shelves, then it can be used to display a beautiful Christmas collection, changing up the color palette for the holiday. For cabinets with solid doors, one can easily add hanging decorations by tying a ribbon to the inside of the shutter, or even decorate the unused space at the top of the cabinetry with red and white decoration or add a touch of green.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Spruce up the Countertops: Even the countertops can have some Christmas decoration without creating clutter. A dramatic accent can be added to an unused space or as an island centerpiece. One can easily add some Christmas flowers or even a small Christmas tree with ornaments. Other options to add to the festivities are red and white candle arrangements with pops of Christmas-tree green plants, or even a pinecone arrangement. With accents in the kitchen, the possibilities are endless and they are an immediate way to give the kitchen that little extra something this Christmas.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Simplistic Window Decor: Even the windows can add a bit to the Christmas atmosphere. In other parts of the home, the cold Christmas holiday invites rich, warm fabrics as window coverings or drapes. However, these fabrics are not very practical in the kitchen. Therefore, rather than focusing on the drapes, the window sills can be used to add some bayleaves and berries in a corner or even a place to put glitter candles to light at the end of the evening.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Christmastime brings a lot of joy to the home. This year, conclude 2016 in your kitchen with some fun and festive Christmas decor!

  • 4 Things to Consider For Placing a Rug in the Kitchen

    As the weather gets cooler, the home floors feel a little too cold on our feet, and we skip around the house from one carpeted surface to the next. As it gets cooler, there are many ways to keep the house warm so it is not cold and drafty through the winter season. Some of those ideas are shared in a previous blog. However, one of the more neglected rooms in the home is the kitchen. Due to the constant activity, many homeowners are understandably hesitant to place beautiful rugs in an area where there is a risk of spillage and food stains. However there are definitely some ways around that. Check out what to consider so you can easily add some cozy style to your kitchen this winter!

    • Ideal Weave-type: When it comes to adding a rug to the kitchen, the first aspect to consider is the weave-type. Due to the constant activity, the kitchen rug should be a able to withstand the ongoing foot traffic. Therefore, flat-weaves are an ideal choice as they are sturdy and available in several cotton and easy-to-clean fibers, making it easy to throw them in the washing machine. On cooler floors, such as marble or tile, a more plush rug can work and add an instant warmth to the kitchen ambiance.
      Image Credit: Dehouss
    • Clean-ability: In choosing the kitchen rug, one should also look at clean-ability. If it is difficult to maintain, then the idea of having a rug is pointless. As mentioned above, flat-weave, cotton rugs are very easy to clean. They can simply be put in the machine. Other materials such as jute or bamboo are very easy to wash by hand with simple soap and water. However, should a more cushioned rug be required, then wool is a very safe option as it is both stain and water resistant.
      Image Credit: Simple Registry
    • Safety: Another aspect to consider in choosing a kitchen rug is the safety angle. There have been countless cases where people have slipped and fallen in the kitchen due to the rug. Therefore, if considering a kitchen rug then ensure that will stay in place despite the foot traffic. First, make sure there is non-slip backing on the rug before placing it. Then, consider a non-slip rug pad over a felt rug pad to avoid slipping while moving around in the kitchen space.
      Image Credit: Ebay
    • Coordinate with the Kitchen Decor: Finally, once should always coordinate with the kitchen decor to ensure the rug at least looks attractive. There are a countless number of ways to choose a rug that will go well with the kitchen space. For example, if the majority of the kitchen has neutral colors, then bring it to life by adding a pop of color in the rug. If your kitchen is brighter, then neutral or earthy tones are more suitable. With the cooler months a space can often look unwelcoming. Therefore, brighten up the larger kitchens with bold colors in the rugs. In smaller kitchens consider a runner to go along the kitchen length and create that unique element within the space.
      Image Credit: CDN Home Design Lover
  • Diwali Decor for your Kitchen

    Our countdown to Diwali has come to single digits as the Festival of Lights fast approaches. While we all scramble for the last-minute shopping, home decor items, gifting, and cards parties; don't forget to give some special attention to your home! Create a festive appeal within your home and decorate for the Diwali festival. A previous blog discussed some new-age decoration ideas that can safely be added to your home without breaking the bank. However, this blog will circulate around how Diwali decor can be added to the heart of the home: the kitchen. As one of the most-used rooms in the home,  it is often assumed that decorations will interfere with daily activity. However, there are definitely ways around it. Check out some of the Diwali Decor that can be incorporated within the kitchen!

    Origami-Paper decorations are an easy and cost-effective way to create hanging lanterns, dessert holders, and even flower decorations. These decorations can easily be placed in an unused kitchen corner or as a centerpiece focal point on the kitchen island, without interfering with the daily kitchen tasks.

    Image Credit: Sturdy for Common Things

    Hand-made Clay Diyas-Diyas are a classic element associated with Diwali. Since childhood, we've seen some form of Diyas in our homes every single Diwali to add the festive appeal to the home. This year, get creative and paint those classic diyas to add some extra color. Place them on your windowsill, away from the main area of the kitchen for the small bit of colorful Diwali decor within the kitchen space!

    Image Credit: The Craftables

    Scented Fruit Candles-Scented fruit candles were mentioned in the previous blog as well, but they are a definite must-have for Diwali decorations in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is where the food is, fruit candles are almost apt for the occasion and serve a multi-purpose of releasing an aroma and being decorative at the same time. They are very easy to make, and work best with fruits, such as oranges. Separate the main fruit part from the peel, making sure the stem-like section is intact, fill the follow peel with olive oil or wax, and place wick inside. Light the wick and fruit candles spread throughout the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Momtastic

    Fairy Lights with an Egg Carton-Another way to get creative with decoration in the kitchen is using the empty egg cartons. Instead of throwing them away, create sustainable fairly lights with them. Cut up the carton so each egg portion is an individual piece, then place a whole at the point. Paint the cartons whichever color you'd like, and then place the lights through the hole to have fairy lights you kitchen. One can place the fairy lights at the kitchen entrance, window, or even alongside an unused counter or social area of the kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Bangles-Finally, bangles can easily be turned into colorful Diwali decorations. We all have bangles at home due to various festivals, and most of us do not have a use for them. Rather than throwing them away, add a lot of bangles to a large ribbon and know the ribbon tightly to create a circular ring. Hang the ring on the wall and voila! Diwali decorations created. These bangle hangings can take the place of kitchen wall hangings for this Diwali to add the colorful appeal to the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Lifehacker
  • Decor Inspiration: Scandinavian Style for the Kitchen

    Scandinavian style is becoming a prime option for Indian homes. It is loved and celebrated across the world, and it adds a timeless style to the home interiors and can be complimented in every room, including the kitchen. Considering the kitchen is the heart of the home, many characteristics of Scandinavian design can easily be incorporated to create that beautiful look within the home. Check out how the Scandinavian style can be a great choice for the Indian contemporary kitchen.

    Image Credit: Homemydesign

    Airy Ambiance: Many Scandinavian countries experience long, dark winters and very bright, sunny summers. Therefore, most of the kitchens have large windows, providing extensive natural light, which is an eco-friendly solution to add to any kitchen. Natural light is a trademark feature of the Scandinavian style, and it can easily be added to Indian kitchens. Large windows can easily provide that natural light and sheer curtains or blinds can be added for the extra privacy whenever required.

    Warm and Light Hues: Scandinavian interior style uses a lot of lighter colors to make a space look more inviting and spacious. Therefore, many designs have white and other pastel colors as the main color tones within the interiors. Scandinavian interiors typically use white or other neutral colors to maintain that airy ambiance within the kitchen, and give the illusion a space is much larger than it actually is. However, amongst the lighter hues, one can easily add colorful accents.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Accent of Colors and Patterns: Colorful accents and patterns can offset the whites and neutrals by adding colors and patterns as accents. Pairing bright accents in the kitchen is much easier than other rooms, as one can easily use bright kitchenware for spontaneous pops of color throughout the entire layout. Whether it is decorations, an accent wall, or a colorful backsplash, any user can create a very unique color palette within the kitchen space.

    Plants: Plants are another way of adding some color and accent pieces to the kitchen space. In the kitchen, they can be added in the form of an herb garden on the windowsill or in a corner and have multi-purpose use of both decoration and immediate food access.

    Architecture Art Designs

    Natural Finishes: Along with the neutral colors, Scandinavian designs typically go the eco-friendly route, using a lot of natural finishes and products to complete the entire space. Therefore, many kitchens will have have a wood-like or linen style finish to give a more natural look to the space.

    Overall, Scandinavian style is both beautiful and highly functional. Keeping the minimalistic and eco-friendly elements truly embodies this style, making it a great interior solution for the Indian contemporary kitchen.

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