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  • Some Showcase Designs form the World Wide Web

    As mentioned in the previous blog, ModSpace.in has started giving options for lose furniture. With entertainment units, ModSpace.in is also providing showcase units, study tables, shoe racks, bar units, and crockery units. With all of these items, there is a very understood use and purpose. The study table is ideal for the individual working from home or a student attending school or college. The shoe rack will keep all footwear organized and accessible, while the bar units are excellent storage space for all fancy glassware. And we all know that crockery units are perfect for storing-well crockery. However, the showcase units are what one can get extremely creative with. They are one of those items in the home that can be used to create visual interest, while storing items, and displaying pieces all at the same time. With their varying sizes and purpose, we found a few images on the World Wide Web of some showcase units we liked. Check them out below!

    Staggering Shelves: One thing we really liked about this showcase unit is the staggered shelves. They give the entire unit dimension and creates a minimalistic touch. This showcase unit adds great visual interest to a living room or even a wide hallway. With its well-placed decorative pieces, one can get extremely creative and have a themed display within the unit itself. Image Credit: Colsite
    Easy Storage: This showcase unit is a perfect example of how it can be used for storage. As the piece creates visual interest with the asymmetrical presentation, the unit also stores various items such as books and files, with a few interesting curios at random points. In the image above, the showcase unit is a great addition to the living room and the clean white lines add a modern touch to the entire space. Image Credit: Robinsons Beds
    Multipurpose: This showcase unit is a great example of how multiple types of items can be placed in a showcase unit. Just like the image above, the white, clean lines give this unit a very modern touch, and the various shelving allows for multiple storage options. Along with the few decorative pieces, this showcase unit shores books and DVDS, both horizontally and vertically. Not only is the showcase unit being used for storage, but the all the items placed are adding significant color the entire space. Imagine this in an TV room or a bedroom! Image Credit: Furniture Mind
    Horizontal Storage: This showcase unit is particularly creative and unique. The horizontal storage makes it great for keeping as bathroom storage to place towels and small toiletries. The image above shows clearly shows that showcase units are not just for books, DVDs, and collections; but they can also serve a utilitarian purpose of storing bathroom items or toiletries. This would make an interesting addition to a guest bathroom. Image Credit: Decoist
    Corner Solution: This showcase unit is extremely creative as it uses a wall corner in a very unique way! Along with providing that additional corner storage we all look for, this showcase unit is again serving multiple purposes of having books stacked horizontally, placed vertically, a plant for some green and color, and a decorative frame. Once again, the showcase unit is being used for multiple purposes, yet is still visually interesting. Image Credit: Etsy

    As seen in the images above, showcase units are some of the most multi-purpose solutions that one can add to their home space. They can be placed in multiple rooms and have many uses. For that extra bit of storage, talk to us about your showcase unit!

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