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  • Deep-Cleaning Kitchen Guide for Diwali

    Diwali is right around the corner and there is a hustle and bustle everywhere. As Diwali approaches this weekend, all households are scrambling to make the home look spotless for the festival. Frantic homeowners struggle to balance the Diwali cleaning with the Diwali gifting and amongst all the Diwali parties. Ultimately, the one area of the house that is left towards the very end is the kitchen. As the most often used room in a home, the kitchen is either ignored or there is a constant struggle to deep clean, yet be able to completely use, the kitchen at the same time. But do not fret, the deep cleaning the kitchen for Diwali is much easier than one might think. Check out the helpful steps below, and your kitchen will be spotless!

    Image Credit: Design Wud
    • Create Space: The first step is the clear the countertops of items that are not used very often. These items include small machines and crockery that usually have a storage place, but are simply left out on the kitchen counter. Clean all these smaller items thoroughly using dish soap, or a water and vinegar mixture to get them sparkling this Diwali! Designate these items to go inside a cabinet so all countertops are more visible and the kitchen appears clutter-free.


    • Clean Cabinets, Shelves, and Racks: However, before placing these smaller items inside the cabinets, wipe down all surfaces and racks with a cloth soaked in a hot water and white vinegar mixture. This mixture removes all the grime and dust. Once that is done, re-wipe the surfaces with a simple plain water soaked cloth, and then dry with a dry cloth. Then, clean the outside of the cabinets with a simple detergent and microfiber cloth.


    • Cleaning Tiles, Walls, and Countertops: Now that the cabinets are cleaned on both outside and inside, the next step is wipe down the large surfaces, such as the walls, tiles, and countertops. These are also very simple to wipe down, requiring a basic detergent to cleanse the surfaces and voila! all done.


    • Clean Appliances: Hob, Chimney, Refrigerator, Microwave: Cleaning the appliances is even quicker than cleaning the cabinets. First remove all the dust with a microfiber or duster cloth, then apply your favorite cleanser or detergent and scrub the surfaces using a smooth cotton cloth. The smooth cotton cloth will avoid any scratches on the surfaces. An ideal detergent that can be used for cleaning all these surfaces is Colin. However, for any stubborn stains in the microwave or the fridge, sprinkle baking soda and leave for 30 minutes. Then wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and clean up the stain area with warm water. The stain will be gone!  For cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, use half a lemon, dipped in vinegar to clean the interior shelves and surfaces.
      Image Credit: HGTV


    • Use the Space Efficiently: Finally, after the basic cleaning is complete, there is the more exciting part: which is organizing the space efficiently. At this point, one can easily put away the detergents and solutions and focus on arranging the items. One can get extremely creative by adding colorful cups on hooks or display a collection on open shelves. Using the space efficiently allows a user to create an exciting color palette within the kitchen.

    Cleaning the kitchen is not as huge of a process as one may thing. This Diwali, let your cleaned and well-lit home welcome the Goddess Lakshmi of Wealth and Prosperity and spread positive energy all around. Let the festivities begin. From all of us at ModSpace.in a very Happy Diwali!

  • Diwali Decor for your Kitchen

    Our countdown to Diwali has come to single digits as the Festival of Lights fast approaches. While we all scramble for the last-minute shopping, home decor items, gifting, and cards parties; don't forget to give some special attention to your home! Create a festive appeal within your home and decorate for the Diwali festival. A previous blog discussed some new-age decoration ideas that can safely be added to your home without breaking the bank. However, this blog will circulate around how Diwali decor can be added to the heart of the home: the kitchen. As one of the most-used rooms in the home,  it is often assumed that decorations will interfere with daily activity. However, there are definitely ways around it. Check out some of the Diwali Decor that can be incorporated within the kitchen!

    Origami-Paper decorations are an easy and cost-effective way to create hanging lanterns, dessert holders, and even flower decorations. These decorations can easily be placed in an unused kitchen corner or as a centerpiece focal point on the kitchen island, without interfering with the daily kitchen tasks.

    Image Credit: Sturdy for Common Things

    Hand-made Clay Diyas-Diyas are a classic element associated with Diwali. Since childhood, we've seen some form of Diyas in our homes every single Diwali to add the festive appeal to the home. This year, get creative and paint those classic diyas to add some extra color. Place them on your windowsill, away from the main area of the kitchen for the small bit of colorful Diwali decor within the kitchen space!

    Image Credit: The Craftables

    Scented Fruit Candles-Scented fruit candles were mentioned in the previous blog as well, but they are a definite must-have for Diwali decorations in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is where the food is, fruit candles are almost apt for the occasion and serve a multi-purpose of releasing an aroma and being decorative at the same time. They are very easy to make, and work best with fruits, such as oranges. Separate the main fruit part from the peel, making sure the stem-like section is intact, fill the follow peel with olive oil or wax, and place wick inside. Light the wick and fruit candles spread throughout the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Momtastic

    Fairy Lights with an Egg Carton-Another way to get creative with decoration in the kitchen is using the empty egg cartons. Instead of throwing them away, create sustainable fairly lights with them. Cut up the carton so each egg portion is an individual piece, then place a whole at the point. Paint the cartons whichever color you'd like, and then place the lights through the hole to have fairy lights you kitchen. One can place the fairy lights at the kitchen entrance, window, or even alongside an unused counter or social area of the kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Bangles-Finally, bangles can easily be turned into colorful Diwali decorations. We all have bangles at home due to various festivals, and most of us do not have a use for them. Rather than throwing them away, add a lot of bangles to a large ribbon and know the ribbon tightly to create a circular ring. Hang the ring on the wall and voila! Diwali decorations created. These bangle hangings can take the place of kitchen wall hangings for this Diwali to add the colorful appeal to the kitchen.

    Image Credit: Lifehacker
  • Top 7 Tips to Host This Year's Diwali Party

    Diwali is an exciting, beautiful, and festive time of the year. It is all about friends and family and observing the mythological story we all grew up knowing. If you enjoy all the celebration with friends, family, and a fun time, then a house party is definitely for you. Diwali get togethers are an enjoyable time to have a colorful celebration with food, drink, laugther, and many many memories. Below check out the top tips to hosting the perfect Diwali party this season!

    Clean the House-Of course everybody cleans the house before hosting a party. However, for this day, try cleaning or decluttering the house before your actual party day. Declutter the living room and dining space to allow your guests to move around easily. By cleaning everything beforehand,  you'll be able to focus on more exciting and fun details during your party day.

    Pick a Theme-Themed parties always add a fun element to parties at home. Whether it is Bollywood, Black & White, or Regional (Punjabi, Rajasthani, etc.); themed parties reemphasize the festive atmosphere. So, come up with an interesting theme, and let your guests know in advance. Your party will be a hit!

    Ethnic-Themed decor for Party

    Decorate!-Now that you've chosen the theme, the next step is the decor. Choose festive Diwali-style decor to highlight the theme for your party. Also, be sure the include the classic Diwali elements of diyas and rangolis, and feel free to mix it up with some contemporary decor options. You can view some ideas in this blog here. Keep the decor classy and sophisticated without moving too many things in your home, and try using electric diyas. With people moving around your home, electric diyas are much safer and you won't have to run around with match box relighting candles!

    Finalize the Menu before the Event Day-Another aspect to consider is the menu. Do you want there to be finger foods or an elaborate meal? or both? With finger foods, you can display them on a table or have them served around, and with an elaborate meal you arrange or designate a kitchen counter space or table to have everything served buffet-style. That way, as a host, you won't be expected to serve all the dishes. The decisions for what and how your food will be served should be decided before your main day, allowing you enough time to gather any ingredients and supplies you need, and even prepare a little bit before your main event.

    Set Up a Bar: Every party requires a bar of alcoholic and nonalcoholic options. While hosting your Diwali party at home, the best way to arrange a bar is by designating a table or counter space in your kitchen and setting up bottles, glasses, and ice accordingly. That way guests can help themselves to drinks as they please.

    Music: All parties need some music. Since Diwali is an Indian festival, Hindi music is the best way to go. It is fun, it adds to any theme, and emphasizes the Diwali atmosphere.

    Have Fun!: Finally, its a party so enjoy it! Oftentimes, hosts forget to enjoy their own party! So have fun at your own party! Celebrate this beautiful holiday with your family and friends! Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali from the ModSpace.in team!

  • 6 New-Age Diwali Decoration Ideas for Your Home

    Diwali is one of the most colorful times of the year. From the colorful rangolis to beautiful diya arrangements to creating memories with family and friends. Diwali is a time for celebration and looking our best. Along with dressing ourselves, we enjoy decorating and dressing up our homes. With gorgeous lights on the outside, and creative decorative elements on the inside, even the home looks festive this Diwali. This year, try adding a modern element to your home! Below are a few new-age Diwali decoration ideas that can spruce up your home for this Diwali season!

    Flowers and Candles Arrangement: Flowers and Candle Arrangements go hand-in-hand during Diwali. We often see the traditional diyas with marigold flowers decorating a corner of the home. This year, try something new! Make a low centerpiece and put different flowers in it, such as daisies. Or use brass utensils to have floating tea lights and floating flowers alternatively! Another aspect is to create beautiful, modern arrangements that can be placed at any space in your home!

    Image Credit: Prismma.in
    Image Credit: Prismma.in
    Image Credit: Prismma.in


    Glass Jar Lanterns: Have old glass jars around the house? Don't throw them away! Paint them or get them painted in a variety colors to create Moroccan-style lanterns to add to your Diwali decor! (Image Below)

    Image Credit: Go Smart Bricks

    Paper Lanterns: Add an oriental spin to your decoration with paper lanterns! The lanterns are easy to make with the use of card sheets or paper bags, to create a unique decorative element of Diwali in your home this festive season! Involve the little ones in a fun crafting process!

    Image Credit: Shop Clues

    Fairy Lights: We see fairy lights displayed on household exteriors. This year, bring them inside your home! Place them in your puja room or underneath tables or in your glass vases vases. If your fairy lights are placed on the floor, cover them with tissue to create a beautiful glowing effect in your home!

    Image Credit: Nestopia

    Seashell Candles: Mix up the traditional diyas and regular candles with seashell candles. These candles are especially delicate that are very beautiful.

    Image credit: lovethispic.com

    Fruity Candles: A particularly unique concept of candles is the fruit candles! Make candles and beautifully-shaped fruit peels, to add a pretty, fragrant candle for your Diwali decorations!

    Image Credit: Homes So Good

    Diwali is a time to really decorate yourself and your home. The suggestions above are modernized recommendations to add to your new-age home.   This year, celebrate the festival of lights by mixing some traditional and new-age decorative elements as you enjoy this Diwali season!

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