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  • A Kitchen Drawer for Everything

    As we all know, drawers is one of the most functional forms of storage one can have in a kitchen. They allow users to store and organize items as per their convenience and preference. However, as time has progressed the utility of a drawer has increased. Nowadays, kitchens come with innovative and clever storage options for all types of kitchen items. Therefore, there is a specific drawer system for every item, and everything can be in its place. Check out the top 5 drawer systems below.

    Pots and Pans Storage: Storing pots and pans is a nightmare in kitchens. These larger items take up extensive space, and if not stored properly, can topple over while trying to grab a single item. Therefore, storing them in a deep drawer, like the image above is an ideal way to go. The deep drawer keeps them from banging into the drawer above, and it also makes all the items visible to the user. Image Credit: Houzz
    Cutlery Storage: As mentioned previous blogs, cutlery organizers in drawers is slowly becoming a must-have. Keeping track of the spoons, forks, and knives allows for easier usage and organization within the drawer itself. ModSpace.in offers flexible cutlery drawer systems that can be designed to fit your organization requirements. The cutlery trays are available in stainless steel and can fit all the cutlery items in a single area without items crashing into one another.  Image Credit: Houzz
    Plates in Drawers: Rather than plates being placed in reach-in cabinets, drawer organization systems for plates and bowls is increasing. Drawer systems for plates prevent the user from having to reach to the back of the cabinet to reach that last cereal bowl or dinner plate. With the drawer dividers, the plates and bowls are easier to locate and one can easily open the drawer and grab whatever is needed.  Image Credit: Pinterest
    Platters & Trays Storage: Indian homes use a lot of trays and platters for serving and entertaining. Since trays are larger, flat surfaces, a great space to store them is the toe-kick section underneath the main cabinetry. This section is one of the most underestimates areas in the kitchen for storage. However, sticking a drawer system there will provide a space for the trays and platters so they are out of the way.  Image Credit: Houzz
    Utensils Storage: Drawers don't always require horizontal storage to keep items organized. Drawer systems can also include vertical storage with pockets or sections to keep the cooking utensils. This storage systems makes the cooking utensils easy to see and pick up, especially during the busier cooking hours in the kitchen. Image Credit: Houzz

    Clever purpose-driven drawers are steadily increasing in the contemporary kitchen. They are designed to increase efficiency and ease the user experience. For specific drawer systems in your kitchen, contact us!

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