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  • Eat-in Kitchen vs. Separate Dining Room: What Works Best for You

    One of the main questions involved in designing the kitchen is whether or not the kitchen will include an eating space or not. In deciding this, the most basic question to ask is how meals are eaten on a regular basis: whether there is a designated sitting space or everybody simply gathers around one area; every family is different and has their own requirements on whether or not the kitchen should be an eat-in kitchen or there should be a separate dining room.

    • Dining Rooms: In today's homes dining rooms are still popular, especially where homes have a staff working in the kitchen. The dining room is used as a separate space for the family to gather for a meal. In India, most homes have some help at home for the kitchen tasks. Therefore, many homeowners opt for having a separate dining room. In many homes, the dining room is used only for formal meals or larger groups of people, and the kitchen is used as an informal eating space. Nevertheless, there are quite a few advantages and disadvantages to having the designated dining room, which are given below.
      • Advantages:
        • Peaceful place to eat, away from all the cooking noises and mess
        • Allows the user to relax and enjoy the meal, rather than looking at the mess created during the meal preparation
        • A great space for when guests or relatives visit for a meal
      • Disadvantages:
        • Requires more space in the home which can be used for other purposes
        • The kitchen user is away from the social activity while conducting tasks
        • Risk of being used as a "junk room" when not in use. Sometimes an unused dining room is used as a place to store random items rather than for the purpose of eating together.
          Image Credit: Grain Designers
    • Eat-in Kitchen: An eat-in kitchen is where the kitchen is either combined with an eating or a dining area is placed inside the kitchen. In Indian homes, the idea of an eat-in kitchen is a growing trend, and is increasing by the multi-fold. The average household is becoming much smaller, and the kitchen is now being viewed as a place for the family to gather, catch up, and socialize. Therefore, the general home setting is becoming much more informal, and the overall floor plan is open, where the kitchen space is a part of the main living area. The eat-in kitchen, which is associated with the open floor plan has its own set of advantages and disadvantages:
      • Advantages:
        • Better traffic flow fore moving in and out of the kitchen area
        • More socializing while kitchen tasks are being done
        • Great way to watch over younger members, while prepping meals at the same time
      • Disadvantages:
        • Lesser storage due to combining the eating and the kitchen area
        • Less Privacy
        • Kitchen messes are constantly visible and kitchen smells can travel through the house.
          Image Credit: Beeyoutiful Life

    Choosing to have a separate dining area of an eat-in kitchen is dependent on the lifestyle of the homeowners and kitchen users. Each style brings its own set of character to the home and has its own charm. In considering your kitchen design, contact us for deciding the perfect solution for your lifestyle!!

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