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  • 10 Kitchen Gadgets We all Want

    In today's world, we are increasingly dependent on gadgets and gizmos for our daily activities. Every few months a new product promises to simplify our tasks and make our lives easier. Gadgets are coming up in all types of industries, even the home improvement industry. Several kitchen gadgets are emerging to keep the kitchen tasks simple and easy for the user. Below are the Top 10 Kitchen tasks we love!

    The Instant Avocado Tool. Who does want an item that cuts, peels, slices, and mashes avocado to make delicious guacamole? 4 tasks in one! Image Credit: This Old House
    A Nonstick Rice Cooker. It is as simple as it sounds. Simply measure the rice and water, add some veggies or broth and cook a delicious meal, without worrying about ingredients sticking to the pot!
    A Tablet/Cookbook stand. We all need a protected space to keep our cookbook or kitchen tablet to access any recipes while using the kitchen. Therefore, why not having a space where your tablet or cookbook is clean from all food items?
    Digital Measuring Cup. Gone are the days where you need to measure and pour at the same time. Simply pour your liquid and monitor the measured amount on the handle!
    The Corn Stripper. A very self-explanatory item. It shaves the kernels off the cob, and simultaneously collects them into a container. Image Credit: This Old House
    The Garlic Zoom Chopper. Say good-bye to peeling garlic by hand. Simply insert the cloves in the device and wheel it around. The wheels chop the garlic into fine bits creating minced garlic! Image Credit: This Old House
    The Three Course Electric Steamer. Who does not want a device to steam all your meal course at once? This lovely device does exactly that. Saves time, effort, and energy yet still gives a delicious meal! Image Credit: Hammacher
    The Instant French Fry Slicer. Easy it sounds: Peel the potato, insert in the device, and have perfectly shaped french fries! Saving both time and energy. Image Credit: Amazon
    10 Egg Steamer. Steam your eggs quickly and efficiently with this device. Another time saver that gets the job done! Image Credit: Buzzfeed

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