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  • Creating the Perfect Kitchen For Entertaining

    Creating a kitchen for entertaining will bring people together for some food, fun, and laughter. With the perfect kitchen design, the host can easily invite friends and family for a pleasant get-together right in the home kitchen. Designing a kitchen for entertaining requires a space to accommodate several people, where the host and guests can enjoy and use the kitchen at the same time. Check out how even the smallest spaces can be used to create an entertaining space.


    Organized Storage Elements: First of all, a kitchen fit for entertaining and hosting must be well organized. Therefore, it is best to include storage elements which enhance the organization of the entire kitchen, such as pull-outs to keep pots and pans, pantry pull-outs for food items, or even concealed wall storage to keep smaller appliances. This will not only keep the kitchen tasks organized, but it will also make the space appear clutter-free. A clutter-free, organized space gives allows the user to have a much more enjoyable time while entertaining within the kitchen.

    Image Credit: HGTV Home

    Open Floor Plan: An open-concept kitchen simply communicates entertaining. The design exudes an informal atmosphere and allows plenty of guests to gather around the host within the kitchen. The open floor plan is integrated into the rest of the home and makes a space look more inviting.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Established Work Zones: Creating an entertaining kitchen design commands established work zones: where the prepping takes place, the cooking takes place, and the cleaning takes place. If these basic areas are designed well, then the kitchen is party-ready and everything will run smoothly. Well-planned zones allow for multiple people to access different areas of the kitchen while being entertained and catered to. Each designated zone can come with ample storage to include the necessary and required appliances within the specific area.

    Accessible Beverage Station: Some version of a bar or beverage station, no matter how small, is essential for entertaining guests at home. Include a small space within the kitchen for stemware, cocktail glasses, and maybe even an expresso machine with plenty of teacups and coffee mug for guests to access and pour their own concoctions as they please without disrupting the remaining kitchen flow. The beverage station, again invites individuals into the kitchen, allows people to gather, and creates that entertaining atmosphere.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Maximized Seating: Finally, the kitchen space should have an elegant seating area. Seating encourage guests to sit and stay for a bit within the kitchen. Whether it is stools around the kitchen island or around a small kitchen table. Seating allows for guests to move around freely and join the host while still being in the kitchen.

    Image Credit: The Lions Rampant

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