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  • 4 Tips for Ergonomically Designing the Bathroom

    Ergonomic design is essential for making something work in the most efficient way possible. Whether it is designing a computer or finishing up a study table, designing with a focus on productivity and efficiency is the way forward. Ergonomics are even applied in designing a kitchen: starting with what the basic layout will be within a home to maximize productivity and space. Even in designing the perfect bathroom, focusing on ergonomics is the perfect place to start. Check out 4 tips below on ergonomically designing your bathroom to ensure it is the most functional space for use.

    Give some Space between the Sink Rim and Tap: The space where a faucet is placed is a very small area to consider, but it makes all the difference. If the tap and sink rim are not appropriately placed, then one can bump their head while leaning forward to wash their face. If the sink is too far back, then there is risk of water getting everywhere except the sink! Therefore, ensure the tap is placed just right in accordance with the sink.

    Give some Space between the Sink Rim and Tap Image Credit: HGTV

    Floating Vanities: Having a floating vanity has a couple of different benefits: the first being that there is significant space underneath for easy storage, which can be placed out of the way. The second benefit of the floating vanity has to do with a small evolutionary fact: people are taller, and therefore, require vanities to be placed slightly higher than average. Therefore, ensure the vanity is at a bit of a higher level to make it easier for use and to add some extra storage.

    Floating Vanities Image Credit: Homecrux

    Go for Deeper Drawers: Rather than going for deep cupboards, go for deep drawers. Ergonomically, it is easier to open, organize, and even see the items in a drawer. Deeper drawers also allow for better organization for taller, bottled items. They can be placed standing up, rather than lying down to save on storage space and allow for more items in a smaller area.

    Go for Deeper Drawers Image Credit: Pinterest

    Correct Positioning of Shower Taps: One of the most common design flaws in a bathroom is the incorrect placing of the shower tap. More often than not, the shower heads are too close to the tap, resulting in water jetting out unpleasantly towards you. In designing the bathroom, ensure your designer knows the correct placement for the shower head in respect to the faucet. 

    Ergomonic design goes a long in any home. With prime functionality and practicality, the home becomes an extremely productive space. Therefore, along with gathering design expertise in aesthetics from the designer, ensure your home is ergonomically fit around you and your lifestyle!

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