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  • Getting Your Fridge Organized for the Summer

    The summer season brings its own set of challenges within a home. Ensuring food items stay fresh and  clean is one of the main tasks in the summer months. Hygienic food storage starts with the refrigerator and how it is organized. A well-organized fridge helps the food stay fresh longer, reduces any wasteful items, and reduces the time it takes for prepping a meal. Check out the strategies below, and keep your fridge in order through the summer months.


    Give Your Fridge A Fresh Start: Before adding even more to the fridge, give it a thorough cleaning. Check all the bottles and containers to make sure the food is still fresh, and get rid of food that is beyond its expiry date. Wipe down the shelves, drawers, and door so the refrigerator looks as good as new and a clean surface is ready to place all the necessary items.


    Stock Up on the Essentials: The next step is to stock up on the essential foods that will be in the fridge at all time. In the Indian summer season, that is a lot of items. However, go to the local grocery store and pick up the in-season produce and snacks that are ideal for the summer months. Pick up foods such as mangoes and melons to keep yourself enjoying the flavors of summer through the season.

    Image Credit: NDTV

    Organize Food by Temperature: Now that you have the food items with you, the best way to organize the food is by temperature. Organizing food items by temperature keeps the food fresh much longer-and ultimately is long lasting. The door and the top shelf are the warmest parts of the fridge, while the middle shelves are at a consistent temperature. The bottom shelf and back are the coolest parts, and often times drawers have their own additional controls for humidity.


    • Use the upper shelves to store any leftovers, snacks, and drinks. The upper shelf is the most accessible, and and makes it easy for homeowners to grab what is needed.


    • Use the middle shelf to store items that require a constant temperature such as milk, dairy items eggs.


    • The bottom shelf should be used to store raw meat or fish.


    • The higher humidity drawer should store fresh vegetables, and the lower humidity drawer should store fresh fruits.


    • Finally, the door of the fridge should keep condiments such as butter, jam, and soft cheese-along with herbs. Since herbs are used frequently in Indian cooking, they will be very accessible if they are stored along the door.
    Image Credit: Pacific Sales

    Summer Drinks: Finally, make room for some cooling concoctions ready to access through the summer. Refreshing drinks such as cold lemon water or cucumber water are instantly hydrating and can be kept in a pitchers to access by all members in the home.

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  • Camouflaging the Refrigerator in the Kitchen

    A large refrigerator in the kitchen can such an eyesore. They are big, block-like, and do very little to enhance the kitchen design or interior. Their functional facade can disrupt the streamline cabinetry or clash with the entire palette. When it comes to designing our kitchen, we all tend to finalize our appliances based on utility more than aesthetics. However, in contemporary kitchen design, there are a variety of ways to camouflage the refrigerator into the kitchen without it being a major convenience to the users' space utility. Check out if one the ideas below can work to keep your refrigerator out of sight in your kitchen space.

    Seamless Integration: Refrigerators can be combined into the kitchen cabinetry. There are ample options to have fridges with the same doors as the cabinetry to continue the seamless appearance throughout the kitchen space. The visual weight of the refrigerator reduces, and it makes the kitchen look more airy and specious. Refrigerator ranges can be behind long, tall cabinet shutters or behind shorter ones, yet they will provide the same amount of storage that comes with a conventional refrigerator.

    Image Credit: Beeyoutiful Life

    Optical Illusion: Another option is to have the fridge in disguise within the kitchen. If the refrigerator cannot be concealed behind cabinetry, use some visual trickery to blend it into the background. This trick is ideal for the smaller kitchens, where adding too much cabinetry can make a kitchen appear unwelcoming. For example, place a white fridge against a white wall to give the illusion that the fridge is blending in with the wall, or the fridge can even be tucked next to other functional appliances, and blend in with the functional aspect of the kitchen space.  Keeping all of the kitchen appliances together reduces the visual clutter of a space and creates a harmonious and calm ambiance within the entire kitchen space.

    Image Credit : One get all

    Sneaking a Refrigerator in the Pantry: If all else fails, the final option is to sneak a refrigerator in the pantry. Keep it hidden in a place where all the other remaining food is, and have all the food stored in a single kitchen space.

    Image Credit: Doing our Block

    The refrigerator is one the most necessary aspects of the kitchen. To enhance the overall design, ensure that it is well-integrated into the space to create an attractive looking interior for your home!

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