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  • Home Interior Inspiration from Game of Thrones

    Winter is coming! You know nothing Jon Snow! These phrases and many many more consume the month of April with the excitement of Game of Thrones entering our minds, thoughts, and every conversation. Whether it is the complex storylines, unpredictable plot twists, fantastic actors, or elaborate sets, we appreciate just about everything related to Game of Thrones. In fact, this show has been so iconic, it has broken stereotypes across all spectrums, even bringing trendy ideas to interior design. Be it Winterfell of the North or the South of Kings Landing, the elaborate sets have brought great inspiration to home interiors-innovating from Historical Gothic, Medieval, Middle-Eastern, and European decorating styles. Below, take some inspiration from the diverse decoration styles of Game of Thrones.

    King's Landing: King's Landing, as we all know, is home to the coveted Iron Throne. The throne itself is a fascinating feature in the whole space. It acts as a focal point for the entire living area. Be inspired by this, and create a focal point in your living area. Add a feature chair or a visually interesting space in your home interior to create that great focal point for the entire room.

    Image Credit: Eco Salon

    Winterfell: Starting with the Starks' home in the North, the overall decor takes inspiration from raw elements-such as stone and raw wood. However, the appearance of the entire set is still very rich. For your home interiors, take inspiration from richer materials such as fur, wool, and leather-with a darker color palette, candles, and rustic furniture. This decorating style makes a home appear both appear rich and authentic at the same time.

    Image Credit: Stone-Ideas

    Castle Black-The Wall: In Game of Thrones, Jon Snow's eerie home looks like an industrial space from the Industrial Revolution! In the sets, you see Gothic-style furniture and animal heads used as decoration. For your home, incorporate the classic Gothic-style arches in your cabinetry and ensure a wood-like finish. Although the setting of Castle Black is dark, one can easily add some lighter-colored elements to their home. Mix up the elements by adding some industrial touches, such as stainless steel appliances and iron lighting fixtures.

    Image Credit: Houzz

    Qarth City: Home to Daenerys Targaryen, her space is more inspired by Middle-Eastern style decor. Qarth City is a bit more colorful and ethnic with tribal art and accessories and colorful rugs. The overall space is much warmer and more visually appealing, using a lighter plywood panelling for the floor and ceiling. Qarth City decor can greatly inspire your own home decor. Add some bright, color elements to your space and innovate with a lighter and brighter color palette.

    Image Credit: Designed to the Nines

    The Eyrie at Kingdom of Mountain and Vale: This castle is quite spectacular. Taking inspiration from Greek architecture, the castle walls are very open, where one can see the sky, and natural wood is the desired material. The openness of this castle is what makes it unique, bringing in both natural light and fresh air at the same time. Get inspired and some open-ness to your space. Incorporate windows for great natural lighting within your home.

    Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

    Pyke House Greyjoy: The interior of this castle is typically wood and stone with some dark black and grey undertones. The only source of light in this castle included clustered candles, giving the space almost creepy atmosphere. This kind of theme is ideal for a smaller space, rather than a larger one. Dark undertones tend to contract a space, making it look smaller. Therefore, they should be used in doses to prevent the entire home from being dark and dreary. For example, if it was used in kitchen, it should be of limited use or the entire kitchen should be smaller.

    Image Credit: Residences Style

    Dragonstone: Dragonstone is a place that is extremely gloomy and dark. Just like Pyke, there is a lot of stone and wood used in the interiors. However, the elements are even darker and more mysterious-almost appearing like a scene of a horror movie. Within your home, these elements are good for a darker room, such as a home theater.

    Image Credit: Getty Images

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