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  • 9 ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

    Mint, Forest, Leaf, Lime, or Grass. All different shades of green! When we think of the color green, we tend to associate it with nature, modernity, and energy. As a color for your kitchen, green is the perfect combination for a productive, yet relaxed environment. Below are 9 of our favorite green kitchens.

    Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets: Sage Green is a beautiful shade to highlight earthy tones in your kitchen. Matching it with wooden and white countertops, the sage green will tie your kitchen together, giving it a beautiful, earth-like appeal. 

    Image Credit: Pinterest








    Olive Green, Hi-Gloss cabinets: Olive green is a very sophisticated shade of green. It adds a classy element to any space, and can be implemented as a single color or paired with neutrals as seen in the image below. 

    Olive Green Cabinets. Image Credit: Home Design

    Kelly Green Kitchen Cabinets: Kelly Green is that bright green we've all seen since we were growing up. This shade is so bold, that it is best to be paired with neutrals, such as white or a light wood. 

    Image Credit: Remodelaholic

    Jade Green Kitchen Cabinets: Jade green is a beautiful, sophisticated color that complements any home. Along with the color white, jade green creates a permanent spring-like feel in your home. It is light, airy, and pleasing to the eye! 

    Jade Green Cabinets. Image credit: House to Home

    Bright Green, Matt mixed with Black and White: Bright green always creates an impact in the kitchen. In a larger kitchen space, green is best paired with your classic black and white, modernizing the entire appearance of your kitchen.

    Image Credit: CDUK

    Bold, Emerald Green Wall: If you're looking for a bold green statement in your kitchen, consider painting your wall! Emerald green is a beautiful and bright shade that can greatly complement your steel appliances and light-colored countertops!

    Emerald green wall Image Credit: Love to Know Interior Design

    Bright Green Accents: If you prefer a neutral kitchen space, then make green an accent color! Add green to your window coverings or decorations to bring a beautiful color to any modular kitchen!

    Green Accents. Image Credit: Kitchen Sourcebook

    Dark Green & Brass: Dark green and brass is not a color combination you see very often. However, this combination is bold, it creates a statement, and it looks very beautiful. The image below is hollywood celebrity Cameron Diaz's kitchen, and it shows the dark green and brass beautiful. With the green cabinets, the brass is added to create some light and break up the monotony of the green.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Green Tile Backsplash: Green as a backsplash can be added in a variety of ways. Tile green, however, adds to the rustic appeal of a country-style kitchen. In the image below, the backsplash is complementing the white cabinetry and black countertop beautifully.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    As a color, green adds a very unique element to your kitchen. Blending the brightness of yellow with the calmness of blue, green color creates a peaceful, yet productive, working environment for your kitchen. While considering green for your kitchen, talk to our Space Planning Consultants about the variety of shades and and ways in which green can really complement your kitchen!!

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