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  • Handles or No Handles? Everything to know about Handles in Kitchen Design

    Whether you choose to have handles or no handles in your kitchen, they are the final touch in the overall kitchen design process. Many homeowners go for the traditional style handles to complement their design. However, handle-less kitchens, which were once considered a niche trend, are becoming increasing popular. As contemporary kitchens take inspiration from modern design, more and more homeowners are drawn towards the handle-less kitchen design-as the look is sleek, contemporary, and on-trend. In fact, handle-less kitchen designs are so popular that they can even be complemented with handle-less appliances. Nevertheless, when considering a handle or handle-less kitchen design, there are a few factors to take into account. Here is what to keep in mind while moving in either direction.

    Style-To have handles in a kitchen, consider the design style. Ask yourself whether or not a certain design style fit with the theme of the house. Handle-less options are available in a variety of colors and finishes and give a very clean and modern look, making it more suitable for modern kitchens.  However, a traditional kitchen design may look better with handles. Another question to address while choosing handles vs. no handles is if the color palette allows for a handle-less kitchen. Earlier handle-less kitchen designs were only done on high-gloss white finishes, but today satin and matt finishes are equally popular.

    Image Credit: The Modern Kitchen Company

    Function-While considering a handle-less kitchen, ensure the mechanisms put into place allow for optimum operation. In a kitchen with handles, the handles are designed to place you hand to pull the cabinet open. However, in a handle-less kitchen, mechanisms need to be placed to make sure you, as a user, are able to open and close the cabinets with ease. While contemplating a handle-less kitchen design, make sure your vendor is aware of the mechanisms to be put into place to make the handle-less shutters and drawers fully operational.

    Image Credit: Kitchen Findr

    Cleanliness-When it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets, dust and germs may collect on the handles. While kitchen cleaning, make sure the handles are cleaned just as often as the cabinetry, as most of the germs collect there. However, with a handle-less kitchen, one does not have to worry about cleaning the handles, making it a smooth cleaning process. As a handle-less kitchen design gives a clean look, it is also a much easier cleaning process than the conventional kitchen with handles.

    Image Credit: Living in Yellow

    Price-Although the cleaning process is much simpler and easier, the price of a handle-less kitchen is typically higher than a kitchen with handles. Handle-less kitchens require special mechanisms to make them function properly, thus demanding a longer installation process, while kitchens with handles do not require the special mechanical features, making it a more cost-effective option.

    Image Credit: Home Makeover

    Overall, a handle-less kitchen is a statement by itself. Considering the style, look, and feel of your home, it may be a great aesthetic. It is trendy and is an immediate head-turner. Nevertheless, a kitchen with handles is a more economical option, which is complementary to all kitchen styles, and a variety of handle options are available to complement today's kitchen looks. Whether your kitchen is traditional, transitional, or modern; a handle of your choice is definitely available to complement your kitchen design.

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