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  • Ideal Storage Solutions for your Wardrobe

    Our wardrobes have multiple storage solutions. We offer various combinations of the following solutions for your wardrobe.

    Hanging Rod                                                         

    Hanging rods are a standard in every wardrobe. The benefits of a hanging rod are that your clothes take up just half of the space. Therefore, you can easily add two hanging rods to fully utilize the wardrobe space that is allotted to you.


    Tall hanging

    For our Indian-wear the regular hanging rods are not sufficient. We all need a solution where clothes can simply hang without getting crushed or folded at the bottom. Here the tall hanging is an ideal storage option. Your clothes are stored easily and conveniently.

    Tandem Lift

    Many wardrobes, especially in Indian households, are built with very high ceilings. Don't let that stop you from building a higher wardrobe! The solution for this type of a wardrobe is a tandem lift, where you are able to pull a hanging rod down to access your clothes. It is another way of fully optimizing your wardrobe space.


    Shelves are also a standard in wardrobes. They are ideal for folded t-shirts or jeans/shorts. All the shelves at ModSpace are adjustable. Therefore, they can be placed at whichever distance that you desire.


    Drawers are another standard storage solution in wardrobes. Drawers can be used for storing smaller items, such as pocket squares or scarves. They are available in multiple sizes.


    Pullouts are the combination of shelves and drawers. They appear like a shelf, but they can pull out like drawers. Pullouts also often used as storage solutions for several folded clothing items, such as jeans or t-shirts.


    The loft is an option that goes above the main wardrobe. Due to the season changes here in India, we need space to store our off-season clothes. The loft serves as the ideal storage solution. It is out of the way, yet not too far from your existing wardrobe. The loft can also be used for storing your linens and other items that are used infrequently.

    wardrobe loft placed on top of the wardrobe

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